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Bardia Jungle Safari

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Trip Overview of Bardia Jungle Safari

Bardia National Park is established in 1988 as Royal Bardia National Park. Covering an area of 968 km2 (374 sqm).  it is the principal and for the whole wilderness region in Nepal’s Terai. Neighboring the eastern bank of the Karnali River in the Bardiya district. Bardia Jungle safari the best Jungle safari which provides an exceptional wilderness understanding for visitors. Distinctive flora, fauna, and scenery of the park. The indigenous culture of buffer zone communities is an essential attraction for tourists. During jungle safari in Bardia Park. Wilderness in the relatively unexplored deep jungles of Nepal Bardia National Park.

Bardia Jungle safari is remote, Challenging, and offering unique adventure for wildlife and nature lovers. Initially, a hunting reserve became a conservation area in 1976 and then attained National Park status in 1988. Nepal Trust for Nature Conservation is active in the park monitoring wildlife and breeding habitats. They have also executed an educational plan for local people recognizing the significance and necessity for conservation. Species preservation in the park has yielded reasonable outcomes as some mammalian species such as tiger, elephant, spotted deer, hog deer, Sambar deer, swamp deer, etc. have made the prominent comeback. In this regard, the reintroduction program of endangering rhinoceros take out regularly since 1986.

Bardia National park for Nepal safari

The tropical jungles of the Terai preserve some of the best wildlife habitats in the subcontinent. Therefore,  Nepal has sixteen national parks, wildlife reserves, and conservation areas, occupying 16% of its total geographical area. As a result, Jungle safari tour on elephant back or Jeep rides are offered at the Parsa Wildlife Reserve,  Bardia National Park, Chitwan National Park, and the Suklaphanta Wildlife Reserve.

Nepal’s most famous  Bardia jungle safari offers excellent jungle safari riding on an elephant or a four-wheel to discover some of Nepal’s unspoiled natural habitats. Nepal Jungle safari tour or expedition consists of canoe rides on the Jungle Rivers, nature walks, birds watching excursions and quick trips around the villages to discover the unique culture and traditions of the local village people. There are also scheduled cultural-musical programs performed by the towns with unique cultures and traditions.

Nepal  Safari is a nature walk in the Jungle overlooking the enthralling beauty of the Jungle vicinity with many wildlife dwellers. Jungle walks bestow close-up chance to different analysis categories of animals as well as observe their track, sign, and sounds. The most enthralling program offered by Nepal not found elsewhere in the world is regarded as jungle safari.


Why visit Bardia National park

In far western Nepal lies the most important of the jungle national parks in Nepal. Located within the Terai region, this park is home to a spread of species, including the Royal Bengal tiger. The One-horned Rhinoceros, the Gharial Crocodile, and lots of more. Herds of untamed elephants roam the jungles alongside leopards, five sorts of deer, monkeys, and more.

Bardia National park encompasses 968 sq. kilometers on the riverbank of Karnali. Because it’s farther west than its more popular neighbor of Chitwan park, Bardia sees fewer visitors. this is often an honest thing because once you leave into the jungle together with your trained jungle guide, you’ll not see many people. Instead, you’ll have the rare opportunity to enjoy the incredibly great thing about the jungle as you’ll see a lot of wildlife.

There is much to ascertain and do when in Bardia park. You can enjoy jungle walks, rafting trips, fishing trips, elephant safaris, jeep safaris, and many more. Visit a Tharu Village and within the evening, enjoy a Tharu cultural show. The Tharus have called this place home for many years. Our guides and staff were born and raised during this part of Nepal and skill best to measure and add the jungle.

The quietness of Bardia park is merely broken by the sounds of untamed animals and birds, not by people talking on mobile phones. You won’t be handling loud music and other manmade nuisances. Instead, you’ll relax at the resort, enjoy good meals, and permit yourself a pleasing, relaxing experience in one of the foremost beautiful places you’ll possibly imagine.

Nepal could also be home to the Mighty Himalayas, but it’s also home to incredible jungles. On this trip, take the road less traveled for a most delightful jungle experience.

Best place to see Tiger

In this Bardia Jungle safari tour, you can witness the excellent view of six different species of deer namely Chital or Spotted Deer, Hog Deer, Sambhar deer, Swamp Deer, We also see the  Barasingha, and Barking Deer cheerfully hopping around the high grasslands. During your pleasurable visit to the park, you also get ample opportunity to enjoy elephant safari, bird watching, rafting along Karnali River, village tour, cultural program, and crocodile breeding center tour. Wildlife tour in the National park unfolds a vast plethora of amusement, adventure, enthusiasm, and gratification.

