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Mount Everest New Height- World Tallest Mountain gain 0.86 Meters.

Mount everest new height

Mount Everest new height

Mount Everest is known for its height all over the world as it is the world’s highest mountain. Mt Everest lies at the border of Nepal and China. Before 2020 the actual heights of Mount Everest was 8,848 sq. km. But after the survey which was held on 8th December 2020. Nepal and china both countries jointly announced that the height of Mount Everest has been increased by 0.86 meters which is almost a meter. So the New height of Mount Everest is 8,848.86 sq. km.

The announcement of Mount Everest’s new height was done on the national television of Nepal. Susheel Dangol is Nepal’s chief survey officer stated that “we can be confident that this is the most accurate height of Everest that we have ever had”. He also that it is a huge responsibility on our part as a country of Mount Everest and it is a movement of pride for all of us. The measurement of the world’s highest peak is a big deal so since 2018 Nepal has been conducting its own measurement of Mount Everest.

Meanwhile, several teams have offered many new techniques and ways for measuring the new height of Mount Everest. Nepal wanted to do this survey alone but after Chinese president Xi Jinping visited Nepal, china also became part of this survey. Mount Everest’s new height is said to be the most accurate height till now. The new height of Mount Everest has been calculated by the joint effort of Nepal and China. Four Nepal surveyors spent 2 years training for this mission before actually went to the submit. The Nepalese team went to submit in May of 2019 for the survey. And the Chinese team went right after that.

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Mount Everest old height

We all know that the old height of Mount Everest is 8, Between the years 1849 to 1855, a survey was done in India to measure the height of Mount Everest. This survey was conducted on Dehradun, Triangulation was done from India base to Sonakhoda base in Bihar. During this method, Mount Everest was also observed. But during that time people didn’t know that Mount Everest was the heights peak in the world. After the competition of that survey, the height of Mount Everest was 8,839.80 meters. Later in 1945, another survey was held to measure the height of Mount Everest from India.

This survey was done in Bihar, India using the trigonometric method. They identified the actual height of Mount Everest as 8,848sq. Km. after that many surveys was done by different county with new techniques but it was not accepted. Nepal has not been part of any survey for measuring the height of Mount Everest but since 2018 Nepal has built a survey team for measuring the height. In 1999 an American team did another survey for measuring Mount Everest’s height.

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They used a GPS (global positioning system). They estimate the height of Mount Everest as 8,850 meters. This height was accepted by many specialists in geodesy and cartography. Although Nepal had also welcomed the revelation but kept on using the height determined in 1945. Not only Nepal before the new height of Mount Everest was established in Nepal everyone thought the world used the same height.

Measurement of Height of Mount Everest

There are many ways of measuring Mount Everest. Mean sea level is always considered as the base for measuring mountains. So while measuring the height of mountains the main work is at the bottom than at the top. Nepal has been using the Bay of Bengal as the mean sea level for measuring other mountains. In the case of Mount Everest, India has already surveyed a point that was closer to Everest, near the border of Nepal and India so, Nepalese surveyors used that point as a mean sea level. After identifying the mean sea level, surveyors built a network of lines of sight creating a chain up to 250 km or any other point from where Everest is visible.

Meanwhile, Chinese surveyors used separate mean sea level as their base. They used the province of Shandong as the mean sea level. Surveyors from both countries all sued the trigonometry formula to calculate the height of Mount Everest. Using the formula they calculated the height of the triangle by multiplying its base with the angles. For measuring the top of the mountain someone needs to be on the top of Mount Everest. So Nepalese surveyors went up to the summit last year.

Nepalese surveyors stated that they used 12 different lower peaks near Everest for trigonometric calculation. They also said that these 12 peaks have helped to achieve the precise result. On the other hand, Chinese surveyors also used the same method and formula. Associated researcher of a Chinese academy of survey and mapping had stated that “surveyor’s beano had been placed on the summit, surveyors who were at the station around the Everest measured the distance from the six-point to the bacon, and at least six triangles can be calculated to determine the Everest’s height”.


Why did the height of Mount Everest changes?

The first survey was held in 1975 and the second was held in 2005. During the second survey, the Chinese team installed a Chinese version of a GPS device on Mount Everest. China invented the BeiDou navigation satellite system which is known to be the rival of US-owned GPS (global positioning system). China used the same device while measuring the height of Mount Everest whereas Nepalese surveyors used the actual GPS for measuring the submit. GPS is a more precise instrument so, GPS was used by Nepalese surveyors.

For many years there has been debate among various countries whether it should be “rock height”, or whether the snow cladding should also be added to the height.

