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Nepal Village Trek

Nepal village Tour leads to the isolated and rural village part of the country. The village is not in pollution and wilderness experiencing in all-natural, cultural, and mountain aspect.  During the tours, visitors get to experience a stay in a typical Nepali village. In village trekking, you ger the diver’s culture and ethnicity experiences that you will take along with you.

Along with that, Nepal has mostly been recognized as the land of trekking and the place where the World’s tallest mountain is, but this has been veiled that it is also one tranquil destination for village tourism.  Also, villages or Nepal are still far away from modernization, offering you complete originality. Also, the purest blend of culture, local lifestyle, and natural beauty is so mesmerizing in our Nepal village tour.

Enjoy the dinner in a local home

The Nepal village tour giving us a striking panorama, home dinners, and enjoy under the stars. Besides, it is also encountering the first region that you have never visited before. This allows visitors to observe the real Nepalese cultural tradition from the closest quarter. Furthermore, it also allows you to intermingle with the locals. And, they also have the option of staying with the villagers as a paying guest. The villagers entertain their guests by performing music and dance, which gives the guest more insight into their culture.

During the Village Tour in Nepal, you will have an opportunity to view the jungle scenery, birds, and animals.  And, the local indigenous people and experience their colorful traditions, unique costumes, and languages. Nepal village trekking mainly aims to link Village Development and Sustainable Tourism.  The generation of income, employment, and local markets for agricultural products and handicrafts help to achieve such a goal. Sirubari, Bandipur, Kakani, Balthali, Dhading Dhola Village, and Ghale Gaun Village are some of such destinations that are operated as Nepal village trekking areas, and many other typical villages are also suitable for trekking.

Nepal Village tour

Nepal comprises of places that you would nowhere else get to see of a similar kind. Mountain peaks are the highest in the world, norms and cultures are fascinating, temples and monasteries are primitive, and in the same fashion, villages in the country are full of neighborly – friendly people and typical lifestyles. During Nepal Village Tour, you arrive at places that seem like movie sets prepared to film, as their appearance seems from the ancient period. People have preserved traditional elements for ages and strictly do not want any kind of foreign influence to break down the orderliness.

A Village Tour in Nepal basically demonstrates to you how wide the varieties of ethnic groups are. Moreover, each of the ethnic groups has its own caste, culture, language, norms, and values. So much to see, you’ll still lack time in life to know them all. Throughout the tour, visitors hold the complete opportunity to visit some of the most remote places of Nepal and even get into the lives of the locals to learn more about their lifestyles and existence. We assure you surprise by such an impressive hospitality of the people.

Ghale Gaun Village

Among all, Ghale Gaun [2,016m/66,14ft] has been known to be the most popular and appropriate village for this particular tour. It situates above the top of a ridge and holds strong values for the same. Apart from Ghale Gaun, there are also numerous other  Nepal villages tours that you can choose from.

Every village mentioned above has its own kind of geographical attributes and their own ways to entertain its visitors. Cultural programs happen frequently, which people love the most about the places. A lot of the destinations also follow rough rocky trails that ultimately provide trekkers the natural feel of being in nature. Apart from these things, lush vegetation, majestic waterfalls, religious sites and monuments, grassland scattered with domestic animals and surreal views of Nepalese Himalayan are even more exhilarating to watch. If you have always been a great fanatic of nature and remote areas, one of the Nepal Village Tours should be able to win you indeed.

Highlights of Nepal village trekking

  • Variety of travel and trekking options
  • Completely natural and remote areas
  • Rich in culture and traditions
  • Amazing scenic beauty
  • Low in cost
  • Snowy mountains and lakes and rivers
  • Green hills and adventures
  • Rare wildlife and birds


Balthali village trek

This Nepal village tour is suitable for that tourist who is looking for one of the best tourist destinations. This is an easy, short, and family trek. A typical Nepali countryside surrounds Balthali village trek picturesque hamlets with terraced rice fields as well as ochre thatched farmhouses. The small settlement of Balthali village (1730m.) is standing on a plateau, just beyond Panauti above 40 Km away from Kathmandu. The town is at the junction of the Roshi and Ladku rivers. Whist the backyard of the area is cover by high hills of lush green Mahabharat Range.

