Things to do in Pokhara, Top 8 places to see
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Things to do in Pokhara, Top 8 places to see

things to do in pokhara

Things to do in Pokhara

Pokhara, the contemporary city full of appealing beauty and captivating sources of entertainment, is the favorite travel destination of many people. A never-ending list can be made about the things you can do in Pokhara, as it provides you with a variety of travel options. It is the city of exotic lakes, stunning Himalayas, and breathtaking adventures.

It is the second-largest city of Nepal with a distance of just 200 kilometers from the capital, Kathmandu. The beauty of Fewa, Begnas, and many other lakes, natural scenarios, views of snowy mountains, and adventure sports are the main features of this place. The alluring mountains’ opinions around the city, green hills, and the perfect cold-weather make this place a piece of heaven.

You can wake up in the morning, enjoying the beautiful sunrise in the snowy mountains, and take a walk around the city as the sunsets. It is also the gateway to the famous Annapurna Sanctuary trek. Annapurna Sanctuary consists of the Annapurna ranges of mountains, Machhapuchre, Dhaulagiri, and many more. This trek goes through the dense forests; white spring falls, lakes, glaciers, rare wildlife and bird species, making it the most exciting and fascinating treks in the world.

The city full of natural beauty is the perfect place to have your family time or fun with friends or enjoy solitude. The serene and peaceful lakes, amazing landscapes, and people with happy faces enjoying different adventures are guaranteed to make you most comfortable. Also, various stupas and temples are reflecting the culture and religious habits of diverse people of Pokhara. It is the land of different ethnic groups like Gurungs, Magar, Newaretc with their customs, festivals, and spiritual values. It is another important thing you can do in Pokhara; explore the culture and traditions of different people and their livelihood.

The variety of options of things you can do in Pokhara makes this place highly attractive. And today we are providing you with the best ten things you can do in this captivating city:

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things to do in pokhara

Here is the list of top 8 things to see in Pokhara.

1. Enjoy the lakesides

Pokhara is famous all over the world for its lakes. There are seven most beautiful and famous lakes in the city named; Fewa Lake, Begnas Lake, Rupa Lake, Maidi Lake, Dipang Lake, Gunde Lake, and the beautiful Gunde lake. These exotic lakes with sparkling water are the major attractions of the city. You can enjoy boating in them and also take the best pictures.

You can also enjoy the local food in the lakeside cafes with the scenic beauty of the lakes. These lakes also have temples in the middle of them, so you get to enjoy and take part in the sacred religious activities of local people and make your journey even more memorable.

Lakes reflect the quietness and calm, where you can be peaceful, happy, and take a look at your life and know the ways to make it even better. These lakesides can be visited in any season and are incredibly cheaper. So, want to take a break from your regular life, why not visit the exotic lakeside of Pokhara.

annapurna base camp trek in winter

2. Annapurna Base Camp trek

Pokhara is the gateway to the beautiful and heavenly Annapurna trek. It is another best thing you can do in Pokhara. Annapurna Base camp is the base of the Annapurna Mountain, which provides a clear view of Mount Annapurna range, Dhaulagiri range, Manaslu range, and various others. The magnificent view of these Mountains can bring new energy and perspective to your life.

This trek is full of beautiful forest areas, glaciers, waterfalls, rivers, mountains, etc. it is also a place where you can see the rarest endangered wildlife and the community of people of different backgrounds, cultures, and traditions. You can also enjoy the eye-catching view of landscapes and green hills around
you. It provides a variety of natural and cultural beauty.

This is not just a trek to one Mountain but the six famous peaks of the country. It goes through the beautiful forest areas full of Rhododendron and many other beautiful flowers. The spectacular views of these sacred mountains and journey towards them will be the best adventure of your life. You can also capture this heavenly beauty and sceneries in your cameras and keep it for a lifetime, as this trek also provides you best photography options.

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3. Rafting

There is no way that you have not heard of Rafting. River rafting is an exciting, adventurous game. Rafting is a recreational activity that uses an inflatable raft to navigate through a rapid river. In Pokhara, the Seti Gandaki river is famous for rafting. It’s a white water rafting river. This raft goes through the forests, hills, and an area of flora and fauna, making the adventure even more memorable.
Imagine flowing down in a beautiful river in the high speed, surrounded by the green hills and mountains. For once, you will forget your all sorrows and problems. You might also see some wildlife there as forest areas surround it.

