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Places to visit in Bhutan, Bhutan tourist places

Places to visit in Bhutan

Overview of Bhutan

Bhutan is a small country that lies between the Republic of China and The Republic of India. Bhutan is called the “The land of Thunderbolt,” which is located in the southern foothills of the Himalaya Mountains. However, its long list of forts, trekking sports, monasteries, and other Buddhist relics and mesmerizing shopping areas are the primary source of attraction of tourists and are surely worth a visit.

Bhutan is known as Last Shangri-La and consists of beautiful valleys, majestic mountains, and copious of fauna and flora. The elevation level of Bhutan is 38,394km, and the total population of Bhutan is 735553. Talking to the temperatures, southern Bhutan is comparatively hot with a humid atmosphere, and the climate varies from 15 to 30 degrees. In contrast with that, the temperature of the northern areas is low and cold as it is close to the mountains. You can view incredibly panoramic views of snow-topped mountains; the mower parts usually stay cool.

places to visit in bhutan

Places to visit in Bhutan

Bhutan is a rich country with its precious cultural diversity. Besides this, anyone can enjoy the celebrations held in Bhutan throughout the year. Below are the six famous places one must visit during their trip to Bhutan. I am sure that Bhutan will make your next travel destination beautiful.

Tiger’s Nest Monastery

If you are a travel person and want to quench your thirst for wanderlust than Tiger’s Nest or Taktsang Monastery should be on the top of the bucket list. It is popularly known for its scenic beauty and the sacred monastery of Guru Rinpoche. Considered as a place of pilgrimage and the easy half-day trek will provide you a panoramic view of the Paro valleys. It is the most recognized spot in Bhutan.

The best part of this place is that its extraordinary beauty is capable of luring hundreds of thousands of travelers from different parts of the world. The Tigers Nest Monastery is the small collection of buildings unstably perched on a cliff at the altitude of 900 meters off the ground. It is a beautiful location, wise. This place in Bhutan is the most religious site, and we can observe impressive lush forest of thousands of species of rhododendrons and blue pine along the way to the cliff. The Tigers Nest is Bhutan’s most famous Landmark. Your guide will provide you a standard permit for entering into the monastery.

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Your downwards hike will be more challenging beyond your expectations. It is because of the muddy and slippery path due to the melts of the snow. So you are urged to wear trekking boots that resist slippery road. Note: You should register for the deposit of your cameras and bags at the entrance gate as photography is not allowed inside the temple premises. Also, you can rent the walking sticks as well as the Horses (that will take you halfway to the Tigers Nest) if you wish.

places to visit in bhutan

Major Highlights:

The cave temple inside the Monastery, Majestic views, the tigers nest, and many decorated small temples inside the premises of the monastery.

Trekking in Mt. Jomolhari

Your trip to Bhutan will be incomplete without you trek to Mt. Jolmolhari.

Best Time to visit: September to November and April to June
Location: The trek starts from Jomolhari Basecamp at Jangothang
Altitude: varies from around 4,000 ft tall 15,000 ft.

Highlights of the trek:

The spectacular impression of Jolmolhari from Jolmolhari Base Camp
Treks offer a variety of landscapes and a lush green forest full of flora and fauna.
Explore the colorful city of Paro.
Get a chance to explore Bhutan’s rural Life and discover age-old monasteries and Temples.
Stunning view of luxuriant pine forests, beautiful meadows, and quaint villages will melt your hearts and give a heavenly feeling.

Mt. Jolmolhari will give you the best travel experience for adventurous lovers. This is the most popular trekking destination in Bhutan for endurance travelers. You will be surrounded by a wide range of beautiful landscapes, flora, and fauna. The major perks of this scenic Jomolhari are its lush, colorful forest, and soaking peaks. Apart from this, you cannot escape from the scenic beauty of high pastures where yaks graze, and ancient dzongs stand as well as red-dressed monks that chant prayers. Jomolhari base camp is the best spot for having the closest view of the breathtaking JomolhariMountains.

places to visit in bhutan

Jomolhari trekking provides you a unique experience traversing the beauty of the blue poppies and whispering winds.
DrunkgyalDzong is the main starting point of this trek following through SharnaZampa, where we overnight. During your trek, you will be passed through a beautiful Gunitsawa village and reach to Thangthangkha. Afterward, reaching Jagithang will offer you an eyeful view of Mt chomolhari, JinchuDrakey, and Jomolhari in front of human life.

Nevertheless, the trek offers you a wide range of Bhutanese Landscapes, along with scattered hamlets, beautiful farmland into a deep and richly forested valley. Not only this, this trip will offer you a chance to see high alpine pastureland where yak herders graze their animals. The trek will give an opportunity to get insights into the local peoples, enjoy the pristine forest, and a rare glimpse of wildlife as well as observing the old traditions of arts and crafts.


Extending from the conflux of the Paro chu and the Wang Chhu Rivers at Chuzom up to Mt.Jomolhari, Paro valley gives the marvelous view for the visitors. It is the most extensive valleys in the Kingdom occupied by fertile rice fields and hence depicts a beautiful, crystalline river going down the valley. Beautiful traditional-style houses and hills on edge have beautifully surrounded the valley.

