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Solo Travel in Nepal, Tips For Solo Female Trekkers

Solo Travel in Nepal

Solo Travel in Nepal

Nepal is a small yet fascinating country to visit on Earth that serves all kinds of treks on the lap of the Himalayas. It is sandwiched between China and India, and is renowned as the beautiful, adventurous place for spending holidays, exploring nature. The country accommodates both solo travel in Nepal and group trekkers from around the world. Nepal trekking offers you a spectacular experience and a chance to walk in the beautiful nature. You can enjoy the greenery landscapes, natural beauty, wonders that you have not seen in a lifetime.

Nepal possesses the most beautiful, diverse trekking destinations along with luxurious hotel providing the best accommodation facilities. Moreover, the exotic trails with the attraction of lots of flora and fauna make Nepal suitable for trekking and other activities. Whether you are a solo traveler or a group traveler, you will feel overwhelmed by the exotic beauty of the Himalayas of Nepal. Nepal some of the popular trekking areas in the Everest regions, Annapurna region lies in Nepal.

Nepal private tour

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These are highly recommended for solo trekkers.

Are you planning to visit Nepal by yourself? No worry, flying alone in the Land of Himalayas will engulf you with the beauty of nature. Nepal is one of the best destinations for solo travel, or you can opt for the best choices, either joining a small group tour or hiring a private expert’s guide. The option is yours. So be sure, while planning your adventure trip to Nepal.

Lists of a Solo trekking Destination in Nepal:

Here is the list of some of the places you may choose if you are doing alone. There are many itineraries for the solo trekkers, some of them are as below:

1. Ghorepani poon hill trek
2. Helambu trek
3. Everest view trek
4. Langtang Trek
5. Tamang heritage trek
6. Ghandruk trek
7. Mardi Himal trek

Apart from the trekking mentioned above destinations, there is a challenging adventure trekking region which is not allowed to do solos such as the Manaslu valley trek, Narphu Trek, Upper Mustang Trek, Upper Dolpo Trek, and Lower Dolpo trek.
If you are a challenge lover and traveling the world for research purposes, then you can have a challenging trek to some of the remote areas or well-preserved areas in Nepal. These include treks to the restricted regions of Nepal like treks to upper-Mustang, Dolpa, Langtang, and so on. However, Nepal is marked as the safest trekking destinations in the world. Nepal allows you to visit the diverse nature of trails and trek towards the best goals.

Solo trekking in Nepal is a unique experience

Although Nepal is a small country, there is so much to do and see in Nepal, especially for travel lovers and trekkers! Nepal is a country with its unique natural and historical sites. There are no words to describe how beautiful the country is.
Nepal is one of the greatest adventures Land in the world. Trekking in a group can be an exciting adventure. But, trekking alone gives you more freedom and different experience. And what best way than to go Solo Trekking in Nepal so that you can enjoy nature to the fullest and create a heart to heart connection with the beautiful landscapes.

Visiting such spectacular places. Solo travel in  Nepal will create a lifetime experience and accumulate beautiful memories. If you are a peace lover and self-enjoyed person, then Solo Trek in Nepal offers you an awesome trip. Trekking alone indeed raises lots of questions and worries. Besides these, safety is the primary concern matter while trekking alone.

You might be worried about it. How do I hike alone? Or not sure that you will be able to accomplish the whole trip traveling alone. I say, no need to worry as many people are trekking alone in the previous period. They are the ones who say that solo trekking is indeed the best form of trekking. Because according to many solo travelers, Nepal is best suited for beginners to start exploring early.

Does anyone have thoughts about how wonderful and experience will solo trekking be?

Yeah, Solo Travel in Nepal will help you to discover who you are. Traveling alone gives you freedom so you can quickly go by yourself. Besides, you will encounter lots of other trekkers on the way and can trade information with them, get trail info, accommodation info, etc. As safety is considered, many travelers prefer the famous routes for trekking so that plenty of fellow travelers will be encountered on the way, either in the teahouse. So there would not be any safety issue to occur. You can carry a guide book with you while traveling to satisfy your hungry desire for traveling and exploring nature.

So, let those many questions slide to the side and pack your bags for a solo journey. After all, seeing the world on your own without worrying about a group has its perks and the better way to discover yourself.
Start your trek journey from Nepal, and undoubtedly Nepal can be top of your bucket list.

