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Corona Virus Situation in Nepal- Is Nepal Safe from Covid 19

Corono virus situation in Nepal

Corona Virus Situation in Nepal is Nepal safe from Corona“??” has always given a big question mark and a curious thought among the travelers all around the world. This blog will try to figure out the total COVID cases worldwide.

As corona outbreak has reached over 200 countries and territories. Nepal also cannot escape from this virus. Nepal is the Neighboring country from China. China is the country that gave birth to this pandemic and china is Nepal’s one of the important trading centers. Fortunately, Nepal is not affecting much by this virus. When COVID 19 was introducing in India, Nepal starts taking some of the precaution measures. The only hospital in Nepal designed to taking care of the infectious disease.

Before this disease was introduced, the total number of ICU beds (intensive care unit) in Teku hospital. Till today June 02 2020 altogether 2099 active cases of COVID 19 were found in Nepal and 266 of them is fully recovered Sadly 8 death cases are record. Most of the cases in Nepal is from the people who come from India borders. The first case of the corona was conformed on 23rd march 2020, the infection was seen on 19-year-old women who recently returned from France through Qatar.

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The only reason Nepal is infected from this virus due to people infected from another country.

However, the daily life of Nepalese is completely affected by the month-long lockdown. The number of active COVID cases is growing day by day. The background of all the infected people shows that they are all came from abroad, which indicates that the virus has not spread from the internal country. The only reason Nepal is infected from this virus due to people infected from another country.

Corona Virus

About Coronavirus COVID -19

Coronavirus is one of the most searched and challenging topics on the internet today. Thus, the whole world is curious about this deadly disease. What is the coronavirus? How it is caused? Preventative measures for this disease? Dos and Don’ts of this disease. Today the whole world is suffering for this pandemic. Sadly, almost all the counties have been affected by this disaster disease. According to WHO, this is a huge group of viruses causing common cold and to more severe diseases. It is more like a SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome).

Most of the researchers have identified that Coronavirus is Zoonosis, which means it was spread from animals. This is a transmittable disease triggered by bacteria and parasites. It was initially transmitted from animals to humans. This disease is a breathing illness that spreads from person to person. High fever, cough, and chest pain are some of the common symptoms that show the infection of Coronavirus. The severe condition of this infection may cause kidney failure, Pneumonia, severe acute respiratory syndrome, and may lead to death in the worst-case scenario. The world now is in disorder due to this deadly proven coronavirus (COVID-19).

The USA is more affected by the Corona Virus

Today, in this time the whole world is fighting against this disease. A strong country like Spain, Italy, China, and the USA are also suffering from this pandemic. WHO has officially announced another name for Coronavirus disease “COVID – 19”.The first case of COVID 19 was found in Wuhan, Hubei, China in December 2019. Till today’s date, more than 210 countries have been affected by the coronavirus. More than 1.92 million people have been affected by the coronavirus. The death rate of people dying from the coronavirus is 3,80,251 and people who have been fully recovered from this COVID 19 has reached to 27,29,509 out of total 63,78,237 cases.

This disease is very dangerous because people who are recovered from this disease can be infected again. Since this disease was first founded in china, the death rate of people dying from this disease is high in china. This virus can be transmitted for one person to another form of physical contact. COVID -19 can also be allocated form small droplets of cough and ground. This virus can live on the ground for 72 hours. Some of the common symptoms of this disease are cough, fever, and shortness in breathing. Till now not any vaccine and antiviral has been introduced in the whole world for this disease. Lots of research have been done on this topic to find out the core reason for erupting this disease, still, no country became successful to control this pandemic.

Symptoms of Coronavirus

Coronavirus indicated as the deadly pandemic, all people should be aware of this disease and its symptoms. As this disease is curable in its initial stage, which gives a little ray of hope for those fighting against this disease. Not only are this, but people with low immunity power also more likely to get attack by this disease. Thus, children under the age of 7/8 and old age people over the age of 60 are in the greatest danger of this disease.

The vaccine and medicine for curing this disease are still unavailable. Therefore we need to learn many things about this disease and adopt preventative measures as soon as possible. Doctors claim that the symptoms of this disease are similar to flu and are naturally mild. Some of the prior symptoms are as follows:
Fever above 30 degree Celsius,  Dry Coughing, Continuous Sneezing,  Difficulty while breathing, Fatigue,  aches and pains,  Chest pain,  Sore throat,  Difficulty in breathing

The symptoms can differ from person to person of various country

This is the standard symptoms however, the symptoms can differ from person to person of various country. Few people have also recorder having diarrhea, nausea, or a runny nose as a symptom of the coronavirus. The worst case of this may cause Kidney failure and pneumonia which finally leads to death. If a person suffers from any 2 or more symptoms at once who are otherwise healthy should self-isolate. They should also contact their medical doctor for immediate testing.