The Balthali Nepal village tour is a delightful short trek trail that begins from Kathmandu valley. therefore it offers typical rural Nepal with magnificent views of different Himalayan ranges. Just within a few hours of drives to Panauti. Trekking around Dhulikhel valley and Balthali provides a rich insight into the lives. history, culture as well as the religion of Nepalese life. As a result, the Balthali leave is densely forested with luxuriant floras, colorful rhododendron, magnolia, and sale trees cover the hill that undulates and opens out to the terrace field.

Enjoy the homestay in Balthali

Balthali village trek is a perfect place for nature lovers and bird watchers in Nepal village tour. Nature lovers and bird watchers can have a pleasant experience. Exploring and discovering some rare species of wildlife and different species of birds. One can spend days where the culture and tradition are untouched by modernity.

Balthali Nepal village tour provides a great chance to visit many of the sacred and ancient temples and monasteries. Namobuddha, Indreshwor Mahadev, and Bramayani Temple, which makes the Balthali village tour more remarkable. During the Balthali village tour, you can also view the snowy peaks of Dorjee Lhakpa, Langtang.  The whole range of mountains rests clear and bright on the northern horizon such stunning snowy peaks visible in the distance. As well as this is the perfect introduction to trekking in the Himalayas.  therefore you can see the Newari culture, Newari style houses, and living style of the local people of Dhulikhel.

Explore the Panauti valley, which is also historically significant. Therefore the valley explores and discovers some outstanding genus of flora and fauna, habit, as a result, society untouched by modernity.

Dhola Nalang Village Trek

It is a new destination for Nepal village tour for rural village tourism. Therefore we can recommend Dhola village as the nontourist site for researchers. Also for students, photographers, anthropologies, and nature lovers. Dhola Nalang Shreeban Nature Camp is a unique and less traveled trail. This short and beautiful trek offers you a visit to ethnic villages. Hiking, mountain biking, bird watching, and many more activities with majestic mountain views.

The Dhola Nalang Village Trek Tour area is unique with its natural flora and fauna. A large part of the forest is covering with Nepal’s national flower Rhododendrons, stream, and waterfalls. This type of trek is home to different kinds of animals, birds, butterflies, and so on.

Trekking to this Dhola village means you will stay in the local family home. Sleeping in a small house, and eating traditional Nepali food. The Dhola Nalang village trek is in the high up the Himalayas in the Annapurna and Manaslu Mountain range in mid-western Nepal at an altitude of 1210 m above the sea level. The trail of the Dhola Nalang Village Tour starts from Kathmandu via Dhading Bensi with a drive of about 4-5 hrs.

Dhola Nalang village tour is Less travel route

We will Watch the grazing animals on the grasslands and reach the Nepal village tour and trek. You will have the chance to experience different ethnic communities in Dhola village. Mainly Newar, Brahmin, Magar, Kami, living together. You will witness the sun-kissed Himalayan range on the northern distance horizon from Mount Manaslu to Mt Annapurna and have a great chance to understand the real lifestyle and traditional living of the people and get used to the country life. Therefore, the people of the village have good hospitality behavior to their visitors, which makes your trip memorable.

On the way to the Nepal village tour of Dhola, you will also visit the newly introduced Shreeban nature camp. You will have a chance to visit ethnic villages with different mixed cast communities along with bird watching and hiking. Have an excellent opportunity to enjoy and explore different kinds of birds, animals, and butterflies in the camp. As a result,  Dhola Nalang Village Tour can be the best to observe the real Nepalese cultural tradition from the closest quarter and intermingle with the locals.


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Ghandruk Trek 03 Days

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