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Langtang Trek in December

Langtang trek in December

Langtang Trek in December

The Langtang valley trek is the  stunning place for trekkers with real culture. Langtang is located in the north of the Kathmandu valley. Langtang Trek in December is one of the most lovable trekking options that every traveler dreamt of. Since Langtang is the border of Nepal and China, it is as well as one of the important trading routes. We could see people following the rich culture. Langtang valley is also known as the safe heaven of Buddhists. Gosainkunda, Lauri Binayak Pass, Kyanjin Gompa are some of the purposes to visit Langtang.

The coldest season of the year starts from December which is the last month of the year. Trekking Langtang in December will amuse you by the winter beauty. Though the time is cold daytime in this season, it is lovely and warm with a clear sky. Walking from the lower altitude of 1400m to the highest point of Langtang at Kang jin gompa 3900m is pretty hard.

Langtang trek in December varies from moderate to extreme weather conditions. Snow may fall in the daytime and temperature aye rise from6°C-9°C (42.8°F-48.2°F). The nights are much colder than a day, and temperature may drop to minus. Generally, there is cloud coverage in the sky and low humidity; that is why you can have pin-sharp views of the Mountain in December. Naya Kang (5,844m) and Yala Peak (5,520m). Since Nepal was devastated by the destructive earthquake in 2015, the entire settlement of the Langtang valley was affected no only by the earthquake. Its aftershock led to many dangerous landslides.

Langtang trekking

Reasons for Trekking Langtang in December:

Trekking Langtang in December to February will be so much delighting in watching the view of the snow-covered Langtang valley under the deep blue sky. It looks like heaven.

Many people trek Langtang valley in summer and spring, but the real pleasure of trekking Langtang is at the beginning of winter. As very few people prefer trek Langtang in December, you will find the road or the route less crowded. Visiting Langtang at this season is more fun for peace lovers and people who want to explore nature. Snowfall, wild winds, and extreme temperatures make this trip more fun and memorable. It is always possible to enjoy pleasant weather during the day.

Walking along with the quieter frozen surrounding and the pristine landscapes will be added benefits the view of the Langtang valley wearing the blankets of the dense snow is phenomenal. The problem of starting the trek in the early morning is the views of the mountain peak are not quite clear but, if we wait until the sunrise, the fog will clear up and, we can get the mesmerizing view of the peak. People there also say that the view gets more beautiful in early winter because of the fog.

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Trip highlights of the Langtang Trek in December:

  • The view of the snow-covered Langtang valley is specular.
  • Getting insights into the local culture and their lifestyle very carefully, inhabited mainly by Sherpa.
  • Adventuring and Challenging off-beaten snowy trails and lush green forests are eye-catching.
  • Trails decorated with prayer flags and wheels, mani stones will shock you.
  • The Langtang national park included animals like Himalayan black bear, the goat-like Himalayan tahr, rhesus monkeys, and red pandas.
  • The view of Langtang and other peaks were breathtaking.
  • We got the chance to observe kyanjin gompa and Buddhist shrines practically.
  • There were small tea houses which sell the world’s best tea with a bonfire which makes us feel homely.
  • Adventuring and Challenging off-beaten snowy trails and lush green forests are eye-catching.
  • The infrastructure destroyed by the earthquake 2015 was started or rebuilt, which was pretty impressive as the work was done fast.

Langtang trekking

Itinerary Ideas for Langtang trek

Langtang trek  in December has been one of the famous places for hiking in December because of the large view. We started the trek from the small and beautiful town, Syabru besi. We got the pleasure to watch an outstanding view of the forest to the alpine meadows and yak pastures around a Buddhists monastery.

Day 1: An arrival in Kathmandu and Sightseeing
Beautiful view over the valley, the Himalayan, and the terraced field below of Kathmandu were marvelous. We stayed at Kathmandu for a day we visited some cultural places of Kathmandu like famous Pashupatinath temple, Boudhanath temple. We were so touched by the culture and tradition of the Kathmandu. Since it was December, the weather was cold in the early morning, but the view of Pashupatinath was so beautiful it took all our cold away. We were hoping to stay on Kathmandu for more days, but we didn’t have many days left. So we head to Syabru Besi the next day.

Day 2: Kathmandu to Syabru Besi(1460 m)

The second-day trip starts heading toward Langtang valley from Kathmandu. The road was leading higher as we came closer to Langtang. Though it was foggy, we saw Annapurna Himalayas in the west, to Manaslu, Ganesh Himal, and the peaks of the Langtang region ahead after a seven-hour road trip we reached syabru besi. We climbed toward Dunche and the Langtang National through the busy and active road of Trisuli. Syabru Besi was lower hills from dunce, so we had to walk for an hour.

