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Short Trek

Nepal’s short Treks are the adventurous trek for those who have only limited time and want to utilize their time by feeling the beauty of nature and enjoying the ancient culture. Nepal short trek provides an opportunity to observe the motley collections of people, the miscellany cultures, exceptional heterogeneity in landscapes and breathtaking natural surroundings within a short period. The short trek takes you through terraced hillsides, charming slate roofed villages inhabited by the friendly local community, dense moss rhododendron forests and beautiful waterfalls with the magnificent view of snow-capped mountains.

As a speck suggest, short Trek in Nepal is done for the short period ranging from 5- 10 days. Within this period, the traveler experiences the actual settings of religious indistinctness and utterly intriguing magnificent Himalaya. This trek is specially designed for those who cannot approach to the base camp of renounced trekking trials like Everest base camp trek, Annapurna trek, and Lang tang trek.

Nepal short trek takes you to the tea houses and proves to be an eccentric tourist’s paradise in every sense of adventure, Himalaya, river, wildlife sanctuaries, monuments, and museums, cultural and world heritage sites along with jungle safari or rafting experiences. If you are wondering about the cost of the trek, it depends on the trekking region you choose. The best season for the trek is September to December and March to May.

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