Three Days Trek in Nepal
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Three Days Trek in Nepal

Nepal trekking

Three days trek in Nepal

Three days trek in Nepal is the best way to spend your next holidays. Nepal is a popular name in the tourism sector. It is the land of the Himalayas and the birthplace of Buddha.  The place is famous all over the world for its peaceful situation and breath-taking natural beauty. This is not just a small land; it is the collection of diverse forms of natural heritages and cultural values. More than a hundred languages are spoken in this small country and a mixture of ethnic groups resides here.

They say heaven is myth and Nepal is real. And being in this place for once only will make you realize this saying is true. The beautiful geographical variations, the highest mountains, small villages, and lands full of temples, wow Nepal is indeed one of the most beautiful countries in the world.  If you have not explored this small heaven yet, get ready to make your mind.

There are mountains in the North, green hills in the middle and lavishing Terai in the south. A variety of stunning landscapes makes it amazingly beautiful. It feels like, it is just a part of heaven fallen down in the earth. The videos and pictures representing the beauty of this place are all over the internet. But, pictures do not justify its beauty which can only be seen and felt by eyes in real. Furthermore, there are eight highest mountains in the world in this country, including Mount Everest, the highest (8848 meters). People from all over the country come here to explore these mountains. They love hiking around them or even trekking in them to reach the summit.

Annapurna base camp trek via poon hill

Enjoy the short 3 days trek in Nepal

Along with that, there are more than eight thousand rivers all over the country. Also, there are ten national parks and conservation areas, lakes, glaciers, dense forest areas and many more. It provides tourists with wide travel options to visit the country. To be honest just three days trek in Nepal. This amazing country is not even enough. Once you visit here, you will feel like you never even want to leave it. It is a country that can never fail to mesmerize you.

From the stunning mountains, green hills, historic places to the diverse culture of people, you get to enjoy every minute spent here.  There are hundreds of reasons why you must visit Nepal once in your lifetime. You have a wide variety of travel options in this peaceful birthplace of Buddha. From adventurous trekking’s in the mountains to the exploration of glorious cultures and way of life, you get to do it all here. There are some of the mesmerizing places that you never want to miss in your lifetime.

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Trekking is becoming very popular day by day in the entire world. It not only makes you healthy and fit but also allows you to explore the hidden parts of the world. You get to witness the beauty of nature. Also, you get to remain connected to nature and to your existence in this world. It is such a blissful feeling to be in the purest forms of nature like in the mountains, rivers, lakes, hills and green fields. This is just an amazing feeling to forget everything and remain in peace for a while.

These treks are easy and have comfort lodges

It lets you to remain calm, focused and much more energized for your next project. And because of all these reasons trekking is getting much more famous these days. You can go around hikes for a day if you have very limited time. Or you can be at the most amazing and historic places like even Mount Everest. But for that, you just need to begin. Just go out for one trek and you will realize how mesmerizing it is.

And trekking is becoming an inseparable part of activities done in Nepal. Nepal, the land of Himalayas and the home to many natural beauties are just mesmerizing. And time and again it has proved just to be the best destination for such activities. It’s eight tallest mountain, ten world heritage sites, national parks and conservation areas, hills and amazing landscapes and many more thing makes it one of the most valuable travel destinations. Furthermore, it is also the home to rare wildlife, birds and plant species as well.

And especially for trekking, the completely natural and raw trekking routes are just so attractive. It is the best and most amazing place to be. There are so many things you can see and explore in this little country. It has a variety of landscapes where you can just enjoy your best time. You can reach the tallest mountains of the world. And also, you can enjoy various helicopter treks if you want. The sunsets and sunrises in the snow-capped mountains are so eye-catching. It is just a soulful place to be.

Three days trek in Nepal is designed for you if you are in lack of time. In today’s busy lives, it becomes hard to get enough time to explore every part of the world. But it does not mean you cannot visit these amazing places in less time and not enjoy life. Even if you have less time, you can still visit these great places and utilize your time in the best way possible.

Let me present to you some of the best places in Nepal, where you can go on trekking for just three days and still have the best time.

chisapani nagarkot trek

Chisapani to Nagarkot Trek

This trek is famous for its natural beauty and amazing route. The trek begins from Sundarijal, which is itself a famous tourist destination. From Sundarijal you will reach to Chisapani. There is a viewpoint in Chisapani, from where you can get the most amazing views of mountains. Also, it provides mesmerizing sceneries.This is best easy three days trek sin Nepal.

From Chisapani, you will trek to Nagarkot. Nagarkot is a beautiful and mesmerizing little city. It is full of cultural heritage as well. You can visit various temples and stupas. Also, you can get the best views of various mountains. You can enjoy gorgeous photography as well. The trek routes are silent and naturally beautiful. Furthermore, you can enjoy the best sunrise and sunset views in the mountains from Nagarkot. It is truly worth visiting at least once in your lifetime.

