Which is the World’s Tallest Mountain
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Which is the World’s Tallest Mountain

where is mount everest

 World’s Tallest Mountain

Nepal, the land of mountains is blessing in the context of natural resources. It consists of various beautiful natural resources that attract many tourists from all across the world. It is the matter of pride that we Nepalese are the owner of the world’s tallest mountain. Which is the world’s tallest mountain and where is it located in the top questions that prompt in every travel Geek? This article will give you all the detail of the world’s tallest mountain,  Everest (8848 m). Below is the description provided with the world’s top 5 mountain peaks:

  1. Mount Everest

This is the World’s tallest mountain peak in the world with an altitude of 8,848km from the sea level. Everest lies in Nepal around the border of china on the Mahalangur range of the great Himalayan range. It is also saying that Sagarmatha which means “mother of the world” Nepali and Chomolungma in which means “Forehead in the sky” in the Tibetan language.

Mount Everest lies of the 27 degrees and 59 seconds north latitude and 86 degree and 55-minute eastern longitude. Many people around the world visit Mount Everest and it is the most visited tourist destination of Nepal. Mount Everest was first submitted by Edmund Hillary of New Zealand and Tenzing Norge Sherpa of Nepal. On the way to Everest base camp, you will find many Buddhists monasteries. Mount Everest falls on the moderate level trekking, you will need to have the basic of trekking training and trekking experience. It is not much difficult to climb Mount Everest.

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The average permissible age to climb Mt. Everest is 16-60 years. You will enjoy the beautiful scenery of the amazing mountain around the Everest Base camp. Mount Everest is a chain of the mountain which includes the high mountain peak like the peaks Lhotse, 8,516 meters (27,940 Ft.); Nuptse, 7,855 meters (25,771 Ft.) and Changtse, 7,580 meters (24,870 Ft.). The height of mountain Everest was determine by the Indian survey which was doing  in 1955. The height was determining by the trigonometric method. There are two methods to climb Mount Everest.

where is mount everest

Everest base camp trek is 2 weeks adventure

The first way is to form the southeast of Everest which is also known as the standard route. And the other route is from the border of China and Nepal, this route has not been open for trekkers. Trekkers also visit the Sagarmatha national park where the atypical biodiversity is found. Sagarmatha national park is also enlisted in the world heritage site by the UNESCO. Mount Everest is believed to be 60 million years old. Trekkers can visit Everest anytime throughout the year. You can watch the beautiful snow peak mountain. The rock of the mountain is always gets covered with the thick deep snow.

It normally takes 15-20 days to trek to Everest base camp. You can take the flight to Lukla airport. If you are short of time, then Mount Everest Helicopter flight would provide you the best luxury heli flight over the marvelous mountains. Till now 34 trekkers have submitted Everest from one side to another. 614 trekkers have submitted Everest from both the way of Nepal and China. And about 117 trekkers have submitted Everest more than once from Nepal. The normal time to climb Mount Everest is 15-41 days. Since Everest lies on the high altitude while climbing you will get about 65% les

s oxygen in each breath you take. So most of the climbers take an oxygen bottle with them. Climbers use the axe to help stop the fall. You can find many trekking guides to guide you to the peak of Mount Everest. It is scientifically proven that the high of the Mount Everest increases the rate of 4mm per year. It believes that Everest was discover by George Everest. You can also find many important and expensive medicinal herb called yarchagumba.

  1. Mount K2


Mount K2 is recognized as the second-highest mountain in the world. The height of mount K2 is 8,611km above the sea level. It is located in Pakistan and China. The Chinese name of mount K2 is QogirGeng which means Great Mountain and Mount Godwin Austen. It is also called Dapsang and Chogori locally around Pakistan. Mount K2 lies Karakoram Range of Pakistan and Kashmir of Chinese administrative reserved. It is believed that mount K2 was discovered by the survey of India which is called Col. T.G. Montgomerie in 1856. K2 is the only mountain in the world which has not been climbed in the winter season. this is 1 mountain in the list from Pakistan for World’s tallest mountain.

K2 is the most difficult mountain to climb that is the reason why people called it the “killer” and the “savage” mountain. Research has shown that about 22% of the climbers have died while submitting k2. The anglo-swiss expedition was the first official attempt to mount K2 in 1902 which was failed. Then, on 31st July 1954, two Italian climbers named LinoLacedelli and AchilleCompagnoni made the first attempt to K2. Like Mount Everest, there are two ways to climb mount K2 Pakistan and china. Trekkers mostly climb mount K2 form the Pakistan side where K2 base camp is lying on the altitude of 5,150m.

Which is the World’s Tallest Mountain


This is the tallest mountain in Pakistan

The second submit to mount K2 was lead in 1977 by the joined expedition of china and Pakistan. And in 2004 Carlos SoriaFontán the Spanish trekker of the age 65 became the oldest person to climb mount K2. In 2008 the biggest tragedy occurred in mount K2. Altogether 11 mountaineers were sweeping on the ice avalanche and died. K2 is a massif which consist of the high mountain peak like Mount Kitchener (3505 m), south Twin (3529 m), Mount Wilcox (2884 m), Snow Dome (3520 m), Mount Athabasca (3492 m), Mount Andromeda (3450 m), Stanfield Peak (3450 m), Mount Cromwell (3330 m), Mount Engelhard (3270 m), North Twin Peak (3731 m). Climbing to mount K2 is quite expensive, which costs $1500. The north side of the mount K2 is the steepest. It is the second-highest casualty among the 14 eight thousand.

