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Special thing to buy when you visit Nepal

Special things to buy in Nepal

Best things to buy in Kathmandu, Nepal

Nepal has always been a place famous for handmade goods. Also, the country is best known for its art and architecture. Metalworks, clothing materials, tea, sculpture, paper made materials, dolls, trekking gear, jewelry, etc. are the thing that many of the tourists who come to Nepal wants to buy. Here is the list of Special thing to buy when you visit Nepal.

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1. Pashmina

Pashmina, also known as Cashmere, is made from the hair of a mountain goat called Chyangra or Capra Hircus. It has been popular for centuries among the people as it is made from the wools which are best known for the luxurious wool in the whole world. There are many items found in Nepal made from Pashmina, and the prices vary from product to product. Thamel can be one of the choices as there are many shops where you can find pashmina made items. Nowadays, the duplicates of pashmina are spread widely, so before thinking about buying the product, research is the most.

2.Trekking Gears

Most of the people from around the world come to Nepal trekking gears too. One needs to be careful while purchasing the gears. Thamel in Kathmandu and Lakeside of Pokhng. For trekking, trekking gears are the essentials, which include trekking shirt, jacket, shoes, Sleeping Bags, and so forth. Kathmandu and Pokhara are popular cities to buy trekking gears. There are many shops which sell Takara are the best places to buy trekking Gear.

3. Stone and Bead Jewelry

Kathmandu is a well-known city to buy stone and bead jewelry. Bracelets, ear-ring, necklace, ring, and many other items made by the bead and stones are popular among the people. Rudraksha is the most famous among all. Thamel, Dubar Square, and Pashupatinath can be the best place to buy bead and stone jewelry.

4. Handicrafts

Nepali is the country where handicrafts are popular from the very ancient time. Traditionally made goods with hands, look so beautiful, and are used for decorating the houses too. Bhaktapur. Durbar Square, Thamel, Patan, are some places for getting the best handmade items.

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5. Tea and spices

Nepal is the best place to buy organic tea and spices. If you are fond of Tea, then it is a great place to find your choice of tea as there are lots of varieties. Spices like cardamom, pepper, chilly, cumin, and so forth are the famous spices that people buy.

6. Puppet dolls

For puppet dolls, Bhaktapur city is a popular place to discover. You can buy locally made dolls as a bundle or a piece.

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7. Thangkas

Thangkas are the traditional Buddhist culture paintings that are made in Nepal. From small size to big, this kind of paintings can be found. Bouddha, Swayambhu, Thamel, are the best place to buy Thangkas.

8. Khukuri

Khukuri is the national weapon of Nepal. The Gorkha soldiers used Khukuris in the battle in the previous days. This weapon is very stylish; one can also decorate the wall of their house hanging Khukuri. Bhaktapur is the best place to buy Khukuri.

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