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Nepal adventure is the combined package of Trekking, Tours, an experience that will give you a once-in-a-lifetime memory.  Above the Himalayas, Trekking is committed to providing the best services. With our dedicated team of professionals and design custom trips with your specific budget and priorities in mind.

The Nepal adventure package holiday is the best option to consider when you travel to the Country. Culturally, ethnically, and linguistically diverse with the full range of amusements and incredible panorama. Nepal is the favored destination in the world for trekking, mountaineering, whitewater rafting. Wildlife safari and other many different adventure activities due to its extremely high Himalayan ranges and incredible biodiversity.

The country has a composite population stemming from various racial and ethnic communities. Nepalese people are renowned for their welcome and hospitality. Nepal adventure offers visitors who remember it more than any other. Nepalese are naturally friendly, welcoming people. We enjoy meeting people from around the world and are proud to share our beautiful country with you. Despite extensive common grounds shared with neighboring India and China. The people stand in a world of their own, offering astray from the routine of everyday life. For visitors who come here seeking a break for Nepal adventure. The diverse mosaic of various races and ethnic groups has given Nepal its distinct character and culture.

Many adventure activities are in Nepal

There are several things of Nepal adventure to do when exploring the heights of Nepal, including trekking, rock climbing, Cannoning, kayaking, paragliding, mountain biking, Peak climbing, and mountaineering. Some visitors in Nepal come not just to witness the beautiful scenery but to expand their minds and spirit as there are courses in meditation, yoga, and massage available in many of the towns and cities in Nepal. Nepal travel proves to be a great experience and adventure that you will have an unforgettable and exciting time, with memories to treasure for years to come. Nepal can be perfect for people with a long or short duration holiday visit. So now is the time to brace you for the break-away to experience the most amazing Nepal adventure with exhilarating exploration.

Nepal Paragliding

It is an adventurous sport and a unique adventure. It is a kind of  Nepal adventure creative activity of flying the para-glide which is light weighted, free-flying, foot-launched aircraft with no exact primary structure. There is a wing in Para-glide with lines to maintain the shape and is connected to multiple perplex cells. The pilot sits near the seat of the side and controls the lines attached to the wings. The lines are there to control the pitch and speed. Since the para-glide has no engines fitted, it depends on the pressure of air.

Although Nepal Paragliding is famous worldwide, there are a few places where you can fly with a real natural feeling. One of the best places for paragliding in Nepal. We can find lots of destinations to para-glide such as Pokhara, Bandipur, Sirkot, and the Godavari, and so on. The paragliding in Nepal takes you to the real world of adventure where you will view the mountains, Lakes, cities, and hills from above the sky. The spectacular views from above will make you feel like a free bird. In this Nepal adventure, you will be seated with a trained pilot so there no need to panic and stress.

The perfect months for Nepal adventure paragliding are November, December, and January due to the consistent weather. The climate is favorable, and nature seems to be more beautiful in this month of the year in Nepal.” Above the Himalaya” provides you with the best trekking trip including Paragliding which will make your trip one of the most challenging and adventurous ones.

Nepal Bungee Jumping

It is one of the thrilling adventures that one needs to experience once in a lifetime. This exciting Nepal adventure can take and enjoy in Nepal.  One of the New Zealander consultants first introduced the bungee jump in Nepal at 166 m. In Bhote Koshi and located near the Nepal-Tibet border. It will take three hrs bus ride from Kathmandu. Home of nature and perfect Himalayan ranges. Nepal is the best place for anyone who wants to jump from high above.

The thrill of bungee jumping can do either at The Last Resort along the Arniko Highway. It is run by some of the most experienced jump masters in the business. This place is with the best scenery and dense forests covering the top of the cliff.  you can do the day trip or stay overnight and joining other activities.


Most of the Adventure tours are in Pokhara

You will find the heaven of Nepal adventure in Pokhara. Most of the Adventure sports are in Pokhara, you can do Bungy jumping, ultra-light flight,  day hike to 2 weeks treks start from here. As a result, people who love white water rafting and Kayaking can enjoy it from here. We can do  Seti River and Trishuli River rafting from Pokhara. Mountaineering is another best adventurous thing to do in Nepal. It is home to eight of the highest mountains in the world, some of which are easier, cheaper, and more enjoyable to climb than Mount Everest.

Adventures sports in Nepal are an exciting or remarkable experience; it may also be a brave, generally risky activity, with an uncertain outcome. Some popular Nepal adventure spots are listed below. You can book different types of adventure activities in the Himalayas with us We can customize the Nepal adventure itinerary as per your time, budget, and needs. you can contact us for different trekking and holiday package.

Adventure in Nepal 

Nepal is often referred to as a paradise for people loving adventure. The stunning mountain range and cultural diversity are some of the major components which attract tourist. Nepal is the best place to visit during the fact trekking to different mountains like Annapurna base camp, Everest base camp, Mardi Himal trek, etc. are very much loved by tourists. Along with the amazing natural diversity weather and temperature in Nepal are also pleasing.

Maximum of the people in Nepal are involved in the tourism industry. Hiking and walking on the green grassland and terrain land will help to lea ell your worries and tiredness. Another attraction for Nepal adventure is the geographical features of Nepal. You will also get to explore and observe the local and traditional lifestyle of people living in Nepal.