Nepal and china used GPS (global navigation satellite) systems to achieve the altitude data from various surveyors in their calculations. Till now China has conducted two surveys for measuring the height of Mount Everest.

The height of Mount Everest has been changed from 8, to 8,848.86 sq. km. There are several reasons for this. Many specialists and scientists have said that the ongoing impact with Eurasia might force the mountains to an ever greater height than Mount Everest. The rocks of the mountains continue to rise toward the skies, erosion works against their upward progression. No one can force or do anything artificially to change the height of Mount Everest. The change of height of Mount Everest is a natural process. There are the different reason which affected the new height of Mount Everest. Here are the reasons


Geological ups and downs have played a vital role in changing the height of Mount Everest. A massive earthquake hit Nepal in 2015, since then the tectonic plates of near mountains have been moving. The movement of tectonic plates helps to lift the mountain. The balancing fore can help to maintain a degree of stability over time. A member of a Chinese team that surveyed Everest height stated in a report that nature tends to strike a balance. He gave an example of when Dang cited a massive earthquake in 1934 that wiped 150 years of steady height increase due to the tectonic plate’s movement.



There are different ways to establish the height of any mountain. Though the Chinese team used a different type of GPS along with different other equipment. On the other hand, the Nepalese team did the same procedure with different equipment. The equipment used by the Nepalese team is believed to be more precise and more usable in comparison to the equipment used by the Chinese team. They also used a laser-equipped version of a theodolite. The Nepalese team used a ground base radar to achieve the amount of snow and ice which was situated on the top of Mount Everest.

The basic thing before measuring the height of Mount Everest is to establish the mean sea level. The main work while measuring Mount Everest is to be done in the bottom area than the top area. From the earth’s core in the middle, the mountain along the equator is farther.



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Some frequently asked question about Mount Everest’s new height


What was the methodology used while measuring the new height of Mount Everest?
During a webinar, the foreign minister of Nepal Pradeep Kumar Gyawali, and the foreign minister of china Yang Yi, announced the new increased height of Mount Everest. They did not have any particular details about the methodology used while measuring the new height of Mount Everest. The secretary and spokesperson for Nepal’s department of the survey, Damodar Dhakal started that we have used the previous method applied in acquiring the height from the Global Navigational Satellite System (GNSS). Both Nepalese and Chinese data showed accuracy.

Why the difference over official height?

There have been lots of arguments about the height of Mount Everest. Earlier the Chinese surveyors had calculated the height of the mountain in 2005. Afterward in an interview with BBC Nepal government stated that they were under pressure from China to accept the new height which was calculated by China. After that Nepal government also told that had decided to go for a fresh measurement to set the actual height once and for all. After that china also became a part of this survey. Since Mount Everest falls on the border of Nepal and china both countries have jointly surveyed to find out the new height of Everest.

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When was the new measurement done?

Many countries have been doing lots of surveys to find out the height of Everest. Since Nepal was hit by the devastating earthquake in April 2015. Before that Nepal survey department had never considered the idea of measuring Mount Everest. But after the earthquake, there arise dispute among different scents on whether the earthquake had affected the height of Mount Everest or not. Then after Nepal made a team to measure the height of Mount Everest. The surveyor also took the training for 2 years to known the techniques to measure Mount Everest. Then after finally in 2018 the team went to measure the height of Mount Everest.

Did china do the survey separately?

China has done altogether 3 surveys to measure the actual height of Mount Everest. However, the first 2 attempts were not accepted by Nepal or any other country. When Nepal was doing the survey Chinese president Xi Jinping visited Nepal after that china also wanted to survey to establish the new height of Mount Everest. Both Nepal and china started doing surveys separately. Nepal had completed its mission in early 2019 but china was just starting the mission. The team of 120 surveyors was processing the data and computing results but due to the coronavirus pandemic, the work was delayed. Then after china and Nepal signed a memorandum of understanding to make the result publicly.

Could there be any disagreement on the method or the equipment used during the process?

There may arise many disagreements on the process or the outcomes. But since this survey is said to be the most accurate and precise result till now, there should not be any disagreement. The national department of the survey has reported that although the survey was done from two different sides the result and the accuracy of the methods appear to be the same. This is an important takeaway for Nepal. The new height of Mount Everest is a movement of national pride and achieving the technological feat.

The senior officer of the surveying department said that Nepal involves for the first time in ascertaining the height of the mountains which link to our identity. He also said that the world and those people who come to Nepal for seeing Mount Everest will be able to gain a higher record by climbing Mt. Everest that is taller than yesterday.



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