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Nepal Short Trek

Nepal short trek is for travelers who are aged or physical endurance, don’t have trekking experience before. And got limited time in Nepal. But at the same time, it is also suitable for all kinds of individuals who want o enjoy nature’s wonder without taking huge risks. You don’t always have to climb up to the top of the mountain to feel the thrill. And this is why these kinds of treks are built. Our short treks are easy options to explore the hidden beauty even more.

So, if you are looking for a few days of an Annapurna Ghandruk Village trek in the Himalayas, you will find some of the most popular short treks in Nepal.  So, this trail offers the best time trekking season of Nepal Himalayan and famous trekking in Nepal. Nepal’s short trek does not take you to high altitude. Within the limited and favorable altitude and climate, you will be trekking towards the magnificent mountains and through the green hills.

It provides a lovely opportunity to see the beautiful mountain of Nepal and an excellent introduction to Nepalese rural life and culture. In the shadows and foothill of icy pinnacles of the Himalayas, one passes picturesque, charming villages inhabited by diverse ethnic groups. Also, you will enjoy the heart-warming hospitality of the Nepalese people. Furthermore, in our Nepal short trek, you get to witness the local culture, traditions, and lifestyle of the people living in the mountain areas.


Easy treks in Nepal

Easy treks in Nepal package are suitable for those busy people who want to have a Himalayan hiking experience during their short holiday. Along with the people who want to enjoy beautiful mountain scenery in a leisurely walk with their friends or families. Similarly, it provides an excellent opportunity to experience Nepalese villages, green landscapes, and Himalayan snow-capped mountains.

Nepal’s short trek can be customized as per your choice. You can add or reduce the days as per your schedule. Along with that, you are also completely free to choose the destination as per your wish. Some of the easy treks popular in the country include the following, some of our Nepal is treks are as below.

  1. Poon Hill Trek
  2. Dhampus trek
  3. Namo-Buddha Trek
  4. Shivapuri Trek
  5.  Ghandruk Trek


Dhampus trek is one of the most admired short treks in Nepal, which passes through the countryside populated by a broad diversity of people and diverse geographical landscapes. Dhampus village lies in the Annapurna Conservation Area. The hiking to Dhampus goes through Nepal’s most loved rhododendron forests. Which are also home to many flora and faunas? The trail offers you a superb Himalayan panorama view consisting of mighty peaks such as the Annapurna, Himachali, Machhapuchhare, and Lamjung Himal.

This Nepal short trek is popular among national and international tourists. As it has filled with all the natural beauty in the most favorable climate. If your vacations are ending and you just realized you haven’t gone anything, then don’t worry. You can make a last-minute plan and that also filled with excitement and adventure. That is Dhampus Trek for you.

Visit Australian Camp from Dhampus

Nepal Dhampus short trek begins with a 1-hour drive to Kande. On the way, we will have a spectacular view of the Annapurna Himalayan range. Sarangkot village is perched on the North West of Pokhara with enchanting views of Pokhara Valley and the Phewa Lake. We will witness the sunrise over the White Mountains of the whole Annapurna and Dhaulagiri ranges, including fishtail from Sarangkot tower during our Pokhara Dhampus Sarangkot trek. Enjoy and explore the Wonderful city of Pokhara.

You can go through the beautiful Nepali villages with the innocent faces welcoming you. Also, you can enjoy local food and local culture. As the country has lots of festivals so you can have chances to see some of those amazing festivals. The accommodations in the trail are a local guest house and in Dhamus they have a good lodge. You can get cozy rooms at resorts with beautiful hillside or mountain views. Let yourself energize once again before your holidays end with this Nepal short sweet trek.

Short trek in Annapurna

It is an excellent short panoramic trek with magnificent mountain views. Furthermore, This trek offers you clear pictures of various stunning mountains. People have spent their lives as a dream to reach the top of these mountains. It is a place full of peace and happiness. In addition to that, fantastic landscapes add beauty to the site. Annapurna’s short trek will begin from the surprisingly beautiful place, Pokhara. This city of lakes will automatically add excitement to the trek. At the beginning of the hiking.

In Nepal, a short trek will walk through the lush forest areas, near the Australian camp.  At the end of the first day of your trek, you will see the best panoramic views of mountains like Manasalu, HImchuli,  Annapurna, etc. And further, the treks take you through the gorgeous small village of Dhampus, with local Gurung ethnic settlements.  You will enjoy the happy face of the people with their lives. The Australian Camp, house of flowers, etc, and also many more short hikes add beauty to this place. The greenery, the natural ways, and the fresh air, why not soothe your soul with it.

Life is short to just exist, so go for the Dhampus trek, make some memories and live life to the fullest. Experiencing extra-ordinary mountain sights of majestic mountains such as the Annapurna ranges including the Dhaulagiri, Mt. Machhapuchhre (Fishtail) ranges. We are observing the beautiful sunset and sunrise on the Himalayas over the skyline.

