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Visit Nepal 2020 – Top 10 reasons to visit Nepal

visit nepal 2020

Top 10 reasons to visit Nepal in 2020

The Tourism Board of Nepal introduced a campaign to Visit Nepal 2020. Nepal, the land of the Himalayas and the birthplace of Buddha, is one of the best travel destinations of the world. It has been ranked first in best value destinations in 2017 by lonely planet and ranked 19th best tourism destination out of 25 world’s best tourism destinations by It’s a small country full of natural beauty and multicultural people. From the highest mountain Mount Everest to the deepest Kali Gandaki George, it is considered as nature’s favorite country.

It is the land of over eight highest mountains, more than 6000 rivers, 3252 glaciers, and more than 5000 beautiful lakes. Nepal is also the shelter for over 8000 birds and the world’s most rare wildlife like Red Panda, Bengal Tiger, Snow Leopard, etc. Not just naturally, it’s also a place full of diverse cultures, traditions, ethnicity, and languages. The sparkling snowy mountains, the green hills, rivers flowing in solitude, lakes, terraces, waterfalls, and rich cultural diversity, Nepal is blessed with nature’s best gifts.

There are hundreds of reasons why one should visit Nepal at least once in a lifetime. Whether you want to go on adventurous treks or enjoy the beautiful nature or explore the culture with the warm welcome of local people, In Nepal, you can do it all. Even if you want to take a break from your hectic daily life and enjoy some quality time in beautiful nature, Nepal is your best destination.

To make it easier for you today we are providing you top ten best reasons to visit Nepal in 2020:


World Heritage List Areas for Visit Nepal 2020


Nepal has ten world heritage listed areas, and seven of them are inside the Kathmandu. These sites are the best places to witness the historic hand-made places full of art, culture, and history of the country. Two of these sites are best known for protecting the rare wildlife, bird species, and the dense forest.

These sites include the world-famous The Pashupatinath, The Kathmandu Durbar Square, Swayambhunath Stupa, Boudhanath Stupa, Kathmandu Durbar Square, Patan Durbar Square, Lumbini, Bhaktapur Durbar Square, Changu Narayan Temple, Chitwan National  Park, and the Sagarmatha National Park. the best place to see in Visit Nepal 2020.

These places are so beautiful, peaceful and the most amazing places to visit in the country. The beauty and history of these places are priceless.

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visit nepal 2020

Trekking and Hiking


Nepal is a place full of glorious mountains. There are 1310 peaks of over 6000 meters and eight ridges of over 8000 meters in the country. The heavenly and sizzling mountains, also including the World Highest Mountain, Mount Everest has always been a matter of pride for the country. And around 98 of them are open for trekking and mountaineering for foreigners and 22 for joint Foreign- Nepalese Expeditions.

Every year thousands of tourists come to the country to explore trekking in these immensely beautiful mountains. You can even go on trekking in the Everest Base Camp and increase your list of achievements. You can also go on short one day’s hikes in Kathmandu city only. There are various amazing hikes in the town, including Shivapuri Hike, Namobuddha hike, Phulchowki Hill hike, etc for Visit Nepal 2020.


Enjoy Local Food and Culture in Visit Nepal 2020


Nepal is famous for its food and local culture. Being a small place also, you can enjoy a variety of dishes with a warm welcome and best hospitality. for Visit Nepal 2020, you get the best opportunity to get familiar with the delicious local food of various ethnic groups. From the favorite meal of all Nepalese Daal, Bhat, and Tarkari, to different other local foods like Sel Roti, Gundruk, Bara, Yomari, etc. Nepalese food is more than just delicious and healthy as well.

You also get to be familiar with various new cultures and traditions. You can visit multiple Temples and Stupa in the country. The city Kathmandu is known as the City of Temples. And you can be part of Nepalese festivals and traditions and have the best time. This way, you get to know people and place much better.


Low-cost destination of Visit Nepal 2020.

The general prices of services in Nepal are meager. The flights, accommodation, and other significant services can be found at ridiculously low prices. Nepal may be one of the cheapest yet best tourist destinations in terms of the cost of services.

The USD 1 converts to around Rupees 110. You can spend more than one month in the country at just USD 100. The lodging and food are so low in the country. So, even if you are in a tight budget, you can still enjoy various places in Nepal and get to save money as well.

visit nepal 2020

Adventure sports


Who does not want to be part of thrilling adventures in the form of sports? These adventure sports are the form of entertainment as well as they push you all kinds of mental and physical limits. And if you that an adventure sports lover, Nepal definitely should be your next destination.

It has all the Himalaya areas, Hill areas, and also the plane lands, giving you to enjoy any adventure sports. Nepal offers you the most thrilling experiences in adventure sports.

The most popular adventure sports of Nepal include Bungee Jumping and swing, Paragliding, Sky Diving, Zip Lining, and White Water Rafting, etc. So, this time, push your limits and fight your fears with the help of these adventure sports.

Explore cultural diversity


visit nepal 2020

Nepal is a multi-religious, multi-cultural, and multi-ethnic country. It is full of culture, traditions, and diverse people. The cultural diversity of Nepal is full of religion, festivals, and celebrations. Such diversity has been a significant reason why tourists want to visit this country every year.

