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Manaslu Trek 14 Days

Manaslu circuit trek

Manaslu trek 14 days

Nepal is the land of Himalayas. It is the land of the tallest mountain Mount Everest and also such eight other mountains. Also, it is a birthplace of Lord Buddha, so a peaceful and naturally and spiritually beautiful place. It is definitely a popular name in the travel and tourism world. Also, Nepal is considered to be the best place for the trekker, adventurists, etc. Because it provides you the best places to enjoy such outdoor activities. Especially the treks like Mount Everest Trek, Annapurna Trek, Manaslu Trek  14 days and many more are most attractive to the tourists.

Nepal is the land of the tallest mountain Mount Everest and also such eight other mountains. Also, it is a birthplace of Lord Buddha, so a peaceful and naturally and spiritually beautiful place. There are so many reasons to visit Nepal. And furthermore, there are wide options to do here. The stunning snow-capped mountains, green hills, and stunning landscapes and the green fields of Terai, Nepal is simply beautiful. In addition to that, there are also rare wildlife and birds and many more to explore.

The cultural variety of Nepal is also another amazing thing to explore. Along with all these, various other travel options like paragliding, sight-seeing, rafting, hiking, and trekking and every possible thing can be done here. It is famous in the entire world for its natural beauty and eye-catching sceneries.

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Furthermore, it is also the cheapest destination around the world. It falls under low-cost destinations. And at the same time the most valuable destination as well. Even a short trek to Nepal will make you feel great and let you experience the greatness of this little world, Nepal. You can get accommodations and food at a very low price here, along with the ensured quality. Moreover, there are many different people of different ethnicity, caste and creed live here. They all follow different cultures and customs. And on a trip to Nepal, you can enjoy that cultural diversity as well. Also, you can be part of their customs and festivals

Manaslu circuit trek

Why Trek to Nepal?

  1. The land of amazing and tallest mountains.
  2.  explore the nature beauty
  3. The different and unique lifestyle of local people
  4. know about different cultural diversities
  5.  taste the variety of delicious local foods
  6. Enjoy serenity and spirituality, seek peace and happiness
  7. trekking to  peaceful forests, between the beautiful flowers and in the mountains
  8. One of the cheapest destinations
  9. To witness the best hospitality of people

Manaslu Trek 14 days 

Manaslu Trek is the best way to explore the hidden Mountains of Nepal, especially the Manaslu Mountain. You get the best opportunity to get connected to nature and also get to explore the lifestyle of local people of this little world.

And Manalsu Trek  14 days is one amazing short trek of the country. It is a short trek that comprises all the natural aspects and amazing sceneries all together. This has always been quite famous to date. It is highly rich in natural beauty and bio-diversity. The beautiful sceneries of mountains, rare plants, and wildlife’s, green and pollution-free environment are enough to add memories to your life.

This place is made even more beautiful by the stunning views of mountains, the glorious sceneries and the cultural values that you get to explore on the way. Along with that it also has the most beautiful rivers, lakes, spring falls and glaciers in it. It seems like a piece of heaven left on the earth. With the green hills surrounding the routes, the rarest flora, and fauna, you get to see, makes this place truly worth visiting at least once in your lifetime.

Nepalese lifestyle, views of Himalaya, nature, etc then it is the best destination. The path to Poon hill is well built and you feel like embarking upon a discovery expedition in the heart of medieval villages. The breathtaking mountain sceneries and beautiful ethnic villages justify the popularity of Manaslu trekking 14 days. This is the best way to remain close and connected to nature. This trek is mainly best known for easy trekking fulfilling dreams for a glimpse of snow-capped mountain peaks and experiencing the Himalayan culture.

 Why to go on Manaslu ?

  • Spectacular mountain views

The mountain views are stunning and so adorable. You just want to look at them. The days are sunny and bright and there is no presence of clouds, so it makes it easier for you to get the amazing views of the mountains.

Moderate trekking routes

The trekking route of Manaslu trek is comfortable and exciting at the same time. It is surrounded by flowers and rare plants. The entire route is surrounded by great sceneries and mountain views. It keeps your trek interesting and memorable.

  • Comfiest accommodations and a variety of local food.

You can get comfortable and cozy accommodations to take rest. Most of such accommodations have great view in them. Also, you will get to enjoy a variety of local food.

  • Flora and fauna

You also get to enjoy the rarest flora and fauna during this trek. It is such a pleasure to get the views of that amazing and rare wildlife, birds and plant species.

  • Cleaner and fresh air

Definitely, this is another major reason, why people go on a trek to Manaslu trek. It is just so peaceful place. You will be completely surrounded by nature in its various forms. It is the best place to have clean and fresh and not-at-all polluted water.

  • Waterfalls and rice terraces

There are many waterfalls in the way. You can just take a break and jump in those waterfalls. Plus they had a lot of beauty to your pictures. You can enjoy the waterfalls during the hot season. You can chill and relax in these so beautiful waterfalls and forget any kind of stresses.

