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The geographical diversity of nature and a range of exotic culture make Nepal a country for ideal Trekking. Nepal is known as the Trekkers paradise offering countless exciting trekking destinations with the unique combination of natural and cultural elements. Trekking in Nepal will take you through a country that has captured the imagination. It is human nature that they are curious about something new- new ideas, new place & new culture. We are looking forward to exploring a new route to take the visitors Off The Beaten Trekkingtracks to some of the most remote and beautiful areas of Nepal. Recently, the Government of Nepal has opened new routes which are culturally and naturally popular. Trekking to this newly opened trek, Traveler will encounter the lovely villages, flora and fauna, deepest valleys and so forth. These Nepal’s Virgin trekking trails enable its visitors to discover rare culture and lifestyle.

When popular and old trekking route is becoming more crowded and busy, the new one is becoming a subject of interest for the trekkers. The attraction to explore Nepal’s off the beaten trekking destinations is getting high. Some of the new routes ventures through intriguing villages where one can truly see the life of Nepalese people of the mid hills and foothills of the Himalaya with the magnificent scene of the country and turns your dream to reality. The Traditional way of life unchanged from centuries of the people in Nepal is sure to increase the level of admiration.

If one is looking for more quiet, natural and non-tourist trekking trails in Nepal, then the newly opened trekking destinations are useful and recommended. During many of these off beaten treks, you will experience the vibrant culture of the locals. Moreover, you will see their homes and witness local dance and cultural shows. On one hand, trekking along in new trails enables you to enjoy distinct culture and on the other hand, your visit to these places turns to be a great help for the local inhabitants who are struggling for existence. This trek provides the perfect answer to the trekkers who are searching for freshness and adventure and gives the opportunity to marvel at the unexplored and diverse natural treasures of Nepal.

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