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Chitwan Jungle Safari

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Trip Overview of Chitwan Jungle Safari

Chitwan jungle safari is Nepal’s best jungle safari place. For those who have the dream to see wild animals, green forests, and the flat landscape of Nepal. Chitwan National Park is near Kathmandu and Pokhara. It opens in 1973 AD, where we can have a look at various species of birds.  plants, and animals including wildlife, floras as well as faunas. Owing to its precious adornment of nature the park was declared a UNESCO Natural Heritage Site in 1984.

The parks in some areas in Churiya hills are covering with deciduous forests overlooking the floodplains of Narayani, Rapti, and Reu rivers. The park covers 932 sq. Km of subtropical lowland, wedged between two east-west river valleys at the base of the Siwalik range of the outer Himalayas. Chitwan National Park offers a wilderness of vibrant ecosystem which provides an entirely different experience. Chitwan jungle safari is terrific with a jungle walk, elephant safari, bird watching, canoeing, elephant bathing. Also for a cultural visit, and traditional shows and many more activities to make a much enjoyable trip for you.

The total area of Chitwan national park is 360 miles which is about 920 square kilometers. Jungle safari in Chitwan national park is very famous in the world.  The dense jungle with the wide grassland is the home of many wild and domestic animals. If you are visiting Nepal then you must do a Chitwan jungle safari.  You will be spending a typical day at a jungle safari include many fun activities along with the thrilling experience of visiting the wildlife in their natural environment.

Chitwan Jungle Safari tour

Along with trekking and climbing in the high snow-capped mountains, adventurous activities like rafting, canyoning, jungle safari are very famous in Nepal.  Chitwan national park is one of the oldest national parks in Nepal which was established in 1973. In the short time of its establishment, the Chitwan jungle safari was listed by UNSECO on the world heritage site.

Through this adventurous activity, you will get a chance to witness some of the rare animals like the one-horned rhino, Royal Bengal Tiger, deer Leopards, and many other animals. You will also get to witness hundreds of species of mammals, birds, reptiles, and insects.  You will also get to do a canoe ride in the Rapti River, which is a great opportunity to witness the endangered gharial crocodile, Gangetic dolphin, and different species of birds. The surrounding of Chitwan national park is perfect for watching birds, elephant bathing, and watching animals in their natural environment.

During the jungle safari at Chitwan national park, you will experience, the great culture of the Tharu community. Tharu community is the ethnic group of the Chitwan.

We provide you a great deal on a jungle safari at Chitwan national park. Jungle safari at Chitwan national park is the perfect example to show the rich ecosystem which includes mammals, birds, reptiles, and aquatic animals of any kind. One of the highlights of this tour is, you will get to see over 500 Asian one-horned rhinoceros and about a hundred different Royal Bengal tigers which are roaming in their free environment of Chitwan national park.  Some of the other animals that you will witness through this trek are elephants, crocodile, python, and deer; brilliantly colored birds.


A typical day during jungle safari at Chitwan national park.

Chitwan national park is the center of attraction for people who are seeking adventure and interested in learning about wildlife.  Jungle safari at Chitwan national park starts from the beautiful sunrise from Chitwan. After having breakfast at Chitwan, you will be starting your journey. Your journey begins from the climb into the wooden canon which is believed to be made traditionally. After climbing up the wooden canoe you will be rowing down in the river which is located at the breaking dawn.

When you reach the river, you can hear the sound of the birds and animals are walking in their peaceful environment. Your ears will heal themselves after hearing the peaceful sound of the birds and animals. After that, you will be moving along, where you will spot the beautiful birds and the odd crocodile tails. From there, seeing a little southern side you will see Bengal tiger behind the bushes.

Your trekking guide will help and inform you about the different animals. Hiring a guide will surely make your trek easier and more fruitful. From the canoe, you will get the best view of almost the entire Chitwan national park. From there you will be walking down along the river, keeping some pace with the canoe.