Everest View Trek

If you are a trekking lover, you know that everyone’s dream is to be or view the exotic Mount Everest. We all know that it is the highest mountain, but not all of us get to enjoy the feeling of being above the highest mountain. And when you are planning even a three days trek, why not enjoy it at the best place. It is the ace of all the mountains. It is the summit that few dare to reach. Mount Everest is the ultimate destination for all the trekkers. But due to various reasons like health, money, and others, not everyone dares to walk over there. this is best Three or more days treks in Nepal.

But that does not stop you from enjoying its live view and that also in very less time. And only one way to do that is to go for Everest View Trek. You can make it a Heli Trek. And in the trek, you will not have to walk upon the chilling cold snow or anything, but you can comfortably enjoy the mountain sceneries and best Mount Everest View trek.


Kalinchowk Trek

Kalinchowk has been recently very famous for Nepalese people. And even outsiders love it. During winter people crave to be in Kalinchowk. It seems like this little fairyland. It is such a beautiful and amazing place to be. The amazing mountain sceneries are just mesmerizing. Furthermore, the green hills, and especially when they are covered in snow look so adorable. And if you are planning for a short trek, then definitely you must visit Kalinchowk. It’s not so far distance and natural beauty makes this place just mesmerizing and adds attraction. this is the best three days trek in Nepal.

The highest altitude at Kalinchwok is around 3790 meters. It is just a perfect trek for your three days trek in Nepal. The tremendous paranormal sceneries, various cultural areas, and unexplored areas and different lifestyles make this place so attractive.  You can enjoy the spectacular views of various mountains like Ganesh Himal, Langtang mountain, etc. Furthermore, you can get the amazing views of local settlements and sceneries far across the woods. These things make it a perfect destination for your next short trek.

Pokhara Sarangkot hiking

Sarangkot and Dhampus Trek

Sarangkot is known as the viewpoint of various spectacular mountain views. It is at the top of a hill and it provides you a great place for sight-seeing. You will have to trek to reach the top of that hill. And you can enjoy the great scenery of the mountains and part of Pokhara city. It also gives you the amazing views of people enjoying paragliding and many more activities. It is so peaceful and enjoyable. Furthermore, you can get the best photography here. It is because of the beautiful background.

Dhampus Trek is another most admired hiking route in Nepal, which passes through the countryside, populated by the broad diversity of geographical landscapes. It is situated at an altitude of 800 meters which is also a gateway to the Annapurna Conservational Area. The trek to Dhampus continues through magnificent rhododendron forests, which are also home to many more flora and faunas.

The trail offers you superb Himalayan panorama view consisting of mighty peaks such as the Annapurna, Himchuli, Macchapuchre and Lamjung Himal. These best three days trek in Nepal is popular trek among national and international tourists. It might be because of the short and easy trek filled with all the natural beauty in the most favorable climate. So, Sarangkot- Dhampus Trek is another best destination for your next best short trek.

 Poon Hill Trek

Poon hill short trek starts from Pokhara with a scenic one hour and thirty minutes drive to Nayapul. And from there the actual trek begins. The destination is Poon hill, which is the best destination for viewing the spectacular mountains. You do not need any kind of experience in trekking, before going on this trek. The trekker who wish to explore the different experiences of culture and heritage, distinct Nepalese lifestyle, views of Himalaya, nature etc than it is the best destination. The path to Poon hill is well built and you feel like embarking upon a discovery expedition in the heart of medieval villages. The breathtaking mountain sceneries and beautiful ethnic villages justify the popularity of Ghorepani Trek. This is the best way to remain close and connected to nature.

This trek is mainly best known for easy trekking fulfilling dreams for a glimpse of snow-capped mountain peaks and experiencing the Himalayan culture. We can call this is the best three days trek in Nepal.

Nepal helicopter tour

Annapurna Heli Trek

Annapurna Heli Trek is the best trip for those who have a short time available. And also want the mixed trekking with a helicopter ride. This is a perfect combination of both trekking journey and a fantastic helicopter ride across the beautiful landscapes. Also, it is a perfect way to explore the beauty and natural wonders of the Annapurna Region. This beautiful ride takes you to 4130 meters feet elevation so that you get some of the most enduring panoramic views of the surrounding atmosphere.

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A beautiful climb to the Annapurna Base Camp dominates the rest of everything else. You will feel that nature has truly blessed this country in abundance. It is rich in bio-diversity and magnificent flora and fauna. And this is all you will get to witness and explore in this short yet the most comfortable and amazing trek.

Thus, these are the major three days trek in Nepal.

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