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Nepal tour guide

Nepal tour guide

Nepal is a small yet beautiful landlocked country. Nepal is the country of Himalayas. With China to the north and India to the south, it is a spiritual melting pot of Buddhism and Hinduism. Nepal Tour Guide has become a matter of significant concern with the increment of the Tourism Sector.  Nevertheless, there are a vast amount of beautiful places to visit and explore in Nepal. It is the right combination of culture and religion.

Nepal has an enormous opportunity for enthusiastic travelers. There is much to do in Nepal, such as Hiking, Boating, Museum exploration, trekking in the lap of the Himalayas, sightseeing, Bungee jumping, rafting, and many more. Besides these, there are uncountable trekking agencies that are providing tours and trek facilities for people of all around the world.

Nepal Tour Guide plays a significant role in uplifting the tourism industry in Nepal. This is the proud moment for us that such a small country, Nepal, has never failed to lure many tourists through its natural beauty. Listing the must-visiting extraction in Nepal is a difficult task as every place of Nepal serves the best destination for tourists.

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Tourism plays a significant role in boosting not only Nepal’s tourism sector but also its economic and nation as a whole. It has the highest mountain, Mt. Everest, the ever-flowing Himalayan rivers, glaciers, large lakes, green valleys, and lovely waterfalls, the national parks in the Terai and Himalayan range are all the attractions for tourists. Nepal is a multi-ethnic, multi-language, and multi-culture country.get full information of this country with our Nepal tour guide.

Explore the Nepal culture and tradition with our tour guide

Nepal is always fascinating, Nepal tour guide welcoming its guests. If you want to feel a heavenly pleasure, then yes, Nepal is there for you. The beautiful Himalayas, rivers, large lakes, waterfalls, and various national parks are the significant wonder of Nepal. If you are an adventurous person and passionate about traveling, then let your adventurous spirit go wild. I am sure that you would love the Nepal visit as we will take you to explore our Nepali culture, tradition as well as the breathtaking Himalayan views. However, in developing countries like Nepal, Tourism is the primary source of income. There is an excellent possibility of the development of the Economy from the Tourism sector.

Nepal has become the top destination for tourists. It is famous for beautiful landscapes, flora, and fauna, snowcapped mountains, exciting trekking, rich cultural and religious diversity. Government of Nepal, various private sectors, professionals, and NGOs are responsible for managing the tourism sector in Nepal. Tourism industries play a prominent role in service management, increasing revenue as well as tourist services.

With the increment of the Tourism industry, Travel agency, tour operators, tour guides, and other trekking agencies, all are in increasing number. There were 3824 registered travel agencies and 2637 trekking agencies in 2017. Travel is the healthiest addiction, so give it a try to be addicted and get into the world of nature.

We encounter the highest number of tourists in October, followed by February.
With this increment trend, the Nepal Government has formulated policies and allocated a budget of Rs 2.68 billion for FY 2019/20 for the aid and enhancement of the Tourism sector. Along with this, Rs 15.85 billion has been assigned to the aviation sector for the development of the domestic and international tourism sector.

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Guided Travel and Types of Trekking Guide in Nepal

Traveling without a guide is almost impossible for new trekkers, especially for high altitude. Thus, for successful trekking, anyone needs a guide. There are best of best guides in Nepal, from whom you can expect excellent knowledge. It is always the beneficiary of hiring a local guide as they are the significant sources of information about the place you are traveling.

Talking about the types of guidelines that serve various trekking agencies are culture and tour guides, yoga-trekking guides, trekking guides, rafting guides, safari guides, mountain biking guides, and so on. Each of these guides is with different areas of expertise and have diverse linguistic skills.

While traveling in Nepal, all of your safety and fun are of the responsibility of guides. So they should be well-skilled. You will need a guide whether you are trekking in the high Himalayas, exploring the city, rafting, enjoying the jungle safari. Your guide will know every detail trip, and they make your trip the most memorable one.

There are many reasons to hire a guide, and you will need them from the safety of social and cultural benefits. Even if you’re someone who prefers independent travel, hiring a guide doesn’t necessarily mean you’re joining a group tour (unless that’s what you’re looking for); guides can enhance select experiences on your custom journey, be it mountain biking, trekking, or cultural immersion.
Trekking with a guide is always fun and pleasurable as they let you enjoy nature based on your comfort. Besides Hiring a local guide has the advantage of gaining local expertise, and safety and comfort are maintained in travel.

Here are some of the significant requirements that the tour guide must possess:

Requirements to be a Tour Guide:

• At least five years of working experience in the Tourism field.
• Must have a Bachelor’s degree (in any stream) and most be fluent in any one language other than Nepali like English, French, German, Spanish, etc. However, knowledge of multiple languages is always the best point.
• We should have enough understanding of culture, architecture, history, people, etc. and every aspect of the tourism sector and, most importantly, should know how to respect the guest.
• You have to take the training from govt. To get the Tour Guide License.

