Everest Base Camp Trek in July – Enjoy off season trekking
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Everest Base Camp Trek in July – Enjoy off season trekking

Everest base camp trek in July

Everest Base Camp Trek in July

Everest Base Camp Trek in July is one of the exciting and adventurous treks to adopt. The world Highest peak Mt. Everest lies in Nepal. And to reach to the lap of the majestic mountain is like a dream to everyone. The fascinating views that you will see of the giant peaks, namely Mount Everest, Mount Lhotse, Nuptse, AmaDablam, Mount Cho Oyu, etc. Along with this, you will be observing lush green forest, rare but beautiful lustrous plants and animals (Yarsagumba, Panda, etc.), monasteries (Pangboche, Dingboche), shrines, and the overall Base Camp route.

Everest Base Camp trek has a lot to offer, the walk through the high Himalayas is a venture journey, and anyone could have. The stunning and amazing journey will allow you to not only be able to see the incredible scenery of the highest mountains in the world but also experience the lifestyle of the locals up there. You will not feel bored even a single minute; instead, you will enjoy every second lying in the lap of Himalayas.

Everest Base Camp Trek in July is a summer trek and indeed gives the best mountain views.

Hot and humid weather in the base camp and the lower regions will make you overwhelmed. July month falls in the monsoon season, which is not considered the best season to travel in the Everest region. The chance of heavy rainfall is very high. However, after the rain stops, the surrounding view becomes even more appealing and looks like a masterpiece.
July is not the most popular season for trekkers who want to trek in the Everest region. The monsoon might be the biggest reason that deters people from coming to the Everest region for trekking.

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This is less travel time for Everest base camp trek in July

Weather plays a vital role in making the trekking journey beautiful because no one is beyond nature. Nepal’s weather is predictable and favorable throughout the year. Despite some of the seasons, the Everest region serves the best view throughout the year. It is always recommendable to research on the weather forecast to make your EBC trekking beautiful.

Nevertheless, according to the records and recommendations from the experienced travelers’ spring and autumn season can be considered best to travel in the Everest Region. This is because the weather is moderate, and the sky is crystal clear from dusk till dawn. There is no chance of rainfall; the sunny environment keeps you motivated on your whole trek journey. We can observe the magic of clear azure skies that provides stunning views.

Monsoon season is not favorable for trekking in the Everest region. The Northern part of the country receives rainfall that is a tiny fraction of the rain that the hotter parts of the country experience. There may always be a doubtful question among many trekkers that whether EBC trek in July is doable or not? The answer is EBC trek in July will be really exciting and equally thrilling if you are challenge lovers.

The article will explain the weather condition, advantages, and disadvantages of trekking in the Everest region in July. So that you will be well-prepared for yourself for trekking, July marks the beginning of summer monsoon and the off-season for trekking in Nepal. During summer seasons, it usually rains in the evening and throughout the night. However, the whole day remains bright and sunny. After it rains the entire night, the weather clears out to give you an astounding view of the mountains.

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Are you planning to visit the Everest base camp trek in July?

Get ready for the most exciting and thrilling trip of a lifetime. All you need to do is take into consideration the factor of monsoon and prepare accordingly. July is a monsoon in Nepal and is the off-season for trekking. Since the trails will be wet and muddy, it is not easy for the average trekkers.

However, as we go up in the altitude, the rainfall decreases. So, it will only rain a bit in upper elevations. With the proper gears and clothing, then trekking to Everest Base Camp in July will be full of adventure, joy, and excitement.

In July, most of the days will be cloudy. This will cause the views of the mountains to be obscured. More importantly, monsoon means significant rainfall: on average, climate data indicate 22 days of rain in July. This may be the most significant disadvantage of traveling in July. But this may not always be the case. On the positive side, the rain clears the weather and the dust, which makes way for a stunning view of the mountains.

There are numerous advantages of EBC trekking in July, which outweigh the disadvantage. The flights are not overbooked as this month is regarded as off-season possessing fewer crowds. So for those who enjoy solitude, July can serve as an excellent month to trek. And you will catch the dazzling views after the rainfall. Everest Base Camp trek in July is the best option for the peace lovers. Besides this, you will capture a sparkling sunrise in the morning over the mountains.

Everest Base Camp Weather in July

Monsoon in Nepal starts from Mid-June and continues the following month. July being the wettest months, you will have the most beautiful view of the breathtaking mountains. Stunning Khumbu Glacier and Experiencing Wide range of Flora and Fauna along the trail route will make you forget all your pain and stress. The warmth in higher altitudes will be pleasurable. It can go as high up to 17-degree centigrade during the day and can fall low up to 2 degrees at night. The precipitation will be less in high altitude, and places over 4000m elevation will have very little rain.

