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Mount Everest Tibet

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Trip Overview of Mount Everest Tibet

Mount Everest Tibet tour is a complete tour package that covers the major attractions of Lhasa and Central Tibet and once a lifetime experience of Everest Base Camp. The journey begins with Kathmandu to Kerung overland drive and ends by flying to Kathmandu from Lhasa. Witness Buddhist prayer ceremonies, visit the homes of local Tibetans and observe religious customs to give you an insight into Tibetan life and spiritual practices.

Tibet is famous for its religious values, art, history, monuments, and many more. But, the best part of a trip to Mount Everest Tibet Tour. It is also the main goal for most travelers there. Also, it is the best way to see the stunning view of Mount Everest from the north side.  This site provides a clear and mesmerizing view of the magnificent Mount Everest. It is also considered the best trek of Tibet.

Tibet Everest base camp tour, a desirable and mesmerizing journey which you’ll enjoy needless to say as this trip not only leads you with immense scenery of Tibetan vast landscapes and snow-clad high peaks, culture and age-old traditions because it was since past hundred of centuries.

Experience Tibet Everest base camp tour a journey of a lifetime experience where you’ll be within the world’s highest and largest plateau of Tibet with exceptional and marvelous views along the drive with an overnight in the local guest house and tourist standard hotels.

Best Tours Place in Tibet

Everest base camp Tibet Tour is one of the best tours in Tibet to visit the Everest Base Camp, where you will be compensated with surrounding and stunning perspectives of Mount Everest from the north side. The first day of the tour starts early in the morning. A scenic drive to Kerung Border (Nepal-Tibet Border) through the beautiful Nepalese countryside. The second day passes with enthusiasm as you will drive tight to the high Tibetan levels. Where you will get to see the correct Tibetan scene. From the high standards, you can explore and snap the high mountains like Mt. Cho Oyu & Mt. Xishapagma.

After we take an exhilarating drive to Rongbuk – 5000m and a mere 7km below Everest Base Camp Tibet. The perspective here is fantastic! Rongbuk is unquestionably the most astounding religious community on the planet. Which was first implicit 1902 by the Nyingma Lama and initially housed more than 500 friars? Today, just something like 50 friars and nuns remains, imparting the same supplication to God corridor, however, to discrete homes. The nuns here are incredible fun and will be pleased to have you join their night petitions to God. The vivacious can do the 7km climb to Base Camp for a closer perspective of this heavenly mountain, as well as you can rent a steed truck.

Mount Everest Tibet tour is the best place to visit in the world

After the tour heads to Xigatse passes in a grand drive traverse Gyatchu La Mountain. In this way, you will discover a course to Mt. Kailash. You will need to hold up for the morning touring and Panchen Lama’s Tashilhumpu cloister visit, after which you will head to the Panchen Lama’s Tashilhumpu religious community and return to your inn to stay overnight. On the fifth day of Everest base camp Tibet. You will drive a full day to traverse Karola, Kambala, and brilliant Yamdrok Lake and the Tibetan lifesaver stream Bramha Putra to the heavenly city of Lhasa.

Lhasa merits two/three full days of your consideration and visit. Here you will visit Jokhang Temple, Barkhor Street, Potala Palace, Drepung & Sera Monasteries. Bear in mind to purchase something for your kin back home on the Lhasa roads. The eighth and the last day of your tour take you to the airfield for your takeoff flight once more to Kathmandu or another terminus as you have arranged.

Tour start from Kerung 7 hour drive from Kathmandu

Mount Everest Tibet is called Mount Qomolangma. It is not just a journey of entertainment; instead, it is a matter of pride to be in the lap of the world’s tallest mountain and witness its beauty live. Your journey will begin with a drive from Kathmandu to Kerung. On the way only, you will be able to enjoy the fantastic sceneries. When you reach Tibet, you will be able to enjoy various monasteries, palaces, and other things.

After all that, your journey will move towards the famous and breath-taking Mount Everest Tibet. To reach there, you will be driving through the peaceful and fantastic countryside of Tibet. We can enjoy hiking to North Everest Base camp from where the views of the North Face of Mt. Everest are incredible. The sizzling view of the mountain will never fail to stun you. You will just be amazed to see the snow-capped mountains and the clouds flowing over, the calm nature, and the fantastic landscapes. Furthermore, the sunsets and sunrise in the mountains are to die for.