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Origination of Coronavirus

Talking about the origin of this virus. It first appeared in Wuhan, China, in December 2019. Which was first identified in the town of Wuhan located in the Hubei Province of China. It was all started after the New Year’s Eve party in 2020 Jan 1 in Wuhan. After that party, people started suffering from Pneumonia and got worst as time passed by. In January, health researchers verified it as a novel coronavirus. It is also believed that it was spread from the place called “Wet Market’ in Wuhan. That place was famous for selling animals and then the virus was transmitted from these markets.
The report of coronavirus shows that it has affected more than 210 countries and terrains around the world and 2 international conveyances.

As of date 14th April 2020, the total coronavirus cases have exceeded over 1,930,000 people. Out of those 120,871 had recorded dead and more than 450,400 had marked recovered. The coronavirus data record departments show that the USA is at high risk with total deaths recorded as 23,644 and 86,981 active cases. Similarly, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, UK, Iran, Turkey and so on are the countries with a maximum number of active coronavirus cases. This virus has spread like a rocket throughout the world.


Measures and action is taking by the Nepal Government to fight against Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The government of Nepal has started taking action after being aware of the dangerous coronavirus. Three New Infrared Radiation Thermometers have been added to TIA in Kathmandu to measure the temperature of people. GON has urged that people who came from infected countries must stay in quarantine for at least 14 days, to save themselves as well as other members from this contagion. Not only has this, to fight against this pandemic Nepal Government employed strict laws on Suspension of Visa-on-arrival. Sadly, Visit Nepal 2020 was suspended due to this deadly epidemic. Few of the countries (People’s Republic of China, Italy, Japan, France, Germany, Korea, and Spain) were temporarily suspended on visa-on-arrival in the last week of March.

In addition to this, GON has declared a complete lockdown 23rd of March which was later extended to 7th April. During this period, people urge to stay at their home and should not go out without any important activities. Thus, all are requested to adjust to their daily routine and help to fight this pandemic. Staying home and avoid gathering, travel is only the major way to defeat this potential contagion.
Following are the list of activities that GON of Nepal has strictly ordered to follow to cope with this situation:

  • Washing hands frequently with soap and water and using sanitizer

  • Maintaining social distance; avoid crowds, gathering
  • Pay Strict and enough attention to hygiene
  • staying home
  • Do not believe the rumors and get confusing by false information
  • Be patient and remain alert by the latest news

During this situation, GON has permitted to continue the operation of the vehicles to deliver essential goods and services. Those services include delivery of medicines, food items, water, milk, fruits, vegetables, livestock and fishery feeds, baby chicks, and return.
GON is assuring that any screening centers are set up and there is more working health personal to diagnosis and treatment of an infecting person. There has been the provision of extra allowances to all the health personnel who has been serving 24 hrs. a day to fight against corona disease. Not only this, GON has declared the health insurance of 5 lakhs to each person.

Nepalese people who arrive in Nepal recently are diagnosing properly and are keeping in Quarantine for at least 15 days. Rapid corona test being taken in all suspected areas and if found positive they are immediate to Teku Hospital, Kathmandu. Salute to those Nepalese doctors, health personnel, Traffic police who have constantly working to prevent the nation from such a deadly virus attack. Nepal Government will increase Lockdown based on the current situation. Indian Borders are complete of sealing.

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Preventive and safety Measures for Coronavirus

The deadly disease cannot be the cure as no vaccines have been discovering for its prevention. The whole world is uniting to make the vaccines and medicines to cure this pandemic but still the process is going. However, we can prevent 50% of the chances of getting affecting by this pandemic following some of the safety measures. Some of the vital methods are listing below:
Washing your hands with soap and water regularly, Avoid the crowd and physical contact, Wearing a mask and Using sanitizer regularly during your travel, Eating healthy food, Covering your mouths while coughing and sneezing
Avoid direct contact with live animals, you should drink plenty of lukewarm water


All in all, The COVID-19 crises are expecting to wipe out 6.7 percent of working hours globally in the second quarter of 2020-equivalent to 195 million full-time workers. We must say, Nepalese people, are more fortunate as this virus has not affected most as compared to neighboring countries like India and China. Saying it does not mean, it would not attack us. All the people of the country should respect government decisions and help each other to cope with this situation and defeat the virus as soon as possible.

For now, GON has suspended the international flights till April 30. Let us join our hands to solve this situation and operate our daily life as before. After the condition is going to be good, you can apply for the visa beforehand for the Nepali Missions abroad. Let us say Earth is healing to be even more beautiful, even more wonderful. Thus, We hope you can start your Nepal visit soon. Nepal is waiting is visitors for trekking to Everest base camp and tour  after the situation will be normal from COVID 19

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