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Places to visit in Kathmandu, Nepal, visitor guides (updated)

places to visit in kathmandu

Places to visit in Kathmandu

Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal, is the ciPty full of cultural as well as natural beauty. With its own unique and artistic beauty, it has never failed to lure travel enthusiasts and is one of the popular destinations for traveling. A vast city Kathmandu is the actual mixture of the ancient world and developing a hectic way of life. Kathmandu is popularly known for its exceptional architecture, religious history, and traditional culture. We discuss here the best places to visit in Kathmandu.

Kathmandu offers a variety of activities to the traveler. Due to its unique natural and cultural beauty, Kathmandu valley is one of the best travel destinations in the world. Above the Himalaya recommends the best places to visit in Kathmandu, outside of its main attractions, available only through its charming little backstreets.

Whether you choose to explore Kathmandu’s street food with a local, carve stone with a local artisan, or even learn to cook Nepali momos and Dal Bhat. In the friendly hospitality of a local in his warm home, Above the Himalaya ensures that you have the most unique and authentic experience that no one else will be able to replicate. Below are the significant places to visit in  Kathmandu.


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Everest flight: Helicopter Tour

Nepal is the country full of mountains and allows various travelers to explore its beauties.
An exciting mountain flight competes for your trip. The world tallest mountain Peak, Mt.Everest falls on Nepal, which is the biggest attraction for tourists. Walking over the lap of the tallest mountain is the dream of everyone. Thus it is an adventurous opportunity to take a short Himalayan flight to view the world’s highest peaks. This is the best place to visit from Kathmandu.

Everest mountain flight

You can enjoy the magnificent view of the Gaint Mountains flying over the spectacular mountain region of the country. You can take an hour-long flight to fit your tight schedule and observe the grand snow-topped mountains without any physical obstacles. This tour  is the best ideas for those who are in the sort of time that is away cannot afford weeks-long strenuous trek but still has the zeal to have a great view of the dazzling mountains


• It can enjoy the spectacular mountain views without any physical hindrances.
• Enjoy marvelous views of the giant mountains such as Mt Everest and the other Himalayas.

Monastery visits in Kathmandu

There are varieties of monasteries in Kathmandu valley that hold great significance to the Nepalese society and culture. Although the monasteries have become centuries old, the importance of it is lively in this time, too, as it contains most of the beautiful statues of Buddha.

Bouddhanath Monastery, Nepal’s largest monastery located 7 km east of Kathmandu Durbar Square. It is one of the most important pilgrimage sites in the world and the largest stupa in Nepal. This stupa is considered one of the most popular holiest places for Buddhists faith.

Swyambunath temple (the oldest monastery in the world) is the most sacred place among another Buddhist pilgrimage of Nepal and worshipped by both Hindus as well as Buddhists.
Lumbini is one of the most popular holiest pilgrimage places in the world and is located in Rupendehi District. You can explore Maya Devi temple, and meditate under the Bodhi tree in the hope of finding enlightenment

Kopan monastery

The Kopan Monastery (Tibetan Buddhist Monastery), lying on the hilltop behind the Bouddhanath stupa, also offers a panoramic view of the town of Boudha below and the spectacular Himalayan mountain range. More than hundreds of visitors come to visit here yearly from around the world. This monastery is considered as the most serene monasteries for relaxing by avoiding the chaotic Kathmandu city. Best places to visit in Kathmandu.

Relax and enjoy

The crowds, dust, traffic heat can be very stressful to the newcomers. Not to worry, you can take full advantage of beautiful and relaxing cafes, restaurants, to take a break from it all
The vibrant city Kathmandu is noisy in the day time due to daily activities. There are lots of choices to escape from this. You can relax in a spa, enjoy an active nightlife, etc.

One of the best destinations to relax is crowned Soaltee Plaza called the Kathmandu’s most beautiful hotel, situated a few kilometers far from the city center of Thamel. This place provides a haven for relaxation where you can enjoy the use of a gym, fine dining, pool, and massage, amongst the chaotic life of Kathmandu

Another best destination for relaxing in Kathmandu is Hotel Jampa in Kathmandu, a deluxe 3-star hotel centrally located at Thamel. Besides this, Kathmandu offers a wide range of other hotels for accommodations as per your requirement. While you stay in the hotel, you can enjoy the Kathmandu’s current weather, have delicious food, stroll near a pool or relaxing massage in the spa.

places to visit in kathmandu

3. A river Rafting tour on Trishuli River

Your trip will be incomplete without the adventurous rafting tour in the Trishuli river that connects Kathmandu to Pokhara. It is a highly attractive destination for river rafting. The surrounding description of the Trishuli river includes small gorges and a glance of the cable car that leads to the Temple Manakamana (Famous Hindu Temple).

This is a beautiful trip for those seeking for a short river trip, without the challenge of the enormous rapids but with exciting rapids. Along with this trip, it offers beautiful scenery and a relatively peaceful environment. The monsoon months has terrible weather, in which the intensity is increasing rapidly and attracts a radically different set of rafters.


