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Manaslu Short Trek

Manaslu circuit trek

Manaslu Short Trek

Manaslu Short Trek is designed for people who have limited time to travel to different places. When you have limited time and resources, it is better to visit one amazing place and have a good time. As you cannot spend much time to visit all the places. And it becomes a major decision to choose the place. But, do not worry and do not get confused about where to visit. We are making it easier for you.

To be honest, there are so many places to visit in Nepal that it is normal for anyone to get confused. However, one of the most amazing places in every way is Manaslu Short Trek. This trek allows you to enjoy nature in the best form and also learn various things. You will also get to enjoy the cultural diversity existing in the place. The glorious views of mountains are worth visiting. Furthermore, in Manaslu Short trek, you can visit various landscapes, religious places, forest areas, etc and many more. In a short span of time, this trek provides you the most fun.

Along with all these, other major attracting factors include the waterfalls and various spring falls. Also, snowfall looks most beautiful here in the lap of Himalayas. The majestic views and spectacular sceneries just steal your heart and mind. You cannot think of anything but to enjoy and live in the moment. The beauty of this Manaslu Short Trek is beyond beautiful and it’s hard to explain it in words. Simply, it is heartwarming and so heavenly.

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Following are some of the Highlights of Manaslu Short Trek

  1. Scenic drive to various destinations like Arughat and Beshishar

This is the first and major attraction of this trek. You get to enjoy the comfortable and mesmerizing drives. It is always amazing to be on the ride with the sweetest music and amazing sceneries. Throughout the drive, you will go up and down and straight through the hills, mountains, lakes, and waterfalls passing by. These sceneries are just enough to fill your heart with excitement and happiness. The forest areas with the sometimes views of rare wildlife, beautiful flowers, rare plants, and birds make this trip even more mesmerizing.

manaslu trek

  1. The cultural variety

This is another major reason why many people like to go on Manaslu Short Trek. Every place you will stop will present you with the kind and warm hospitality of Nepalese people. Their friendly behavior along with their cultural influence makes it even more interesting. Also, every new place will have a new cultural variety. It can be easily seen in the behavior of people, the local food and their culture. And, it is so amazing to get familiar with so much of cultural variety in just one place. And this adds value to the Manaslu Short Trek.

  1. Unexplored nature

This trek is not much explored in comparison to other treks. So, it is much fresher and natural. It is not exploited and its resources are not so explored. And it is always great to visit a place which is not seen by everybody and which is a completely new experience. The routes are filled with flowers; they go through the forest areas, above the hills, and through the villages. You will never get tired of exploring this new land. And you will not get tired of walking into these heavenly routes. They just make you feel, how grateful we human beings are to be the part of this amazing nature and how blessed we are.

So, this is another highlight of Manalsu Short Trek that it presents you will place and sceneries that seem to have been stored just for you. And it seems like even mountains smile seeing your presence and flowers blossom to make you happy. It is just one of the most amazing places to be at least once in your life.

  1. Easy and attractive trails

People from all over the world come to Nepal to go to Manaslu Short Trek. This is suitable for people of all age groups and backgrounds. There is no need to have any kind of specific knowledge about trekking to go on this trek. Even if you are a beginner, it won’t be a problem. And it is mainly because of the easy and attractive trails of the trek. The routes are dry and clean. They are not so hard to trek and it will not be very uncomfortable.

Also, the amazing sceneries and beautiful flowers all around make this trail even more attractive. You can also get clear and perfect picture shots anywhere throughout the trek. And this will make your journey memorable forever. Also, you will have pictures of various happy moments with you.

  1. Religious and historical monuments

This trek will offer you the best places and monuments of religious and historical monuments. You can explore the Nepalese and Tibetan culture at the same time. There are various temples, monuments, monasteries and another place which people consider very important. You will get to know the beliefs and values of people.

manaslu trek

These religious and historical monuments are often filled with people’s crowd. Also, they keep celebrating various kinds of festivals and celebrations in the place. So, you will get to be part of their festivals, moreover celebrate their happiness. Trust me, it will just make you so happy, peaceful ad satisfied. Nepalese festivals and cultures are the important and attractive parts of its identity. And, it is always great to be part of them.

