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Nepal Tibet Bhutan Tour, Packages Cost, Best Time to Visit

nepal tibet Bhutan tour

Do you want to witness the exclusive beauty of nature and amazing historical places?  Do you want to learn about diverse Asian cultures?  Then we are providing you with your dream to the world’s best travel destinations with the tour of Nepal Tibet Bhutan. With just one trip, you get to visit nature’s beautiful countries at a single time: Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan. These countries are famous in the entire world for their extensive travel options and a variety of natural beauties. Despite their small size, they attract people from all over the world with their vision, art, literature, and culture.

Nepal is the land of mountains and multi-cultured people. Its stunning Himalayas, warm welcome of local people, adventure sports, temples, and dense forests are the major attractions. Similarly, Tibet, the land of his Holiness Dalai Lama, is famous for its monasteries, culture, art, museums, cold weather, and various mountains. And Bhutan is renowned in the world for its eye-catching monasteries, stunning terraces, hills, shopping places, and mountains as well.

Nepal tibet bhutan tour

These countries look similar, yet they are widely different. They have their uniqueness and attractions. And after knowing about them, you definitely will want to visit all of them. And if you think visiting three countries together might become difficult or problematic, then stop stressing. Today we are providing you the top way to visit the three high countries easily and at its best time, also at the lowest cost possible.

Visit the best place on the tour

You can visit the selected best places in a limited time from the Mountains of Nepal, to the monasteries of Tibet and the shopping areas of Bhutan. You get to see the best of all. It all can be done with the help of the Nepal-Tibet- Bhutan Tour. An exclusive way to visit the best three countries most comfortably and efficiently.  Nepal Tibet Bhutan tour can be customized based on Budget, Climate, or in any way you want. It is also the most less time-consuming trip of the three countries. You can also visit all these countries on your own.

But there might be certain restricted places you might not know about, so we help to make your trip easier and memorable as well. To explore the full grandeur of the sublime Himalayas and distinct Buddhist cultures, no better tour are you able to find than covering the Himalayan kingdoms in Tibet, Nepal, and Bhutan. This 2-week long journey takes you to experience fervent Buddhist pilgrimage, glittering turquoise alpine lakes.

As we shift our attention to bustling Thamel in Kathmandu Valley, you’d be entranced by the colorful Nepali costumes and exciting Hinduist culture. the traditional Nepali temples and palaces, diverse flora and fauna, etc. remind you of the profound culture and history of this intriguing nation. While in Bhutan, often mentioned because the last Shangri La in south Asia, it’s a totally different picture. Explore the happiness, enticing landscape, and peaceful living style, fortress-like monasteries.

Furthermore, Our Nepal Tibet Bhutan tour, we take you to the famous debating monks of Sera Monastery in Lhasa. Exploring Nepali culture, and absorbing a number of the unique sights of the Bhutanese culture and religion.

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Nepal Tibet Bhutan Tour package

Our Nepal Tibet Bhutan tour gives you the full grandeur of the sublime Himalayas and distinct Buddhist cultures, This is one of the best tour package covering the Himalayan kingdoms in Tibet, Nepal, and Bhutan. this 14-day long package takes you to experience the best Buddhist pilgrimage sites, glittering turquoise alpine lakes, and jaw-dropping vista of Mt. Everest in Tibet.

Our tour starts with visiting the Kathmandu Valley, you would be entranced by the colorful Nepali costumes and exciting Hinduist culture. You will visit the ancient Nepali temples and old palaces, diverse flora, and fauna. Get the knowledge of profound culture and history in this intriguing nation.

On arrival in Bhutan which is often referred to as the last Shangri La in south Asia, it is a completely different picture. The exceedingly high gross national happiness, enticing landscape, and peaceful living style, fortress-like monasteries, and even mandatory US$250 tour expenditure per day would wrap up your long tour with a new perception of the essence of life.