Luckily, dealing with extreme cold weather is avoidable at this month. Thus, zero degrees sleeping bag will be right for the nights and morning during your trek in July. The warm and sunny temperatures will motivate and energize you in every step of your journey. Talking about the cold, it can go high up to 17℃ (62℉) and can fall low to 2℃ (36℉) at night.

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Some useful Tips for Trekking in July

·        You should research the Weather report and be alert about the changing condition. As the weather during Monsoon remains unpredictable, thus it is wise to keep yourself updated with the day to the daily weather report and prepare accordingly.

·        Rainfall will make the trekking trails muddy and slippery. Coming prepared with the right attitude and gear is the way to overcome these.

·        Trekking early in the morning is another wise thing to do. Doing will make sure avoiding getting wet because of rain in the evening.

·        Always wear long trousers and shirts, and gaiters and make sure not to expose your skin.

·        Carry a good pair of hiking boots with ankle support and excellent traction on the soles. This provides the right support and helps to prevent falls and ankle strain.

·        Monsoon is the season where you would find the number of leeches and mosquitoes along the trail in the lower altitude. Make sure you carry insect repellent such as mosquito repellent for mosquito, anti-leech spray containing Diethyl Meta Toluamidefor leeches.

·        Also, bring rain gear along with light clothes to prevent humidity and to get wet.

·        During monsoon, there might be chances of flight delay many times, thus keeping some leisure days will be wise.

Reasons not to Trek in EBC in July

Excessive Rainfall and High Humidity
Due to extreme, the trekking trails become muddy and slippery. However, coming prepared with the right attitude and gear is the way to overcome these.

Chances of losing balance due to muddy trails.
Muddy trails and slippery shoe makes you uncomfortable for walking. Thus causes losing balance many times.

Obstructed View of the Mountains due to cloud
When it rains, the views of the mountains might be blocked due to the clouds. So, there might be days where you don’t get scenic views while you are trekking. You may have to wait for several days to get clear weather.

An infestation of Leech, Mosquitoes, and Other Insects
Monsoon is also called as Leech-season. At the lower altitude, you will encounter lots of Leech, Mosquitoes, and Other Insects. Carrying an insect repellent would be advisable.

Flight Delays and Roadblocks

In Everest base camp trek in July, You may encounter single or many delays, blocks, cancellations on your trip in July.
Be prepared with flexible itineraries, travel days, and lots of entertainment on the way. You must listen to music, watch movies, read books, play card games, and board games to entertain yourselves.

Why should you opt for an EBC trek in July?

However, there are lots of advantages that somehow outweigh these disadvantages. July trekking for those daring souls who venture the journey. Featured here are the significant reasons for heading towards EBC in July:

Fewer people/Crowd free trail

July marked as off-season month, make the trail crowd-free. Fewer people opt for this time, thus fear walking in the muddy trail in the lower part of the path. However, more than 70% of the trek is done in rain shadow. Fewer chances of encountering with caravans of yaks and mules. This month best suits those you want to enjoy your own company. Thus grab a golden opportunity to enjoy the trek in solitude as long as you want.

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Multiple choices for food and accommodation

You would have plenty of options for accommodation. However, few lodges and tea houses close due to off-season break. But, most of them are open because people now are seeking an adventurous trip in the off-season. Avoid hurrying for overnight stay and food. Moreover, getting off-season discounts will motivate you, and the service providers will be more than happy to serve you. Huge discount, great hospitality environment, extra mattresses will make your trek comfortable.

Enjoy the Festival month (saune Sankranti)

Everest base camp trek in July land you to enjoy the auspicious festival called sauneSankranti. This is an auspicious month for Hindu Nepalese. Observing fasting and elegant dresses, women would be something you would be amazed at. Decorated temples with crowd people would be worth watching and new things to experience. Astonishing tradition would be enjoyable and grateful.

Rejuvenate yourself with Refreshing air and diverse creatures
Rainfall occurring at night or evening clears the sky and dust among the surrounding. Hence makes the perfect weather to enjoy. Refreshing morning, earthy smile melts your heart and rejuvenate yourself. Besides, the obstructing clouds are cleared up for excellent mountain views.
Moreover, green and diverse creatures are lovely to watch. All your stress and pain will be forgettable through the surrounding view.

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Exploring Sherpa culture, getting insights into their lifestyles and monasteries, Sightseeing Other peaks Mt. Lhotse (8,516m), Mt. Makalu (8,463m), and Cho Yu (8,201m) along with majestic Mountain Mt.Everest are the significant highlights of trekking in Everest region.

Notably, Everest Base Camp Trekking in July needs guides and porters hired to prevent different health as well as life risk. The guides and porters will tell you whether alert and time of trekking. Walking early in the morning will make your trek more flexible and doable. However, the beauty of the mountains remains the same in all seasons. Solo trekkers who want to enjoy themselves can visit Everest Region in the winter season and summer season.


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