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Lukla weather, Lukla airport Nepal temperature and precipitation guide

Luklal weather

Lukla Weather

Lukla is the Gateway to the Everest Base Camp and is located in the Khumbu area. The Khumbu area lies in the Solu-Khumbu district of Sagarmatha Zone. Lukla, Nepal, is marked as the most dangerous and risky airport in the world, as declared by History channel in 2010. Lukla weather is a matter of primary concern while traveling to the Everest region. This is mainly famous for trekking, Mountaineering, and sightseeing the beautiful scenarios of the Himalayan region. It is also calling as Tenzing–Hillary Airport and is small in size lying in province 1, eastern Nepal. This place is mainly famous for the starting point of Everest Base Camp and Gokyo Valley Trek.

Talking about the weather condition of Lukla, it’s the weather. It is highly unpredictable because it can change suddenly in a minute.

Unfortunately, Lukla weather is unpredictable making most of the visitors to be well prepared for the climate change . Traveling to Lukla at summer seasons is risky as it is prone to severe thunderstorms, rainstorms, and landslides at that time. The monsoon brings heavy rainfall to the region, and storms with lightning frequent the area. Along with this, Landslides and mudslides at the high hills give a significant risk in the rainy season. While in winter, there may be a chance of heavy snowfall with an extreme possibility of an avalanche from the high mountain slopes. Snowstorms are frequent in the cold season. This is why Altitude sickness is a grave danger in the harsh mountain weather.

Lukla is small town and gateway of Everest trekking

Lukla is a small town with an elevation of 2860 meters above sea level and is famous as the starting point of the trek to Everest Base Camp. Thus, the high altitude is a significant reason for climate change. Lukla airport has a short and steep runway, which ranks among the most dangerous trails in the world.
The topography consists of high mountains, rough and uneven terrain, with all movement restricted to foot and pack animals in the absence of roads. The mountains and valley views are spectacular with snow-capped peaks and mist surrounding the region.

Thus who are traveling to Lukla must be aware of the facts mentioned above, and only those who have guts to face those obstacles should head towards Lukla. Lukla has cold weather most of the period over the year. During summer seasons, the climate is favorable somehow unless rainfall does not occur. Then the weather is unlikely to be beneficial for the next two days.”
In Contrast, the winter season makes the Lukla coldest place with the temperature ranging from 0 degrees to -10 degrees.

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Lukla weather

Lukla Airport Weather

Lukla airport, marked as the most dangerous airports in the world, is also called as Tenzing-Hillary Airport. It is situated on the side of the hill.
The runway of the airport has short takeoff and landing. When you arrive at the Lukla airport, then the world trek trails are to be followed by the foot due to the bad condition of roads and the unavailability of other means of transportation in that area.
The fact that bad weather often interrupts the flights is what may cause disappointment about the Lukla. In such a case, the flights may be delayed, and you may have to wait for many days until the weather is clear. The fog, wind, or heavy rainfall is the major obstacles during the flight. Lukla Airport Weather has been affecting many flights before.

Highlights of Lukla Airport Weather:

  • Lukla lies in the famous trekking region of Khumbu, in the Solukhumbu District of northeastern Nepal.
  • The 1 hour scheduled mountain flight is offering you the spectacular mountain views.
  • Lukla town consist of full of ups, and downs hills and random trails. Yaks serve as wheel here.
  • Mostly Sherpa people live here and open lodges in their homes.
  • Sherpa people who are famous for their mountaineering skills were actively involving in the construction of the Airport.
  • There is the availability of Helicopter in case of emergency
  • Tongba is considering as the local drink of Nepal.
  • These drinks are perfect for the winter period. Tongba drinks are making from millet.
  • Sherpa’ Cuisine is the most popular food that you must try while you are traveling to Lukla.
  • Lukla is the starting for having Day hike around Lukla village, trekking to speaking, or either going to Everest Base Camp.
  • A smooth 40 minutes flight from Kathmandu will take you to Lukla airport. And it got its name Tenzing-Hillary Airport after two foreigners Sir Edmund Hillary, and Tenzing Norgay steps on the foot of the Mount Everest.
  • The length of the runway of Lukla Airport is 527m. Thus it can cause difficulty in the landing of the planes and even take-offs.
  • Lukla has a subtropical highland type of climate with warm, humid and wet summers and cold, snowy, and dry winters.
  • You are allowed to take a 15 kg baggage allowance on a flight to Lukla.
    More than 50 numbers of flights are operated daily in Lukla Airport.

About Nepal

Sightseeing in Lukla Weather

Lukla, which is mostly famous for trekking, hiking, and mountaineering, has been able to attract hundreds of thousands of tourists every year in Nepal. And there are many things to do and many places to see around it. Many foreigners from all around the world visit Lukla every year for trekking in Everest Base Camp. Lukla is the starting point of many popular trekking destinations. It is supposed to lead to Gokyo Valley Trekking, Everest Base Camp and Everest Comfort trek.