Requirements for Trekking Guide:

• Two years of working experience as an assistant guide or porter Must have fluent in the English language
• Should have excellent knowledge about trekking trail, people, culture, history, etc, Must have a trekking guide license from govt.

To become a licensed tourist guide, you have to apply at NATHAM (Nepal Academy of Tourism & Hotel Management), which provides three months of training. For that specific training, you must be one of the selected candidates among the 300 applicants. After the completion of the training, you should pass the exam taken by NATHAM.

Finally, you will become a licensed tourist guide of Nepal after the completion of all the requirements. Enough knowledge about tourism, tourist guide, the tour operator is a must for being the best tour guide. However, knowing intimately about the Nepal cultures, History of Nepal, places, and many more related to tourism is regarded as other essential factors.

Nepal tour guide

Hiring Female Tour Guide in Nepal

Hiring a female guide is necessary if you are a solo female traveler. But we also cater for all types of travelers looking for a guide with a difference. In saying that, we’re more than manuals; we’re companions who understand your needs while feeling safe as a group. Unfortunately, the number of female Nepal tour guide is fewer in comparison to the male guide. However, the number of female guides is increasing with the increment of the tourism industry. Female Guides refer to Female the responsible persons who take the lead of the tourist groups in the trekking or tours.

The primary reason for having a female guide in the companies is to help female tourists who preferred to travel guided by rather a female guide for a better sense of privacy or security. The significant benefits of the female guides are women empowerment. Creating outlets as such for women will provide women from the underprivileged groups with a valuable opportunity to raise their financial standards. Being a travel agent, it is our responsibility for the safety and security of the guest.

Our provision of Female Guides is aimed primarily for Solo Trip, Group of Females, or Family Travelers, meaning a family that may include male family members as well. Thus, Nepali Women guides have proven to be preferable because of the simple fact that most female clients feel more comfortable and secure with female leaders on the mountain trails. If you are seeking a female traveler, then we are here providing you one the best licensed female guide to make your journey safe and memorable forever.

Highlights of Female Guided Tour:

Our Nepal female tour guide would be a great companion for trekking, hiking, rafting, bungee jumping, paragliding as well.
Female guides will be perfect for solo female travelers as not only a guide accompanies them.
The female guide speaks fluent English.
Women travelers prefer female guides as their tour guide.
The female guide is boosting the women’s empowerment of Nepal.

Why choose Above the Himalaya Travel and Trekking Agency:

• We provide the best tour covering the best tourist spots in Nepal as well as Tibet and Bhutan too.
• We provide fruitful itineraries according to your choice and plan. Easy modification is also allowed.
• Providing quality trips as per your schedule, budget, and selection is our major concern. For those seeking luxury travel, we do offer them at a reasonable price. You will give full entertainment packages such as Mt. Everest scenic Flights, Bunjee jump, rafting, etc. based upon your choice. We offer different services to all types of travelers, whether you are a solo traveler, couple, family, or friends.

If, by some circumstance, if you have to cancel the trip, we will negotiate by the mutual understandings.• Concerning the motto, client satisfaction is our primary concern, so we provide the best quality of services.
• Our professional group of the team will give you a better traveling experience.

We have the best tour guide in Nepal

We have the best  Nepal tour guide is working with us. They are multi-tasking and well experienced. Mrs. Sonica Rana female tour guide,  Mr. Ajay Silwal, and Mr. Kumod Adhikari has been serving in the field of tourism for a long time and have been able to satisfy the tourist. Besides them, more than half-dozens of the member is working as an experienced trekking guide.

Our Nepal tour guide has a long-time experience and in-depth knowledge of the tourism sector. Their friendly and cooperative nature has been able to provide a homely environment. They have been succeeded in doing many treks in significant areas of Nepal. Most importantly, Mr. Puru Timalsena (Founder and Managing Director of “Above the Himalaya Trekking (p) Ltd.”) has been playing an extra-ordinarily significant work in managing the trip.

His vast knowledge, boundless enthusiasm in combination with hard work, has led this agency to one of the best travel agencies in Nepal. Our team has accomplished many mountaineering training, trekking training as well. They are always ready to serve tourists with excellent facilities and providing them the lifetime experience.

Final say,

Hike through mountains, Forests, and flowing streams. Make friends along the way and have a quality time in the lap of Himalayas. Plan your trip well, and enjoy the beauty of Nepal throughout the year. Nevertheless, whether you are a solo traveler or group traveler Nepal never fails to allure you with its marvelous and dazzling mountain views.

Choose our one of the best tour guide here and book your Nepal tour guide with us.

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