Everest Base Camp Luxury Holiday – Staying at Yeti Mountain Home

everest base camp luxury trek

One of the dreams of every individual in the world is to reach Mount Everest, which is the highest mountain in the world. Staying at Yeti mountain home makes these journeys simple and comfortable with their services.

Since the very first excursions to the Nepalese side of Everest in the 1950s, Mount Everest National Park has become a well-liked destination for both travelers and trekkers. Up until today, camping or simple tea houses were the only lodging options for trekkers in this breathtakingly gorgeous area. Today, trekkers in Khumbu may stay in cozy lodges equipped with all the contemporary facilities of a city hotel. All of this is made possible by Yeti Mountain Homes, which are located across the area along the route to Everest Base Camp.

Are you looking for a luxurious trekking experience in Nepal to explore the Himalayas? Your requirements are met by the luxury lodge journey to Everest base camp. Stay at one of the cozy lodges while on a luxurious trip to Everest base camp. To experience the Everest base camp deluxe trip, excellent lodging options in Khumbu include Yeti Mountain Home and Everest Summit Lodges. For a comfortable way to feel the difference, reserve our Everest Base Camp Luxury Trek package.

My crew and I stayed at Yeti Mountain Homes in Lukla, Phakding, Namche, Thames, and Kondge as part of a trek that we directly reserved with Yeti Mountain Homes. Our experience was far beyond our expectations. We were given excellent care from the time we were picked up at the Kathmandu Airport.

We recommend you make an early reservation with Yeti Mountain Homes to get a room. Although their treks are not the cheapest way to see the Himalayas, they are without a doubt worthwhile. Even so, we received a fantastic guide. This blog post will explain my trek to the Yeti mountain residence, which was “the adventure of a lifetime.”

Yeti Mountain Home Experience Overview

As is well known, Nepal is home to Mount Everest, the highest peak in the world, which is located in the enormous Himalayan range. Sagarmatha is another name for Everest that locals use. The Sherpa people’s traditional home was in the valleys surrounding this mountain. The Sagarmatha National Park is responsible for guarding this region, known as Khumbu.

This journey is one of the most intriguing destinations for me because of the traditional communities, breathtaking scenery, and experiences with the sherpa lifestyle.

They offer us a one-week trek via the restored Khumbu’s yeti mountain home lodges. We were greeted in traditional Sherpa style at each destination, where we were treated to luxurious comforts and breathtaking views. They provide us the chance to learn about the sherpa way of life as we travel from one longer trek to the next along beautiful paths. Everyone can use the tracks and ascending it is highly advanced.

Our experience began when we boarded fresh planes at the village of Lukla, which is located at a height of 2800 meters. The trail then continued through a string of ancient villages in the direction of the Dudh Koshi river’s banks. This stage is a lovely natural beginning to the entire equipment offered because it has more duration than climbs. In just four hours, one can warp from Lukla to the base of the Yeti mountains.

We packed in Yeti Mountain Residence, which is situated in the foothills of Khumbu at a height of 2610 meters. It is close to the monastery of Buddhism that was established in the 16th century by a Sherpa lama. The yeti mountain residence was constructed in stone and wood in accordance with high Khumbu tradition beneath the banks of the Koshi River. Trekkers were welcomed with a welcome tea at each Yeti mountain residence before resting in one of the luxurious, individually decorated rooms. This peaceful and calm location is perfect for our initial foray into sherpa land.

The path meanders through the Sherpa homeland between Phakding and Namche Bajar. We used many suspension bridges to cross the Dudh Koshi River, including the magnificent big bridge that juts out over rocky gorges. The route continues to ascend gradually beyond this point till Namche Bazar.

The surrounding settlement may be seen from the yeti mountain home, which is situated high above it. The journey from Phakding to Namche Bazaar can be completed in six hours on foot. Namche, the gateway of the Khumbu valley and the oldest major port in the area, lies tucked away at a height of 3440 meters.

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    Enjoy your luxury stay

    Next, we spent the night at Namche Yeti Mountain Home, which is situated in a beautiful area. It provides a beautiful view of the Alps. In terms of a two-day acclimatization period, it was a pleasant location. It enabled travelers at the time to learn about Khunde, a town close to Namche Bazar, which served as the Sherpa people’s ancient city.