But you need to consider your health and weather conditions. Rafting is considered as an extreme sport. So, if you are unwell, you might not feel good in the water. And also, the water in Kali Gandaki comes from the melted snow of the Annapurna Mountains. Such water remains already cold, so be considerate about your weather. You also need to be calm, patient and learn teamwork.

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4. Sight-seeing tour is the best things to do in Pokhara

Pokhara is full of stunning scenarios of lakes, snowy mountains, green hills, waterfalls, and many more natural beauties. It is a perfect place to enjoy the fantastic scenes and make lifetime memories. You can sit beside the beautiful lakes or dwell in the green hills. You can also visit the Annapurna Sanctuary and get magnificent views of snowy mountains.

The sunrise and sunsets in this place are truly precious. The sun rises from the snowy white mountains bringing the rays of hopes and new energy in your life. And when you see the breath-taking sunsets from the lakeside, rivers or waterfalls, it seems to set along with all your pain.

Being the place of cultural diversity, there are various temples and stupas, as well. You can visit these amazing historic places and be part of local cultures. There are museums as well as storing the essential materials of the past. Pokhara has everything you want. You can sit there and enjoy the fantastic sceneries or walk with beautiful nature and enjoy sight-seeing.

5. Enjoy local food and culture

There are varieties of foods you can find in Pokhara. The residence of different ethnic groups, caste, and creeds, Pokhara, offer you tasty local dishes that can make your day. You can enjoy the Newari food, Thakali and many more with the fantastic hospitality at the affordable cost. The people of this place are famous for their best behaviors and religious faiths and values. Every month they have different festivals and cultural activities which you can freely take part in.

Also, get to enjoy the delicious dishes of local people. The recipes like Sel Roti, Daal Bhat, Gundruk are healthy as well as cheaper in cost. And the food available in Pokhara carries the proper Nepalese taste and unique style.

6. Shopping

Shopping is always a number one among the things to do in Pokhara. You get to make your journey even more exciting by buying more and more new things. From personal items like clothes, accessories, etc. to the antiques, paintings, and statues, you can buy everything in Pokhara

You can enjoy shopping at any time of the day as the weather this place is excellent. There are many local shops, shopping malls, and many other places. You can even find different things nearby the lakesides of Pokhara, in the temples and other streets. You can also take away the famous Pashmina Shwals, decoration materials, local sweets, and many more from Pokhara. So, shopping is the best thing to do in Pokhara.

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7. Paragliding is the best things to do in Pokhara

Pokhara is famous for paragliding. Can you imagine being in the sky flying freely like a bird? Well, if you are excited and dream about it, paragliding can make it real. In it, you get to flow from a height freely.
Especially in a beautiful Pokhara, paragliding becomes the most exciting adventure. There are many places in Pokhara from which you can enjoy the thrill of paragliding.

You did not just flow in the sky; you can also enjoy the beautiful sceneries around you. The view of white mountains, green hills, small villages, forests, spring falls, etc. below you make you feel like heaven.

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8. Hiking

Hiking is another beautiful thing you can do in Pokhara. You can go on hikes from amazing Sarangkot or any other places. Sarangkot is situated in the hill, giving you the view of the entire city.
You can go on early morning hikes to see the sunrise view or in the evening to enjoy the deep sunset. Flora and fauna on the way will make you speechless.

The beautiful ways that go through the hills, little villages, and the riversides make the hiking even more best. Hiking can make you physically fit as well as mentally fresh. Hiking in Pokhara can surely make your best memory. On the ways, there are local food places, where you can take rest and enjoy the meal and hospitality of people.

There are so many other things to do in Pokhara like taking a city tour, visiting the Stupas and museums and lakesides. Boating, rafting, trekking, shopping, and sightseeing can make your trip so memorable and enjoyable that you want to come here again and again — Pokhara is a beautiful blend of natural beauty, culture and ethnicity, and adventures. Not a single second of yours becomes dull here.

So this year, why not take some time and refresh yourself with your family and friends and visit Pokhara. You are always welcome to this small piece of heaven.

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