Nepal Adventure Trip

Nepal is famous for the best adventure tourism from paragliding in the mountainous city Pokhara to witnessing rare animals and birds in the dense forest of Chitwan national park. People are very fond of outdoor adventures in Nepal like rafting, bungee jumping, paragliding, and many more. Here are some of the outdoor Nepal adventures that you can experience in Nepal.

Hattiban Rock Climbing

This is one of the four main Nepal adventure rock climbing. Hattiban rock climbing gives you an advanced level of rock climbing. This place is situated at a distance of 26 km southwest of Kathmandu valley. The trial to Hattiban rock climbing goes through some religious sites like Dakshinkali temple and Samya monastery, from where you can get a fabulous view of the entire Kathmandu valley. The climbing at Hattiban rock climbing starts from 5a to 6b. Hattiban rock climbing is especially for professional rock climbers. However, they will give you some training or some tips for rock climbing.

The best time for going rock climbing is during autumn and spring as precipitation during these seasons is very less. There is a spot at the elevation of 200ft which is known as a big crag where you will complete our rock climbing. Hattiban offers you a spectacular view of Kathmandu valley. Cliff of Hattiban rock climbing has 10 intermediate in a single pitch climbing route. You will also get to walk through the lustrous forest filled with rhododendron and flowers.


Paragliding is quite famous Nepal adventure tour these days. This is an adventurous sport that will let you fly in the sky like a bird there are several places in Nepal where you can do paragliding.  However, paragliding in Pokhara will provide you with more beautiful scenery. This adventurous sport will allow you to observe the aerial view of the Himalayas. This adventure is very relaxing and pleasing. Flying above the ground and over temples and monasteries and lakes and jungle enjoy the majestic view of Pokhara valley.

If you are planning to do paragliding in Pokhara then you will also get to witness the most beautiful landscape from above the lush and green grassland. Other places where you can do paragliding in Nepal are Chapakharka, Kot Danda, Godavari, Phulchowki, and Bandipur. As you will have an experienced pilot to guide and for your safety the adventure junkies will have a lot of fun while paragliding in Nepal. Normally paragliding in Nepal is doing up to 2100 meters from sea level.

Paragliding is done mostly during autumn and spring. Paragliding in Nepal is the fly with world-class pilots, solo or tandem, and benefit from local knowledge going across the country or above flying, you can even get your international license in Nepal.

Bungee jumping

Bungee jumping is also an adventurous sport for an adventurous geek. You can jump from a high altitude place with the proper harness and following all the safety rules. Bungee jumping is very famous these days. There are mal three places for doing bungee jumping. Bungee Jump in Bhote Koshi, Bungee Jumping in Pokhara, and Bungee Jumping in Kumbu. Bungee jumping at Bhote Koshi is the highest point for bungee jumping in Nepal. Being one of the wild adventures it also holds some risky factor.

There are some eligibility that one has to fulfill such as pregnant women aren’t allowed for Bungee, if your age is below 18 then your parent has to sign a form and your weight must be at least 40 kg. If you have a serious disease or any heart-related problem then you are not allowed. Bungee jumping is an adventurous activity that every individual wants to try once in their lifetime. initially, you might be a little scared while doing bungee jumping but once do it you feel like a conquer. You do not have to take any type of special training or experience for bungee jumping.

Waterfall ice climbing

Waterfall ice climbing is another fun adventurous activity that you can experience in Nepal. If you want to explore the core of Nepal then you must do waterfall ice climbing in Nepal. Waterfall ice climbing will blow your mind and give you the experience that you will ever have.  Cold weather is the best time to do waterfall ice climbing as you will need dense ice to do waterfall ice climbing.

You can do this Nepal adventure mainly in the Himalayan part of the country. If you are fond of climbing mountains and going to higher altitude places then surely you will have to do waterfall ice climbing. As much as this adventure is very exciting and thrilling, it is also very risky, but don’t worry our professional and experienced guide is always with you.

You should have to need mountain climbing experience before you do waterfall ice climbing. Nowadays waterfall ice climbing is more preferred by a tourist. Annapurna Sanctuary Khumbu Bijuli Power House is where you can do waterfall ice climbing. This Nepal adventure is a completely new experience that you will ever experience.  Though it is a slightly difficult trek you will get to experience the real beauty of the Himalayas.

Adventure Trek in Nepal

Nepal is famous all over the world for trekking experiences. There are more than 200 small and big mountains in Nepal including the world’s tallest mountain M. Everest.  Himalayan trekking and hiking are very famous among tourists. Trekking destinations like Everest base camp, Annapurna base camp, and Macchhapuchre base camp are gaining high popularity. Nepal adventure trek also provides an opportunity for observing and exploring the local lifestyle and culture of people.  Trekking will also let you come across a natural trail that you may have never seen in your entire life.

There are also many places near the Kathmandu valley where you can go hiking. If you have a day off in Nepal and want to know the people around the Kathmandu valley then you go hiking around Kathmandu valley like Champa Devi, Nagarkot, Chandragiri, and many more places. Trekking and hiking in Nepal mean going thoughtless taken treks, unseen views quite beautifully blanketed with rich flora and fauna which will truly mesmerize you. Nepal adventure holidays help to observe the local lifestyle culture and tradition of people closely.

Best time to do adventures in Nepal

You can do adventures in Nepal at any time of the year. The weather and temperature of Nepal are fine throughout the year for adventures however, the spring and autumn seasons are the best time for visiting Nepal. Other than that summer and winter are also best for some adventures.

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