Manaslu Circuit Trek in March
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Manaslu Circuit Trek in March

Manaslu circuit trek

Manaslu Circuit Trek in March

Manaslu Circuit trek in March is specially designed to visit the beautiful Manaslu area in its most favorable weather.  This trek allows you to experience the amazing views of stunning mountains and beautiful nature in the lap of those mountains. The mesmerizing sceneries, forest areas, waterfalls, and great landscapes make this trek the most attractive one.

It is also compared to Annapurna Circuit Trek for its similarity. Especially, Manaslu Circuit Trek in March allows you to walk through the beautiful dry trails surrounded by the dense forest areas and pretty mesmerizing flowers. Furthermore, this trek provides you the stunning views of various mountains like Mount Annapurna series, Mount Machapuchre, Ganesh Himal and mainly the gorgeous Mount Manaslu. Mount Manaslu is also the eighth highest mountain in the world. It is known all over the world for its beauty and gorgeous sceneries.

Trek passes through Manaslu Conservation Area

Furthermore, the trek takes you to the Manaslu Conservation Area. Manaslu conservation area is a conservation area for rare plants, animals and forest areas of the regions. It offers beautiful landscapes and the views of rare wildlife in their own habitat. So, it is the additional point of the trek that you can visit the Manaslu Conservation area also, at the same time as the trek. So, it is the best way to spend your time in nature among the precious varieties it offers. Along with the mountain peaks, the Manaslu circuit trek also has a unique environment. Manaslu trek provides diverse wildlife and lush green vegetation of this area along with historic culture and traditions experienced in this unique region.

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This trek is more beautiful in the month of March. It is because of the beautiful weather it offers. The weather is neither hot nor cold. It offers the most suitable kind of weather in March. Consequently, the Manaslu Circuit trek in March provides clear views of the mountain and the surrounding. There is no fog or cloudy environment, so that does not block the top views of the mountains. Also, the trails are easy and beautiful in March so that your trekking becomes easy and comfortable. Therefore, for many reasons, Manaslu  Trek in March is very much popular and beautiful too.

Moreover, the following are the major reasons why you must go on the Manaslu Circuit Trek in March:

  1. Most favorable temperature

Manaslu Circuit Trek in March has the most favorable temperature. The weather is neither too hot nor too cold. It makes trekking easy for you at the same time offering the most magnificent views. Such weather also helps you to enjoy the surrounding in a better way. And, enjoy the different aspects of nature in the most beautiful way possible.

  1. Suitable Trekking routes

In various seasons or the months, the trekking trials may not be in good condition. Sometimes because of rainfall, the trekking routes are slippery. And, sometimes due to the foggy weather you cannot even see the routes in a proper way. So, it becomes very important for you to find the weather where the routes are in the best situation and you can enjoy the natural sceneries while trekking.

  1. Photography options

In today’s world where people do not even eat in restaurants without clicking the pictures first, photography is playing a huge role. Whether you want to take pictures for your Instagram updates or for the everlasting memories, Manaslu Circuit Trek in March is the best option. Due to the suitable climate, you can get the perfect shots of mountains, greeneries and on the ways of the trek as well. Thus, even if you are into a professional photographer the weather conditions of Manaslu Circuit Trek in March can get you clear picture-perfect shots.

  1. Easy availability of accommodations and a variety of local food

This is the season when neither there is extreme crowd nor very low silence. There are favorable numbers of trekkers in the reason, so you can find the comfiest and suitable accommodations easily. This facilitates your journey in a lot better way. Because during any kind of trek you need to get proper rest and good healthy food. It helps you to get ready and well prepared for the next day with enough rest and energy. So, during this trek in March you will get the best accommodations at the most suitable price.

Furthermore, March falls in the year ending time of Nepal, there are various festivals and programs being celebrated at this time of year. So, you will get to taste different varieties of local food.

  1. Spectacular mountain views

The mountain views are stunning and so adorable. You just want to look at them. The days are sunny and bright and there is no presence of clouds, so it makes it easier for you to get the amazing views of the mountains. Also, you can get spectacular views of various mountains in the most beautiful environment. You can capture these amazing views in pictures. But most importantly, you can enjoy those clear sceneries in the wonderful weather and suitable environment.

