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Kala Patthar Trekking

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Trip Overview of Kala Patthar Trekking

Kala Patthar trekking is a perfect combo of Everest base camp trek and three pass trek. Kala Patthar is popular among people as the best viewpoint of mountains. Almost all adventure geeks have a dream of visiting Everest from Kala Patthar at least once in a lifetime. You can also visit Sagarmatha national park via the alternative and unique trail in the Kala Patthar trekking. Although the trails and the destination of the Kala Patthar trekking are as same as the Everest Base camp trek we will make sure that you have a different experience. You will be taking the alternative route, which is easier and enjoyable for you.

Kala Patthar is a very popular trekking destination in the Everest region in Nepal. The word “Kala Patthar” means “black rock” in the Nepali language. Although Kala Patthar is not a mountain, it is more famous as it provides a close and fantastic view of the great Mount Everest. In addition to this, trekkers can also get the closest possible view of other mountains like Nuptse, Lhotse, Changtse, and other small mountains. Another interesting thing is the largest webcam is also in Kala Patthar. The altitude of Kala Patthar is 18,514 ft. above sea level.

Stay overnight at Gorakshep before climbing Kala Patthar

Trekkers often say that Kala Patthar is the heart of the Himalayas in Nepal. You will be thrilled to see the high mountains with snow everywhere. The trail to Kala Patthar goes through the small villages of Gorakshep and Lobuche. Gorakshep is located at an altitude of 5,164 meters.

The trail to Kala Patthar from Gorakshep seems more ascent but you will have the easier and clear path to Kala Patthar. The trekking distance from Gorakshep and Kala Patthar is short so, you can enjoy the walk. You can take pictures and enjoy the majestic view the entire way up. It is better if you start the trek in the early hours, as the mountains seem photogenic in the morning. The Kala Patthar trekking takes 2 weeks to complete along with the Everest base camp trek. However, since the trek is at a higher altitude the climbing takes 8 to 9 days.

Best time to trek to Kala Patthar

It is very important to manage the timing as you get to enjoy it more if you visit the place at the right time. The best time to trek Kala Patthar is during the falls of September and December. During this time, the weather becomes clear giving you the perfect view of the mountains. In addition, the weather is moderate during this time so it will be less tiring to hike.

People also wait to trek Kala Patthar from March to May, which is the spring season. During this time, you can enjoy the trails filled with rhododendron and oak trees. Skies become clear with very little precipitation. The weather during the spring season is absolutely fine for trekking with occasional snowfall sometimes.

What is the specialty of this trek?

The trekking to Kala Patthar goes through the riverbank. The entire trail goes through the lovely Sherpa villages and breathtaking mountain scenery. Along with the flora and fauna, you can also observe the unique Sherpa culture and Buddhist monasteries. The houses of the village are welcoming with the handcrafted arts with the small roofs.

Kala Patthar trek goes through the Sagarmatha national park where you will get a chance to see the wild animals of the Himalayas like Himalayan Goat (Thar/Jharal), Musk Dear, colorful birds “Daphne” with various species of birds. Yaks are the main domestic animals of the Khumbu region whereas it is also the home of snow leopards. People say the Kala Patthar region is the land of the mysterious creature yeti. Kala Patthar trek gest through various other viewpoints like Khumbu glacier, Khumbu icefall, and glacier, which provides the breath-taking view of the mountains.

How to get there?

Kala Patthar trekking starts with the scenic flight from Kathmandu to Lukla airport. After landing at Lukla, you will have to walk through the lovely Chaurikharka village. For here, you will be continuing your trek through Ghat, Phakding, and Manoj following the bank of Dudh Koshi River. The entire trekking trail is full of Pine and rhododendron trees. You can move further towards Namche Bazar where you will take acclimation. Namche Bazar is his perfect place where you will get to interact with the local people and know about their culture.

