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Nepal travel advice – first time travelers guide, tips & suggestion

Nepal travel advice

Nepal Travel Advice

The country Nepal is a perfect travel destination with incredible and charming places to visit on earth. Nepal is an ideal place that offers you breathtaking and unique diverse landscapes with Mountains hills & Himalayan. If it is your first-time visit, then you can visit Nepal without any fear as Nepal is the safest travel destination in comparison with other countries. get more details here about Nepal travel advice.

The first time visiting in Nepal will also offer you verities of culture & religion jolt. friendly people, remarkable scenery, tallest & famous mountain in the world as well as impressive peaks, etc. Similarly, trekking in Nepal doesn’t require experience. Whether it is your 1st time just the need is you should be good shape, love to walk & have a favorable view of different cultures. But before the first time traveling in Nepal, everyone should be better prepared and should have the potential to face the problem.

Major Attractions of Nepal travel advice

The major tourist attractions in Nepal will take you to the remote mountain village, which is untouched by modernization. You can also enjoy the view of the most famous peaks of Nepal during your visit to Nepal. Nepal is a paradise for the tourist who comes for the first time in Nepal to enjoy the attraction of Nepal. Although Nepal travel advice comes under the most visited, attractive destination in the world.

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Nepal travel advice

Here are the lists of some Nepal travel advice and tips

  • Drink only the water which is boiled or bottled. The best option can be drinking boiled, or you can use water purification drops.
  • Don’t trek alone, especially for single traveler women. You can also hire an English speaking guide & porter and make your travel plans using a tour and trekking company that will save you time and makes the arrangement as expected by you.
  • Do not touch someone’s head or sit, showing the bottom of your feet towards them. It is considered rude.
  • Avoid eating raw vegetables and pre-cut fruit as much as possible. You can taste local food like dal bhat, which are delicious and that never get food poisoning problem.

Do the Short trekking for first-timer

  • For the first time traveler, it will be best to start short trekking in the lower altitude that will offer you some up and down challenging hills with beautiful mountain vistas, plenty of oxygen, beautiful farming villages, etc.
  • Stay healthy and maintain hygiene that prevents you from illness. You should use hand sanitizer before and after toilet and when you get sick use antibiotic that is prescribed by a doctor,
  • Do not offer money for the street kids or beggars that encourage them to beg more. If you want to support them, you can donate to INGO or the charity organization working in Nepal.
  • Don’t look for westerly typical rooms or bathrooms because that will depend on the region where you are trekking. All the accommodation is arranged according to the range and comfort for travelers.
  • Participate and celebrate local festivals and Jatraa with the local people in traditional manners.
  • Don’t leave rubbish along the trail. Bring it back with you as waste is creating environmental pollution in the trails.
  • Consuming ganja is illegal so, do not carry it with you that may cause trouble.
  • Load shedding is frequent in Nepal to carry a handy flashlight with you.

Pass through the small village

  • You will pass through a small village where local customs are still followed so dress humbly and respect traditions.
  • Avoid using plastic material and help Nepal to make a better place.
  • Use warm cloth and sleeping bags in the trail at night and morning are so cold.
  • Avoid displaying food around monkeys around temples, as they are used to snatching it.
  • Make sure that you have packed all the things you need but don’t carry unnecessary items and carry a backpack while walking.
  • Nepalese are friendly and fabulous so you can talk them  with a smile and leave the right impression of your culture

So follow all the above tips to make your 1st travel in Nepal unforgettable with a lifetime experience.

Nepal travel advice

Eco-friendly travel in Nepal

Eco-friendly tourism in Nepal is dependably the critical thought process of our organization. Above the Himalaya Trekking (P) Ltd, just run eco cordial trekking and tour in the Himalayas. Consciousness and authority are the most significant things to bring with you on your excursion. Your conduct has an impact on the nearby’s disposition towards their social nature. Therefore, please keep to the lawful administers as well as give the best sample you can and Be an Eco-friendly Traveler! This is the best Nepal travel advice.

Eco-tourism improvement requires an organization between tour administrators, voyagers, locals, different associations, and state with a proper division of obligations. Whatever you want to call it ‘maintainable tourism’ or ‘eco-tourism’ or ‘green tourism’ yet the definition remains the same pointing comprehensively to efforts for natural conservation of the environment; ecologically inviting tourism that values not crushes. It is conceivable to protect the personal and social legacy of a region through the advancement of maintainable tourism.