Trekking from Lukla to Namche Bazaar takes two days, which is a small and beautiful town. Namche Bazaar is full of various decorative shops and lodges where you can buy handmade things. We can also see multiple yaks, guides, and porters in this area. The weather of Lukla is not always the same. January marks the coldest month, whereas May marks as the warmest months. April is the first month of the spring seasons; it is the best month to bag pack your stuff and heads towards Everest Region. Winter seasons are the coldest and driest period making it very hard to survive at high altitude. Months starting from April to September are the month’s count as the months of summer seasons. Likewise, June to September is the month of rainfall.

The weather condition in Autumn are good in Lukla

July marks the months in which the highest rainfall occurs (i.e., above 600 mm). The average annual minimum temperature is 51.8 degrees Fahrenheit, and the maximum temperature is 77 degrees Fahrenheit. The snowfall is almost 150 cm thick layer in the Lukla.

The weather condition during the months of Autumn and Spring are temperate (not too high and not too low).In the rainy season and winter season, it’s better not to trek as the climate is coolest and wet. If you are heading in those months, you must be well-prepared with enough warm clothes like the Windproof jacket, gloves, sleeping bags, trekking shoes, and also the medicine according to the changing climate.
And hydrate yourself by drinking a lot of water that prevents from High altitude sickness.

Temperature and Precipitation (Rain or Snow) in Lukla

Talking about the temperatures in Lukla, it varies somewhat. Taking humidity as a significant factor, the temperature of the Lukla is pleasant most time of the year except winter seasons. Winter seasons have the coldest and driest weather with a fair chance of Precipitation in about half of the year.
The area is more temperate, consisting of 65th percentile for pleasant weather compared to tourist destinations worldwide. If you’re looking for the very warmest time to visit Lukla, the hottest months are June, May, and then July with average temperatures ranging from 24-28 degrees Celcius at day time and from 16-20 degrees Celcius in the night time.

January has less chance to observe the rainfall or snow. The high altitude tropical location gives Lukla warm summers that rarely cross the 20°C (68°F) mark. The average high temperature is around 14.4°C (57.9°F) mark at the peak of summer, but the nights are cold even in summer. Winters are snowy with the low temperatures in the frigid zone of -18.3°C (-0.9°F) to -16.1°C (3°F). Spring days are mild and colorful, while autumn is the best time for photography and viewing mountains as the skies are the clearest of the year.
There are no days of precipitation in January on average. If dry weather is what you’re after, the months with the lowest chance of significant rainfall in Lukla are January, November, and then December.

In contrast to that, Mid –August is most likely to observe heavy rainfall and Snowfall with an average of 6 days of significant precipitation the week of August 13th. Other than that, there may be a chance of snowfall during December.

Humidity and Wind

Lukla has some extremely humid months, with other comfortably humid months. According to the weather survey, January possesses 50.6%, which is the least wet month, whereas the most humid month is August (89.1%).
Luckily, Lukla has extreme calm weather. Despite April being the best month for trekking in the Everest region, but it is mostly windy months that extend to May, followed by March also. April’s average wind speed of around 1.8 knots (2.1 MPH or 3.3 KPH) is considering “light air.”
The humidity reaches the highest point during the rainy season. Winters are mostly dry but receive a large amount of snow. Snowfall is frequent during the winter season as the skies remain gloomy. Lukla registers around 2250 hours of sunshine annually, with the least amount of daily sunlight during the rainy season.

The best time to visit Lukla

The uneven weather condition can make your Lukla trip worse. Make sure you choose the best Months to visit in Lukla so that you can have stunning mountain views. The best time to visit Lukla is during April and May during the spring and late September to October during the autumn. During this period, the sky remains crystal clear with no precipitation at all, offering you perfect views of the Gaint Mountains.

The skies are mostly clear with no cloud, and the rainfall is less during late spring and early autumn. The day temperatures are mild, warm, and sunny, while the nights are significantly less cold than the winter, making you comfortable for adopting. Summer months are, however, are not much favorable as it is mostly cloudy with persistent and occasionally heavy rainfall. October is the best time for trekking and enjoying a clear view of the scenic mountains.

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Lukla weather


Lukla weather has frequent climate change. The flights are always affecting, leaving several passengers stranded each year. There are various domestic airlines operating a flight to Lukla, such as Nepal Airlines Corporation, Tara Air, Sita Air, and Summit Air.

During the peak seasons such as spring seasons and autumn seasons, airline companies will be receiving a higher number of air ticket bookings for Lukla flights.


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