Your journey is still going on. Mount Everest Tibet tour will always have amazing places to see. You will then move towards Lhasa, where you will visit various historical and religious monasteries like Tashilumpo and other palaces.  Afterward, we drive back to Kathmandu through the overland drive.


Lhasa Everest base camp tour

The Lhasa to Everest Base Camp Tour is an 8-day journey in Tibet. This tour will take us from the capital city to the favored monasteries, pristine lakes, glaciers, rivers, farming valleys, and breathtaking scenic mountain views. we’ll drive to Everest Base Camp, the ground of the very best mountain in the world,

This Lhasa to EBC tour covers the gorgeous Tibetan cities and historical towns of Lhasa, Gyantse, Shigatse, and Rongbuk. In Lhasa, we’ll visit the foremost popular landmarks just like the Potala and Norbulingka palaces. We’ll also cross several passes and visit the gorgeous turquoise-colored Yamdrok Tso Lake. Impressive Tibetan monasteries like Sera, Drepung, Jokhang temple, Khumbum stupa, Tashi Lhumpo, Sakya, and Rongbuk are ours to admire. The Lhasa to Everest Base Camp tour, a distance covering around 800 km. The route offers you an entire tour and merges Tibet’s most famous and sacred sites into a perfect package.

The first three nights of our Tibet Everest base camp tour are going to be spent within the ancient city of Lhasa. This duration will give us a chance to possess correct acclimatization and sightseeing of culturally and historically interesting sites of Lhasa. After exploring the traditional town, we leave Lhasa on a personal Jeep or Van. Along the wonderful Friendship Highway, we’ll stay in first-rate yet traditional Tibetan gust houses and hotels every step of the way.

The most admirable highlight of the Lhasa Everest base camp tour is our visit to the world’s highest base camp of Everest. The breathtaking view of Mt. Everest from base camp is actually breathless and marvelous. this tour takes you to those highlighted places and allows you to experience the sites in close proximity. you’d be encountering many local people and enjoy Tibet’s beautiful sites to their fullest extent.

Highlights of The Tour

  • The northern face of the magnificent Mount Everest
  • The stunning landscapes and mountain views
  •  The historic monasteries and palaces
  •  A spiritual yet exciting journey

Accommodations in Mount Everest Tibet tour

All accommodation lodgings have been choosing in our Lhasa tour for their standard of hygiene, standard of service, location, and food quality. All accommodation is based on a twin sharing basis, during your tour, we will use Hotel Flora or Snowland in Lhasa, Single supplement will be provided on request it cost US$ 120 Single Supplement Fee.

If clients want to use deluxe and best accommodations available we can upgrade the accommodation  on the tour as per your request, in Lhasa can use the budget to 5-star hotel available to upgrade the tour  please contact us

Food on Mount Everest Tibet tour

Your Mount Everest Tibet tour package includes only breakfast. So, you may want to carry with you energy bars, dry foods like chocolates, cookies, etc to eat on the way. Restaurants in Lhasa, Gyantse, and Xigatse. You can have a choice of local, Chinese to Continental meals. the other places, you will find basic Tibetan foods.

Clothing and Packing list

The weather is cold, harsh, and dry. You will need enough warm clothes. here are some suggestions for packing.

Official Documents

Passport and Chinese Visa: Never forget your original passport and Chinese Visa with photocopy also.

Tibet Travel Permit: Be sure to get the Tibet travel permit, We will send it to you before you start the tour

Bank Cards and Enough Cash: Cash can be withdrawn everywhere in Lhasa.




Hoodie, fleece, long sleeve jacket, or windbreaker

Thick down jacket or insulated jacket: if you are traveling to Tibet in winter during December, January and February it is very cold.

Windproof pants:


Rain jacket, raincoat, or poncho

Breathable socks: Prepare 4-5 pairs don’t forget to put warm and thick socks

Backpack: 35 to 50 Ltr

Sleeping bag: The accommodation Rongbuk is quite basic on our Mount Everest Tibet tour,  so if you have a sleeping bag take it or you can just take a sleeping bag liner.


