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Special things to buy in Nepal

Special thing to buy when you visit Nepal

Special thing to buy in when you visit Nepal Nepal, a country full of natural resources has lots of special things you can buy. A...

Top 10 Highest Mountains in the World

Top 10 Highest Mountain in the World

Top 10 highest mountain in the world, Himalayan is the highest mountain and considered as ‘freshwater reserves in the form of a glacier, ice and...

new map of Nepal

Nepal Trekking Map

Nepal Trekking Map Nepal is well known for exotic trekking and hiking places. Many people from around the world come to trek Himalayan ranges of...

Nepalese trekking

Nepalese Trekking- Trekking in Nepal Himalaya

Nepalese Trekking Nepal is one of the best countries for trekking and hiking experience. People from all around the world come to enjoy the trekking...

Kathmandu day tour

Finding Your Way Around Kathmandu Nepal

Finding Your Way Around Kathmandu, Kathmandu is a city like no other. The first thing to note is that it is incredibly busy, at times...

Pathivara Mata Temple

Pathivara Mata Temple Nepal

 Do you ever believe in heaven on earth, well Pathivara Mata Temple peripheral will make you feel like heaven? Pathivara temple visit is the best...

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