Bardia Jungle safari tour

The very best of Bardia National Park. Our most popular package. The Bardia National Park offers the best Jungle safari tour. We can enjoy a number of activities at a great price to enjoy both luxuries as well as the various jungle activities. Take a jeep safari, do a jungle walk, relax by the pool, and visit a Tharu village. Watch the sunset over the park as well as watch the wild animals come down to drink on the branch of the beautiful Karnali River.

In our Bardia tour package, we include all meals served by a professional chef along with wonderful, luxury rooms. We will use the best resort in the park with a swimming pool. Our given resort rooms are large and spacious, providing for the finest experience around.

Adventure Activiteis in Bardia National park

Jungle walk is One of the best ways to appreciate the Bardia Jungle safari tour. We can walk in the thick forest in a full day as we move about to various places to watch for the elusive Royal Bengal Tiger. Our local naturalist knows the handouts, and they will take you to see these spots to wait for the arrival of these jungle cats. They are so impressive to watch when they know something is coming they literally strut next to the watering holes. We will follow their footstep as It’s their jungle, and their attitude shows that they definitely believe it. You can enjoy our simple delicious pack lunch, like having a picnic in the jungle. In the evening, return to the resort for dinner and enjoy the local Tharu people cultural program.

Another best adventure thing in the Barida jungle safari is the Jeep safari. Through the Jeep safari, we will penetrate deeper into Bardia National Park. After your exciting Jungle walk, you can go deeper in the park with a jeep safari. from the hood of the Jeep, you can see more animals and birds. Also, know the unique plant life that makes up this wonderful place. We give you simple pack box lunch with a picnic during the day. Today full day we enjoy the animals and serenity of Bardia National Park. Return to your resort in the evening to relax by the pool. There is even an opportunity for a massage (slightly extra cost) before retiring for bed.

Honeymoon in Jungle

If you are both natural and animal lovers, then Bardia National park is the place for you for your honeymoon tour. This park is a perfect honeymoon place in Nepal because once there, you can get into the green and peaceful surroundings. This place sure to set your Nepal honeymoon romantic and help you and your soulmate reignite the spark in your beautiful relationship.

Bardia Jungle safari the best honeymoon place in Nepal for every couple, who like to spend quality time in nature. Enjoy your time having fun with the wild habitat and relax with your soulmate right in the lap of nature.

Are you Dreaming of a special couple’s vacation in the mists of beauty and serenity than Bardia Jungle safari is your choice? Ge the romantic feeling with holding hands and walking through some unspoiled corners of our planet. It’s time for you and your partner to enjoy yourselves and rest we will arrange the best tour for you. We will choose the best resort at Bardia. We can decorate the room uniquely and even set up a candlelight dinner with the backdrop of the Jungle. You can capture the best photos and make your holiday one of the most unforgettable.

Safari with kids

If you are planning to visit Bardia National Park with your kids, you made a good decision as this is the best trip for your family. You can just pack your bags and leave! We are more than happy to provide a safe and educational, wildlife-filled stay for you and your kids. Kids love our game-drive, fishing, and birdwatching so we will focus on these areas, encouraging and educating them on the wild animals that have made Bardia National park their home.

Bardia Jungle safari is the best place for little ones that have the most fun watching and learning about the wilderness. Our guides will ensure to explain everything in a suitable manner, and also try to inspire them to cherish and protect nature. We are certain that that your kiddos will feel happy, encouraged, or even fascinated! And even after they return to the Resort, they can still enjoy the swimming pool or watching birds and butterflies.

Bardia park is has a variety of habitats, from dry upland slopes to pockets of grassy plains. This means you’ll see an abundance of wildlife. If you can, allow yourself at least three or four days here then you will enjoy the real safari adventure. It is also good to start your days early when animals are most active and temperatures are relatively comfortable.

Best place for wildlife photography

for the wildlife photographers, there is no other place in Nepal better than the Bardia Jungle safari. As this place is newly awarded prestigious ITB Berlin price, and it is waiting for more professional photographers, video makers, and documentarists to visit the park. We will get the photography permission on your arrival and give you the guide to show you the best place to capture. Bardia Jungle safari is the best place especially for the people interested to capture images of tigers, as their population here doubled over the last years.

This Bardia Jungle safari experience will make your camera overflow with pictures from the wild. Our 3 night 4 days Jungle tour gives you enough time for the best wildlife photography. you will get an excellent opportunity to capture with your lens. Try your luck to capture The untamed wild animals living in their natural home including the magnificent beast the royal Bengal tiger.