• Experience the exciting thrill and vibrant energy of river rafting
• You can enjoy swimming in the crystal clear rivers
Explore the natural beauty and scenic villages

Narayanhiti Palace Museum tour best places to visit in Kathmandu

Entry Price:$5 per person
Location: Kathmandu
Opening Hours: 11 am to 2 pm except (Tuesday and Wednesday)
Narayanhiti Royal Palace Museum was the home of the royal family before the revolution over the Monarchy took palace in 2006. This Museum is the symbol of royalty and affluence. You can gather knowledge regarding the history of Nepal and explore how the king used to live there. The palace consists of three sections, the private wing, state wing, and the guest wing.

What is interesting to know is there are 52 rooms inside the palace, and each of them is named after 75 districts of Nepal. The reception hall is called Kaski Sadan, where oath ceremonies for the prime minister and heads of constitutional bodies for the kingdom used to be performed in front of the audience and politicians. This museum is fascinating, unlike every other palace. It was built in 1960 A.D, and its inside physical structure resembles as human-made. for historical things thi sis the best places to visit in Kathmandu.

You can observe the wood-paneled walls, marble tile flooring, and the fantastic smell of mothballs wafting off of the old tiger skins over the floor. The highlights of this Museum are the impressive throne, banquet halls, and the modest royal bedrooms.
Note: You are not allowed to take cameras and bags inside the complex and have to keep it in Locker.

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Try the local Cuisine

If you are seeking for some authentic Nepali cuisine and varieties of comfort foods during your stay in Nepal, no worry Kathmandu valley has a variety of restaurants that offer a collection of native and especially dishes. Although Nepalese cuisine has not been most famous internationally. However, this has been able to thrive as of late and surprising with its mix of old and new, traditional, and fusion.

Just around the corner from Kathmandu’s Durbar Square, Roots Eatery opened in 2016 as an extension of a foundation set up by the owners after the earthquake. It aims to promote the Newari heritage of the region, and serves delicious authentic Newari cuisine cooked by the family. Apart from the food, the ambiance is charming with friendly staff, groovy interiors made from recycled materials, and outdoor seating area. Portions are plentiful, and prices are affordable. Nepali beer is served too!

You can enjoy the evening walk, delicious food, classical Nepali music, and dances. You’ll be sure to relish the local cuisine, which relies on simple ingredients like rice, lentils, meat, and spices to create a unique and mouthwatering variety of dishes. You will be experiencing a mixture of humorous and engaging songs and dances from all over Nepal, and you will have the most enjoyable evening for sure.

• Watching exciting local music and dance performances and entertain yourself
• Try authentic and tasty Nepali dishes and chutneys.

places to visit in kathmandu

Visit Kirtipur best places to visit in Kathmandu

Location: Kirtipur, Kathmandu District.

Timings: Open all-day
Kirtipur is exceptionally high heritage sites to visit and is located 5km distance far from the center of Kathmandu. Unlike another town, Kirtipur lies on the top of a steep rocky hill. It takes approx. 25 mins from bus to reach there from Thamel. This district is primarily known for its historical treasures. The perks of Kirtipur are its serene environment, wonderful sense of faded grandeur as well as the impressive medieval temples.

This city is best known for its rich culture, tradition, and glory. Besides the temples and medieval architecture, the palace is famous for its history and exciting story. Brave king Prithvi Narayan Shah conquered this place. We can view the beautiful mountains across the country residing in the center of this town. Kirtipur is famous for Bhag Bhairav temple, one of the oldest shrines in Kirtipur.

Godavari: Visit Botanical Gardens

The Godavari, which lies in the southern town in Godavari Municipality in Lalitpur District, Bagmati Zone, Nepal. It is another must visitable place for tourists and lies 14kms south from Kathmandu. Having abundant wildlife and a serene environment, this place is one of the popular hiking destinations in Nepal.

The Godavari is famous for its botanical garden where we can found diverse flora and fauna. Its serene environment has become the famous picnic spot for friends, family, birds watching spot as well as dating spot among the teenagers. The upper part of the Godavari leads to Godavari Kunda (a spring where sacred water of Godavari River pours into from the mountains).

Another interesting fact about this place is, a huge festival takes place at the Godavari temple once every 12 years in the autumn season called Godavari Mela/Maha Kumbhamela. This meal lasts for one month, starting from 1st of Bhadra. During this time, a vast mass of people can be seen to visit the temple and worship.

annapurna base camp solo vs group trek

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Short hiking: the best things visit in Kathmandu

The beauty of Kathmandu valley was not limited to within the city. Luscious Green Hills surround it, giving you the spectacular outdoor views. Besides this, the Kathmandu valley also offers various recreational outdoor activities. While listing the things to do in Kathmandu valley. Short hiking to popular areas such as Nagarkot, Chisapani, Champa Devi, Nagarjuna, and Kathmandu  and also  Dhulikhel. You will feel ecstasy to see the diverse lifestyle of the people away from the crowded city of life.

Nagarkot is the best place to enjoy the bright sunrise and sunset view over the stunning mountains peaks. You will enjoy the heavenly feeling by visiting those places.

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