 Day 3: Trip to lama hotel (2420 m)from syabru besi

Trek Duration: 6 hrs

Distance: 7 miles
Next day of Langtang tour in December, we were excited to visit lama hotel. We started walking. Further, we, saw the “Tibet River” which is called Bhote Koshi in Nepali .the quiet and dense sub-tropical forests were so pleased to watch. The forests were full of oak, Rhododendron. Some monkeys in the tree were doing some crazy things so, and it was funny to watch them. As we move further, the trail through the forest up to lama hotel became steep. It was kind of scary. We reached night, so we could not see the scenery from up the lama hotel. So we went to bed as we were exhausted from walking. The lodge was nice and comfortable in small settlements; it gave us homely experience.

Day 4: Trek to mudhu to lama hotel
We stayed at the lodge on syabru besi that day and started our trip to mudhu. The routes continued climbing forests and the mountain. There was a place for horse farming called Ghoda tabala which appeared to be emerging the forest and mountain loop. There was very little livelihood. We saw some temporary settlement due to a shallow temperature in winter. We saw a mountain peak covered with snow, which was worth watching. After walking for some time, we saw a rocky field, which was the result of earthquake 2015.it is said that there used to be big loges and restaurants in that field, but the earthquake destroyed all of them. After walking half an hour further we reached mudhu but honestly, we didn’t find it as we thoughts .there was a small village and lots of lodges.


Langtang trekking

Day 5: Trip to Kyangjin Gompa

Our day five of Langtang trek in December started with so much cold. Luckily we took some warm clothes like jackets and blankets it helped. Snowfall made our trip more fun and enjoyable as we didn’t have experienced. From Mudhu, the trail climbs gradually through yak pastures as the valley opens out further, and the views become more and more transparent and beautiful. We found and crossed many small rivers and rubbles on the way to Kyangjin. After much walking, for some time, we saw some monastery, and we are surprise  to watch the cheese factory operated by the government. We even got a chance to have some cheese, and they were linked to the little piece of heaven; it made us warm in that cold of December.

Day 6: Trip to Kyangjin or climb Kyangjin RI
Our plan for the sixth day was to explore kyangjin or khangjin RI. Kyangjin or khangjin RI was the mountain-like structure formed by the rocks and pebbles. There were flags in which Buddhist beliefs and their ideology were written. The best part of spending a day in kyangjin was they were all covered all in the show, and the stones and the pebble looked like a real mountain. There were spectacular ice faces and tumbling glaciers of Langtang Lirung.

Day 7: Kyanjin Gompa – Lama Hotel

Trekking Duration: 6 hours

Distance: 13.4 miles

We were pretty loosening up Langtang lirung trek. Today we had to get back to lama hotel. We followed the same route to return, which we took to go up. But the difference was there was a lot more snow on the way compared to last time. We walked from that route following the Langtang Khola to Mudhu village and on to Ghoda Tabala. It didn’t take much time to return as we are use to walk on that snowy and rocky road.

 Day 8: Lama Hotel(2420m) – Syabrubesi(1460m)

Trekking Duration: 4-5 hours

Distance: 6.8 miles

We came down to Syabru Besi in no time. We walked for the full day with some small breaks on the tea house and some stores. Honestly, it was hard to come down because of the high snowfall. Enjoy the terrific watching the forests covering with snow. We will pass through lama hotel. and the seen which we could not see earlier in ascend cause of the clouds. You can take  a break to watch that beautiful seen, and we headed back to our walking.

Day 9: Drive Back to Kathmandu
This is the time to say farewell to Langtang valley and their people. We connected to the people and the nature of Langtang. So we were heading back to Kathmandu we took the bus and reached Kathmandu for continuous 7-hour bus travel. We are able to observe Buddhist culture.

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langtang gosaikunda trek


Langtang Trek in December can be the perfect choice with the right kit and clothing. Enjoying the beautiful trek journey, with the unobstructed views of the mountains is what December has offered in Langtang trek. However, warm clothes, extra down jackets, and friendly sleeping bags are a must in December trekking. On the bright side, you have the trails practically to yourselves, no problems with accommodation. December is an off-season for trekking to Langtang, so tourist are very less, and you get to visit forests and mountains in a quiet environment.

We suggest you visit Langtang in December because you can see the real beauty of Langtang valley and the mountain peaks covered with snow are worth watching. Langtang valley has been very well- set up the place with many comfortable areas for accommodation. The loges provide you with hot blankets, comfortable beds, and a variety of food. You might think of extreme coldness, accommodation, safety, which is the reason to drive away you from trekking to Langtang in winter. The advantages of December trekking outweigh the disadvantages. This is why there are enormous ways you can take advantage of traveling in Langtang in December.

Be well prepare and checklist the important equipment you need before you head out. So Langtang trek in December is feasible and achievable for every traveler.

Above the Himalaya, Team is always ready to help you and provide the best service based on your choice and comfort.
Happy trekking!!!!!

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