Reasons to consider Nepal in your honeymoon destinations

Reasons to consider Nepal in your honeymoon destination

Reasons to consider Nepal in your honeymoon destination. It offers potential honeymoon options for all sorts of couples. Nepal is one of the world’s most delightful hidden gems and an incredibly romantic vacation spot that remains a well-kept secret. From its towering mountain ranges and picturesque valleys to its collection of glittering lakes and stunning rice fields, it has an aura of magic, mystery, and serenity that make it the perfect choice for a honeymoon.


It offers potential honeymoon options for all sorts of couples, from adventurous mountain treks and jungle safaris to spiritual retreats and exquisite fine dining. Whether you have decided to get hitched in a traditional fashion or tie the knot on a cruise, a trip to Nepal is the perfect finishing touch to your big day.


 6 of the most romantic spots which explains about reasons to  consider Nepal in your honeymoon destination.


Pokhara is known as ‘the city of lakes’, and is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Nepal. With the Himalayas providing a stunning backdrop, the picture-perfect lakes that give Pokhara its nickname offer beauty and romantic adventure in equal parts. Go for a magical boat ride on Phewa Tal, the second-biggest lake in Nepal, and discover tranquility and spirituality at the Bhimsen temple.


Nepal’s ancient and mysterious capital city is an obvious choice for newlyweds. It offers a fabulous combination of culture, traditions, and modernity, which showcases the best of Nepalese society. Explore the quaint, colorful city by day, taking in the amazing historic sites like Pashupatinath Temple, Boudhanath Square, Swayambhunath Square, and Durbar Square, then drink, dance, and dine to your heart’s content thanks to the spectacular nightlife on offer.


If you want something small, quiet, and remote, with the chance to spend time alone with your loved one, then Sarangkot might be a perfect choice. A charming corner of the country, Sarangkot offers spectacular views from the Sarangkot ridge, with the Himalayas rising dramatically just in front, making this one of the most amazing places in Nepal to watch sunrise and sunset.


For couples who love animals and nature, Chitwan is a paradise on earth. Boasting a vibrant array of rare, exotic, and endangered animals, it is the perfect spot to get out into nature on jungle hikes and safaris, drinking in the lush surroundings and delighting in the beautiful flora and fauna. From elephant rides to birdwatching, there is so much to do in this gorgeous little pocket of Nepal.


Tempted by the idea of having breakfast just in front of the highest place on Earth? Nagarkot sits just in front of Mount Everest, the world’s tallest peak. It is probably the most picturesque place in Nepal (which for a country with this sort of landscape is saying something), and makes for the perfect honeymoon destination. Watch the sun rise over Everest, drink in the glorious panorama of the Annapurna mountain range, and hike through thickly wooded trails to discover charming forest clearings and even more amazing mountain vistas. Visit during the winter, from October to April, as although the temperatures are cold, the views of Everest are best at this time of year.


To really dive into Nepalese tradition and culture, visit Bandipur. This marvelous old settlement is incredibly rich in Newari culture, offering a delightful and friendly atmosphere, and some truly unique experiences. Explore the enormous interior of the Siddha Gufa, the second largest cave in South Asia, or enjoy the spiritual ambiance and lovely surrounds of Bindhabasini temple. Finally, discover the origins of your favorite silk shirt with a visit to a working silkworm farm!

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