    The peaks of Everest, Lhotse, and Ama Dablam may be seen in breathtaking surroundings on the path outside the lodge. The Ama Dablam is said to be the world’s most stunning peak. We received a warm welcome in the cozy and extravagant resort constructed of stone and wood, the Namche Yeti Mountain Home. There were attached bathrooms in every room.

    A variety of traditional Nepalese and western cuisines were offered for supper in a lively restaurant setting. We enjoyed fantastic cuisine, friendly hospitality, and magnificent valley views. The route from Namche Bazaar to Tame takes us through pine forests that confront the stunning Thame mountains.

    We reached Thame at the very end of the Khumbu Valley after a five-hour hike. Legendary sherpas like Tenzing Norgay, the first person to climb Mount Everest alongside Sir Edmund Hillary, were born in this extremely remote valley. A large monastery from the 16th century stands in the center of Thame, where lively religious celebrations are held annually. The roughest and longest section of the entire route, needing 8 hours of walking, is between Thame and Khunde.

    Spectacular Mountain vistas

    We eventually arrived at ariel peak, which faces Lhotse and Everest. During the construction of the Khunde resort, this outdated track was repaired. However, experienced hikers can hire helicopters to take them from Thame to Khunde. One of the tallest and most amazing hotels on earth is the Khunde Yeti Mountain Home. It is located at a height of 4250 meters in front of Everest and Lhotse.

    It provided us with a spectacular and stunning perspective over the entire Sherpa region, including the summit of Everest. The Khunde resort provided us with a welcoming and luxurious atmosphere, much like in every yeti mountain house. Many paths took us to breathtaking panoramas of the Himalayas’ highest peaks.

    Long descents begin on the Khunde to Lukla route. Then we arrive at a route that climbs to Phakding, where traditional Sherpa settlements bring us back to the present world. The last night spent at the yeti mountain residence in Lukla gave us the chance to unwind in a welcoming setting before departing the Khumbu valley and reflecting on our unique adventure into the heart of Nepal.

    The Yeti mountain residence gave us a kind welcome to this breathtaking setting. Despite the fact that we were served in dining rooms designed and decorated in the traditional style of Buddhist temples at the end of our journey. It was the perfect location for a final night in the heart of Sherpa country before we left for the Nepalese mountains and Kathmandu.

    everest base camp luxury trek

    Outline Itinerary

    Day 01:-Flight from KTM flight to Lukla 35 minute flight, distance 136.17km, and trekking to Phakding (2,652m/8,698ft) : walking distance 2-3 hours, 200-meter descent and 50-meter ascent-8km

    Day 02:-Phakding trekking to Namche Bazzar (3,440m/11,283ft): walking distance 5–6 hours, 300-meter ascent and 300-meter descent, 11.3 km.

    Day 03: Acclimatization Day in Namche

    Day 04:-Namche Bazzar trek to Tengboche (3,870 m/12,697 ft): walking distance 4-5 hours, 350-meter descent and 750-meter ascent, 10.4 km.

    Day 05:-Tengboche trekking to Dingboche (4,350 m/14,272 ft): walking distance 5 hours, 70-meter descent and 580-meter ascent, 12 km.

    Day 06:-Dingboche Trekking to Lobuche (4,940 m/16,207 ft): walking distance 4-5 hours, 700-meter ascent-9 km

    Day 07:-Trek from Lobuche to Everest base camp (5,364 m, or 17,598 ft.) & trek back to Gorakshep (5,170 m, or 16,961 ft.) & helicopter fly back to Lukla. Trekking time: 6-8 hours.

    Day 08: Early morning flight from Lukla to Kathmandu and departure. Flight time: 35 min.

     Please Note: We were stuck for three nights due to weather conditions at the airport since the weather there was so unforeseen. The weather may have an impact on flights from Kathmandu to Lukla, in addition to how you experience the Everest region. The most common mode of transportation to Lukla is by air. Flights are frequently canceled when weather conditions in Kathmandu, Lukla, or other routes are unfavorable. Although there is a greater chance that flights will go as planned outside of the monsoon season, flights can be affected by rain, fog, or air pollution at any time of year. As a result, it is best to plan ahead of time and bring extra time with you when traveling.

    Yeti Mountain Home Room

    We reserved a room with two beds, so we shared it with friends. There was a lovely desk in the room, and the outlets were all functional. We had a working sink, a hot shower, and a separate flush toilet with toilet paper. The solar-powered showers didn’t start working until later in the day. Even soap and shampoo were available. After the EBC Trek, the bed was quite comfortable and included an electric blanket.

