Manang Village – Trek in Himalayan Shangrila With Visiting to Ice Lake

Manang village

Manang village is one of the beautiful and stunning places situated in Nepal. It is located at an elevation of 3519 m above sea level and surrounded by Gorkha and Lamjung in the east and Mustang village and Lamjung in the west.

Manang village is known as the hidden treasure of Nepal. Undoubtedly, famous for its uniqueness, this village has become of the famous tourist destinations. Although Manang lies far from the capital of the nation, all the facilities are available here. Yaks are very remarkable creatures here. The main occupation of the local people of Manang is agriculture and yak farming. The northern part of Manang is all about tradition and culture.

Local people here are so welcoming and openhearted. Many decorated hotels can be found in the southern Manang village. You can find many hotels, lodges and many other shops for trekkers.

Manang village trek is Himalayan Shangrila

The natural scenery of Manang village is stunning and marvelous. You can enjoy the desert-like barren upper plateau and natural scenic view throughout the way. Manang village is also taken as one of the most important trade points of Nepal to Tibet. I am sure you will be mesmerized by seeing salts and yaks, being imported from Manang village. Since Manang is one of the most visited treks in Nepal, it is a little crowded and full of trekkers.

The stunning view of mountains like Gangapurna, Tilicho, Kangaru, Pisang, Chulu range, and, Thorong peak made us feel like we were in heaven. Apart from this, villagers are also benefited by the trial of Manang linked with the Annapurna circuit and Muktinath. Manang village is divided into two parts the upper village and the lower village. The upper village of Manang is rich in medicinal herbs. The main herbs found are Panchamle and yarchagumba.

The houses of Manang valley are carved with Tibetan culture with flags of their prayers. There was a campaign in 2009 conducted by the villagers with the motive of the development of Manang village for tourism and the mountaineers. And since then many development activities are done for tourism, protection of the tradition and educational sector as well. They also built the Manang museum, which shows the religion and culture of local people with the local lifestyle of the villagers.

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    Trip highlights of Manang village Trek:

    • The beautiful and scenic trip from Kathmandu to Besisahar. Got so much close to the high mountain peaks as they were right next to us. Passing the fantastic view of Thorong La pass of tall 5416/17764 ft. Watching stunning sunrise against Manang village. The fantastic view of the ice lake will surely melt your heart.

    • A variety of cultures, religions, and traditions. Get to know the innocent people of Manang valley. Using yaks for importing salts from Tibet. Exploring the stunning and world highest Tilicho Lake.
    • Seeing 900 old ministry and observing the Buddhist’s life.

    Ice Lake Manang:

    Ice Lake Manang is one of the most beautiful places in Nepal. It is khico tal in Nepal. Ice lake Manang is a place with a magnificent view of mountains such as Manaslu region mountains, Annapurna second, Annapurna fourth, Annapurna third, Gangapurna, Tare Kang, Khansari Kang, Tilicho, Chulu east and Far the East as well as Pisang peak. All those snowcapped mountains are beautiful, and, seeing all of them at once and so closely is breathtaking. You will feel like those mountains right next to you close to your heart. Mountains surround the ice lake on all of its sides, and it looked wherever looked we saw mountains some small unknown mountains.

    The stupa on the ice lake just in front of Annapurna Mountain shows the cultural values. Mystical energy is what you feel because of that stupa. It is a beautiful and peaceful environment with nature’s blessings. All of your tiredness will be driven away after observing the eye-catching mountains. When we visited there, the fatigue ours caused by the 6-hour walk all vanished when we had our first look at the mountains.

    Make the day hiking to a nearby place in Manang village

    Even though the route was tough to walk you, will be mesmerized by the outer surrounding and scenery. It’s like pain in the knee and gain in the eye. You will have to work hard to climb high. However, it will be worth walking after watching the majestic mountains. Most people think and don’t trek on the way to Muktinath and Annapurna because of the steep road and hard trail. Thus, it may be unaware of many people the hidden beauty of Manage village. Trekking to Manang village is thrilling and exciting. The mesmerizing view of the ice lake will surely melt your heart. Thus visiting the ice lake will be the main matter of suggestion for those who love traveling and are avid trekkers.

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      Brief itinerary of the trip:

      One of the most amazing treks (Manang to Tilicho) is one of the best treks you will experience in your whole life. The scenery through the trial is incredible and worth visiting.

      Day 1: Driving to Besisahar from Kathmandu
      We started our trip from Kathmandu and took a bus from Kathmandu to Besisahar. We were so excited to trek. Then the serene trail leads to the highway at Besisahar. I.t took us 5 hours to reach there. We felt staying at Besisahar, but our guide suggested we drive to Jagat. So we went or Jagat at 2 hour trip on the public bus we reached Jagat. We stayed that night, concluding our first-day trek.

      Day 2: Travelling from Jagat to Chame
      The very next day, we started our journey from Jagat to Chame. Therefore we head toward Bagarchhap 2160m from Jagat. And we took a short break to enjoy the stunning view of Annapurna II and LumjungHimal. After this spectacular view, we will continue our journey and moved toward Chame 2630 m. The Marysangdi River was moving right across us and walking behind the sparkling river is really amazing.

      Day 3: Chame to Pisang

      The very next day we started walking from Chame to Pisang. It was approximately an hour’s walk but it was worth walking as we will see the beautiful village. We took the way which leads right uphill toward the Dhikuri Pokhari. After a while, we reached Pisang where the Annapurna range and Pisang peak surrounded the road. We stayed overnight at Pisang.

      Day 4: Trek to Manang
      The next trek for us was traveling to the most exciting place Manang. Although It took 5 hours trek from Pisang to Manang. We saw ways to reach Manang from Pisang. The first way lead to the right which was uphill, and the second way was through the village and monasteries. We took the upper trail uphill. Therefore the highest mountains which could be seen from there were eye-catching. There were lots of small monasteries throughout the ways. There were 900-year-old monasteries whose name is  Barka Gompa. After the small climb from Barka, we will also visit the beautiful village of Manang.

      Day 5: Acclimatization day at Manang

      Today is the day, in which we familiarized ourselves with the people there in Manang village. We spend our full day in Manang observing their culture and tradition. The town is so beautiful and provides a serene environment. Marysangdi river was flowing to the east of the village and we head towards the Gangapurna Lake which was so amazing. The people of Manang village were also welcoming and full of hospitality. We felt so homely and there is a place “tengi” which is an old Manang locality.

      Day 6: Ice lake trek
      Our next trip was an ice trek after Manang. It was all frozen and had a fantastic view of mountain peaks all over. Lies at a height of 4620 m. It was so much pleasing to watch the frozen lake in the middle and the mountains all around the lake were much relaxing.

      Day 07: Drive from Manang to Kathmandu
      The very next day we took the jeep from Manang to Kathmandu. We went back to Kathmandu by viewing all the beautiful scenes of a quiet forest, mountain, and also Marshyangdi river on the side of the mountains.

       Final Say,

      You can observe the beautiful Manang village as well as visit Buddhist Monasteries here. Exploring Ethnic culture and experiencing lodges trek in beautiful Trek to Annapurna region are other major perks of traveling into this place. Manang village is also highly influenced by Tibetan culture.


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