Thomas George Montgomerie is the person who give the name of mount K2 He also finds out the two protuberant peaks. Till 1986 mount K2 was the tallest mountain then afterward the actual measurement. It takes a longer time to climb K2 than Mt Everest because it is really difficult to trek MT K2. The first woman to climb Everest was Wand Rutkewize of Spain. It is really important that we need a full physically fit to climb mount K2.

  1. Mount Kanchenjunga

Mount Kanchenjunga is the Third World’s tallest mountain in the world located in Nepal. The elevation of mount Kangchenjunga is (8,586 m). It is located on the border of Nepal and India. The name Kanchenjunga means “the five treasure house of snow” in Chinese. The third highest mountain Kangchenjunga was first submitted on 25th May 1955 by the British expedition of Joe Brown and George Band. The length of the Kangchenjunga massif is 74 km. Previous studies have shown that mount Kangchenjunga. Which is making of the rock is saying late Precambrian which is believing to be 1 billion years old. Mount Kangchenjunga holds a lot of religious belief of the local Sherpa and Gurung people.

Trekkers mostly climb mount Kangchenjunga from Nepal because the way to this mountain is easy and enjoyable. A British occultist Aleister Crowley was the first person to attempt to climb mount Kangchenjunga in1905. The five submit of mount Kangchenjunga are Kangchenjunga Main:-28,169 feet (8,586 meters); 12,867 feet (3,922 meters) of prominence, Kangchenjunga Wes:- 27,904 feet (8,505 meters); 443 feet (135 meters) of prominence, Kangchenjunga Central:- 27,828 feet (8,482 meters); 105 feet (32 meters) of prominence, Kangchenjunga South:- 27,867 feet (8,494 meters); 390 feet (119 meters) of prominence, Kangbachen:- 25,928 feet (7,903 meters); 337 feet (103 meters) of prominence. In 1977 the second climb to mount Kangchenjunga lead by the Indian army who were led by the officer Nagendra Kumar.

Kanchenjunga trek

Kanchenjunga is the third tallest mountain

The third climb was done in 1979 Doug Scott, Peter Boardman, and Joe Tasker on May 16. The first solo attempt to this mountain was done by Pierre Beghin in 1983 without the use of additional oxygen. There are mainly four routes or the way to climb northeast, southwest, and northwest of Kangchenjunga and the other way is northeast which is from Sikkim of India. On the way, you will also find the amazing Kangchenjunga national park which consists of the extinct birds and animals like Musk deer, Red Panda, Snow-Leopard, and Blue Sheep along with the abundant species of bird-like Shy Dragon, Impedance Pheasant, and Red-Billed Blue Magpie. People  believe that the goddess Dzonga lives on mount Kangchenjunga. While trekking to this mountain peak you will have to go through a lot of glaciers.

  1. Mount Lhotse


Mount Lhotse is the fourth World’s tallest mountain which lies in Nepal. Lhotse stands at the height of 8526m above the sea level. Mount Lhotse is also easily can recognize mountain as it falls on the south of the Mt Everest. There are three submit of mount Lhotse:- Lhotse Main 8516m, Lhotse middle 8413m and Lhotse Shar 8383m. The south face of Lhotse is the largest face of the mountain in the world. This mountain was firstly attempt by Ernst Reiss and Fritz Luchsinger of Switzerland in the year 1956. The route to Lhotse is as same as the route to Sothern Everest.

Mt Lhotse

Middle Lhotse is one of the most dangerous mountains of Nepal because of the Khumbu icefall. The south face of the Lhotse was climbed later in 1984. The most interesting fact about Lhotse is that the Lhotse middle is the top point on the earth which was not climbed up till 2001. On the 1st of May 2001, EugenyVinogradsky became the first person to climb the middle Lhotse. It is not so much difficult to climb the main and Shar Lhotse so, many people trek this mountain as a practice for the highest Everest. AngFurba Sherpa was the high altitude mountain worker, he died on the 19th of May 2016 by slipping from Lhotse.

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  1. Mount Makalu

Mount Makalu is the fifth highest peak around the world with the elevation of 8,485 meters from the sea level. It lies on the 14 miles eastern side of Everest. The name Makalu forms the Sanskrit word MahaKhala which means big black. Mount Makalu was first climbed on the 15th May 1955 in by Lionel Terray and Jean Couzy of the French expedition. It takes more than 61 days to climb mount Makalu. The best season to climb Mount Everest is spring and autumn season. This is the kingdom of the glaciers, surrounding by the unforgettable attendance of the world’s mightiest mountains and threatening above the highest Mt Everest itself. Climbing mount Makalu forms the western face is very adventurous. above are the list of world’s tallest mountain.


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