  1. Flora and fauna in absolute greenery

The best part of Manaslu Short Trek is its pretty good flora and fauna. There are a variety of plant species and flowers in different colors just to mesmerize you. Along with that, you can see different animals and birds here enjoying in their original habitat. And all these flora and fauna are existing in its absolute greenery.

There are green hills and dense forests, all over the route. Also, the villages you will go through offer you the best green sceneries. There are various fields and farms. People working in their fields and smiling at you. Birds singing above the green fields and mountains. And the absolutely beautiful routes through all this is just the best treat to our eyes.

So, these are some of the major highlights of the Manaslu Short Trekking. It is one amazing short trek of the country.  comprises of all the natural aspects and amazing sceneries all together. This has always been quite famous to date. Also, it offers rich natural beauty and bio-diversity. The beautiful sceneries of mountains, rare plants, and wildlife’s, green and pollution-free environment are enough to add memories to your life.

This place is made even more beautiful by the stunning views of mountains, the glorious sceneries and the cultural values that you get to explore on the way. Along with that, it also has the most beautiful rivers, lakes, spring falls and glaciers in it. It seems like a piece of heaven left on the earth. With the green hills surrounding the routes, the rarest flora, and fauna, you get to see, makes this place truly worth visiting at least once in your lifetime.

Cost of Manaslu Short Trek

The most important factor to go on any kind of trek is its budget. How much budget you have determines how many days you will be able to spend there and what facilities you can assess. The major costs involved in the trekking are transportation costs, personal expenses, travel insurance, lodging and food, and the permit costs.

And to visit Manaslu Conservation Area also, you will need to pay for these services. However, the best part it; your budget can never be a restriction for your journey. As we provide completely customized services, we will make it the easiest and favorable for you. However, this cost might change in some months. Also, there might be fluctuations in certain seasons. So, if you need the price on any exact day. Please do contact us and we will provide you with the information as soon as possible.

However the general average cost of Manaslu Trek costs around USD 20 to USD 25. It covers your food, accommodations and travel costs. If you want to know any major details, please do let us know, so that we can customize it for you and provide you the most affordable cost.

Mount Manaslu

The following are some major permits and general cost information. To trek, for this reason, you need to have certain permits. Let us explain all of them including their costs:

  1. Manaslu Conservation Area Project

Since you will be entering Manaslu Conservation Area during your trek. You will need to have this permit. And the cost of this permit is USD 30 for foreigners. However it is low if you’re a citizen of SAARC members, it is only NPR 1000. And for Nepalese people, it is only NPR 100.

  1. Manaslu Restricted Permit

This permit will cost you only USD 100 for a week. And it is same for the foreigners and SAARC members. However, it is free for internal tourists.

  1. Tsum Valley Permit

You will also have to have Tsum Valley Trek. And it costs USD 40 for all the foreigners and SAARC members. It is also free for internal tourists.

Thus, Manaslu Short Trek is a journey with a complete package of culture, adventure, and lifelong memories. Just a view to those deep, quiet and heavenly mountains can change a person’s perception towards life. When the rays of the sun touch the snowy White Mountains, it not only provides a wonderful scene of natural beauty but also adds hope and perspectives to your life.

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Not only Manaslu short Trek but also there are so many places to visit in Nepal that are equally mesmerizing. And it might also be the reason why it is considered as one of the most valued tourist destinations. And when it comes to trekking, there isn’t a better place than Nepal. Nepal, the land of Himalayas and the home too many natural beauties are just mesmerizing. And time and again it has proved just to be the best destination for such activities.

manaslu trek


It’s eight tallest mountain, ten world heritage sites, national parks and conservation areas, hills and amazing landscapes and many more thing makes it one of the most valuable travel destinations. Furthermore, it is also the home to rare wildlife, birds and plant species as well.

And especially for trekking, the completely natural and raw trekking routes are just so attractive. It is the best and most amazing place to be. There are so many things you can see and explore in this little country.

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