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Upper Mustang Trekking 10 Days

upper mustang trek

Upper Mustang Trekking 10 days

Upper Mustang Trekking 10 days is an amazing trek designed to explore the hidden heaven of Nepal; \ This northern part of Nepal is extremely famous all over the world for its beauty and the stunning Himalayas. Yet not everyone has become able to witness its beauty. So, this upper mustang trek ten days allows you to explore this amazing beauty of the Mustang area along with the Nepalese culture and varieties of local food.

Nepal is not a new name in the field of trekking. The spectacular mountains of Nepal, the dense forests, pure rivers, lakes, glaciers, and unity in the diversity of many cultures and religions have earned names all over the world. There are so many pictures of Nepal on the internet and the videos on YouTube as well. But those are just not enough to justify the beauty of this amazing and mesmerizing beautiful land across the seas. It is so beautiful in every way that words fall less to describe it.

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The eight highest mountains and six thousand and more rivers and the birthplace of the light of Asia, Gautam Budhha, and this country’s name have a unique reputation in the world from years. You can be here to explore the mesmerizing mountain areas through trekking, rafting along the white rivers and to get the close view of rare wildlife and plants in its dense forests. Or if you just want to chill and relax in the camps on the lakeside with the local music and even if you want to go on shopping and enjoy the nightlife, Nepal has it all.

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The stunning sceneries will never leave you

Furthermore, if you want to deeply refresh yourself, trekking is the best option. It is because it has a huge never-ending list of benefits. You can explore the beauty of nature. And, you can also learn so many things about a new place, its culture, traditions, and lifestyle of people. For the foodie person like me, you will be happy to taste new and varieties of local food.

And, the upper mustang trek ten days is a precious journey of ten days in the wonderland of Nepal. You will get to walk through the beautiful green hills and in the lap of Himalayas. The stunning sceneries will never leave you. You will also get to walk through the little villages of Nepal and explore their daily life from close. The green fields and mesmerizing landscapes will stun you in your journey. And more than anything, the sunrise and sunsets in the mountains will just amaze you. It is such a beautiful view to watch the dusk and dawn above those snowy Himalayas.


Upper Mustang Trekking 10 days Itinerary

Day 1: Flight from Kathmandu to Jomsom

Jomsom is your first destination on this trek. You will be flying to Jomsom. And this first flight will be accompanied by the amazing sceneries of the mountains, hills, rivers and beautiful settlements of different places. Well, it is simply a form of welcoming you to this beautiful land of Himalayas with these small glimpses.

In Addition to that, Jomsom is a very popular and amazingly beautiful place in itself. You will land in a place surrounded by hills and mountains. The fresh air and flowers blooming and the bio-diversity, all these seem to be happy with your presence.

Day 2: Trek to Kagbeni

And here begins your trekking journey. It is just the second day and you will already be enjoying the trekking’s gorgeous landscapes. Today, you will trek to Kagbeni.

It is three to four hours trek from Jomsom. Kagbeni is a small and beautiful village surrounded by the Kali Gandaki River. You can find a place surrounded by mountains as well. It is a unique and different place than a regular village. And that is what makes it even more attractive. Furthermore, you can also find comfortable and cozy places for accommodation. And you will also get to taste the amazing food of the local place. As we all know, it’s incredibly important to have good food and proper rest in a trek.

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Day 3: Trek from Kagbeni to Chele

And it is your third day on the trek. I know you cannot even believe that you are actually enjoying the trip you have planned for so long. After all, it is so refreshing and so enjoyable yet so peaceful on this trek that you don’t even wanna go back. And keep up to your excitement, this third day takes you to your next destination; Chele.

The trek is of a moderate level. Some of the trials are normal and some are steep. Most importantly, you will walk through a steep high hill. It will give you the perfect shot of the surroundings and the place Kagbeni. You can see everything so far. The clear mountains surrounding the place, they seem like they are protecting something very precious. And the little settlements and villages can be seen so perfectly.

Today’s trek will take you to an altitude of 3050 meters. And it will take you around five hours to complete the trek.

Day 4: Trek from Chele to Gelling

Today you are already half of your journey. And it is a much more special day, as you will be coming across various beautiful and precious places. Also, you will get to witness the major attractions of the trek. This trek will take you to an altitude of 3440 meters. And it will take around five to six hours to complete the trek.