Highlights of Nepal short trek

  • The magnificent mountains, green hills, lakes, glaciers, and many more.
  •  Breath-taking scenic beauty, providing great photography goals.
  •  A direct gateway towards a unique lifestyle of people
  • World’s rarest wildlife, birds, and forest areas.
  • The gorgeous sunrise and sunset views in the Himalayas
  • Good opportunity to experience the lifestyle of the locals and partake of their generous hospitality.
  • Enjoy the amazing sunsets on the Himalayas in the evening and sunrise the next morning.
  • The walk through the beautiful Nepalese villages


Nepal has lots of short trek packages, In addition to all these, there are various other treks, also like the Annapurna Sanctuary Trek, Mardi Himal Trek, etc. These treks are the best way to make your holidays perfect. Don’t let your holidays be just about the hangout days, make them your lifetime memories with these fantastic treks. In the lap of the Himalayas and surrounded by the breath-taking scenic beauty. The short trek in Nepal will be your most precious day.

Consequently, Nepal short treks are more of easy hiking that unfolds before you can enchant hamlets tucked in the hills. Get panoramic views of the majestic Himalayan ranges. Moreover, the rich flora, and fauna of Nepal, and the splendor of sunrise and sunset. The itinerary is short trek days but will offer you close to nature and an authentic trekking experience. we “Above the Himalaya Trekking ” are more than happy for you the best short holiday in Nepal to give you a great time. Thus, we hope that you will have an unforgettable and exciting time,  easy treks in Nepal give you the best memories of treasure for years to come.

Chepang Hill Trek

Chepang Hill Trekking is an easy and short trek in Nepal. It has its own significance as this trail begins through the unexplored beautiful hillsides of Chitwan at the moderate altitude of the Mahabharat range. The Chepang Hill Trail offers a rare combination of cultural, sightseeing experiences, and the distinct lifestyle of the Chepang. Chepang Hill trekking in Nepal is part of a national development effort to empower poor, rural communities.  The Chitwan Chepang Hill Trek offers visitors a unique experience, very different from the more heavily trafficked trekking routes of Nepal. Furthermore, it has been spared the often haphazard and negative development of other regions. The Chepang Hill is therefore an ideal hiking trail for tourists who want to see beautiful natural landscapes. also if wanted to get glimpses of the fascinating and well-preserved, indigenous culture.

Chepang Hill Trekking offers beautiful hillsides where we can encounter semi-nomadic people called ‘Chepang’. The Chepang caste is one of the indigenous ethnic groups of Nepal. With their own distinct language, the people of this community lead a nomadic life and their primary lifestyle includes hunting. Also foraging for wild roots and fishing, and traditional farming near jungles. the people of this ethnic are usually live on fruits & roots and practice shamanism. Their settlements, house construction, social organization, language, customs, festivals, and religion are unique. The route we will take is mostly the home to the Chepang people who lead a semi-nomadic life and have rich cultural traditions. Due to their distinct lifestyle and the remoteness of their homeland, this indigenous group belongs to the much-marginalized groups of Nepal.

Meet the Chepang people an indigenous group

You are more likely to enjoy their primitive culture, festivals, norms, and, values. The Chepang Hill trail sometimes provides you with philanthropic satisfaction as it is designed to lead through the homeland of Chepangs and their remote villages in order to generate income possibilities for them and to raise awareness about Chepang culture among foreign visitors and Nepali people we have introduced this hill trek. Though the Chepang trekking is more focused on cultural exploration, the natural panorama cannot be ignored. The sunrise view from Sira-Chuli is spectacular along with different ranges of the Himalayas.

This Nepal short trek will end at The Chitwan National Park, one of Asia’s finest national parks, which is renowned for its dense tropical forest with a large number of wildlife and bird species. The park is home to about 600 species of plants, rare one-horned rhinos, and other endangered species like the Royal Bengal Tiger, the Gangetic Dolphins, and Gharial Crocodile. Chitwan Chepang Hill Trail offers a splendid experience of rural communities and jungle safari.

The unique culture of Chepang village offers to see you bird watching, and other natural attractions add to the experience. The Chepang village trekking includes splendid views of a wide range of Himalayan peaks such as Rolwaling, Gauri Shankar, Langtang, Manaslu, Annapurna range, Dhaulagiri, and many others. For the Chepang hill trek, it is not necessary any previous hiking and trekking experience, just a normal walking experience is enough for this exciting trek. This trek is ideal for bird watching as well so the Chepang hill trek does not need the previous experience.

What is the easiest trek in Nepal?

We have a different easiest trek in Nepal, You can choose our Ghandruk trek, Chisapani Nagarkot trek, Helambu, and nearby Kathmandu valley, There are near Pokhara valley also some easies trekking to Dhampus and Sarangkot.


Nepal Short Trek - Packages

poon hill trek
USD 390
Ghandruk trek
USD 245

Ghandruk Trek 03 Days

langtang gosaikunda trek
USD 520
Chisapani Nagarkot Trek
USD 190

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