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Langtang Hike-Hiking itinerary and best time to visit

Langtang valley trek

Langtang Hike

Langtang Hike will be always on the top of the bucket list when someone opts for a beautiful and easy hike. To the fact that it is less traveled by tourists as compared to another trekking area such as the Everest region as well as the Annapurna region. Saying that does not mean it is less beautiful. Langtang Hike is also one of the hidden treasures of Nepal and is the hike with the real heart. Being listed as one of the most beautiful places in Nepal, Langtang Hike has been able to sit in the eye of many avid travelers. Stunning landscapes and dynamic culture are the major highlights of the people Langtang trek.

Nepal is a rich country and it offers enormous possibilities to explore here. As a result, there are a plethora of mountains, rivers, temples, glaciers in Nepal, which attracts many tourists every year. Not only this, the hospitality environment provided by the people of Nepal is appraisable. And there always chances to explore multicultural and multiethnic people in different parts of Nepal. Nepal is a structurally small country yet is beautiful.

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Local people offer heartwarming hospitality in a delightful homestay. Besides this, Langtang valley trek lies in the easy reach of the major city Kathmandu. Thus it is far from the problem of transportation. The hike goes along with Langtang National Park and has a pristine countryside along the way. More than that, dynamic flora and fauna, yak pastures and home-based cheese factories are the rare things to spot here and are amazingly beautiful. This place is also the habitat of many rare animals such as Himalayan deer, Himalayan pheasants, Himalayan bears, monkeys and also the elusive red panda.

Langtang trekking

Short hiking to Langtang

Are you planning to go for a short and easy hike in Nepal? If yes then this article will be really helpful for you, as this article you reveal the hidden treasure of Nepal, Langtang Valley.

People of this region depends upon tourism for their living standard. Hiking through this beautiful valley ensures raising the income of the people through tourism. Not only is this, getting close insights to the people of that region and knowing about their culture what you will gain. It’s like exchanging the good stuff, the place gives you a beautiful scenic environment and in the return, you will also support the people of that place through tourism.

This helps to preserve their dignity, their culture, as well as uplifting the living standard of the local people. Hiking in Langtang is like a package of wilderness, you will be wowed by nature. The hike to the beautiful Langtang valley starts from the small town of Syabru Beshi. Along the trail, you will be exposed to magnificent forests, to the high alpine meadows as well as yak pastures.

These are found around Kyangjin Gompa (a Buddhist Monastery). A day hike to the top of Kyangjin Ri (peak) provides you the 360-degree views of the Himalayan mountains. The view seen from the top of the Kyanjin Ri is beyond your expectations.
Introduction to the Buddhist culture of Tamang and Sherpa people will be the first things you will encounter on this valley trekking. You will get to see the ancient monastery of Kyanjin Gompa. The monastery is situated near Tserko reveals traditional and cultural beauty. The doable hike will expose you to Dorje Lakpa(6990 m), Langtang Lirung(7245 m) and Langtang Ri(6370 m).
Facts of the trip

Duration: 7-10 days

Max. Elevation: 3800 m (Kyanjn Gompa)
Start/Finish: Syabru Beshi
Difficulty: Easy to moderate
Accommodation: Teahouse/Lodges
Best Seasons: Mar-Jun, Sep-Nov
Meals: Breakfast/ all meals during the hike

Langtang valley trek

Highlights of the Langtang Hike

Hiking in Langtang valley passes through the stunning forests, yak pastures and high alpine meadows.
• During your hike, you can enjoy the panoramic views across vast open valleys.  Chance to explore the uncrowded trails and look upon the impressive peaks of the Himalayas.  Visit differing ecosystems. Get the best panoramic views from Tserko Ri and Kyanjin Ri.
• The Langtang national park included animals like Himalayan black bear, the goat-like Himalayan tahr, rhesus monkeys and red pandas.

• Enjoy the trails that lead you to the blooming rhododendron and lush green forests. Getting insights into the people of different tribes and support their livelihoods. Stunning views of the Langtang Himalayas, valley and across to Tibet from Kyanjin Ri.
Chances to explore various monasteries and small villages. Spectacular views of the snow-covered Langtang Valley.  Adventuring and Challenging off-beaten snowy trails and green lush forest are eye-catching. Have a wonderful view of the Langtang and other majestic peaks.  Trails decorated with prayer flags and wheels, mani stones are amazing to walk upon.

Day to Day Itinerary of Langtang Hike

Day 1: Kathmandu Arrival
Upon your arrival at the TIA (Tribhuvan international airport), you will be picked up by our office representative. Transfer you to the hotel in Kathmandu. Early arrival at Kathmandu, give you some option to explore the religious places of Kathmandu such as Pashupatinath and Bouddhanath, etc. A brief orientation of the hike and have a leisurely walk in the evening.

Day 2: Drive to Syabru Beshi
Distance: (1,460 m. / 4,790 ft.)
The real hiking starts when you get to Syabru Beshi. Have an early breakfast and leave Kathmandu for the 7-hour drive to the Langtang Valley. Having the scenic drive to the north is worthy. It provides you with the stunning views of the Annapurna Himalayas in the west, Ganesh Himal, Manaslu and the major peaks of the Langtang. Drive along with the busy town of Trisuli before going towards Dunche. Langtang River will lead you to Syabru Beshi.