  1. Flora and Fauna of the area

During the Manaslu Circuit Trek in March, you will get to visit the amazing Manaslu Conservation Area as well. This will make you witness the great flora and fauna of the reason. Due to the favorable weather, even wildlife keep on enjoying the beauty of nature. They seem to be running from place to place in the Manaslu Conservation Areas. And this makes it easier for you to see the rare wildlife’s in a safe and suitable environment.

Furthermore, flowers keep on blossoming in this weather. The forest areas are beautiful and wonderful to see. Such a beautiful environment of the Manaslu Conservation Area is truly a treat to eyes. The rare plants are shining bright and they seem to be welcoming you.

  1. Clean and fresh air and water

In today’s world, air and water are the most polluted. Due to globalization and technology, every place you go is polluted and exploited. Living in big cities, people are now craving fresh air and water. And the best way to get a break from our regular everyday exploited environment and busy lives is to go on Manaslu Circuit Trek in March. You will get to live in the moment in the lap of the Himalayas where there is the purest form of water and air.

It makes you reduce your stress level, makes you calm and satisfies your soul. This is much more than just walking over the souls. It connects to the environment. Because, no matter how much technology-dependent we become, the pure bliss and happiness only come from the clean and fresh natural environment, which you can get in Manaslu Circuit Trek in March.

  1. Celebration of various festivals

March is the time where various festivals are celebrated in Manaslu Circuit Area. People of different caste and creeds like Tamang, Gurungs, etc live here. And they keep on celebrating various festivals during this month. And also, the Nepalese people are extremely good at hospitality. So, you can be part of their festivals and have lots of fun.

This kind of new cultural experience will make your journey even more interesting and memorable.

  1. Waterfalls, hot springs, and green farms

People are involved in various kinds of farmings. There are green fields all over the places. The villages you will walk through will offer you the green environment and various farm terraces. It is so amazing to walk through such a green environment. In addition to all these, there are also waterfalls and hot springs that you can just jump into if you feel cold. Overall the environment becomes very attractive during this month of the year.

Therefore, because of all these reasons, Manaslu Trekking in March is very popular and is considered as one of the best treks of Nepal. The area is less traveled and falls under the restricted area in Nepal. As a result,  the trek takes you to surprising places like Macchakhola(930m), Philim(1570m), Ghap(2050m), and Lho(3180m). Along with that it also covers Namrung(2660m), Samagaun(3525m), Samdo(3690m), Dharmasala(4470m), Larke La(5160m) and beautiful Bhimtang(3800m). The trekkers are welcomed with warm air and beautiful flower.

This trek encircles the whole Manaslu massif supplies.  Also, it is the best way to explore the entire variety of Nepal’s herbal and cultural variations. Manaslu circuit trek is amply rewarded with the enthralling environment and fascinating cultures and traditions of the primitive population of this region. This one in all fascinating trek covers Hindu center hills to the Tibetan high country dwellers. Furthermore, the superb mountain scenery of high Himal and surrounding peaks makes this place even more exciting. This amazing trek must be in your bucket list for your next vacation. Consequently, this trek offers you with a  cost-friendly, exciting, and a fantastic spot for real adventure in pure nature.

The weather of Manaslu Circuit Trek in March

March falls under the beginning month of spring in Nepal. The climate is very cool. It offers the most favorable weather to go on a trek. The days might be sunny and bright and clear. However, the nights might get cold. So, it is suggested that you take all the warm clothes with you along with the other necessary items like hot water bags.

The temperature of Manaslu Circuit Trek in March ranges from minus six degrees to ten degrees. As I mentioned, the nights are cold but the days are fine. It is generally a good temperature to go on a trek. Because there are no chances of rainfall and the cold is also not unbearable. It is a favorable climate with all the blossoming flowers in the area.

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Therefore, the Manaslu Circuit in March is the best option for your upcoming holidays. It is a very exciting and refreshing trek. Nepal is famous for such trekking places all over the world. And especially with the Visit Nepal 2020 going on, you might get the best services at the cheap cost. So, why not make your next trip soulful and memorable with the beautiful nature and in the lap of the beautiful Manaslu Mountain of Nepal. For any further inquiries feel free to contact us anytime and leave your inquiries below.

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