This is an incredible experience, one that you will remember forever. The guide and the in charge of the national park will tell you about the rules that you will have to follow during this tour. The first and most important rule is that you should not tease or go near any animals.  You will also be going through the border of the Tharu village. Here you can see the local lifestyle of the Tharu people. The interesting thing about the animals of Chitwan national park is that most of the animals had never crossed the river including the tiger. Therefore, the Tharu people living on the other side of the river are not afraid of the animals of Chitwan national park.

Enjoy the best animal view

Before you get off for the walk on the jungle safari your guide will explain you briefly. They will tell you if you see a bear or a tiger anywhere near you then you will have to make yourself big and stand still on your ground. If there is a rhino very near or Infront of you when you should climb the nearby tree as rhinos cannot climb.

Additionally, you will be surprised to see that the local people of Chitwan are more afraid of the elephants. People are afraid of elephants more as there have been many more elephants attract inside the national park or outside on Chitwan. Surprisingly, it is also believed that one day a tourist was doing the jungle safari and when they returned to the camp, then they see many people killed by the nerds of elephants. So, you should be more cautious when you see elephants.

From there you will be setting off through the Chitwan jungle, where the huge grasses will splash your way.  While waking on the ground, if you are lucky enough then you might spot the footprint of the tiger or the tiger itself. Afterward, on walking you will see a gang of deer grazing on the beautiful and huge grasses. Here you will observe various types of flowers. If you do a jungle safari at the right time then, you can enjoy this tour very much. If you do jungle safari during the summer season then, the intense heat might spill your tour.  After that, you will be moving further toward the grassland.

Walking in the jungle

But remember while walking, animals might be asleep so do not try to make more noise and wake them up.  Most of the travelers during the jungle safari will get to witness a single horn rhino so, you might also get to watch it.

After walking for some time, if you are tired then you can also climb on the tree. Amazingly, from the top of the tree, you will have a great view of the entire national park. You can see elephants grazing in the long grass.  From here you can also spot crocodiles over the other side of the river. Since you will have that day to visit the entire national park so, you will have to move more quickly.

From there you will have to walk continuously for about 30 to 45 minutes than during the afternoon you will cover different terrain. We will follow they follow the path of the long grasses. On the way, if you listen to any unfamiliar sound then that might be the signal for danger. Since you have come to the end of the day, it is time for departure.


Chitwan national park

Chitwan national park is the most famous and the first national park which was established in Nepal. Interestingly, his national park covers the large and beautiful forest of Nepal with abundant wildlife. Chitwan national park is located in the subtropical inner Terai lowlands of south center Nepal. The altitude of this national park is 100 meters from sea level. This national park is surrounded by curia hill on the south. Chitwan national park is the natural inhibited for many wild animals and birds like the one-horned rhinoceros, royal Bengal tiger, gharial crocodile, freshwater Gangetic dolphin, and others.

Along with there, you can see four different types of deer, two different types of monkeys, wild boar, sloth bear, giant elephants, and leopards. Chitwan national park is the best person for the birdwatchers as well.  A survey shows that there are more than 634 different species of birds in Chitwan national park which includes some rare birds like Bengal Florican, great pied, hornbill, and many others.


More about Chitwan national park

  • Spices 

Nepal is the main and important point for the people who are interested in the amazing vegetation and animals. you can find many species of mammal and some endangered animals like striped hyena, Bengal tiger, sloth bear, fox, and jackal, etc. you can also find around 600 species of birds like Kingfisher, Flycatcher, Wild crows, Egret, Bittern, Peacock, Parrot, Sparrow, and Stork, etc. their chirping sound will surely heal your ears.


  • Vegetation 

The forest and grassland cover about 70 percent of the total area of Chitwan national park. Chitwan national park is the common shelter for many animals.

The rivers inside the area of Chitwan national park are also providing homes to the crocodile, fishes, and amphibians.

It is also said that Chitwan national park proceeds the greatest landscape in the world.

  • The weather of Chitwan national park

The weather in Chitwan national park keeps on changing throughout the year. The best time to visit and do a jungle safari in Chitwan national park is from October to December. During this time of the year, the weather remains fine with a very low chance of precipitation. Another season that people love to visit is from April to June. This is the time of summer season in Nepal so, people believe that animals come out from their hibernation during this season. That is why visiting Chitwan Nation Park



Safari in Chitwan national park

Chitwan is famous worldwide for the jungle safari. Here during jungle safari, you can witness many animals and birds. Chitwan national park provides a great experience for the people who want to witness animals in their real environments. Elephant and Jeep safari are possible in Chitwan national park.


