Langtang Trek Route – Details Guide
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Langtang Trek Route – Details Guide

Langtang valley trek

Langtang Trek Route

Langtang Trek Route is one of the amazing treks of the country, Nepal. It is so beautiful in terms of its views, diversities in vegetation and culture along with the spectacular mountain views. So, as per the trekkers around the world, this is one of the most popular and beautiful treks not only of Nepal but all around the world. It is getting much more important these days with its natural beauty and exciting route. It is also one of the shortest trekking routes of the country. Langtang Valley trek is also only a few hours’ drive from Kathmandu. So, before you go on this trek you can go shopping and sightseeing in Kathmandu city as well. You can also get better prepared for your next marvelous adventure.

Langtang Valley trek is also known as the valley of glacial masses trekking. It is just a mesmerizing place to be. The stunning mountains with snow-capped in the top, and the green valleys and pretty flowers, make it small heaven of its own. The little villages in the Furthermore, Langtang trek route  is filled with amazing sceneries, mountain views, forest areas and many more. It gives travelers wide options to explore and have fun. The stunning landscapes, flora, and fauna keep surrounding you throughout your way to the destination.

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The route also takes you to one of the major attractions of the trek: Langtang National Park. This national park is famous for its rare wildlife and birds and vegetation. It seems like a small natural world of its own. And you can visit the park on the way. And it will add up to your excitement to go on this trek and find out a lot more about the area.

Langtang Trek route  is also known as a hidden treasure of Nepal. A short and sweet journey full of nature, culture, and adventure is Langtang trek. The entire route is filled with green forests, lakes, glaciers, Himalayan scenery and waterfalls. In addition to that, you can also enjoy a variety of unique cultures and customs during this journey. People of various ethnicity, caste, and creed like Tamangs, Gurungs, Lama’s, etc can be found here. You get to be part of their different interesting cultures and values. Also, you get to witness their different lifestyles and livelihood. It’s always great to observe new people in a beautiful place, isn’t it?

langtang trekking

Being in Langtang Trek It is just like being part of precious nature and enjoying the present in the lap of Himalayas. Along with all these, you will also enjoy cold weather and amazing snow. You can have fun with the snow-flakes. Just like you do at Christmas right? You will be spending your time on the lap of gorgeous Himalayas, surrounded by green hills, waterfalls, etc. And this amazing trek will make you realize how tiny you are and how tiny is your existence.

Furthermore, there is one thing about this trek which you cannot miss. When you have walked this long way through all these amazing natural adventures, all you need a new hot meal. And trekking is famous in Nepal because of its food culture as well. The more variety of people of different ethnicities and religions live here, you get to taste the new and delicious meal as well. And during the Langtang Trek of seven days as well, you get to enjoy this local delicious food. Moreover, these foods are super healthy for you.


 The weather of Langtang Region

The weather of the Langtang trek area is usually cold. It is due to the high altitude and mountain areas. The weather of the Langtang Trek Area can be explained with the help of various seasons. As different seasons present different weather. It is explained below:

  • Spring Season

Spring season is known as the best season for Langtang trek route in Nepal. The climate is favorable. It is neither very cold nor hot. And there is less chance of rain as well. However, the nights and early mornings can be chilling cold. So. it will be better for you to take all the warm clothes, chocolates and hot water bags with you.

But since this is a very popular season, it might be hard for you to find a good residence. Also, the best aspects of this season are the blossoming flowers, clear scenery, and colorful surroundings. Furthermore, you can also enjoy wildlife and vegetation in the best way.

  • Autumn season

This season can be characterized by the presence of sunny and warm days. If you cannot bear enough cold, it is better for you to go on Langtang trek in this season. The average temperature of the Langtang Trek area is around 10-20 degrees Celsius in the daytime and might fall to 5 degrees celsius at night, during this season.