Therefore, these all are the reasons why Manaslu Trek must be in the bucket list.

manaslu trek


Your Itinerary can be customized as per your choices. It is completely based on your time availability and on the basis of the season you are traveling. Generally in Nepal the months of September, October and November are considered to be the best months to go on trekking activities. So now we are providing you a general itinerary of 14 days trek to Manaslu. It is explained below:

Day 1: Drive from Kathmandu to Soti Khola

This is the first day. And today you will be driving from Kathmandu to Soti Khola. The ride takes around eight to nine hours. And This drive will take you through Malekhua and sideway of the Trishuli river as well. This drive is also accompanied by the most exotic views of Ganesh, Baudha and Manaslu Himal. And finally, you will reach Soti Khola. And you will spend your night here.

Day 2: Trek from Soti Khola to Macha Khola

Your actual trekking begins today. The next six to seven hours of trek will take you to Macha Khola. The trek route goes through beautiful dense forests, waterfalls, and terraces.  The trail also goes to the Labubesi, after walking past the rice paddies. Labubesi is a small village. And from there you will reach the riversides and then finally reach the river banks of Macha Khola. And, the finally to Machha Khola.

Day 3: Trek from Macha Khola to Jagat

Jagat will be your next destination you’re this trek. First, you will reach to Tharo Khola to Khorlabesi. And further you will walk through many ups and downs through the forests and spring sides and then reach Doban. The route is very attractive and completely natural. And after hours of trek, you will get to cross the west bank of Budhi Gandaki and cross that river to reach the small beautiful village of Jagat. And you will spend today’s night here.

Day 4: Trek to Deng

After breakfast in Jagat, you will start your trekking journey to Deng. It will take around six to seven hours of trek. It is known as an agricultural village. And you will enjoy visiting this small village. Also, on the way to Deng, you will be able to visit monasteries, stupas and prayer flags as well.

Manaslu trek

Day 5: Trek from Deng to Namrung

And on day five you will be heading up to Namrung. It will take six to seven hours of treks. Namrung also has various check posts to check all the permits. You will be walking up and down and through the villages. It is the best way to explore the lifestyle of people. Also, on the way, you will come across various rivers, lakesides, etc.

Day 6: Trek from Namrung to Samagaon

Your day sixth will be Manaslu trek 14 days is  from Namrung to Samagaon. First, you will reach a village Lihi, which is very popular for its terraces and farming. You will have to pass through various forests and hilly areas. And after crossing the Lihi, you will reach to Simnag and then Lho. And from there you will keep moving to reach Shyala village. This is also known as a viewpoint to explore the great views of Mount Manaslu and also witness the gorgeous Ribung Gompa. And finally, you will reach Samagaon.

Day 7: Trek from Samagaon to Samdo

This is the next destination from Samagaon. The trail is easy and comfortable. And you also see various heritages, temples, and monuments of religious and historical importance in this trek. You will be following Budhi Gandaki River to cross a suspension bridge and reach Samdo.

Day 8: Trek from Samdo to Dharmasala

This is the next destination from Samdo. Today you will be reaching to Dharmasala. You will be going across the glaciers and lakes and riversides and finally reach Dharmasala.  Today you might want to stay here for acclimatization and wander to nearby places as well.

Day 9: Trek to Bhimphedi

Today you will walk for the next six-seven hours and reach Bhimphedi. It is situated at an altitude of 5215 meters. Today’s trail will ascend towards Cho Chanda and then goes to the Larkya La Pass. And finally, after the Manaslu trek 14 days , you will reach the top of this place. And it will provide you the best views of sparkling and spectacular mountains. The mountains like Himlung Himal, Cheo Himal, and Annapurna, etc can be best viewed from here. And you will stay here overnight.


Day 10: Trek to Tilje Trek to Tal(1725 m)
Today’s trek will include conquering heights and lengths, this trek will be easy and normal. You will observe the paddy fields along the way. Moving forward will take you to cross Karcha La Pass and then the trail will go down through the fig trees and blooming rhododendron forests.

Day 11: Trek to Tal

And today you will be reaching to the place called Tal. Continuing your marvelous journey will lead you to Tal passing through the Marshyandiriver.

Mount Manaslu

Day 12: Trek to Jagat
after viewing the lovely Landscapes in Tal you will be exposed to the tight gorge that opens to the Tal. You will have to walk like 5 hrs today. This area was formed when the valley was blocked by landscapes. Then you must pass through the Himalayan range that lies between the Manaslu and Annapurna range to view the extraordinary surrounding. Then you reach to Syange after crossing the suspension bridge. After that, you will reach to stiff climb up to Bahundanda which was followed by a descent Ngadi and Bulbule.

Day 13: Trek to Beshishahar
This day marks the second last day of trekking. You have to walk and easy 5 hr walk and trail goes all descending. Retracing all the trekking routes would be your major activity today.

Day 14: Trek to Kathmandu

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And finally, you will return back to Kathmandu from Beshishar

 So, in this way, your journey to Manaslu trek 14 days will be completed. And after all, life is about making memories and creating happiness with your loved ones. Also, remaining at the complete peace of mind. At the same time connecting with nature. So, why not this time let us take some time out of our busy lives and live life to the fullest. And what will be the best option to create such lifetime memories than the green grasslands, the mesmerizing mountain peaks, cute little villages, and riversides? Therefore, during this visit Nepal 2020, you are heartily welcome to explore the hidden mountains and natural beauty of this place.




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