Bhutan, Nepal, and Tibet three-country tours cover the most beautiful Himalayan nations. This 2 weeks adventure begins with visits to popular Bhutanese landmarks like Tiger’s Nest Monastery, King’s Memorial Chorten, Punakha Dzong (fortress), and others. Similarly in Nepal, we will visit the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Kathmandu. It will also take you sightseeing in the amazing lake city, Pokhara. the other highlights landmark is visiting in Tibet s like Potala and Norbulingka palaces, Tibet Traditional Museum, Barkhor Bazaar, and others in Lhasa. During our tour in Tibet, we will also visit several impressive Tibetan monasteries like Sera, Drepung, and Jokhang Temple.

Nepal Tibet Bhutan tour Cost

The cost for the Nepal Tibet Bhutan tour is quite expensive if we compare it to other tours. It is due to flight, and Government permit fees. The cost of the tour depends on different factors, such as group size, hotel standards, private or group tours, etc.

The cost of the tour also depends on your group size. If you are just 1 person it is much more expensive, the cost is from 2 to 6 person is come about US 3800 per person if you are above 6 person group till 12 costs will come USD 3500 per person. You can make your decision first you wanted to make it a private tour or to be part of a private tour or if you want to travel in a small group. If you want a private tour, It is with your own driver and a private guide. You can change and tailor-made the itinerary if you want as the whole tour is under your control. Instead, if you opt for a small group, the costs will drop considerably, but you will share the car and the guide with other people who come on the same tour.

Group tour cost is less than a solo trip

The benefit of traveling in a group is the price will be less compared to the private tour cost. While the number of tourists increases, the cost per person will be lower. You can share the accommodation with other fellow travelers to make the cost down.
the major impact of your tour cost is your preference in terms of accommodation. In our Nepal Tibet Bhutan tour, we will include 3-star accommodation. but you can also opt for 4-star or 5-star hotels, and this will automatically increase the final price. the cost of 5-star hotels in Tibet and Bhutan is quite expensive.

The other factor to make the cost lower or high is your traveling a second time also. if you are traveling in the low season in winter and Rainy season the cost will be less and there is a discount available. while you travel in winter month December to January the weather is very cold and views can be poor, the rainy seasons you may get lost of rain in Nepal tour and need to carry the umbrella.

Things to do

The major things to do is hiking, touring, and also trekking in this Himalayan country. But in this tour, we mostly focus on your tour and day hiking trips. if you are looking for short trekking options, the Ghandruk trek, Annapuran short trek, Kathmandu valley rim trek. In Tibet, you can do day hiking to Everest base camp from Rongbuk Monastery. Similarly, there are short to long trekking in Bhutan like Druk Path, and in the Jumolhari mountain.

Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan are also home to ancient palaces and Buddhist monasteries. Cultural tours to those amazing heritage spots structure for an exquisite experience. Nepal has 10 unique UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Boudhanath, Pashupatinath Temple, Lumbini, the three Durbar Squares. Also, the Changunarayan Temple and Swoyambhunath are worth visiting. During the tour to Bhutan, we will explore its cultural treasures include Taktsang Monastery. We will also visit Rinpung Dzong, Tashichho Dzong, Punakha Dzong, Chimmi Lakhang, etc. Also explore the Tibetan cultural highlights include Potala Palace, Norbulingka, Jokhang Temple. Enjoy the monastic view Drepung. Ganden Monastery, Sera Monastery, and also Barkhor Square.

Steeped in Buddhist and Hindu spiritualism one can take a pilgrimage tour to ancient Hindu also as Buddhist pilgrimage sites. Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan Buddhist pilgrimage packages are a number of the best-selling pilgrimage packages in Asia. There are many famous Hindu temples like Pashupatinath Temple, Muktinath, Halesi Mahadev, Manokamana. in Tibet, Chimmi Lakhang, Jambay LakhanGanden Monastery, Dra Yerpa Caves, Sera Monastery, Jokhang Temple.

There are also many adventure activities include wildlife tours, rafting, paragliding, mountain flights, mountain biking, bungy jumping in Nepal.

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Short Itinerary to Nepal Tibet Bhutan tour

The primary requirements to visit Tibet and Bhutan are the Visa requirements. And it generally takes three days to get a visa for each country. So, when you first reach Kathmandu, we will start processing your visa to Bhutan. And then, while visiting Bhutan, if applied for your Tibetan Visa, it will be ready when you get back from Bhutan. The following Short detailed itinerary will solve all your confusion:

Day 1: Arrive in Kathmandu

The journey begins when you reach the beautiful city, Kathmandu. The city of temples, cultures, and diverse ethnicity welcomes you with an open heart. This day you can just sit and relax in your luxurious hotel and enjoy any food you like.