This is the best time to enjoy clear views and great photography. You can get the most stunning pictures during this season. Also, you get to view the stunning mountains in the best form during this season. Furthermore, this season is also the season of festivals in Nepal. And it is the best time to know more about local culture and customs along with nature. You can be the part of great Dashain and the festival of light, Tihar. So, in a way, it will add beauty to your trek.

langtang gosaikunda trek

Winter season

It is a challenging season to go on a trek. The weather is extremely cold. The daytime temperature lies around 6-9 degrees Celsius. But, the night it might fall to 0 Degrees. So, it creates a challenging situation.

But apart from the cold, the views are stunning and in its pure natural form. It is also known as the blue and white season. It is because there is white snow everywhere in the down and blue sky above. The entire place looks so beautiful and mesmerizing.

Summer season

The summer season is known for its hot weather. The average temperature during this period of time is around 25-30 Degrees Celsius. So, yeah it is a pretty hot climate. But not intolerable. Also, in the mountains it is nice. But the problem is monsoon. In the early summer, there might be rainfall, which will make it difficult for you to trek easily.

But, as the summer comes to end there is greenery shining up again. The flowers begin to bloom, and it seems like pretty little fairy tale kingdom. Also, this is the farming season for the local people like Tamangs, so you can be part of it.


Langtang Trek Route Guide

The Langtang Trek route can be explained by dividing it into various places. This trek route takes you through various little villages, riversides, mountain areas, hills, and lakesides. It is a perfect example of an amazing vacation. It not only lets you enjoy the visual sceneries but also allows you to feel like you are the part of this amazing nature, You will feel like this is your home and you will never wanna go away from here.

The trek route goes this way:

  • Kathmandu to Syabrubesi

This is the first stop from Kathmandu. You will be driving from Kathmandu to Syabrubesi. It will take around eight hours’ drive. But at the same time, you will be able to enjoy the most fascinating sceneries on the way. The way seems pretty interesting with gorgeous views and stunning surroundings.

Syabrubesi to Lama Hotel

This is the third day of your trek. And this is the day when your actual trek begins. You will have to trek for around six hours continuously. And finally, the most awaited trek begins. The entire route is covered by beautiful and eye-catching flowers and green hills. Furthermore, you will also be able to enjoy the mountain views and amazing landscapes. The amazing route takes you through some heavenly places like the riversides and waterfalls. Also, on your way, you have got to go through the little villages which are just breathtaking. And the destination for today, Lama hotel lies at the altitude of 2480 meters.

Langtang valley trek

Lama Hotel to Langtang Valley

You read it right. Here comes the most important day of being at the Langtang trek route. You can see the green fields till far away and goats and yaks grazing in them. The beautiful sky, fresh air, all the greenery, and the stunning mountains just make you mesmerized. Feels like how much blissful is to have a life in such a wonderful planet. And you will spend your night at the Langtang Valley only.

Langtang Valley to Tsergo Re Around

Your journey doesn’t end here. Further, you will trek up to the Tsergo Re around. In this place, you can just hike around and have fun. Along with that, it provides you best views of various stunning mountains including Tsergo Re peak. There will be the most beautiful snowfall that you will ever forget. Also, such an amazing surrounding. So, this day you can take rest around this place and take a good rest.

Tsergo Re to Lama Hotel

And now this is the time when you trek back to Lama Hotel. The route will be different. So, you will get to explore various new things. You will be going through the gorgeous villages filled with mesmerizing mountain scenery. And also, the trek won’t be very difficult for you. You can also go through various villages if you want to explore the local lifestyle near Lama Hotel.

Back to Kathmandu

And finally, from Lama Hotel, you will be returning back to Kathmandu.

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And finally, after visiting these amazing places your langtang trek route will be completed. And you will return back home with lots of memories and happiness with you. At the end of this trek, you will be wiser in terms of your knowledge of nature and culture. Also, you will find yourself more much more connected to nature and its parts. It makes you realize that no matter where you are, or no matter where you go, you are inseparable of nature. And true happiness lies not being in big buildings and top-class offices, but in the silence of woods and in the laps of Himalayas. And, we will always be there for you anytime before, after or in between the tour.

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