 Activates that you can do in Chitwan national park

  • Jeep safari

Jeep safari is the most comfortable and easy way of doing jungle safari in Chitwan national park. Of those p [people who do not want to ride the mighty tuskers can enjoy the jeep safari. Since the jeep is a more open kind of vehicle, you will get to watch or catch glimpses of wild flora and fauna jeep drive will also take you to the bank of the river where you can witness the rare gharial crocodile breeding center.

You can have the unique experience of driving the jeep in the Chitwan jungle safari. You can also go into the wilderness and park to view birds and animals. Enjoy the best rough four-wheel-drive into the heart of the park. It will enable you to see some of the rarest species of animals, birds, etc. Therefore usually deep beyond the beaten track. We will take you across the river into the jungle in four wheels drive vehicles and have more frequent sightings of the park’s unique animals.

  • Visit Elephant breeding center

There are altogether two elephant breeding centers in the world among which one lies in the Chitwan national park. The elephant is a specialty of Chitwan national park and the breeding center was established to increase the number of elephants.  Through this trip, you can learn and know about the breeding elephants

  • Bird watching and jungle watch

During the jungle safari, you can witness many animals and birds in their natural environment.  During the safari, you will have an ideal situation of viewing and observing the wild animals very closely. Our guide will tell you about the animals and help to identify the different varieties of birds and animals both local and migratory.

  • Crocodile breeding center

The crocodile breeding center inside Chitwan national park is an enjoyable program. This visit to the crocodile breeding center is the part of Chitwan jungle safari.  Also, there are different species of crocodile which is bred in this breeding center including the scariest Mugger crocodile. This center is situated a bit far and in an isolated area from Chitwan national park. It will take 20 – 30 minutes of walk from the main national park to reach this breeding center. Here you can see a crocodile in their natural environment and their giant eggs.

  • Pony ride or Oxcart

Oxcart or pony ride is the most enjoyable option, in the Chitwan national park.  You can explore the entire Tharu village of Sauraha, Chitwan in the ox cart. A single ox cart can carry about 6 – 8 people at once.  Our tour guide will explain to you about the indigenous Tharu community with their culture and lifestyles. This is the most excited and enjoyable way of exploring the remote village of Tharu.

  • 20 thousand lake tour

Among many adventurous activities in Chitwan national park tour of 20 thousand lakes is also one. 20 thousand lakes are also called 20 Hajar Tal in Nepali. This lake is Widley known for watching birds. This place is the home for many migrant birds.

Chitwan Jungle safari is a 5-hour drive from Kathmandu

To start Chitwan Jungle safari about a 5-hour drive from Kathmandu and a 4-hour drive from Pokhara. It has a long history of conservation. In the past, it was the Royal hunting grounds for the Kings and dignitaries of Nepal, and therefore hunting by the general public was forbidden. It did, however, become a favorite spot for big game safari hunters in the late nineteenth and early to mid-twentieth centuries. The park influences by a tropical monsoon climate with relatively high humidity. The best time to do the Safari is Spring and Autumn, winter is ok, It is not good in the rainy monsoon. There are also many researchers and studies of several species of wild flora and fauna. Riverine forest and grasslands form a mosaic along the river banks that are maintained by seasonal flooding.

In the Chitwan Jungle safari, there are around 600 plant species, 50 mammals, 526 birds, and 49 amphibians, reptiles found in the Chitwan national park. Chitwan is home to many wild mammals including the One-Horned Rhino, Royal Bengal Tiger, wild Elephant, Deer, wild boar, sloth bear, leopard, bison, jackal, and many more, many reptiles including the Gharial Crocodile, and many species of birds including Hornbill, Lesser Florican, and Paradise Flycatcher, so Chitwan is the best destination for Jungle safari and wildlife adventure lover. Besides grasslands, there are also Riverine forests.