Day 2: Kathmandu Sightseeing, Bhaktapur, and Patan visit

Your Nepal Trip begins this day with Kathmandu city. It is a dream destination for many peoples all around the world. You can start by visiting the holy Temple, Pashupatinath, and get all the blessings. You can then enjoy sightseeing in the city.  Also, you can visit the world heritage sites Bhaktapur Durbar Square and Patan Durbar Square. They represent the culture and history of the country so well. You can also enjoy shopping in the very Touristy place, Thamel. So your second day ends by visiting all these famous and exciting places in Kathmandu.

Nepal tibet bhutan tour

Day 3-4:  Short trip to Pokhara

Your journey to Nepal can never be complete without visiting the beautiful city of lakes, Pokhara. This beautiful place is the pride of is so exotic and fantastic. Surrounded by the green hills and the white mountains, it opens the gate to various trekking sites, amazing sceneries, and a lifetime experience. You can enjoy the lakeside and get a fantastic view of the mountains. You can also shop for many things in the colorful market filled with various materials of decoration, statues, and stylish clothing.

Day 5: Fly to Lhasa

In the past three days, you won’t even remember how fast they passed. And by that time, your visa to Tibet will be ready. After exploring the hidden beauties of Nepal, you will be prepared to explore the next best destination, Tibet. The journey to Tibet will begin with Lhasa city, where you will get to visit various monasteries, museums and also get fantastic views of Mount Everest. You can visit the magnificent Potala Palace, filled with art, culture, and history. And even the Jokhang Temple.

nepal tibet bhutan tour

Day 6: Visit Lhasa

Lasha is so exotic and naturally beautiful that just one day is never enough to explore. It’s all the places. So you will spend another day exploring the remaining sites of Lhasa like The Manasarovar Lake, Mount Kailash areas, and many more.

Day 7-8-9: Visit Shigatse and return to Kathmandu.

The next day in Tibet, you can visit another best city in the country; Shigatse. This city is filled with mountains, temples, and various historical places. You can take a sightseeing tour in the daytime. And then return to Kathmandu.

Day 10,11,12 and 13: Fly to Paro and tour Bhutan.

After having the most memorable journey of Nepal and Tibet, you once again get back to Kathmandu and fly to Thimphu, Bhutan. The next three days you will spend in the last destination of your journey Bhutan. Starting with the sightseeing of Thimphu city, you will visit its major attractions. The great monasteries, amazing museums, mountains, and culture of the people of Bhutan. The major attractions of this city include the Weekend Market, National Memorial Chorten, and various preservation sites. If the time remains, you can also do your shopping in the fantastic markets of Bhutan and can also visit the nearby cities.

Day 14: Return to Kathmandu

This is the ending day of your journey. With loads of precious memories and incredible experiences of the Nepal-Tibet-Bhutan Tour, you will finally return to Kathmandu. You can then fly back to your home, or you can even directly take a flight from Bhutan.

Day 15: Final Departure to your home town.

Above is a very basic itinerary of the Nepal-Tibet- Bhutan tour. This can completely be customized as per your wish. You can add or remove the places of your preference in any of the countries.

Best time to Visit on Nepal-Tibet-Bhutan trip

The best time to go on a Nepal-Tibet- Bhutan Tour is during September, October, and November. In these months, Nepal is filled with various festivals and cultural activities. The temples are decorated, the prices are low, and the most important festival Dashain is being celebrated. The sky is bright for the perfect views of the tallest mountains, and the weather is neither hot nor cold.

A trip during this season will allow you to watch Nepal’s grandest festivals – Dashain and Tihar. In Bhutan Jambay Lakhang Drup, Thimphu Tshechu, Gangtey Tshechu, and Black Necked Crane Festival are celebrated. Tibetans celebrate Palden Lhamo Festival, Lahbab Duchen or Buddha Descent Day festival, and Gongbu New Year during this season.