Anybody either amateur or professional who loves to go deep inside nature for the epic click of flora and fauna. This is the best place for a wildlife photography tour that includes a wilderness experience.

Bardia National Park is undoubtedly the best managed protected area with a variety of endangered mammals. The park has reptiles and is home to Royal Bengal Tiger, Asia’s One-Horned Rhinos, and fish-eating Gharials. Normally the tour starts in the early morning, you will get a wake-up call and after breakfast commence for Jungle Safari Trip. you can capture from the back of Elephant, where you will get an ample opportunity to capture fauna in their natural habitat.


Educational Tour

Wildlife educational tour is one of the interesting tours in Nepal. Nepal is renowned for the rarest species finding places such as one horn rhino, royal Bengal tiger. Here are more than, 150 species of birds 70 species of butterflies, and hundreds of varieties of rare plants can be found. Bardia National park is the best place to learn education about wildlife.

For students or researcher fellows interested in the wide range of fauna, flora, you can join our Bardia Jungle safari tour. There are different things you can do here with the tracking of the Royal Bengal tiger or track the population of tigers. Doing, a project about the world’s smallest bird (Mellisuga helenae) or study more about the parks.

Here are numerous conservation activities, Our knowledgeable naturalists will be always ready to give you a hand with information, permits, and orientation in the wild. In case of interest in elephants or crocodiles, we can arrange a visit to their breeding centers nearby the resort. We can arrange a Cultural tour for Students from where they can learn about and directly from the local tribe. We can choose the best place to stay at the Resort and can take large groups and an awesome place to relax when back from the trip.


Camping in the Bardia National park

Experience the thrill of camping in the jungle and listen to the sounds of nature while sitting near the camp. Bardia Jungle safari package is the best for camping.

Our safari package will organize everything while staying overnight at the camping. Enjoy the campfire after the whole day, watching the sunset, eating freshly cooked dinner. This makes you fall asleep in a comfortable tent while listening to the sounds of the jungle. Wake up early in the morning and take a dip in the river or have a walk in the forest while our cook prepares your breakfast. Our nature guide is there to help you to identify the species at any time.

Sleeping in a dome-shaped tent in the wilderness, cooking over an open fire, and sleeping there for the night is a great experience in life. . We will find the best spot for wildlife sightseeing as this place is on a tiger trail used to cross the river. There is a high chance of seeing a tiger and many more wild animals that have made Bardia National Park their home.

If you really want to enjoy Bardia and want to see the Tiger, Plan your holiday, We advise you to stay at least 4 to 5 days in the park. This gives plenty of time to discover Bardia National Park in different ways and it will increase your chances to see the wildlife.

Rafting in Karnali River

Karnali River flows from the high Himalayas into the Terai of far-western Nepal. It is the longest in Nepal. Karnali’s remote location provides adventurers with a unique opportunity to see the stunning unspoiled countryside. This river origin is near the holy Mount Kailas in Tibet, China. It has spectacular canyons and pristine jungle scenery.

And the main advantage of this rafting trip is that the take out point is situated ideally for people who want to enjoy the Bardia Jungle safari tour. The Karnali River itself is a great destination for fishing and one of the finest multi-day rafting destinations.

The rafting trip lasts all day, so there will be plenty of time to spot different birds and other wildlife which come to drink water at the riverbank – such as elephants, deers, rhinos, or wild boars. While on the boating the making highlight is encountering the rare and endangered freshwater dolphin.

During the boat safari trip, your guide will help you to spot many types of birds and other wildlife along the river bank. On the boat safari, you can see the Dolphins near our boat and other animals and birds. Enjoy our boat safari which explores the park and its wild animals in Bardia Jungle safari. the best time to enjoy rafting in Karnali is October to December and March to May.

Tiger Tracking

Bardia National Park is the place to see the Royal Bengal Tiger. You can encounter this jungle king on your Jungle walk. Travelers started to come to Bardia for a Tiger tour after the Titanic hero Leonardo Dicaprio encountered a female tiger with her four cubs. Our Specialist jungle guide will focus on tigers by closely observing their activities, smelling their scent, examining scat, finding scratch-marks on trees, and finding fresh paw-marks along the trails. It will be the best moment of your life If you are lucky enough to see one during the Bardia Jungle safari tour.

The Bardia National park has the highest ratio of tiger sighting of any national park in Nepa. This is the reason there are more chances to see the tiger. We will guide you to the spots where tigers normally come to drink or swim, and we will be also sitting there silently waiting for them. Tigers are solitary and active mostly during the night time. In recent years the conservation work conducted in Nepal is working very well and tiger numbers are steadily increasing in the park.