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few tips to be an eco-friendly travelers

  1. Burn paper squanders, Bury sustenance squander legitimately, or nourish it to stock creatures. Complete all other non-bio degradable waste. Return electric storage devices to your nation for fitting transfer.
  2.  Purify drinking water yourself, in place of purchasing it packaged.
  3.  Remember that it is unlawful to exasperate untamed life, to uproot creatures or plants, or to purchase wildlife.
  4. Use local toilet facilities wherever possible. Carry a toilet tent, and make sure the pit is adequately covered when you leave. On the trail, stay at least 50m away from water sources, and bury your waste.

With eco-tourism, we mean the dependable manifestation of tourism that minimizes the negative impacts. This is the best Nepal travel advice for visitors. Traditional tourism to nature as well as to the society and social values of the host group. One part of eco-tourism voyaging or tours in Nepal is additionally to administer the community and lifestyle commonly.

Solo Female traveling in Nepal

Solo feminine travel in Nepal is safe & ennobling with us. All the places you’ll explore with none style of hesitation. You’ll see several feminine foreigners in Nepal traveling alone, and this could come back as no surprise.

Since business is that the staple of the Nepalese economy, feminine people of all pace of life square measure welcome gracefully, before creating a solo traveling in Nepal, females should acquire detail data like travel route, safety measures, native peoples, culture, custom, tradition, etc.

Though single female travelers have very little to stress regarding within the urban districts of Nepal, it’s recommended to own a guide or liaison within the outer regions that speak fluent English and Nepali and conjointly for safety.

Not solely square measure guides vital for defense, however usually, our shoppers have generally remarked that the friendships formed with guides on the paths are among the first meaningful experiences they’ve had throughout their journey.

Traveling as a part of an organized cluster in faraway places will offer security and peace of mind. A good thing about going one by one for a female is that these travelers have management for far more spontaneous deciding.

We can customize service for everyone

Our company is devoted to supplying excellent and customized service to every single someone. We have to rigorously set up alongside you and provide you with all the data necessary for your safety, comfort, and pleasure. Our goal is to meet the dreams of every single female.

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Do not trek alone is best Nepal travel advice

Do not hike alone. There have been numerous disappearances of solo trekkers in recent years. Always hire a guide or trek with other people. There are online forums where travelers can look for fellow-trekkers. This applies to everyone, but especially women that are traveling single. They seem to more vulnerable. Always communicate your travel plans to your next of kin.

Obstacles that you may face while solo trekking:

  • While you go Trekking alone in a new place, you might face a problem related to security. For example, you might get followed by a stranger, or the risks of theft and robbery may occur.
  • Finding a reasonable and safe accommodation is also one of the problems of solo trekking.
  • In a new place, you will meet new people with unique views and cultures. Such kind of things may hinder your comfort zone.
  •  Loneliness is the primary factor that many of the solo traveler’s faces. Without anyone in a different place, you may be homesick.
  • Finding an easy route to the destination might be difficult
  • Understanding the language of people who are unknown in your language is difficult.

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Always trek with Guide

Many of us have a dream to Trek solo, but there are lots of obstacles that you may face during the trekking if you are going for a solo trek, hiring a guide also has a lot of advantages within.

Why hire a guide for Trekking?

  • The first concern of every trekker is security. Hire a guide will keep you out of trouble. They will carry your bags, and you don’t have to bother about anything.
  • You may be unknown about many plants and animals, which may damage your body parts. With a proper guide, you will know the difference between such plants and animals.
  • A guide can navigate the proper and easy routes to your destination. You will travel your listed places with well-made itineraries.
  • In a new place, you will also find people with a new language, a guide who can speak English or your language can make you easy to communicate with new people and understand their culture as well.
  • Trekking solo may be costly as you are unknown about the cost, but hiring a guide will cost you less or the exact that they have told. When people try to take a lot of money from you for things on the way, a guide can make it less as he knows the cost and details.
  • You will never feel lonely.
  •  Also, hiring a guide will support the local economy as well as the economy of that country

We hope you like the above Nepal travel advice information.


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