And in Tibet, it is the ideal time for visiting. The temperature is favorable, and there is no rain. There is the winter season in Tibet at that time, and still, the days are pretty sunny. There are almost nine hours of sunshine, and it’s just warm and friendly. It makes the perfect weather to visit various places in the city.

Also, in Bhutan, the weather is very much pleased with this time. There is no rain and no extreme cold. These are the perfect months for sightseeing in Bhutan. Also, various festivals are celebrated in Bhutan, which you can be part of and make your journey even more memorable. Summer trips are often a touch comfortable as both Nepal and Bhutan receive monsoon rains during this point. But on the brilliant side, you receive off-season discounts if you select to travel during off-seasons. Touristic sites and hotels will have fewer crowds. Unlike Nepal and Bhutan, Tibet remains dry during this season because it lies under the area area.


Why Nepal Tibet Bhutan tour?

Nepal Tibet Bhutan tour is suitable for everybody as the tour involves mostly driving and short day hiking. the tour is a wonderful blend of cultural immersion and hiking adventure.

The best part of the tour in Bhutan is hiking to Tiger’s Nest Monastery involves 4 to 6 hours (distance – 6km round trip) of walking on an uphill and downhill trail. If you are getting tired there are horses also available on hire at additional cost until the halfway point.

During the Tibet tour, we will mostly visit Lhasa which lies at an altitude of 3,656 meters, it’s natural to feel a bit out of breath on arrival. You will feel all right after resting for a day. For an emergency there are Pharmacies and some hotels have oxygen lounges where you can take supplementary oxygen if you need it.

Throughout your tour, our local experienced guide will be with you throughout the trip. Nepal, Tibet Bhutan tour is allowed to explore exotic Himalayas ’ countries and different cultures. This tour is the setting of joy and sees different and unique from the rest of the world.

Our Nepal Tibet Bhutan tour will cover the UNESCO world’s heritage sites in Kathmandu, NEPAL. Most famous Buddhist and Hindu pilgrimage sites like Bauddhnath, Swoyambhunath, Pashupatinath. We will explore the Land of Thunder Dragon Bhutan and the roof of the word Tibet present the original form of Buddhism and its unique civilization. Exploring the oldest and most famous monasteries and driving passing through beautiful lakes and range of the Himalayas including top of the world Mt Everest.


Major attractions of Nepal Tibet Bhutan tour

This is the perfect kind of journey for any traveler. In just one trip Nepal Tibet Bhutan tour, you get to visit the most important places in all three countries: Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet. You can visit the following major attractions of the places:

In Nepal

  1. The Pashupatinath Temple

Listed in world heritage sites, this temple is the point of religious faith and beliefs of Nepalese people. It is famous in the country and outside for its ethical values and also its beauty. Built-in the Pagoda Style, this temple is magnificent.

  1. Kathmandu city tour

Kathmandu falls under the top destinations of People all around the world. This is a city full of temples, hills, and the best shopping places. You can visit Bhaktapur and Patan Durbar Square. Move around the streets and buy things. You can also be a part of Nepalese festivals.

Kathmandu the capital city has numerous religious and historical sites that bestow ecstasy and rejuvenation in life. There are numerous worth visiting destinations in Kathmandu. As per our Nepal Tibet Bhutan our itinerary time limitation but we can only visit the few places which carry the foremost religious and historical significance. our day tour to explore the UNESCO-listed world heritage sites and other religious sites of Katmandu valley. Your tour starts after your breakfast, our guide and driver will meet you at your hotel door. Our tour takes you to the must-visit religious and cultural sites of Kathmandu: Swayambhunath, Patan, Pashupatinath, and Bouddhanath Stupa.

We are covering the temple and monastery in today’s tour. The temple is that the sanctum of both Hindus and Buddhist devotees; yet people from any religion and country are allowed to go to the temple, inspect the architecture, and sightseeing serene valley from the highest of the hills

  1. Pokhara city tour

This exotic city is rich in natural beauty. It has also full of mountains, lakes, rivers, glaciers, temples, trekking sites, and many more. As well as this lively place is extremely touristy and has the best hotels in the country.