Day 3: Hike to Lama Hotel
Distance: (2,470 m. / 8,103 ft.)
This day is the full day hiking day. From Syabru beshi , the trail will lead towards the small villages, rhododendron forest, and alpine tree. After crossing the Bhote Koshi, flowing nearby Tibet, your hiking journey climbs through the sub-tropical forests. Afterward, you should climb the uninhabited oak and rhododendron forests. On the way to hike, you will encounter the Langur monkeys on the tree and after hiking continuous 6 hr hike, the trail will take to Lama Hotel.
Overnight at lodge in the small settlement.

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Day 4: Hike to Mundu

Distance: 3,550 m. / 11,646 ft
On the 4th day of the hike, your trail continues climbing against the forests that offer a spectacular glimpse of Langtang Lirung between the trees. You will have the emerging trail at Ghora Tabela(3000 m/ 9842 ft). Not only this, you will see the looming mountains on both sides of the valley. After some hours of your walk, the trails begin to widen and pass through small settlements and numerous yak. After a few hours of walk, you will reach Mundu. You can see plenty of old houses there, whereas most of the lodges and homes are built in the modern style.

Langtang valley trek

Day 5: Hike to Kyangjin Gompa
Distance: 3,800 m. / 12,467 ft
After enjoying the full day hiking to Langtang Valley. It is time to hike to the major attraction of this trip. No doubt you will encounter gradual ascents through lush forests this day. Reaching to Kyangin Gompa offers the entire day hiking to this place. This entire day hiking includes, hike through yak pastures, various small settlements of Mundu and Signum. This day provides you spectacular views of the Langtang range and various peaks such as Langtang Ri, Tshekori, Langtang, Gnagchempo and Dorje Lakpa. To the fact that there are a government-operated cheese factory and a small monastery. So you can halt there for afternoon snacks and lunch. If you have an additional day, then you can have a rest day at this place.

Day 8: Descend to Lama Hotel

Another full day trek starts descending from Kyangjin Gompa. Retracing your route would be your job now. While returning from the trail, the outside scenery would recall all your journey memorable. Go through the Langtang village Khola to Mundu village and then finally reach to Ghora Tabela. However, you will reach earlier to Lama Hotel as descending needs less time.

Day 9: Hike from Lama Hotel to Syabrubeshi
Your retracing route will continue as this day, you will hike from Lama Hotel to Syabru beshi. This day your full-day hike includes descending from Lama Hotel to Syabrubeshi. While descending you can enjoy the quiet forested hills. Physically fit person and challenge trekkers can also opt for the spectacular route from Rimche via Sherpa Gaon to Syabru Beshi. You will have a daring tour, however, this route takes much longer to reach the ultimate destination.

Day 10: Return to Kathmandu
After an early breakfast at one of the hotels, it is time to wave goodbye to Langtang Valley and heads towards Kathmandu. Have a valley tour in the evening to Kathmandu Durbar Square, Patan Durbar Square, Thamel, etc. The very next day it is time to give farewell to Nepal. Our representative will pick you up from the hotel and transfer to the International airport for your final departure.

Langtang trek in December


Best Seasons to visit Langtang valley

Langtang Hike is a spectacular hike that lies in between Gosaikunda Lake hike and Tamang Heritage Cultures Hike. This short Langtang Hike is remarkable and equally exciting. Himalayas scenery, hospitality environment of the Tamang indigenous ethnic group, typical villages are the major attraction of this place. The 10 days Langtang hike is a more leisurely hike and pleasurable as well. This hike is even suitable for all age groups of people.

Climbing through the rocky farmlands, visiting dense subtropical forest, spectacular views of the snow-covered mountains are always on the top list of avid travelers.
Talking about the favorable time to hike Langtang Valley, many people prefer hiking in spring and autumn seasons. However, you can have the real pleasure of trekking at the beginning of the winter. The advantage of hiking in winter is, the trail is quite free. You will have multiple options for accommodation and flight.

The best time is Spring and Autumn season

All in all, due to the well-supported climate and temperatures in Spring and Autumn season, Langtang hiking is crowded in these seasons. However, you are a challenge trekkers and explore nature by opting daring route and obstacles you can go for winter and monsoon seasons also. You know what, hiking Langtang in these seasons is more fun and enjoyable for solo trekkers. Walking along with the quieter frozen surrounding and the pristine landscapes will be added benefits the view of the Langtang valley. Wearing the blankets of the dense snow in winter seasons is phenomenal. But sometimes, you have to wait long for the sky to be clear until the sunrise. However, viewing the mesmerizing giant peaks is worthy to wait. You can have pleasant weather throughout the day.

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Final Say,

To reiterate, Langtang Hike is like the full package of wilderness, awesomeness, and definition of the real beauty of nature. And also, you will be wowed by the scenic landscapes and amazing nature. Langtang Hike can be the perfect choice with the right gear and clothing.

Above the Himalaya, Team is always ready to help you and provide the bests of best service based on your choice and comfort. We assure you to make your trip the best trip of your lifetime.

Happy Hiking!!!!!

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