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Nepal Tibet Bhutan Tour, Major Attraction and, Best Time to Go

nepal tibet bhutan tour

Nepal Tibet Bhutan tour

Do you want to witness the exclusive beauty of nature and amazing historical places?  Do you want to learn about diverse Asian cultures?  Then we are providing you with your dream to the world’s best travel destinations with the tour of Nepal Tibet Bhutan. With just one trip, you get to visit nature’s beautiful countries at a single time: Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan. These countries are famous in the entire world for their extensive travel options and a variety of natural beauties. Despite their small size, they attract the people of all over the world with their vision, art, literature, and culture.

Nepal is the land of mountains and multi-cultured people. Its stunning Himalaya’s, warm welcome of local people, adventure sports, temples, and dense forests are the major attractions. Similarly, Tibet, the land of his Holiness Dalai Lama, is famous for its monasteries, culture, art, museums, cold weather, and various mountains. And Bhutan is renowned in the world for its eye-catching monasteries, stunning terraces, hills, shopping places, and mountains as well.

Nepal tibet bhutan tour

These countries look similar, yet they are widely different. They have their uniqueness and attractions. And after knowing about them, you definitely will want to visit all of them. And if you think visiting three countries together might become difficult or problematic, then stop stressing. Today we are providing you the top way to visit the three high countries easily and at its best time, also at the lowest cost possible.

Visit the best place on the tour

You can visit the selected best places in a limited time from the Mountains of Nepal, to monasteries of Tibet and the shopping areas of Bhutan. You get to see the best of all. It all can be done with the help of the Nepal-Tibet- Bhutan Tour. An exclusive way to visit the best three countries most comfortably and efficiently.

Nepal Tibet Bhutan tour can be customized based on Budget, Climate, or in any way you want. It is also the most less time-consuming trip of the three countries. You can also visit all these countries on your own. But there might be certain restricted places you might not know about, so we help to make your trip easier and memorable as well.

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Short Itinerary to Nepal Tibet Bhutan tour

The primary requirements to visit Tibet and Bhutan are the Visa requirements. And it generally takes three days to get a visa for each country. So, when you first reach Kathmandu, we will start processing for your visa to Bhutan. And then, while visiting Bhutan, if applied for your Tibetan Visa, it will be ready when you get back from Bhutan. The following Short detailed itinerary will solve all your confusions:

Day 1: Arrive Kathmandu

The journey begins when you reach the beautiful city, Kathmandu. The city of temples, cultures, and diverse ethnicity welcomes you with an open heart. This day you can just sit and relax in your luxurious hotel and enjoy any food you like.

Day 2: Kathmandu Sightseeing, Bhaktapur and Patan visit

Your Nepal Trip begins this day with Kathmandu city. It is a dream destination for many peoples all around the world. You can start by visiting the holy Temple, Pashupatinath, and get all the blessings. You can then enjoy sightseeing in the city.  Also, you can visit the world heritage sites Bhaktapur Durbar Square and Patan Durbar Square. They represent the culture and history of the country so well. You can also enjoy shopping in the very Touristy place, Thamel. So your second day ends by visiting all these famous and exciting places in Kathmandu.

Nepal tibet bhutan tour

Day 3-4:  Short trip to Pokhara

Your journey to Nepal can never be complete without visiting the beautiful city of lakes, Pokhara. This beautiful place is the pride of is so exotic and fantastic. Surrounded by the green hills and the white mountains, it opens the gate to various trekking sites, amazing sceneries, and a lifetime experience. You can enjoy the lakeside and get a fantastic view of the mountains. You can also shop for many things in the colorful market filled with various materials of decoration, statues, and stylish clothing.

Day 5: Fly to Lhasa

In the past three days, you won’t even remember how fast they passed. And by that time, your visa to Tibet will be ready. After exploring the hidden beauties of Nepal, you will be prepared to explore the next best destination, Tibet. The journey to Tibet will begin with Lhasa city, where you will get to visit various monasteries, museums and also get the fantastic views of Mount Everest. You can visit the magnificent Potala Palace, filled with art, culture, and history. And even the Jokhang Temple.

nepal tibet bhutan tour

Day 6: Visit Lhasa

Lasha is so exotic and naturally beautiful that just one day is never enough to explore. It’s all the places. So you will spend another day exploring the remaining sites of Lhasa like The Manasarovar Lake, Mount Kailash areas, and many more.

Day 7-8-9: Visit Shigatse and return to Kathmandu.

The nest day in Tibet, you can visit another best city in the country; Shigatse. This city is filled with mountains, temples, and various historical places. You can take a sightseeing tour in the daytime. And then return to Kathmandu.

Day 10,11,12 and 13: Fly to Paro and tour of Bhutan.

After having the most memorable journey of Nepal and Tibet, you once again get back too Kathmandu and fly to Thimphu, Bhutan. The next three days you will spend in the last destination of your journey Bhutan. Starting with the sightseeing of Thimphu city, you will visit its major attractions. The great monasteries, amazing museums, mountains, and culture of the people of Bhutan. The major attractions of this city include the Weekend Market, National Memorial Chorten, and various preservation sites. If the time remains, you can also do your shopping in the fantastic markets of Bhutan and can also visit the nearby cities.