Explore one of the foremost beautiful cities of Pokhara on our city sightseeing tour through Pokhara. During our Nepal Tibet Bhutan tour, we will explore the hidden natural beauty of Pokhara.

it’s also considerably popular for adventure activities. Most of the favored trekking within the Annapurna region begins from here. Day tour within the Pokhara city offers an encompassing panorama of nature and culture. The Pokhara city tour includes major tourist spots like Phewa Lake, Devi’s fall, Mahendra cave, Seti River Gorge, International Mountain Museum, and therefore the Tibetan camp. your tour will start from your hotel after breakfast and visit different beautiful and significant places around the city.

The main highlight of Pokhara’s visit is boating in Phewa lake. It is the second-largest lake in Nepal and the main attraction of Pokhara city. it’s also a spot for water fun activities like boating and kayaking.


Yak in mountain


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In Tibet

  1. Sight-seeing of Lhasa

Lhasa is additionally referred to as “the City of Sunlight” for it enjoys far more sunshine than most places within the world. because of the Palestine of Lamaism, Lhasa boasts numerous well-preserved Buddhist constructions, most of which are mysterious palaces and monasteries. All the holy sites are well protected and punctiliously maintained by a devout population. Therefore, after thousands of years of vicissitudes, the traditional palaces, temples, relics, and streets thick with religious history can still keep in step with the fashionable society.

Just to call a couple of of the tourist sights in Lhasa: the amount one spot in Lhasa is that the world-famous Potala Palace which has attracted many tourists and pilgrims from everywhere the world; attractions around Potala are Jokhang Temple surrounded by the Barkhor shopping mall, Chakpori Hill to the proper of the Potala, Ramoche Temple, and Norbulingka – the previous Summer Palace of the Dalai Lamas. Besides, the three main monasteries in Lhasa also are to not be missed. they’re Sera Monastery, Ganden Monastery, and Drepung Monastery.

If you get to Lhasa by air, you’ll see an easy but attractive temple north of the highway from the Gongkar Airport to Lhasa. a touch east of the temple may be a giant carved Buddha, Nietang Buddha. it’s a touch difficult to list all the Buddhist sites in Lhasa, but it’s undeniable that each one of these sights in Lhasa will provide you with further insights into the fascinating history, culture, and lifetime of the Tibetan people.


  1. The Potala Palace

The grand Potala Palace is the winter home of his Holiness Dalai Lama. This palace has also a famous museum. It might be one of the most beautiful Palaces in the is full of art and rich in the culture of Tibet.

This is the most iconic architecture and top UNESCO world heritage site in Tibet. Potala Palace (3750m) overlooks the holy Lhasa city, with its majestic presence on the tip of Red Hill. this place is a bucket list for travelers around the world. While you visit you will get the distinct Tibetan aesthetic of the castle-like building, rich Tibetan history, and countless religions. This cultural heritage site’s treasure inside the Potala Palace will leave you spellbound. To facilitate your travel, we include this place in our Nepal Tibet Bhutan tour package.

Except for the cultural attractions, Lhasa is additionally pleased with attractive natural scenery, like the beautiful Lhasa River, the sacred Lake Namtso, the majestic Nyainqentanglha range, the well-known Yangpachen hot springs then on. In a word, nobody has the excuse of denying the attraction of Lhasa, and it’s not strange that Lhasa may be a dream place for therefore many travelers around the world.


  1. Shigatse city

The Nepal-Tibet- Bhutan Tour takes you to another wonderful city named Shigatse city. This city is also famous for its clear view of the tallest mountain Mount Everest. It is full of forests, hills, mountains, bio-diversity, and many more.

Except for the cultural attractions, Lhasa is additionally pleased with attractive natural scenery, like the beautiful Lhasa River, the sacred Lake Namtso, the majestic Nyainqentanglha range, the well-known Yangpachen hot springs then on. In a word, nobody has the excuse of denying the attraction of Lhasa, and it’s not strange that Lhasa may be a dream place for therefore many travelers around the world.

The Nepal-Tibet-Bhutan tour will take you to one of the most beautiful places in the world, the city of Lhasa. therefore This city is full of Monasteries, Mountain views, Museums and many more.  You can freely enjoy the sightseeing of this beautiful city.