    We had excellent service in addition to decently sized rooms with private bathrooms, hot showers, and electric blankets for the bed. Nevertheless, the village’s electricity is irregular. We thus lost access to the internet and the electric blanket, but the lodge has its own electricity for lighting and recharging our electrical devices. There was no heat in the room, but a big wood-burning stove in the main area kept us warm until bedtime.

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      Yeti Mountain Home Food

      The service was exceptional since there were just six of us at the lodge. A pleasant hour with refreshments and tea was held before the three-course meal. They were attentive to all our dietary needs (the chef cooked a special meal for those of us who don’t eat meat). We were seated right next to the stove, and the meal was very amazing. The dining area is also very warm. We had unlimited hot water and tea.

      Dinner is a three-course meal, and breakfast consists of porridge, eggs, and potatoes. Before dinner, we enjoyed a happy hour with complimentary drinks and appetizers. Even later, we learn that all of the vegetables we were given were organic. Carrots, spinach, and coriander leaves are grown outside the greenhouse while tomatoes are grown inside. The rich and healthy veggies there were really beneficial for our health.

       Yeti Mountain Home Lodges

      Yeti Mountain Home is one of Nepal’s most opulent and one-of-a-kind hotels. We received full lodging services from Kathmandu to the Everest base camp. The Yeti mountain residence, located on the route to Everest base camp, was mostly built with Sherpa inspiration. The village and the lodge provided us with the serenity and tranquility that might be considered a luxury throughout the EBC journey.

      The cozy yeti lodges have a great crew of enthusiastic young locals. Solar or hydroelectric electricity is available at every resort. Even in a remote area, we received modern facilities. In several locations along the route, including Lukla, Namche, Phakding, Kongde, Monjo, and Thame, we received Yeti home services.

      Moreover, Yeti Mountain Home offers lodging in the foothills of the beautiful Mount Everest. It is constructed of traditional Khumbu timber construction and embellished with Buddhist artwork. A small library and museum were there, and massage services were offered. There’s really free WiFi available in public spaces and rooms.

      In addition to all of this, you may get in touch with the hotel using the details on the confirmation you received after making the reservation if you have particular accessibility needs. There were better cleaning procedures, adequate safety procedures, and learning practices. High-touch surfaces were cleansed, and the property was disinfected using a disinfectant in a similar way. At Yeti Mountain Home, you have access to a restaurant, a bar, and laundry facilities.

      Yeti Mountain Home Room  Cost

      The average cost for the room in the Yeti Mountain home is USD 200 and meals are extra. All expenditures like transportation, meals, lodging, TIMS Cards, Everest National Park permits, domestic flights (KTM to Lukla), and several base camp trekking costs on top of it.

      Furthermore, international airfare, visa fees, travel insurance, personal costs, additional nights’ accommodation, and meals in Kathmandu are excluded. Yeti Mountain Home offers trekkers an additional discount if they go in a group.

      Best Time for the trek

      For passionate trekkers, there isn’t a certain season to visit, although spring (March through May) or fall (October through November) are the best choices. The elevation of Everest Base Camp and the distance traveled overland to get there are both quite high. This implies that although the Everest region is never entirely “warm,” there are still significant seasonal variations in weather, snowfall, and precipitation.

      The Everest region’s most preferred seasons for trekking are March, April, May, October, and November. There is usually little to no rain and moderate temperatures in the spring and fall. The paths are busiest during these months as well, but it’s a tour worth taking.

      Although the winter months of December, January, and February are undoubtedly the off-season, they are not definitely the “worst” season to travel to EBC. You would need to be well prepared for frigid situations because temperatures can drop quite low. However, the sky is frequently exceptionally clear in the winter, providing stunning mountain glimpses. 

      However, I would not advise trekking to EBC during the monsoon season (June to early September). The path is quite muddy, wet, and slippery due to the rain. You even have a good probability of experiencing landslides. Nevertheless, if the monsoon weather is clear and reliable, helicopter trips are your best option.

      How to prepare for the trek

      You will experience something once in a lifetime on the highest mountain in the world, so it is best to get prepared in advance. The preparation and requirements will enhance this adventure. Proper gear and packing are essential for the hike. Your trekking experience cannot be ruined by inadequate equipment. Major trekking supplies and tools are required for the Everest Base Camp Trek.