Nepal hiking

Cost Plan for Solo Trekkers

Another advantage of traveling in Nepal is the cheap cost. It is for sure that Travelling in Nepal is not going to make a hole in your wallet as anyone can afford to travel in Nepal. You’ll be able to select from a range of accommodation that suits you best and is among the budget. You can hire a porter if you wish to carry your heavy backpack by them. Luckily, spending around $10 can provide you the facility of carrying your things so you can enjoy the trek in the best possible way. Taking a guide with you can cost around $25 per day.
Convey a tip to the porter and those who help you with accommodation because this little amount can lighten up their day.

Best Time for a visit for Solo Trekkers:

Visiting Nepal in every season has its specialty and portray peculiar features. People visit Nepal around the year.
Nevertheless, April is regarded as the best time for the treks in Nepal. Some of the primary reasons for the attraction of this time are a very favorable climate and the blooming of Rhododendrons. April holds the best month for both types of traveler as it is the first month of spring with newly blooming rhododendron and other attractive vegetation.

The best to visit Nepal for solo trekkers will be during the winter season as there will be pretty fewer people, while Group trekkers have multiple options for choosing trekking time. The prices of accommodations, food, and travel tend to be higher than other times of the year in April because of the massive flow of the tourists. You are advising to pre-book all the facilities for safety and convenience so that you can enjoy your wonderful trip well.

 Reasons for Choosing Nepal for Travelling Alone:

Adventure lovers and Keen trekkers are always in search of a unique place to explore. They must have been planning for an extended period and worried about why to choose some specific place for trekking.
However, Solo trekkers have to do extensive research before planning their trip as compared to group trekkers. Thus this article can be fruitful for those who are in a dilemma about why choosing Nepal for the solo trek. A Nepal adventure is what we, as humans, always strived to achieve.

Each of us has a different approach to life, and a way of enjoying life varies from person to person. Some may possess their experience working, watching movies, spending life with their loved ones. But just like that, there are some people out there who want to make use of their holidays/vacations by challenging themselves with some thrill-packed fun and stimulating activities like traveling solo in Nepal. They are the real admirer of nature and always want to explore the beauty of nature. There are thousands of reasons why you might want to travel solo in Nepal.

Nepal being the tourist-friendly country has open and uncluttered pathways lined up to help adventure enthusiasts get the most of their holidays in Nepal.

Enjoy your Solo travel in Nepal

  • More things are customizable as per your preference.
  • Mixing up with other strangers with different choices and also tastes will help you to learn more things.
  • Chance to discover yourself who you are
  • Cheaper Trekking Journey in Nepal for all types of Travellers
  • Flexibility to choose your route and accommodation
  • you will be accumulating a unique experience and learn how to rely on yourself
  • Accumulate thrilling independent and incredible life experience
  • Build up confidence and chances to meet new like-minded friends
  • you will enjoy experiencing the magical things, sharing diverse perspectives
  • Solo trekkers can grab an incredible opportunity to be the architect of their adventure lying on the foot of the Himalayas.
  • Single accommodate easily to get

Solo travel in Nepal can be a life-changing experience. However, when you are in a group filled with unknown travelers from different countries that are strangers to you, then you might face some challenges which you were not hoping for. Bungee jumping, rafting, paragliding, mountain climbing, and many more activities make the journey to Nepal extra adventurous. Apart from this, Nepal is a small yet amazingly diverse country in terms of ethnicity, culture, traditions, and lifestyle. For a female trekker who is coming alone in Nepal, the country will prove that you made a great decision.

Puru Timalsena

Tips for Solo Trekkers:

Solo trek needs solid planning like every other trek does. Here is the list you must be aware and need to know before heading on a solo trek in Nepal are:
You should choose for Expert itineraries and experienced guides
Have extensive research and coordinate with the previous trekkers
Have a list of Hand-picked accommodation
Pick Best season to trek for solo traveling
Choose Best Trekking destination
Trekking duration
List of all necessary supplies and equipment
Clothes, Permits, and Budget
With or without guide/porter
Safety Precautions
Physical fitness

Interested to Travel in Nepal? Make Free Inquiry !


You can surely opt for Solo Travel in Nepal with the right preparations and precautions. Nepal is a perfect destination for adventure seekers. You can choose from a variety of accommodation that suits you best and is within the budget. Traveling solo experience thrilling, independent, and incredible life experiences.

Above the Himalaya, Team will ensure to make your trekking beautiful and enjoyable. We would provide well trained -guides, lodging, activities, and food, especially for single travelers.

Our Guides are using locally and well skilled in First Aid and Altitude Issues. Finally, look out the best for your trek needs, accommodation and guides, so you’ll always be in the safe hands of Above the Himalaya Team. Be ready to create a lifetime experience by having Solo Trekking in Nepal.

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