The Nepal-Tibet-Bhutan tour will take you to one of the most beautiful places in the world, the city of Lhasa. therefore This city is full of Monasteries, Mountain views, Museums and many more.  You can freely enjoy the sightseeing of this beautiful city.

Full day tour in  Bhutan

Bhutan’s full-day tour offers a repository of ancient heritage, museums, and monumental sites. Tiger Next monastery is that the one of major assets in Bhutan that holds great historical interest among Bhutanese people. at some point, the Bhutan Tour package presented by a visit to Bhutan cares in exploring and sightseeing of the ancient Tiger next monastery and its surrounding landscapes. The incredible scenery and natural panorama encompassing Tiger next monastery added more charm to the present short trip in Bhutan. Moreover, the incredible artifacts, magnificent decoration, amazing worship center, and true devotees allow travelers to immerse deep into the traditional Buddhist Bhutanese culture and history. This short excursion in Bhutan is right for those seeking to explore cultural and nonsecular site located outskirt of Paro without having had long days trip.

Experience the cultural vivacity and natural grandeur inherent in Bhutan, while on a Bhutan tour with day hikes. Your Bhutan tour begins from the gorgeous Paro city where you visit Rinpung Dzong (fortress), Kichu Lhakhang temple, and Drugyal Dzong. The next step of the Bhutan tour in Thimphu, the capital city of Bhutan where you get an opportunity to witness the antique grandeur and monuments. WE will take you to visit the King’s Memorial Chorten, nunnery temple, mini zoo, folk heritage museum including the magnificent Tashichho Dzong.

If time permits we can go hiking to Wangditse Gompa, Lungchutse Monastery, and to Khamsum Yulley Namgyel Chorten. Bhutan tour offers surreal views and glorious mountain vistas of Everest, Kanchenjunga, and other famous Himalayan peaks. The sacred Jomolhari and Mount Jichu Drake in Bhutan are among the best things to ascertain while on the road to Bhutan.


Tiger’s Nest Bhutan

Tiger’s nest Bhutan is a heavenly beauty for its mountain ranges, its monasteries and temples, its purity and simplicity of lifestyle, and most importantly, its association with the Happiness of Index. It is known as the kingdom of Happiness. Travelers who visit Bhutan cannot escape seeing the beauty of Tiger’s Nest Bhutan.

Tiger’s Nest Bhutan is easy hiking and is beyond your expectations. Visiting the Tiger’s nest is the most popular and recognized tourist spot in Bhutan and is also known as Paro Taktsang. This is also the place for Himalayan Buddhist sacred sites, and the geographical location of the temple is in the Cliffside of the upper Paro valley in Bhutan. Dated back to history, the temple was first built in 1692 AD, around the Taktsang Senge Samdup cave.

It is said that Guru Padmasambhava is said to have meditated in that cave for three years, three months, three weeks, three days, and three hours in the 8th century. Hence Padmasambhaya was the first person to introduce Buddhism in Bhutan and is the tutelary deity of the country. If you are a travel person and want to quench your thirst for wanderlust, then Tiger’s Nest or Taktsang Monastery should be on the top of the bucket list. Despite the daily visits by tourists, Paro Taktsang still functions as a monastery today.

The Tiger’s Nest Monastery nearby Paro about 10km north, and it is a 20 minutes car-drive from Paro. The visit to the Tiger’s Nest Monastery is a half-day trip and after we will join the city tour of Paro. To this, you need to add one more hour to tour the monastery and enjoy a serene environment. Many people also prefer to have lunch in the cafeteria located midway on the hike.

Physical Fitness for hiking

Tiger’s nest Bhutan tour is a natural, doable hike that any travel enthusiast with average physical fitness can complete and enjoy.
However, Individuals with respiratory/heart/knee problems can find this hike to be challenging.
The hike duration may vary depending on the trekker’s walking pace. Walk at your own pace and listen to your body so that you can enjoy the journey to the fullest.