There are 450 species of birds in Chitwan

The Chitwan sanctuary is also renowned for an excellent 450 species of birds, both resident and migratory, and many of them rare. Among the endangered birds are the Bengal florican, lesser florican, giant hornbill, and black and white storks. The common birds include pheasant, peafowl, red jungle fowl, various egrets, herons, kingfishers, flycatchers, and woodpeckers. Also, another most essential factor of the Wildlife Tour in Chitwan is the bright area with Tharu Culture, their way of living, culture, and tradition, and heart touching Tharu Dance.

Not all that, here you offer chance many activities like Nepal Safari on elephant back, jungle walk, canoe ride, jeep drive, etc. that live in the dense forests of the park. Chitwan Wildlife Tour is the best destination for those who want to explore the jungle and its inhabitants of Nepal, which will provide you a lifetime experience.

Chitwan Jungle safari activities

Elephant Ride:

We will do Elephant riding in our Chitwan jungle safari tour in the open grassland and dense forest in searching for rare wildlife. Your Elephant ride or known as Jungle Safari experiences one-horned rhino, various species of deer, wild boar, sloth bear, leopard, bison, and the big one, the Royal Bengal tiger, etc. Elephant safari through the jungle provides more game spotting opportunities. The Elephant back safari takes deeper into the forest to see the best animals.

Village Visit

During Chitwan, the jungle safari village visit will be accompanied by an expert naturalist who knows the area well. You will gain insight into the indigenous Tharus, the ancient native people of the Chitwan jungle. Also, experience the local routes and typical lifestyles of villagers. This allows visitors to intermingle with locals.

Bird Watching in Chitwan jungle safari:

The park is a paradise for birds. Bird lovers will have an excellent opportunity to see many species of birds here. There are more than 500 species of birds in the Park. We can see many exciting locations rivers, grassland, and forests. Species like the Giant Hornbill, Lesser Frolic, and paradise. Flycatcher will also attract your attention when traveling along the banks of the Rapti River.

Elephant Bath:

The Chitwan jungle safari is a unique experience. You can enjoy taking bath with an elephant in the Rapti River. You might even find yourself considering a surprise shower from an elephant’s trunk while you are riding on its back.

Chitwan Jungle safari short itinerary

Day 1: Kathmandu to Chitwan.

Early in the morning after having breakfast at your hotel, take a flight about 25 min to Bharatpur and about a 40-minute drive to the hotel, or you can have a drive for about 5 hr by tourist bus, viewing the spectacular natural beauties through the way. Welcome to Chitwan National Park. There will be a short briefing on the program and our facilities. An exciting elephant ride (Jungle Safari) offered for guests to explore the jungle and wildlife in the evening. Overnight in a hotel at Sauraha.


Day 2: Explore Chitwan National Park.

You will explore more in Chitwan National Park. The park boasts large numbers of tigers, leopards, sloth bears, and around 40 other species of mammals, and ~550 species of birds. Elephant ride or known as Jungle Safari experiences one-horned rhino, various species of deer, wild boar, sloth bear, leopard, bison and the big one, the Royal Bengal tiger, etc. You can enjoy the canoeing trip in the Rafting Rivers. We can see the many crocodiles lying down at the Riverbanks

Day 3: Bird watching and Return to Kathmandu.

Other than animal watching, Chitwan and Sauraha is also a hub for bird watchers and enthusiasts. A large number of migratory and resident birds make up the population of the aviary biodiversity in this region, including Giant Hornbill, Lesser Florican, and Paradise Flycatcher. After a successful day of bird-watching, you will also drive back to Kathmandu.

Chitwan Jungle Safari - Trip Info

What to Bring?

Chitwan Jungle safari has a sub-tropical climate. Light clothes with natural colors are recommended. The winters are chilly from November to early March the morning and evening are cold and warm clothes are necessary. Casual comfortable clothes and shoes are recommended during the day for easy movement. We highly recommended our guests bring a Camera, Binoculars, torches, Insect repellent, swimwear, Sunhat, and Sun protection for outdoor activities.

How to get to the Chitwan Jungle safari?

By Air:
There is a daily flight from Kathmandu to Bharatpur/Kathmandu by Yeti and Buddha Air, which takes about 25 minutes. On your arrival at the airport, our representative will meet you and take you to the hotel, where Lunch is waiting for you.

