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Best time to visit Tibet, Places to see, weather guide

best time to visit tibet

Best time to visit Tibet

The best time to visit Tibet is in the places you like to see as it has high mountains to the city Lhasa. This beautiful small land of natural beauty has surpassed various troubles and is now trying to recover as a developed place. Tibet is a country with its full of culture, religious faith, and historical attractions.

There are various places you can see as a tourist and enjoy your holidays. Why not spend your time and money in a place where it will have a substantial positive impact? Being the site full of monasteries, mountains, hills, lakes, and many more, still, it is not so popular. It might be a lack of awareness or advertisements. But there are some best places to see, and they have their own best time to visit Tibet.

Tibet is also freshwater for the Everest Base Camp. Although Mount Everest is situated in Nepal, there is an easy way in Tibet for its trekking. If you want to save money and have the best adventure, you can still go from the Tibet side. You can also enjoy the sight-seeing and the spectacular views of various snowy mountains. Also, Tibet is the best place to know about his holiness Dalai Lama. The spiritual learning’s, kindness, compassion, and many more things you can take away from here.

The beauty of Tibet cannot come in words. Your one journey will make you feel like you have entered an entirely new world. The religious values and behavior of people here are excellent. And the world-famous monasteries are the major attractions of Tibet. You can learn the teachings of Buddha, meditations, and have a peaceful and enjoyable time.

best time to visit tibet

You get to know about the monks, their daily life and also help them to know about the external world. One journey, hundreds of memories with learning’s and a lot of positive impact on society, visiting Tibet is your best lifetime experience.

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Weather and climatic conditions of Tibet

Tibet lies in the high altitude, thus known as the roof of the world. The weather and climatic conditions of Tibet vary according to time and place. The temperature differs as per the cities. However, the climate of Tibet is very normal; neither very hot nor very cold. The areas nearby the Himalayas and rivers are comparatively cold than other places. The climate Tibet also depends on the snow level. However, it generally has high- altitude weather. wether also matter when is the best time to visit Tibet.

The weather and climatic conditions can be explained with its major cities:

 Lhasa’s best time to visit Tibet is in Summer.

The difference in weather can be seen among various cities of Tibet. For example, in Lasha, there is cold and suitable weather. It Known as the city of light, it is known for its sunshine. Located at the height of 3500 meters, it might be freezing in winter. The temperature can call be on minus. And the summer is warm and suitable. The seasons in Lasha can be shown in the table below:

Spring March, April, May ( best time to visit Tibet)
Summer June, July August ( best time to visit)
Autumn, September, October ( ok to visit)
Winter,  November, December, January, February ( coldest time)

You can visit it at any time of the year. Generally, the best time to visit Lasha is Spring, Summer, and Autumn. You can also visit it in early and late winter.


Shigatse is the most popular city in Tibet. This is the second-largest city. It is mainly famous as a gateway to Everest Base Camp and its views. This place also has various temples and historic monasteries, including Rongbuk Monastery. Shigatse is renowned for the celebration of multiple festivals.

The weather of Shigatse is warm during January and February of the year. There is good sun-light during this time. March is the month where the temperature starts to increase, and the spring also starts. Daytime is warm enough. However, nights might get very much cold. September and October are the months of winter. It is not the best time to visit Tibet, and June begins the rainfall.

If you want to visit the Everest Base Camp, the months April and May are considered best. Also the September, October and, November.


Xining is another famous city in Tibet. Every year hundreds of tourists visit this place to witness its natural and artificial beauty. It is a place worth visiting with its exotic lakes, monasteries, and the very famous sun and moon mountain.

It has a very balanced kind of weather. Typically, December AND January are the months of winter with temperature in minus, and June, July is the months of summer. The summer is warm with the direct sunlight making it even easier to travel.
There is no specific best time to visit this place; however, you can visit its winter and summer to avoid any rainfall.

best time to visit tibet

Guge Kingdom

The Guge Kingdom is another popular place to see in Tibet. This place is full of amazing views of sunrise and sunsets, the eye-catching artistic works, ancient constructions, and many more. This is a place that carries the cultural values and historical stories of Tibet.

This amazing place is full of scenic beauty, providing a great source for photography. The little village and natural beauty make this place even more attractive. The weather in the Guge Kingdom is warm and sunny during the daytime and very cold at night. The daytime average temperature can be up to 10 degrees Celsius and night temperature may fall below 0 degree Celsius.

You can visit this beautiful fantastic place any time of year. However, the months of September and October are considered best for their suitable and favorable climate.