We can find and see the Tigers, but with patience, and good tracking skills. We know it is a difficult task, but it’s really rewarding when you get to see one of these wonderful animals. Another reason that makes best for this National park so special for Tiger tours is that you are able to take guided walks around the parks. Tiger prints are very easy to detect here, but the difficultly comes in gauging which of the main avenues of tracks to follow. This is where our local guides will help you as they are trained in approaching and tracking dangerous wildlife

Bird watching at Bardia National park

Bardia National park is also famous for its varieties of birds and many bird watchers love this place. Not everyone comes to Bardia to see the Tiger and wild animals but Bardia is home to over 400 varieties of birds. Some are here year-round, others are from Siberia who stops here on the flyovers. The beautiful Karnali River features many different varieties of waterfowl. These birds are can be found in and around Bardia National Park.

During our Bardia Jungle safari tour, you will walk quietly with your jungle guide in search of these beautiful winged creatures. You can even add on additional days that will take you into either the Babai River Valley or the Karnali River region for additional opportunities to sight rare birds. If you travel here in the migratory seasons and you will find even more varieties.
During your visit, There are so many incredible birds to see as you walk the paths of Bardia National Park. Our nature guide will find you the best place to see the more verities of birds.

Extra Days available with our professional bird into different parks, including Lumbini. Chitwan National Park, Shuklaphanta National Park, and KoshiTappu Wildlife Reserve. Our bird-watching tour packages come with all meals, luxury rooms, guides, and national park entrance fees.

 How to get there

By Air

The easy and convenient way to reach Bardia is taking a flight to Nepalgunj. It is about 55 minutes flight from Kathmandu. you will arrive at Nepaljung (KEP) airport. Our representative will be waiting for you with a smile.

On your arrival, you will get a bottle of water. While our representatives get your luggage onto the van which will take your resort. The driving time is about two hours to reach the Lodge. Our drive is a scenic journey and you’ll want to bring your camera. Check in to the lodge have lunch and freshen up and your Jungle adventure begins from here.

By Road:

We can reach Bardia National park by road from any part of Nepal. From wherever you will come, Ambasa is the easiest turning-off point. A private car or van is an easy way for driving, if you drive from Kathmandu or Pokhara, it takes 12 to 14 hours. Driving from Chitwan National Park takes about 8 to 9 hours. If you take a local bus or microvan it can take 14 to 16b hours. Add 2 or 3 hours to these times. If you are traveling to Bardia from eastern Nepal, catch a vehicle heading towards Mahendranagar.

By Water:

If you are planning for a white-water rafting journey on the Karnali, Nepal’s mightiest river. You can visit Bardia National park after your Rafting trip. Many travelers don’t want to return directly to Kathmandu but would prefer to relax and have a jungle adventure in Bardia. we will choose the best resort for you in a good location. The Rafting company makes all the arrangements for you to transfer to Bardia tell them before you book the trip.

What to Bring for Bardia Jungle safari :

You need to bring some equipment help to watch the Jungle animals like Binoculars. To avoid bites from insects get insect repellent, for personal belongings. Bring the swimwear, sunhat, suncream, personal medicine, camera, camera batteries, memory cards, etc., casual and comfortable clothes, walking shoes, sandals. We suggest that for all jungle activities the color of your clothes should blend with the natural surroundings. This nature blended color will not make the disturbance of wildlife. We suggest you avoid any bold/bright colors. While you walking in the Jungle and Elephant back safari Long trousers and sleeves will help to protect you against scratches and ticks.

During the winter months, November to February, sweaters, and jackets are necessary for the morning and evening. if you travel in the wet monsoon time and strong shoes are essential. Bardia National park weather is mostly hot and so light cotton clothing is good to bring.

Passport and Visa:

Whoever wants to visit Nepal must have a six-month valid passport after their journey ends From Nepal. You can get a Nepal visa upon arrival at the Airport or any entry point according to immigration rules. The nearest immigration border offices to Bardia National Park are Nepaljung, Dhangadi, and Mahendranagar. More information about rules and regulations can be found on the website of the Nepali Immigration Office. Immigration of the government of Nepal.


for the payment of your trip, you can pay by cash, credit card, or online payment porter. You can carry some cash money for your extra expenses, most of the hotels in Bardia accept credit cards. You can find the ATM machine near the national park gate. Can withdraw Nepali currency based on your requirements.

Detailed Itinerary of Bardia Jungle Safari

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