By Land:
There are daily tourist bus services from Kathmandu and Pokhara which is about five hours drive, private car is the more comfortable and easy way, which gives you time to explore the places in between also such as Cable Car at Manakamana, Bandipur if you travel from Pokhara. The drive has a picturesque view of the river and valleys along the Prithivi highway and Mugling – Narayanghat road, for the bus transport we will arrange a pick up from the bus station to the hotel, will arrive at the camp for lunch.

By Raft:
From Kathmandu / Pokhara,  if you are doing the Rafting in the Trishuli River where you will be dropped off for a white water rafting experience. During the journey, you can enjoy high and low water waves and the surroundings the scenery which will be about 3 and half hours rafting, after having a simple lodge you will take about a 1 and half hour drive to the hotel. ( if you arrange the private car transportation for rafting it is very easy for you, you can go on public transport also but not available frequently).

Frequently Asked Questions


Is there a Child Discount?

Yes, we have a child discount offer, if your child is below 4 years, it is completely free. And if they are below 10, then you need to pay 70% of the Adult Price. Above 10 years the full cost will be charged

What is the driving time from Kathmandu to Chitwan? And Chitwan to Pokhara?

Kathmandu to Chitwan is approx 5 hrs and from Chitwan to Pokhara 4-4.5 hrs.

Is there a WI-FI in the Lodge?

Yes, most of the lodge/hotel we use have FREE Wi-Fi ]

How safe is it to travel by Road?

Yes, it is safe to travel by road to Chitwan Jungle safari. for your easy travel, you can take private vehicles. It is safe and convenient for your journey.

Do you do Pick-up from Bus Station?

Yes, our representative pick-up from Sauraha Bus Station for FREE.

Is Chitwan and Sauraha the Same?

Chitwan is a district name and Sauraha is the small village where most of the hotels and lodges are located and conduct the safari tour.

Is Elephant Bathing Possible Though out a year?

Elephant Bathing is only possible during Summer Time.

Is Jeep Safari Possible throughout the year?

Jeep Safari in Chitwan National Park is only possible from 1st week of November till the end of June. You can do the Jeep safari in 20000 lakes most of the time of the year.

What sort of accommodation can I expect?

We will provide a cottage type A/C accommodation during your Chitwan Jungle Safari trip.

What type of food can I expect?

The food provide in the lodge is a buffet in variety and if not many guests in the house you can choose from the menu also. There is always a choice of American, Mexican, Chinese, Indian, Nepali foods

What is the best time to come to Chitwan Jungle Safari?

The best time for this safari is February to Mid June and September to December.

What temperature can I expect?

Normally Chitwan Jungle safari tour is a bit warmer than Kathmandu and Pokhara. But, it will be cold during the month of winter (December, January, and February).

Is it possible to charge my iPod, digital camera, or batteries?

Yes, it is possible to charge the batteries, we advise you to bring your adapters, the plugs might be different here than you are using so don’t forget to check it upon your arrival, you can buy the adaptors easily in Kathmandu, where many stores in the street sell it.

Can I buy a Local Sim card how about the telephone Calls?

You can buy the local Sim card in Kathmandu on your arrival or in Chitwan also, the Ncell sim card is easy to get ( you need a passport copy and passport size photo), Telephone calls can be made from the hotel that you are staying in also.

How much additional money do I need for the Chitwan Jungle safari?

Like all the meals, accommodation, jungle programs are included in the package, the extra cost you need to consider is for the drinks, depends on your drinking and spending habits USD 10 to 15 is enough to buy mineral water, chocolates, and other drinks

Is the water OK to drink? Do I need to bring purifying tablets/filters?

The water that comes in the tap or in the room is not recommended for a drink.
We recommend using bottled water that is available everywhere.

Can I add an extra day to the mentioned package on your website?

You can add the extra day by paying additional costs to cover guides, accommodation, and food, we can arrange different activities also if you like to add more extra days.
Above are the questions we often get from the customer, if you will have more questions please feel free to contact us.


Detailed Itinerary of Chitwan Jungle Safari

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