During today’s trek, you will be coming across the Taklam La Pass. It is known as a major pass of the trek. Along with it, you will also be visiting various places like Damodar Hill, Samar village, Syangmochen and Tilicho peak. These places are considered the most important places in the area because of their beauty and history. They are incredibly beautiful and mesmerizing places. And you will spend your night here today.

Day 5: Trek from Geling to Tsarang

The next trek is from Geling to Tasarng. Tsarang is also known as the driest place of Upper Mustang Trek ten days. It will take you around five to six hours to reach Tsarang from Geling. On the way, you will come across some amazing places like Ghami. This is a large barren yet mesmerizing field. Also, you will walk through the Choya La Pass. It is also known as the viewpoint of the trek. From this place, you can get the most beautiful views of various mountains like  Mount Dhaulagiri, Mount Annapurna, etc.

Furthermore, you will also get to visit the historic Tsarang Monastery. This is a popular monastery with various historical artworks and many more things. It is so peaceful to be at such a place. And after such amazing sceneries and walks through the beautiful places, you will reach the village of Tsarang. Tsarang village is beautiful in itself. It is surrounded by the breath-taking mountains, high and dry hills and a unique yet mesmerizing village is Tsarang. Also, you will spend the night in this beautiful place.

Day 6: Trek from Tsarang Village to Lo Manthang

Today you will again walk for around four to five hours. And the highest altitude for today is 3730 meters.  And the distance you will walk in today is only about eleven kilometers. Today is also your best way to experience and get familiar with the local culture and traditions. You will also get to experience the Tibetan and Buddhist Culture. Along with that, you can also, get familiar with the local lifestyle and local daily activities which seem very much different from ours. And that is what makes it even more interesting to observe.

Lo Manthang is the Northern Part of Upper Mustang. It is still an unexplored area. this  like a raw place filled with various natural beauties. known as the city of the wall. It is because it was walled as the capital of Kingdom Lo, previously.

upper mustang trek

Day 7: Acclimatization Day at Lo Manthang

After a continuing trek for six days, who does not prefer a day off from all that travel. So, today you will just get to relax and enjoy the place. You can sit, take rest and eat varieties of food. Along with that, you will also get to enjoy the quality time with your friends and family is a beautiful place.

Also, later in the day you can enjoy nearby places and give a visit. There are various temples and monasteries in the place. You can visit these places and understand the cultural and religious values of the local place. Along with that, you can also enjoy photography in the amazing sceneries around.

Day 8: Trekking from Lo Manthang to back to Ghami

And after you have visited all the important places, its time to return back from the journey. However, the best part of this trek is that even when you are returning you get to explore so many things. Trust me, you will realize nature is really so vast. And you can never get enough of it. So even when you will be heading back, you will come across the highest pass of the trek Lungri La Pass. It is truly mesmerizing to even look at. Also, the sight of little villages will look breathtaking.

Day 9: Trek from Ghami to Jomsom

This is your last trek for the Upper Mustang Trek ten days. And it is a route that you will follow to come back, which is slightly different than the beginning route. The trek from Ghami to Jomsom will also be interesting because of the natural beauty the route offers.

Furthermore, to cherish your memories better you will get to walk through the side of Kali Gandaki River, once again. And from there you will reach Kagbeni and then finally Jomsom.

jomsom muktinath trek

Day 10: Flight from Jomsom to Pokhara

And here ends your beautiful Upper Mustang trek of 10 days. It is just so blissful to in this journey. A journey filled with natural beauty, amazing sceneries and in the lap of Mountains. Also, it is great to be in nature and far away from our same daily life.

You will be returning with a smiling face and a satisfied heart. A new experience will be added to your life. It is an amazing journey to explore. Upper mustang trek 10 days provides you an amazing experience to enjoy life and visit the prestigious hidden part of Nepal.

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And finally, your upper mustang trekking 10 days will get over. And you will return back home with lots of memories and happiness with you. At the end of this trek, you will be wiser in terms of your knowledge of nature and culture. Also, you will find yourself more much more connected to nature and its parts. It makes you realize that no matter where you are, or no matter where you go, you are inseparable of nature. And true happiness lies not being in big buildings and top-class offices, but in the silence of woods and in the laps of Himalayas.

Thus, this Upper mustang trekking 10 days is an amazing trek comprising all the natural aspects. And it is available at the lowest cost possible. Furthermore, this beautiful journey not only includes the great mountains but you can also explore the local people and their livelihood. 


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