Hand sanitizer
Lip balm for the dryness of the climate.
Sunscreen lotion
First Aid kid and medicine for common illness and High altitude sickness
Other toiletries you might need on a regular basis

flashlight with extra batteries.


Comfortable trekking shoes
sneakers and tennis shoes

Breathable socks

Medical Kit

You can take some basic medications for your Mount Everest Tibet tour, you can get it in there also but quite hard due to the language barrier. you can put in your kit box some antibiotics like Ciprofloxacin. Bring the usual Panadol/Tylenol (ibuprofen) for headaches, colds, and flu and Loperamide or equivalent for diarrhea, as well as medicine for stings and insect bites. You can also get altitude tablets which are called Diamox. you can also bring some Multi-Vitamins.

Best time to visit Mount Everest Tibet

Tibet is dry much of the year-round because the mountains catch most of the rainfall. It is a very cold and dry place during the winter from (November – March). May – October is taken into account the simplest time to go to Tibet. when the weather is warmer (above 10°C) and therefore the ice has melted, unblocking roads out of the cities. September – October is that the ideal time to trek and rich autumnal colors bring fantastic photographs.

Four Seasons in Tibet

Tibet has four seasons, but remember, weather patterns today aren’t always predictable, given the consequences of global climate change. Temperatures at North Base Camp don’t typically fall as low as other areas on the Tibet side and maybe as warm as 48°F.
Spring at North Base Camp

Generally speaking, spring – Mid-April, May, and even mid-June – are ideal times to go to the North Everest Base Camp. Ice is melting, roads are open. the world isn’t as cold as in fall and winter, and there are clear views of the mountains. you would like to be prepared, however, for if the snow has not cleared on the passes, as can often happen in early spring, driving or trekking are often quite difficult.

Autumn season

Tibet Travel Lhasa Jokhang Jowo SakyamuniMid-September to November, after the monsoon passes and before the tough winter arrives, is another window of opportunity for magnificent views of Mt. Everest. The clouds have cleared, but there could also be snow and the temperature can drop quite low.

Summer Season

Mid-June through August is often rainy sometimes, although nowhere near as rainy as in Nepal. Also, unlike Nepal, there are not any leeches, and roads and trails are free from snow and definitely passable. In summer, however, the mountain is more “shy,” hiding her face in clouds, so there’s an opportunity you’ll not get the clear view you came for. Therefore, summer is the be a great time for visiting most of Tibet.

Winter Season

Winter is not recommended time for the Everest base camp tour. However the road is open till Rongbuk, visitors can actually get to the North Base Camp in winter. (Note: Although Tibet isn’t technically closed in February and March, the Chinese government might not issue the required permits for visiting this part of Tibet.) When it’s not snowing, the winter sky is obvious and you’ll be rewarded with a wide-ranging view of Mt. Everest. The snowfalls at Tibet’s Base Camp are usually not that strong but it makes you colder if you go to the upper region.

While you visit Tibet Everest base camp, be prepared for dramatic weather changes. Also, nights are cold but days are chilly. Pack clothing that you simply can layer, putting things on or taking them off as temperatures rise and fall. And don’t forget a hooded, waterproof jacket, waterproof pants, and gaiters to stay your feet dry.


The accommodation in Tibet is improving a lot in recent days as many Chinese Hotels came in recent years. But if we compare the hotel class it less than another part of the world. If we compare the 3-star hotel in Tibet is round the same because of the 2-star class in other cities. most of the hotels don’t have a heating plant in winter. Also, the guesthouses in remote areas of Tibet are trying their best to suit travelers’ needs. However, due to its remoteness,  the overall level of accommodation in Tibet is lower than in other parts of China.

In our Mount Everest Tibet tour, we mostly use 3-star hotels In Lhasa and Shigatse. However, you can upgrade the accommodation also which are 4 or 5-star class hotels. the simplest hotel in Lhasa is St.Regis Resort, Four points of Sheraton and Bramahaputra Grand Hotel. there are some hotels very fashionable among foreign travelers and at an affordable price, like Kyichi Hotel, Dhood Gu Hotel, Kailash Hotel.
In Gyantse, Tsedang and Lhatse, and Tingri the accommodation range from the guesthouse to the 3-star class hotels.