      It is better to have more knowledge than necessary regarding trip preparation in order to prepare both physically and mentally. These preparations should begin at least 4 to 5 months before the expedition. Trust me, this is necessary. Will I be able to complete the journey if I don’t prepare? You can, but you won’t be able to appreciate it because it’s a difficult trek.

      Furthermore, you should carry the appropriate equipment, clothes (base, middle, and outer layers), footwear (shoes and socks), a first aid kit, and emergency preparedness supplies for high-altitude travel.

      It is preferable to have a strong team of porters, assistant guides, and a lead guide designated for the journey. They should all have a thorough understanding of the area, be well-trained, and be a very patient group of people. Every member of the group will receive the attention they need from the guide.

      Additionally, acclimatization is crucial while hiking to an elevation of more than 3500m. Less than 50% of the oxygen in the air is present at sea level. Consequently, developing altitude sickness may be a possibility. Prepare your travel insurance that covers every risk, because serious altitude sickness may necessitate an emergency helicopter rescue.

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        Yeti Mountain Home Lukla

        Yeti Mountain Home in Lukla offers a cozy rest place for travelers exploring the mountains. The distance to Tenzing-Hillary Airport is about 15 minutes by foot. The flight to Kathmandu Airport takes 45 minutes from the airport.

        The warm rooms are tempered by a fan or fresh mountain air. Electric mats heat the mattresses, and the separate bathroom has hot running water. Additionally provided are a couch and a TV. The dining area serves local Nepalese cuisine. The property’s own greenhouse is used to raise the organic veggies used in the meals. Drinks are available in the bar.

        Yeti Mountain Home Phakding

        In the Everest Region, Yeti Mountain Home Phakding is well situated for both work and vacation travelers. The hotel provides a variety of conveniences and benefits to make sure you have a nice experience. The hotel offers hotel accommodation, a restaurant, tour packages, and a bar. There are non-smoking rooms, wake-up services, desks, telephones, and televisions in some of the well-appointed accommodations.

        The hotel provides a range of leisure options. Yeti Mountain Home Phakding will ensure you feel right at home, whatever brought you to Nepal’s Everest Region. Utilize convenient amenities such as free wireless Internet access and parking. Take advantage of the restaurant’s 24-hour room service if you want to remain in and eat. Take a drink in the bar or lounge to end your day. A 24-hour front desk, luggage storage, and laundry facilities are available. Showers and free toiletries are provided in the bathrooms. You’ll be near Mount Everest viewpoint when you stay at Yeti Mountain Home Phakding in Phakding.

        Yeti Mountain Home Namche

        The legendary Everest area, with Yeti mountain home Namche, is the gold standard of trekkers and a world unto itself. The six stunning lodges, which combine elegant Himalayan houses with Sherpa tradition, were all created using sustainable technology, local labor, and their own food gardens. Large rooms are all equipped with heated mattresses and private bathrooms with hot showers, which is a luxury in this area. They provide tired hikers with luxurious comfort, top-notch food, and a genuine welcome.

        Yeti Mountain Home Kongde

        Yeti Mountain Home Kongde is well situated for all vacation travelers, trekkers, businesses, and climbers in the Everest Region of Nepal. The hotel provides a variety of conveniences and benefits to make sure you have a nice experience. The amenities available to visitors include 24-hour room service, free Wi-Fi in public areas, a café, activities, and a restaurant.

        All of the facilities you need for better rest and sleep are provided in the rooms. Visitors can find a desk for work, a shower, a bathtub, a hair dryer, and pressing supplies in some of the rooms. The hotel provides a range of leisure options. The welcoming staff of Yeti Mountain Home Kongde will go above and beyond to make your time in Nepal’s Everest Region memorable.


        Yeti Mountain Home Monjo

        The Yeti Mountain Home Monjo is comfortably situated in the most well-liked region at the foot of Thamserku Peak, just before the entrance of Sagarmatha National Park. A variety of facilities and conveniences are available at the hotel to make visitors’ stays comfortable and convenient. There are all the amenities needed, including a restaurant, lounge, laundry facility, bar, and room service available around the clock.

        Some bedrooms are equipped with non-smoking rooms, desks, phones, fans, and showers to guarantee a comfortable stay. Your enjoyable stay will be further enhanced by having access to the hotel’s garden. Yeti Mountain Home Monjo meets your needs with dependable service and knowledgeable employees.