For people who are after 60 years, climbing Tiger’s Nest indeed posed a challenge, but it was a test of our will-power and tenacity. However, with the combination of proper itinerary management and customer handling of the travel agency, you can accomplish your journey happily. You may want to bring hiking poles to help out your knees on the descent, whereas some people chose to stop at the viewpoint with the row of prayer wheels or prefer to call it a day at the cafeteria and turn back.

You should always monitor your fitness and walk accordingly. For those with physically fit health and having enough previous hiking experience, then you can choose to hike from the bottom of the cliff. Luckily, you can take a ride on a horse/mule donkey to reach the mid-way if you feel unfit to walk to the top.

Some tips for traveling to Tiger’s Nest Bhutan

• Keep yourself hydrated to make your journey comfortable.
• Slow and steady is the ideal pace for any trek or hike. You’ll gain elevation very fast. Hence, you may feel short of breath. Make sure to rest when necessary. Thus, climb at your own pace. Paro Taktsang is a monastery along with many religious statues and monks around. You must follow the dress etiquette in mind. Avoid shorts, T-shirts, sleeveless tops, etc. As the ticket counter only opens at 7:00 am, you are the urge to verify with your guide for confirmation of time.

You’ll need to remove shoes, hats, caps, and sunglasses before entering the temples and monastery. You need to put on comfortable boots with ankle support, which makes for a pleasant walk. Wearing slippers will make it hard to walk. Wear thicker darker shocks. Sweater or summer jackets should be carried with you to protect yourself from the wind. You’ll need to store your bags, cameras, mobile phones in lockers right before you enter the monastery. The tour vehicles can only stop at the car park at the valley base. At the Monastery entrance, you need to keep the belongings, including mobile phones in a locker. So carry lock and keys to lock the locker.

• You will find the cafeteria mid-way. The animal ride will take you till here. From here, you need to walk. You can also have lunch or rest here.
• Having a walking stick with you for the hike is a great idea. The walking sticks will help you with balance, especially for the downhill climb.
• Bringing some snacks or energy bars will be helpful in replenishing energy during the hike

  1. The Weekend Market

One of the major attractions of the Nepal Tibet Bhutan Tour is the Weekend Market. This is also a famous market that has everything you want to see. From simple vegetables to local organic materials. It has the freshest air. It is an open market. And you will feel great to roam around here.


  1. Memorial Chorten

Memorial Chorten is a famous temple built by one of the Kings of Tibet, Jigme Dorji. Every day hundreds of people visit this place for worshipping and visiting. therefore Your journey will be much more memorable with this beautiful National Memorial Chorten. It has spell-bounding white walls and golden roofs.

  1. DechenPhodrang

It was the historic building of Thimpu. However, after being destroyed by the fire, it is now being converted into a state school. Hundreds of students study here. And it is the place that has the oldest paintings in the country. Dechen Phrodrang meaning “Palace of Great Bliss” may be a Buddhist monastery in Thimphu, Bhutan. it’s located to the north of the town. In 1971 it became a monastic school and currently, it’s 450 student monks enrolled in eight-year courses with a staff of 15. The monastery contains a variety of important historical Bhutanese artifacts including 12th-century paintings monitored by UNESCO and a noted statue of Shabdrung Ngawang Namgyal on the upper floor. within the downstairs chapel, there’s a central Sakyamuni Buddha.



Tiger nest

Enjoy our best of Nepal, Tibet Bhutan tour

After the Nepal Tibet Bhutan tour, you will be so refreshed that it will have an entirely positive impact on your next life. Imagine just by visiting one single small place nearby how much restored we will, how many things we get to learn. Then think about how much you will make your life better by visiting the top best places in three countries. Enjoy exploring the hidden treasures of past glories enriched with ancient culture. These countries, religion, beautiful architecture, and their traditional way of life as it was for many centuries.

And these Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan are abundant in every single beauty of the world. Therefore, invest your time and money in a place that will have a positive impact on your entire life — such a journey that will remain in your memory forever. In every single way, Nepal-Tibet-Bhutan is a trip you must once go on.