In small places, the accommodation ranges from the guesthouse to the 2-star class hotels, actually they’re just simple hotels with very basic facilities. while in foreign places, there are only guesthouses, no heating, and no shower.

For trips to our Mount Everest Tibet tour, at Rongbuk, it is a very basic guesthouse. you can only stay in guesthouses run by local monasteries or Tibetan residents. The facilities are very poor, with no showers. It is suggested to bring your own personal toiletries. Please notice that some small hotels and guesthouses will be closed during the winter months due to only a few tourists traveling to Tibet.

Food during the tour

During your trip to Everest base camp Tibet your daily breakfast is included in our tour cost. Breakfast comes with the accommodation you stay in each night as a part of your package. Lunch and dinner, while not included and often arranged by your guide. Our guide can recommend places to eat that are suitable to your budget and group requirements.

Breakfast in your hotel in Lhasa will normally contain a western-style meal of pancakes with honey and bananas, yogurt and cereal, or eggs and sausages with bread and tomatoes. They also offer a Chinese-style breakfast, which usually includes steamed dumplings, boiled or scrambled eggs with tomatoes, hot vegetables, and congee (a quite watery rice pudding that will be sweet or savory).  While out in Lhasa is much simpler, and can often contain Tibetan noodles cooked with a meat soup, homemade bread with tea, or Coffee, porridge with milk.

Lunch & Dinner

Many restaurants include Chinese, Sichuan, and Indian cuisine, also as some western-style dishes. While in Lhasa, ask your guide to require you to some local places faraway from the tourist-traps around Potala Palace and Jokhang Temple, as these will offer you better value for money. you’ll also get good pizza, hotdogs, and burgers if you’re missing the tastes of home.

While you are on the road and out of big cities the simplest places to eat when out is in the guest houses, as they’re going to have good value meals that are both nutritious and filled with energy. Most towns within the countryside have a couple of small cafes where you’ll get a good hot meal to fight the cold of the climate. it’s also useful to hold some dish with you, like pot noodles or packet food and snickers bars.

Getting Tibet Everest base camp

Getting to Everest base camp in Tibet is mainly from 2 options Drive or by flight. you can’t travel this Tibet autonomous region independently. You need to travel with a guide and need a tour agency to arrange your travel permit.

Most travelers in Tibet start their journeys in Lhasa, and while going to EBC from the town is sort of an extended trip. Driving on a private vehicle in the great is not a physical challenge.

First, you can fly to Lhasa and after spending 3 days there we will drive to Rongbuk. If flying into Lhasa from Kathmandu or Beijing. We need to acclimatize in Lhasa before heading to Everest. during your stay at Lhasa, we do the city tour by visiting the famous monasteries and local Bazaar. We will drive through the amazing landscape which is dry and brown. Passes by a couple of dazzlingly turquoise lakes making good stops along the way. Once you cross the high passes (16,400+ feet) that take you down into the Qomolangma park, the undulating Tibetan foothills become the big jagged peaks of Everest and its neighbor.

If you are on the trekking here, there are two base camps: ‘Everest Base Camp’ and ‘Advanced Base Camp’. within the Kangshung Valley, beneath the sheer east face of Everest, is that the third base camp that’s rarely employed by climbers because the route is extremely dangerous.
If you are in Nepal and start the tour from here you can drive via the Kerung highway. We can drive to Old Tingri in 2 days and join at Rongbuk monster on the last day. after visiting Everest base camp you can drive back in the same way or better to visit Lhasa and take a short flight.

Tour from Nepal

Tibet’s nearest neighbor, Nepal is one among the closest gateway countries to enter Lhasa, either overland or by flight. It’s also the sole country with a world flight to Tibet. you’ll easily take a flight from Kathmandu to Lhasa. After your Tibet tour is completed, if you favor, you’ll further visit other cities, like Chengdu, Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou, etc. in China and eventually fly back to Nepal.

For Nepali tourists, traveling through the heights of the Tibetan plateau and on to China may be a great opportunity to enjoy two places directly.  You will enjoy the mystery of Tibet, with its ancient monasteries, sacred mountains, and shimmering lakes. Then, moving on to China, you’ll determine more about the traditional Chinese culture, and therefore the beautiful countryside. Our Packages are often arranged from Kathmandu, and take you to Tibet from there you can travel to China or onward destination.