There are various arts, literature, music, religions, and ethnicity in the country. Everyone has a unique way of celebrating, own different festivals and occasions. But one this similar, that is, they all welcome you with the same warmth and respect in the country.

You get an opportunity to see people of different backgrounds, caste, and creed living together with the utmost respect and mutual harmony.

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These days’ homestays are replacing hotels for accommodation in Nepal.  Homestays provide you with the best family environment and healthy food. You get excellent care from the Nepalese family and make your journey even more memorable.

You get the best opportunity to know every detail about Nepalese culture, traditions, food habits, and daily life by staying directly at their homes. Also, you get to have fresh, healthy homemade food every day.

Homestays are also budget-friendly. Hotels charge a massive price for every little big thing. But with homestays, you get to enjoy the best homely environment with the best facilities at an affordable cost. That’s why tourists these days are preferring homestays over hotels and guesthouses.


 Natural beauty and sightseeing

 One of the most significant reasons to visit Nepal is its natural beauty and its amazing views. Although, It fill with all kinds of landscapes with their unique, incomparable beauty. The geography of Nepal also can be divided into three beautiful and precious regions: The Himalayan region, The Hilly region, and the Terai region.

The Himalayan region is featured as a place full of stunning snowy mountains, fresh and suitable climate, and various ethnic groups like Sherpa’s, Gurung’s, etc. You can go trekking and mountaineering in these mountains and explore the sacred mountains. Also, the sunset and sunrise views of the Himalayan range is to die for.

The Hilly area is full of green hills, terraces, and farms. You can take a break from your regular life and spend some time in these beautiful pollution-free areas. And the beautiful Terai region for Visit Nepal 2020. As well as its dense forests and flora and fauna of the region. You get to explore the incredible biodiversity of the region.


National parks and Conservation Areas


Nepal not only promotes its natural beauty but is also actively involved in its protection and conservation for the future generation. It is saving the dense forest and wildlife’s so effective. Currently, there are nine national parks, three conservation areas, three wildlife reserves, and 11 buffer zones. And it is 19.67 % of the total land area of Nepal.

Three of the national parks are listed on the world heritage list as well. These national parks and conservation areas include various forest ranges in the country, along with the rarest wildlife and birds of different species. Best place to visit for Visit Nepal 2020. These places seem to be a small world of beautiful nature on their own. Full of dense forests, waterfalls, flora, and fauna, these places are of so heavenly beauty once you visit this place, you never want to leave.

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Best Hospitality


There is a saying in Nepal “ AtithiDevoBhawa,” which translates into “Guests are a god.” This shows how much respect Nepalese people have towards the tourists. They believe that the guests are god, and serving them in the best manner is the most prominent religion. They believe in the best service and offer the best hospitality when they have to serve any guests. So being in Visit Nepal 2020 will make your journey best with the humble and warm welcome and treatment of people. They are very friendly and will treat you with so much respect.

People won’t even call you by your name. They might call you Brother, Sister, Sir, Mam, etc. because calling people with their name is not considered respectful in Nepal. And the word “Namaste” is the greeting here, which means ‘Salutations to you’ or ‘I bless the divine in you.’

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They say, “Heaven is Myth, Nepal is real.” And there is no doubt in that statement. The natural beauty of this country is just breathtaking. The mixture of all kind of landscapes, dense forests, waterfall, rarest wildlife, etc., they have made Nepal a beautiful destination. There are no specific limited reasons why you should visit this country; in fact, you can visit it for any reason. Whether you want to conduct research in dense forests, get your inner peace in the snowy Himalayas, or explore into the mountain, Nepal is your best destination for Visit Nepal 2020. Even if you want to know about culture, traditions, festivals and various languages, this country will surprise you on every level.

The rare animals that are getting extinct in the entire world in the world as a whole are found here like the Bengal Tiger, Red Panda, Snow Leopard, etc. and various birds like Spiny Babbler, Himalayan Monal, and Pheasant, etc. are found in Nepal. It’s a unique country in terms of its geographical landscapes, weather, and natural beauty. Every place in this city has its beauty and history. And that also you can visit all those places at the lowest cost. You can spend months in this country in just a few dollars. And the culture of  Nepal is just more than amazing. The local traditions, culture, and festival of people are sure to give you the utmost pleasure. And the people here are very kind, polite and respectful. They provide you with the best hospitality and service.

Book your trip and get a discount for the Visit Nepal 2020 campaign.

Especially n  visit Nepal 2020, Nepal is celebrating its tourism campaign Visit Nepal. During this time or before this time, various places will make even more attractive, the cost charged might also fall low, and the best service will be provided to the tourists. Numerous festivals are celebrated, and programs are organized to promote tourism in the country. The place full of mountains, forests, biodiversity, adventure, and culture will never fail to stun you in any aspect. So, be part of this fantastic Visit Nepal 2020 Campaign and explore Nepal in a much better way. This is the country which you must visit at least once in your lifetime. So, make sure you don’t miss it. Book Everest base camp short trek for Visit Nepal year 2020.


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