Situating in the flat valley bottom and following a grid-like pattern is the peculiar characteristics of Paro Valley.

The area comprises over 155 temples and monasteries, some of which date back to the 14th century. Paro valley also includes the country’s first and only international airport.

Famous historical and religious sites and numbers of high-end tourist resorts make ParoValley perfect for the Tourist destination.

The central plaza is decorated with a large prayer wheel and a small amphitheater. All the events are held in that beautiful place throughout the year.



Thimpu, the largest and capital city, is situated in the western part of central Bhutan, is one of the beautiful valleys for visitors.
The Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan offers you a perfect holiday destination to observe natural beauty and for relaxing, entertainment purposes. You never avoid the interesting things Thimpu is offering, and surely this charming city will never disappoint you. This place is essential for people having Buddhists faith.
Whether it be charming hiking trails, or exploring indigenous wildlife species, Thimphu stood out to be the best travel destination among another city.

Striking arts and metal works are the fantastic creation of this place and have become a significant reason to travel.
Juni Handmade Paper Factory and Bumthang Owl Trek are must doable things in Thimphu.
The Bumthang Owl Trek is the wildest and engaging activities to do in Thimphu. You will run into hundreds of these majestic birds in this trek. Hooting at night is what they do to entertain us. You can have a beautiful three long day trip and explore the Bhumthang and Choekar valleys.

places to visit in bhutan

From there, you will get fantastic views of Mt. Gangkarpunsum, ZampalamChudek, and TharpalingGompas.
Bhutan is an immensely rich country based on its cultural heritage and arts, Junghi Handmade Paper Factory, is an exciting thing to do in Thimpu. It teaches tourists about traditional papermaking techniques, which include pulping, rolling, and coloring the paper.

Traveling and discovering the life of Bhutanese in Thimpu has become a dream of many enthusiast travelers. The prominent city offers you a wide variety of things to observe, such as a long list of Buddhist sites, Monastery, museums, and other beautiful places to explore.

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Rinpung Dzong

Key attractions: beautiful temples with pained walls
Opening hours: 9 am – 5 pm

RinpungDzong is the beautiful dzong(fort), which was built in the 16th century. It consists of towering walls and known as the Fortress on a Heap of Jewels. It is the Best tourist destination to visit, among other places. Another interesting fact about this is, it is a classic example of Bhutanese architecture and deep-rooted traditions. The whole area of RinpungDzongIs occupied by various temples and shrines.

Kungarwa, Monk’s assembly hall, Sandalwood stupa, Protectors shrine, and many others are some of the memorials you can visit in this place. There is the organization of an annual festival called tshechuEach of the villages has its celebration and celebrate its uniquely, Tshechu is the most popular religious festival and has delightful holidays. On this occasion, people dress in elegant clothes and join the nearest monastery or temple to celebrate their happiness and to pray the second Buddha, the Guru Rimpoche.

During the festive period, people gather at one spot to have their traditional dance; they share their delicious meals such as red rice, spicy pork, momos, and emadashi made by pork or beef. Apart from this, they also drink the traditional wine called Ara. In this festival, holy images will be carried in a procession, followed by the mask dances. The exciting stories speak out through the dances, and the monks perform these for many days.
A sacred banner which consists of eight manifestations of Padmasambhava will be shown to the public on the fifteenth day of the festival period.

places to visit in bhutan

Chele La Pass

Key attractions: Stunning views of the sparkling valleys, gushing waterfalls, the lush forest full of alpine flowers, and clouds drifting above the hills situated at the elevation of about 3989 meters, Chele La pass is among the list of popular tourist places in Bhutan. You can experience the magnificent Jomolhari Mountain from here on the bright and sunny day. Besides these, the beautiful adjacent peaks from the northwest side and valleys of Haa and Paro will catch your sight and make your journey enjoyable.

This pass is the highest road pass of Bhutan as it is located at the altitude of 13000 feet above the west from the Paro valley. It is surrounded by amazing views of the Himalayan range and Mount Jomolhari( country’s most sacred mountain ), which is over 22,000 feet. This pass is located at the 13,000 feet above in the west from the Paro valley, it is the highest road pass of Bhutan and is surrounded with amazing views of the Himalayan range, and the Mount Jomolhari.

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It will take you approximately one and a half hour drive to reach Chele La Pass from the valley floor of Paro.
The Haa summer festival is another perk to visiting this place. The Haa summer festival is the symbol of the rich culture of the nomadic heaps. Having a small excursion that will take you only two and a half hours will give you a memorial experience for your lifetime.

All in all, Bhutan is a beautiful country to explore.

Are you ready to head on an adventure trip??

Above the Himalaya, Team will assure you to make your trip remarkable and successful.

If you are a shopaholic, then you should traverse on the weekend market. There you will see lots of local people from all over the world to sell different natural and organic products. You can buy local vegetables, fruits, seafood, cheese sauces, flowers and so on.

Besides the above-described destinations, PunakhaDzong, Buddha Dordenma Statue, Dochula Pass, Phobjikha Valley, Norzin Lam Street, and many more are other main attractions of Bhutan that any adventurous lover should travel.

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