Checklist and travel tips for Nepal, Tibet & Bhutan tour

A Valid passport (valid for six months from the date of your tour). You can also bring One other picture ID, such as a driver’s license (in case of emergency and for use as a substitute for passport or in case of losing your passport) Photocopy of passport page to carry in a wallet. bring a photocopy of your air ticket which is helpful in incase of loss. You can also make a copy of the Visa clearance letter and Tibet travel permit letter. Major credit card MasterCard, Visa Credit, and Debit Cards are accepted in Bhutan. However, some cash is highly recommended.

The flight to Lhasa and Bhutan gives you 20 kg of luggage allowance. So better you can Carry a small, handy but safe backpack for your camera, wallet, passport, flight tickets, small care pack, etc. It should slot in one wind sheeter or similar garment also. Remember the temperature may vary as we fly or drive to Tibet. the difference between Kathmandu and Lhasa height is more than 2200m different. Kathmandu is 1,320 while Lhasa is 3,650 m and Paro is 2,250m in height.

Visa and travel permit

you can get a Nepal visa on arrival at Airport, Apply for a multi-entry Nepalese visa. Please bring few passport photos need to get a visa and permits. Your Chinese visa is going to be canceled while acquiring a Tibet visa so don’t get any Chinese visa before you come here. From your Tibet visa, you can travel to China. the process for a Bhutan visa is by bus and just need your passport copy. We will also arrange all necessary travel permits for Tibet and Bhutan tours.,

Altitude Sickness :

For your Nepal tour there is no problem with altitude sickness and Bhutan also it’s ok. But, while touring in Tibet you will go in the height of 4000m so there is a chance of altitude sickness. You can prepare the trips before arrival. Do some little workout, jogging, yoga, or another light workout a minimum of a month before the trip is going to be helpful.
Avoid catching a chilly or respiratory problem before entering Tibet.
Avoid brisk walking or running immediately after you arrive.
Drink more water. 4 liters each day is suggested.
Iron and vitamin C consumption helps to extend Hemoglobin to soak up more oxygen.
Diamox (Acetazolamide) might be taken as prophylactic also.
Don’t take shower on a primary day.
Avoid alcohol and do not smoke.


AS you are doing the tour in 3 different countries so you need different clothes for warm to very cold weather. The weather also makes your choices in your clothes. Bring only necessary clothing and check the weather forecast before you travel. your baggage with too many clothes because the baggage allowance has restrictions within the flights to Bhutan and Tibet. you’ll store your extra clothes in Kathmandu. For Tibet and Bhutan, you would like a bag and warm jacket, thermal underwear, cap, and gloves.

Both men and ladies are encouraged to decorate with legs and shoulders covered. Respecting the local custom please placed on decent clothes while visiting monasteries and temples. People are very hospitable though. Because the temperature/weather can change quickly and sometimes, the ‘layering’ system is superb for travel. it’s better to possess several smaller layers. You can also add and remove these layers when necessary than to possess one enormous heavy jacket.


It is vital to possess a robust comfortable pair of trainers. albeit there’s no trekking, we’ve to steer around sightseeing places with steps and rough ground also. Lightweight boots are fine. Carry sneakers or sleepers for lodges.

Medical supplies

Take an adequate supply of any prescription medication you employ regularly, including inhalers for asthma. Carry your own medical kits with travel medicine. In Tibet, you’ll not find any western medicines. Cities have gotten better facilities but we’ll stay in remote towns also. Diamox (Acetazolamide) is that the best-preferred medicine for hypoxia.



There can’t be any better journey than the Nepal-Tibet-Bhutan Tour. This journey we can customize as per your choice. You can add or shorten the days of the trip. Imagine visiting the best places in the most exciting three countries at the cheapest cost possible. Nepal- Tibet- Bhutan journey will not just be a trip for you; it will also be a lifetime experience. As they say, invest in experiences, not in materials, this journey is an investment that will provide you return in your entire lifetime.

With a one-time Nepal Tibet Bhutan tour, you will get to know so much about the natural beauty of the world, art, literature, cultural values, and the diversity around the world. You will witness the beauty of temples and Monasteries. We can also have a great view of the world’s tallest mountain Mount Everest. One needs to be capable enough to write about these places so well. If you are an influencer, you will get to inspire so many people about so many things. You can pass on your learnings of culture, nature, and many more to the world, by visiting these three countries. This trip will be by far the best trip of your life.

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