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Nepal Village Trekking

Nepal village trekking leads to the isolated and rural village apart from pollution, wilderness, and disorder, experiencing in all-natural, cultural, and mountain aspect where the visitors are allowed to experience a stay in a typical Nepali village. Nepal is known as a country of communities where the routes are still undeveloped. In village trekking, the authenticity of diverse cultural and ethnicity are the best experiences that you will take along with you. Nepal has mostly been recognized as the land of trekking and the place where the World’s tallest mountain is, but this has been veiled that it is also one tranquil destination for village tourism. People in the village tend to survive mostly through farming, and since this has not been influenced by modern civilization yet, one that likes to experience the authenticity, you should go for village trekking.

Village tour is about striking panorama, home dinners, enjoying under the stars, and encountering the first region that you have never visited or thought before. This allows visitors to observe the real Nepalese cultural tradition from the closest quarter and intermingle with the locals, or they also have an option of staying with the villagers as a paying guest. The villagers entertain their guests by performing the music and dance, which also gives the traveler or the guest a little more insight into their religion.

During the Village Tour in Nepal, you will have an opportunity to view the jungle scenery, birds and animals, and the local indigenous people and experience their colorful tradition, a unique costume, and languages. Nepal village trekking mainly aims to link Village Development and Sustainable Tourism through the generation of income, employment, and local markets for agricultural products and handicrafts. Many typical villages are suitable for Nepal village trekking and have generally been operated in some of the destinations such as Sirubari, Bandipur, Kakani, Balthali, Dhading Dhola Village, and Ghale Gaun.

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Balthali village trek
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