Everest Base Camp Trek Tibet

Tibet Everest base camp trek is one of our popular trekking tour packages in Tibet. The trek is that starts in Lhasa with the traditional palaces and monasteries and drives right down to Gyantse then to Shigatse. We will drive via tranquil Lakes crossing the breathtaking passes to Old Tingri from where the amazing trek starts with our trekking crew. This trip including a 4-day trek will start from the barren valleys. The route will following the rugged trail to the world’s highest base camp from where you’ll enjoy the majestic view of Mt. Everest and its breathtaking range.

We can organize the Tibet Everest base camp trek during the month from April to June and September to November. Moreover, the primary season, April, May, and June are the simplest time for this trip because of the weather. During this month the crystal clear sky and can get the best mountain view.

Everest base camp trek from Tibet is the foremost adventurous and highest trekking trails in the world. The trekking route from Tingri to Everest base camp provides a heady mixture of solitude, wildlife sighting, and physical challenges. we’ll complete 70 km trekking in four days. The route map takes us to the high altitude ranges from 4000m to 5350m of height.

We will follow the foremost demanding yet rewarding trail to succeed in Rongbuk Base Camp. Magnificent view of Everest is often seen clearly from the Rongbuk Base Camp. We can also enjoy the view of the high ridge to the village of Zommug. We head to Everest base camp to explore the breathtaking glaciers below the huge north face of Everest and to ascertain the foremost magnificent scenery on the world’s tallest peak.

Overland trip to Everest base camp Tibet

Tibet Overland Tour via friendship highway takes to Everest Base Camp major landmarks of Tibet. The journey that starts from the Nepalese capital, Kathmandu ends at Lhasa, the capital of Tibet. During this tour, we will traverse through many wonderful towns that fall in the 1000km stretch of Friendship Highway. We will drive through the beautiful highway with the best mountain view.

As the tour continues to realize elevation and goes more inside Tibet, we drive to the world’s one among the very best altitude monasteries, Rongbuk 5000m. within the close proximity of the Everest Base Camp on the Tibetan side nestles, which is that the prime highlight of the Tibet Overland Tour via Everest Base Camp. you will also explore the Savor the authenticity of highland monastic culture with the overwhelming panorama of nature.

After the visit, the Everest base camp Tieb tour continues across the second largest town in Tibet, Shigatse, which offers fantastic sightseeing. While visiting the Gyantse which caters to the magnificence of Yamdrok Tse Lake from the highest of Karo La Pass. We will cross the high passes of Tibet Before entering Lhasa. Finally, the tour includes the cultural sightseeing of the most vital landmarks of Lhasa.

During the rive on this long the Highway we travel through a number of the foremost amazing landscapes on Earth. This tour will pass small Tibetan settlements, nomadic herdsmen wandering across the wide arid plains, and awe-inspiring mountain peaks. Equally as fascinating is that the wealth of cultural interest and there’s an opportunity to explore this side of Tibet, both in Lhasa and therefore the other towns we undergo on our journey back to Kathmandu.

Visiting Rongbuk Monastery

Rongbuk Monastery is in the Shigatse Region, southwest of the mysterious Tibet Autonomous Region. This is one of the best places to visit on our Mount Everest Tibet tour. This place lies at almost 5,000m above water level, this lofty location is a very quiet location to visit.  While the air here is thin and therefore quite hard to breathe. But the beautiful scenery, consisting of rugged slopes resulting in snowy peaks, is unrivaled anywhere else within the world. The scenery making everything you would possibly suffer on your journey quite worthwhile.

At the foot of Everest sits the Rongbuk Monastery, allegedly the very best monastery in the world. They are often reached by driving for a couple of hours along the Friendship Highway. We will drive an 800km scenic route that goes from Tibet’s capital, Lhasa, all thanks to the Chinese/Nepalese border. The monastery may be a popular accommodation for those thinking of paying the night at the Everest Base Camp. it had been inbuilt in 1899 by an area lama and, today, only two of its 5 tiers are in use.