Day 14: Return to Kathmandu

This is the ending day of your journey. With loads of precious memories and incredible experiences of Nepal-Tibet-Bhutan Tour, you will finally return to Kathmandu. You can then fly back to your home, or you can even directly take flight from Bhutan.

Day 15: Final Departure to your home town.

Above is a very basic itinerary of Nepal-Tibet- Bhutan tour. This can completely be customized as per your wish. You can add or remove the places of your preference in any of the countries.

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Best time to go on Nepal-Tibet-Bhutan trip

The best time to go on a Nepal-Tibet- Bhutan Tour is during September, October, and November. In these months, Nepal is filled with various festivals and cultural activities. The temples are decorated, the prices are low, and the most important festival Dashain is being celebrated. The sky is bright for the perfect views of the tallest mountains, and the weather is neither hot nor cold.

And in Tibet, it is the ideal time for visiting. The temperature is favorable, and there is no rain. There is winter season in Tibet at that time, and still, days are pretty sunny. There are almost nine hours of sunshine, and it’s just warm and friendly. It makes the perfect weather to visit various places in the city.

Also, in Bhutan, the weather is very much pleased with this time. There is no rain and no extreme cold. These are the perfect months for sight-seeing in Bhutan. Also, various festivals are celebrated in Bhutan, which you can be part of and make your journey even more memorable.

Major attractions of Nepal Tibet Bhutan tour

This is the perfect kind of journey for any traveler. In just one trip Nepal Tibet Bhutan tour, you get to visit the most important places in all three countries: Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet. You can visit the following major attractions of the places:

In Nepal

  1. The Pashupatinath Temple

Listed in world heritage sites, this temple is the point of religious faith and beliefs of Nepalese people. It is famous in the country and outside for its ethical values and also its beauty. Built-in the Pagoda Style, this temple is magnificent.

  1. Kathmandu city tour

Kathmandu falls under the top destinations of People all around the world. This is the city full of temples, hills, and the best shopping places. You can visit Bhaktapur and Patan Durbar Square. Move around the streets and buy things. You can also be a part of Nepalese festivals.

  1. Pokhara

This exotic city is rich in natural beauty. It has also full of mountains, lakes, rivers, glaciers, temples, trekking sites, and many more. As well as this lively place is extremely touristy and has the best hotels in the country.

Yak in mountain

In Tibet

  1. Sight-seeing of Lasha

The Nepal-Tibet-Bhutan tour will take you to one of the most beautiful places in the world, the city Lhasa. therefore This city is full of Monasteries, Mountain views, Museums and many more.  You can freely enjoy the sight-seeing of this beautiful city.

  1. The Potala Palace

The grand Potala Palace is the winter home of his Holiness Dalai Lama. This palace has also a famous museum. It might be one of the most beautiful Palaces in the is full of art and rich in the culture of Tibet.

  1. Shigatse city

The Nepal-Tibet- Bhutan Tour takes you to another wonderful city named Shigatse city. This city is also famous for the clear view of the tallest mountain Mount Everest. It is full of forests, hills, mountains, bio-diversity, and many more.


In Bhutan

  1. The Weekend Market

One of the major attractions of the Nepal Tibet Bhutan Tour is the Weekend Market. This is also a famous market that has everything you want to see. From the simple vegetables to the local organic materials. It has the freshest air. It is an open market. And you will feel great to roam around here.

  1. Memorial Chorten

Memorial Chorten is a famous temple built by one of the Kings of Tibet, Jigme Dorji. Every day hundreds of people visit this place for worshipping and visiting. therefore Your journey will be much more memorable with this beautiful National Memorial Chorten. It has the spell-bounding white walls and golden roofs.

  1. DechenPhodrang

It was the historic building of Thimpu. However, after being destroyed by the fire, it is now being converted into the state school. Hundreds of students study here. And it is the place that has the oldest paintings in the country.

Tiger nest

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Get the best of Nepal, Tibet Bhutan tour

After Nepal Tibet Bhutan tour, you will be so refreshed that it will have an entirely positive impact in your next life. Imagine just by visiting one single small place nearby how much restored we will, how much things we get to learn. Then think about how much you will make your life better by visiting the top best places in three countries.

And these Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan are abundant in every single beauty of the world. Therefore, invest your time and money in a place that will have a positive impact on your entire life — such a journey that will remain in your memory forever. In every single way, Nepal-Tibet-Bhutan is a trip you must once go on.


There can’t be any better journey than the Nepal-Tibet-Bhutan Tour. This journey will be completely customized as per your choice. You can add or shorten the days of the trip. Imagine visiting the best places in the most exciting three countries at the cheapest cost possible. Nepal- Tibet- Bhutan journey will not just be a trip for you; it will also be a lifetime experience. As they say, invest in experiences, not in materials, this journey is an investment that will provide you return in your entire lifetime.

With a one-time Nepal Tibet Bhutan tour, you will get to know so much about the natural beauty of the world, art, literature, cultural values, and the diversities around the world. You will witness the beauty of temples and Monasteries. We can also have a great view of the world’s tallest mountain Mount Everest. One needs to be capable enough to write about these places so well. If you are an influencer, you will get to inspire so many people about so many things. You can pass on your learnings of culture, nature, and many more to the world, by visiting these three countries. This trip will be by far the best trip of your life.

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