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Places to see in Tibet

1. Manasarovar Lake

Manasarovar Lake is the pride of Tibet and a fallen piece of heaven. Yes, exactly, it is that fascinating and exotic. The beauty of Manasarovar Lake cannot be described in words. It is the lake of most freshwater. This is so pure and sparkling that it seems like anyone can see through it. Mansarovar is the most sacred lake and carries the religious faiths of both Buddhism and Hinduism. this is the best place to visit in Tibet.

It is located only 20 kilometers away from Mount Kailash. Which attracts thousands of Pilgrims and tourists all over the world. This is the best place to enjoy peace and serenity. You also get to capture the beautiful pictures that nobody can take off.

2. Jokhang Temple

Jokhang temple is one of the popular temples in the world. It is incredibly famous for its artistic beauty and spiritual values. It is situated in a very touristy city in Tibet Lhasa. This temple carries the values, religious faiths, and history of Tibet so well that you cannot just take off your eyes from it. The beautiful golden temple is also listed on the World Heritage List.

It is also known as the most peaceful and spiritual place of Tibet. This place is filled with the most positive vibes and full of wisdom and culture. You will forget all your troubles, and get the best feeling of learning, awakens, and happiness in this incredible temple.

best time to visit tibet

3. Mount Everest Base Camp

This list can never get complete without including the sizzling Mount Everest Base Camp. The base of the mighty Mount Everest is the best place you can ever be. It is the feet of the world’s tallest mountain and full of white snow and coldest weather. The best time to visit Mount Everest base camp is from May to September.

The journey to Everest Base Camp is not just a trip; it is an achievement for one’s life. Not everyone gets lucky enough to witness this live example of Mother Nature’s divine beauty. The clear sky above you, the snowy mountains around you, and surrounded by your loved ones, might be your best feeling of life. The sense of pride, confidence, and achievement will flow in your body after being in this precious place.

4. Lulang Forest

Forests represent the deepness, nature, and serenity with the feeling of freedom and liveliness. Lulang Forest of Tibet is one of the best forests around the world. It is situated around 90 km away from Bayi Town. This place is so exotic that it will make you forget today’s busy competitive life in cities.

The forest situated at the elevation of 3700 meters is full of bio-diversity. It has incredible scenic beauty and is famous for rare species of plants and wildlife. It has a variety of trees, making it look like the most beautiful forests. There are numbers of grasslands, rivers, waterfalls, etc. adding beauty to the forest. Also, it is rich in Rhododendron and other flowers, making it utterly heavenly.

Potala palace

5. Potala Palace when is the best time to visit Tibet

Your journey in Tibet can never be complete without visiting the Grand Potala Palace. It is situated in Lhasa. The World Heritage Site Potala Palace is also a reason why many people visit Tibet. The main feature of this palace is that it was the winter palace of his holiness Dalai Lama for ten years.

This palace has a been history as it was built upon the palace of 33rd Tibetian King Songtsen Gampo. The appearance and art of this palace are commendable. It has now being converted into a museum, storing various story materials. Potala palace presents the old residence of Dalai Lama and some of the essential materials used by him.

It has a colorful foundation with 13 story building. You can take amazing pictures around it. The fantastic views of the Potala palace will undoubtedly make your journey even more memorable. You will be a lucky person to witness the precious materials, books, and other things of the great Dalai Lama. Your journey will be filled with love, gratis, ude, and compassion after the best time to visit Tibet.

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Conclusion of the Best time to visit Tibet

These are some of the places that you can see in Tibet. There is no specific best time to visit Tibet; you can visit it any time of the year. The weather of Tibet is favorable most of the time in the year. There are many other temples, monasteries, rivers, lakes mountains. Etc in this fantastic place. Tibet is a place you must visit at least once in a lifetime.

The best time to visit Tibet is you can make is during the autumn, spring, and summer. It winters it might get cold. You might also want to avoid the wet time to prevent rain, to make your journey more comfortable. You can also check the weather forecast before beginning your journey. The main things you need to consider are the permits.

There might be various places (not mentioned ones above) that are restricted in Tibet. So make sure you collect all details information before starting your journey. And after all, you can begin your cost-friendly and incredible trip to Tibet.

The best time to visit Tibet or any place is when you want to explore something new, want to begin some adventures, and take a break from your regular daily life. It is when you want to spend some precious time and make some unforgettable memories with your loved ones. And most importantly, the best time is when you are in your sound health.

So, go ahead to explore the fantastic Tibet and its beauties and add some precious memories to your life.

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