From the monastery, the Rongbuk Glacier Zone is often seen. this is often the most important of all the glaciers formed around Everest, of which there are hundreds, and is an absolute treat for the eyes. With many warm clothes in tow, visitors to the present region are going to be ready. For the simplest experience, the environment here should be viewed within the dawn of day. this may give them an intriguingly mystical feel which will stick with you forever.

Mount Everest Tibet - Trip Info

Trip Facts and Figures

Duration: 08 days

Highest Altitude: 5300 m

Trek Grade: Strenuous

Joining in:  Kathmandu Nepal

Location:  Lhasa Everest base camp

Guide: Government certified tour guide.

Lodging:  Twin sharing tea house/guest house accommodation on our Mount Everest Tibet tour, on request can provide a single room that will cost you single supplement fees.

Best time to visit Tibet

The best time to travel Mount Everest Tibet tour is from  April to October. Traveling at the beginning of this season allows you to enjoy the snow outside of Lhasa without too much disruption. Towards the end, autumn foliage colors the landscapes, and harvest festivals are held in October.

Tibet rain seasons are starting from late May or June to September or October, with most of it falling in July and August. If we choose the best months to visit here they are  April and May, or September and October – either side of the peak of the summer rains and the winter snow.

Winter in Tibet is very cold but it has its own charms, with snowy scenes and lower prices proving a draw for many. But in December, January, and February, the mountains and trekking routes are inaccessible, and many roads may be blocked as well.

You can still visit Lhasa in winter. Days will be dry and bright but cold – with a wind chill making it feel even chillier. Nights plummet below freezing from November to February.

Tibet Visa information

Traveling to Tibet you need from Nepal are required to apply for both of China Group Tourist Visa and Tibet Visa (also named Tibet travel permit). For both travel documents, individual travelers can only get them through a local travel agency and we will arrange it for you. For the processing of China Group, Visa takes at least 3 working days, Thus we advise you to arrive in Kathmandu earlier.

While for Tibet Permit, We need to start preparing at least 20 days before you for Nepal. All you need to do is emailing the photo of your passport information to us.

If you have any Chinese visa in your passport when we apply for a China Group Visa, the previous Chinese visa will become invalid. If you have, you can take it and use it to fly from Kathmandu to Chengdu and later get Tibet Permit for Tibet entry. WE will arrange your Tibet visa and travel permit for your Mount Everest Tibet tour.

Detailed Itinerary of Mount Everest Tibet

Today We will start our driving in the early morning. It is beautiful mountain driving in with the best scenery to the Tibet Kerung Border (Nepal-Tibet Border) through the beautiful Nepalese countryside and after necessary border formalities at Nepalese immigration, an hour adventurous uphill drive by Bus & Jeep (usually) or 2-hour walk uphill (in case of landslide to Chinese immigration, check-in to the hotel or Continue drive to Kerung. Stay overnight at Guest House.

Today our drive is to the highest plateau of the world with typical landscape offering the sheer feeling of being on the roof of the world crossing over the 5,050 meters LA LUNGA pass, from where you can view the breathtaking mountain range from Mt.Cho Oyu (8,201m) Mt.Xishapagma ( 8,012m) dwarfed by the vastness of Tibetan plateau (if weather permits). One can also take a magnificent view of Mt. Everest (8,848m) from Tingri/ SHEGAR. Overnight at Guesthouse.

From New Tingri and Shegar (Xegar), our route diverts away from the main highway towards the North Everest base camp with a scenic drive to Rongbuk through the beautiful Tibetan countryside. Explore Rongbuk Monastery (the highest monastery in the world) – You can then view the spectacular sight of Mount Everest. You have the opportunity to explore Everest Base Camp (5150m.) The base camp itself is dry and barren, but the views of Everest more than compensates for it. It truly is an excellent place with the sheer north face of the highest mountain in the world towering above you — overnight accommodation at a guest house.

Today we explore Everest Base Camp and watch the sunrise on Mt. Everest. It is an exact awe-inspiring place with the entire north face of the highest mountain in the world soaring above you. You can Rent a horse cart or walk to the Everest BC and explore around Proceed with beautiful drive traverse Gyatchu La (5,220m), the most elevated pass in transit to Lhasa using Lhatse from here views to Mt. Kailash Bifurcates to the west. Xigatse is a standout amongst the most generally huge towns in Tibet.