        This warm lodge makes a welcome rest stop for trekkers heading to Everest Base Camp. It takes 6 hours to reach Yeti Mountain Home in Monjo from Lukla to Phakding. The menu features Nepali food with organic veggies produced on-site in the restaurant’s greenhouse, Additionally, there is a fully stocked bar where visitors may unwind and have a drink.

        At the tour desk, you may arrange for ticket assistance and mountain guides. Likewise, offered are dry cleaning services and baggage storage.

        Yeti Mountain Home Thame

        Thame’s Yeti Mountain Home: Thame is the ideal place from which to visit the Everest Region in Nepal. Travelers will have pleasant accommodation at a place with a comprehensive array of amenities. Utilize the hotel’s handicapped accommodations, room service, dining, excursions, and service.

        All of the facilities you need for a restful night’s sleep are provided in the accommodation. There are non-smoking rooms, wake-up services, desks, showers, and bathtubs in some of the guest rooms. The hotel offers a variety of recreational opportunities. The Yeti Mountain Home in Thame is a great place to unwind and recover after exploring Nepal’s Everest region.


        Yeti Mountain Home Everest by Heli Trek

        There is also the Everest Luxury Tour for the greatest premium trekking and heli experiences in the Everest region. This trip is ideal for travelers who cannot travel to high altitudes and have limited time but still want to see Mount Everest. You will have luxurious lodging, a picturesque flight to Lukla, trekking opportunities in the Everest region, and much more.

        One of the best itineraries to visit Everest in luxury is the Everest Luxury Tour. After spending a few days in Kathmandu touring, you will fly to Lukla to begin your trek to the Everest region. You will travel to Lukla, take a helicopter to Namche Bazaar from Lukla, and then simply hike to Yeti’s home. From Namche Bazaar, afterward, take a helicopter to Everest Base Camp with a drop at Kala Patthar before returning to Kathmandu.



        DAY 1: Flight from Kathmandu to Lukla, followed by an exploration

        DAY 2: Fly by helicopter from Lukla to Namche Bazaar and explore

        DAY 3: Easy Hike to Everest View Hotel and Khumjung Village

        DAY 4: Helicopter flight from Kathmandu to Everest Base Camp and back.

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          After the freezing and simple character of the majority of the tea houses, staying here on the route to EBC under the Yeti Mountain Home Services was like paradise. The management can arrange for a free hot shower, an attached bathroom, extremely delicious meals, and a helpful, pleasant staff. The electric blanket came in handy as every other yeti house visit was the same. It was worthwhile to pay more for these luxurious accommodations since they gave us a warm welcome and provided comfort after our strenuous hikes.

          I thoroughly recommend Yeti Mountain Home to anybody returning en route from EBC. The local cuisine during happy hour is just perfect, the rum punch is amazing, the rooms and common areas are superb, and the location, well above Namche, is fantastic. Additionally, every room is amazing, the showers are powerful and hot. Some of the rooms were particularly nice since they had extra-large beds and all-day sun.

          We made the right decision by reserving a private trip with Yeti Mountain Home and staying at one of their lodges in Phakding, Monjo, Namche, and Thame. We were given some basic equipment by Yeti, including duffel bags and trekking poles.

          Similarly, all of their lodges had wonderful hot showers and electric blankets. They also offered only boiling, hot water and had purified water available. It relieved us of the strain of having to pack our backpacks, equipment, sleeping bags, and even water filtration and purifying pills. Our local guide took care of us and guided us properly. Even so, we came to a stop when we spotted a scattering of danphes, musk deer, and mountain goats 50m away from us.

          The gorgeous lodge in Nepal is most likely Yeti Mountain Home. The yard is lovely, and there is a clear view of the mountains. We relaxed by the fire in their cozy lounge while being offered tea and freshly popped popcorn.

          We get a stunning panoramic view of the entire valley and the mountains in the distance. We saw the majority of the other visitors and their tour leaders in the lobby. It is almost like being in a base camp on an adventure. The food is fantastic, and the menu is updated every day.

          We are looking forward to returning to this mountain home in the future.

          Please Note: Extra-person costs can apply, based on the conditions of the contract and a government-issued id Card. Upon check-in, a debit card, credit card, or cash deposit may be required for additional expenses. Special requests can’t always be fulfilled and are dependent on space when you check-in. They could also be charged additional costs. Before you leave, make sure you are prepared by reviewing the most recent COVID-19 travel guidelines and security measures in force for this area.

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