Must try food while you are in Nepal – Daal Bhat Tarkari

Must try food while you are in Nepal

Nepal is a beautiful country enriched by multi-indigenous people with their culture, traditions, language, and food patterns. The diversity in the country leads to the diversity of food, too. The unique food of Nepal reflects the wide variety of cultures and traditions of Nepal. Nepali food has a distinctive taste and is highly nutritious as the food is prepared with available local spices, which are helpful for health. Nepalese food is the most popular and hygienic, among other foods. The food in Nepal is the most delicious and easy to cook. So don’t forget to try Nepali food while trekking in Nepal. There are many tasty foods to try while you are in Nepal.

Here is a list of some famous must-try foods while you are in Nepal:

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    Daal Bhat Tarkari:

    Daal Bhaat Tarkari is the ethnic food of Nepal; Nepali people eat Dal Bhat two times daily. It is served with the perfect combination of Daal (Pulse soup), Bhaat (steamed rice), Tarkari (Curry), Achar (Pickle), Dhido( flours of maize, wheat, millet, buckwheat after boiling), Meat, etc. which is full of a balanced diet. You will gain a unique style of taste available throughout Nepal, which will help you stay close to locals. This is no one must-try food while you are in Nepal.

    MOMO is a try food while you are in Nepal

    MOMO is the most popular dish in Nepal, and almost everyone loves it. It is the perfect dish that can be eaten anytime. Momo is made by steaming, wrapping minced Meat or vegetables in the dough, and biting it by dipping it in spicy sauce. It is usually made with buffalo meat, chicken, or pork and sometimes with vegetables like cabbage, onion, etc. MOMO can be served by frying or steaming with a spicy sauce. It is a must-try food in Nepal.

    Kwati (Mixed bean soup):

    It is a famous traditional Nepalese soup, predominantly made in the cold and rainy season with nine kinds of beans like black eye peas, soya beans, green peas, cowpeas, chickpeas, black lentils, adzuki, mung dal, and favas. The water, which is rich in protein, is specially prepared during Janai Purnima. It is also believed that eating kwati during sickness will provide strength. This is another exceptional food to try while you are in Nepal.

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      Samay Baji:

      Samay Baji is one of the famous traditional Newari foods specially prepared for festivals and other occasions. It has a unique taste and is spicy, so it is popular among all the Nepalese. It is famous from generation to generation. Various items including in Samay baji such as beaten rice, black soya bean, smoked Meat, boiled beans, potato with spicy, fried pancakes,  boiled egg, green vegetable, bamboo shoot beans, potato mixed curry, ginger, pickle with homemade whiskey Aila. So it is regarded as the most diversified food in the world.

      Chatamari: You must try food while you are in Nepal.

      Chatamari is the popular Newari round-shaped dish with rice flour, Meat, egg, and vegetables cooked in a non-stick pan. It is also known as Newari Pizza. Chatamari is a special dish prepared mainly at the Newar festival. Initially, it is ready by making flatbread in heat and over the bread with minced Meat, egg, tomato, onions, green chili, spicy, etc., if you wish to taste more. It is considered healthy and tasty food to eat. It is Newari food, and you must try it while in Nepal.

      Yomari is another must-try food.

      It is also one of Newari’s unique traditional dishes, especially on Newari’s birthday and the Yomari Punhi festival. Made by dumping rice on the floor of fig shape filling with sesame seed, chaku( a sweet made with sugar), and khula (milk solid) by steaming. It is Newar’s most delicious dish; they serve it hot. Yomari is available in every corner of the Newari Hotel in Kathmandu. You can never get enough of this dish.

      Aloo Tama:

      Aloo Tama is a unique Nepali curry dish. We make it with aloo (potato), Tama (bamboo shoots), and beans you must try in Nepal. It is also one type of Newari special dish, which is sour. Aloo Tama can be readily found in the Newari restaurant with Samay baji. Buff Meat and black-eyed beans add extra taste to this dish. It is also prepared, especially at the Newari community feast. This is the food you have tried the most while in Nepal.

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        Kheer( Rice Pudding):

        Kheer is one of the most popular Nepali dishes, specially prepared for pujas, weddings, and other religious occasions. It is cooked in milk by adding rice, sugar, dried fruit, etc. It is also a typical sweet dish of Nepal. It is easier and faster to make. It is specially cooked on Shrawan 15, and people celebrate this day as a kheer-eating day.

        So, if you are planning to visit Nepal, don’t forget to enjoy the above variety of food, and we suggest you join our Tour.

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