In the morning, visit the Tashilunpo Monastery and the free bazaar of Xigaste. Tashilumpo lies at the foot of Drolmari, or Tara’s Mountain, on the western side of Shigatse. It is one of Tibet’s most potent cloisters, established in 1477 by Gendun Drubpa, the first Dalai Lama. Inside the gallery, the Maitreya Chapel is the tallest building and houses the world’s biggest metal statue of Buddha at 26.2 meters (86 feet) high, situated on a 3.8 meter (12 foot) high lotus throne made of gold, metal, and valuable pearls, After lunch set out on a charming 2 hours head to Gyantse with its astounding locales Khumbum, Palkor Chode Monastery, and Gyantse Dzong. From Gyantse, a picturesque drive crossing the 2 passes The Karo La (5010m) and Kamba La (4794 m) pass and Lake Yamdrok Tso (Turquoise Lake). You will cross the Tibetan lifeline river Bramha Putra(Yarlung Tsangpo) and see the distant views of the Potala Palace. Overnight in Lhasa

Today we explore the heart of Tibet by taking the special tour; our tour begins with a visit to Sera Monastery, Sera, in Tibetan, means “Wild Rose Garden” since opulent wild rose woods once grew around it. The Sera monastery was completed in 1419. The Monastery is situated on a mountain slope with colorful architecture. After here we are going to explore Norbulinka Palace, in Tibetan ‘beautiful gardens’, and the summer palace of the Dalai Lama. At serene Sera Monastery, enjoy watching the monks animatedly debating the Buddhist scriptures and see the beautiful collection of ancient murals and statues as well as scriptures written in gold powder, beautiful scroll paintings, tapestries, and Thangka that can be seen throughout. Visit the Jokhang Temple, a spiritual center of Tibetan people. Every day, many Buddhists from every corner of Tibet come to burn incense to worship here. Follow the pilgrimage circuit along the ancient streets of the old town around Barkhor Bazaar and return to the hotel overnight.

Today we will explore the Potala Palace and Drepung Monastery. The 17th century Potala Palace offers an excellent view of the entire city and also has private quarters of the Dalai Lama, numerous grand state rooms and chapels, you are guided through the ancient chamber of the palace and get to see Tibetan art and statues, After visit Potala palace enjoy the solemnity of holy Dreprung Monastery one of the largest Monastery in Tibet which was built in 14th century used to shelter around 10,000 monks, where you can observe many nuns and monks chanting and performing religious discourses, but as now there has been quite a declination resulting in only a few hundred. Tibetans’ respect and belief are immensely knotted with this monastery, evening free for Shopping return back to the hotel for overnight.

Early morning drive to the airport for departure flight from Lhasa to Kathmandu or your onward destination.


Not satisfied with this itinerary? Cutomize Now

Cost Includes

  • Hotel, arrival/departure transfer
  • All necessary Tibet travel permits
  • Getting a Chinese visa and Tibet Travel permit
  • All land transport in private vehicle ( minivan, van, Hiace depends on group size)
  • Lhasa to Kathmandu flight ticket.
  • Accommodation in Tibet on twin sharing basis
  • Daily Breakfast
  • English speaking Tibetan guide
  • All fees for sightseeing and Monasteries as outlined in the itinerary
  • All applicable taxes and service charges

Cost Excludes

  • Accommodation and any services in Kathmandu
  • Chinese visa fee, Air Fare, Travel insurance
  • Meals other than breakfast in Tibet
  • Extra expenses if in case political and natural problem
  • Tips for guides and driver
  • Nepal visa fee
Fixed Departure Date & Cost

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A vacation to Tibet is not the cheapest holiday. There are few expect to travel there like flights to China or Nepal and then additional flight or train to Lhasa. The restrictions on foreign travel and expensive visa fees also make the Tibet tour cost high. If you’re traveling as a family of three or four people, the price person often goes down because kid’s tickets are cheaper and hotel rooms can be shared cost of the trip On average, a tour of 8 days can cost from USD 1700 to USD 2100 per person, on twin sharing basis. Cost also depends on the tour type, accommodation, and other things.

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