There is a famous museum in Namche Bazar that you can visit. After that, you will have to continue your trek towards Tengboche. You can visit the Tengboche monastery that is the oldest Buddhist monastery in Nepal. From here moving, forward to beautiful Dingboche village. On the way to Dingboche, you will start to see the perfect glance of mountains. Closest view of Nangkkhar Tshang peak (5,6615m) and all-round view of high mountains like Mt. Makalu (8,463m), Lhotse (8,749m), and Cho Oyu (8,201m), and Imja Valley view.

Finally, after trekking, you will get to Mt. Everest base camp, which is at an elevation of 5,360 meters. Walking through Lobuche you will reach Gorakshep, the gateway of the Kala Patthar trek. Teahouses in Gorakshep are very famous. Then after hiking for some time, you will reach Kala Patthar. Kala Patthar is an unbelievable place from where you can get a terrific view of the entire northern face of Everest.

Kala Patthar trekking cost

The cost for Kala Patthar trekking has been affected recently flight fare hikes up by airlines. Now the one-way flight fare to Lukla costs you USD 179. Similarly, your trek cost is varied how many people are you. For single trekkers wanted to do private trips taking both guides and porter will cost you more. You can take 1 guide/porter same person do guide and carry your bag. At the cost of 2 people, you will get 1 guide and 1 porter. The cost for the full board package for the Kala Patthar trek is from USD 1540 to USD 1700  depends on the lodge you choose. If you are in a bigger group you will get some discount on the cost.

Also Daily needed things prices to hike up, meals and rooms cost in Kala Patthar trekking increased seasonally, as in the rest of the world, fuel costs have been increasing regularly and due to a severe shortage in Nepal cost vary from day to day.

However, even though we at Above Himalaya Trekking have been affected by these factors, we continue to offer the best services to our customers at a nominal cost.

Kala Patthar Trekking View

Due to the fluctuating structure of Mount Everest, you will not see the mountain from the base camp. That is why people travel to Kala Patthar for the perfect view. You should visit Kala Patthar in the early morning as you can see the majestic views of the sun behind the mountains. We have shared so much about the views of the mountains, but what exactly can you see from Kala Patthar. Here are the mountains that are visible from Kala Patthar

  • Mount Everest

Mt Everest is the main reason for people trekking to Kala Patthar. Everest trek packages also include the trek to Kala Patthar. Seeing the magical view of Mount Everest from Kala Patthar is the huge box on every adventure lover’s bucket list. The altitude of Everest is eight, 8448.84 meters from sea level. Only Kala Patthar can provide the entire south face of the world’s highest mountain. Strangely, people visiting Kala Patthar say that Mount Everest does not look like the tallest mountain in the region.

  • Mount Nuptse

Mount Nuptse is another masterpiece to see from Kala Patthar. It is situated at a distance of only 2 kilometers from Mount Everest with an altitude of 7861 meters above the sea. From the actual viewpoint of Kala Patthar, you can see Nuptse closely and clearly.

Some of the trekkers love the view of Mount Nuptse. It is a magical peak but it blocks the view of Mount Everest from Everest base camp.

  • Mount Changtse

Mount Changtse is a beautiful yet trekked mountain of Nepal. This mountain is more famous among Tibetan people. That is why Mount Changtse means north peak among Tibetan people. This mountain is on the Northern side of  Everest with an altitude of 7583 meters. The interesting thing about mount Changtse is that this mount connects with Mount Everest physically. Trekkers do not climb this mountain, as it is difficult to climb. You can get a fabulous view of mount Changtse from Kala Patthar.

Kala Patthar trek difficulty

Since Kala, Patthar is located inside the Khumbu region so the trek is quite long and the trail is uphill. This trek might be difficult for people both mentally and physically. You will have to be fully prepared during the trek. You will need to take some breaks during the trek.

If due to any cause, you are not feeling well, then immediately stop the trek. The most common problem that people face during the Kala Patthar trek is altitude sickness. People get altitude sickness due to the higher elevation. You will have to drink plenty of water and suitable clothes according to the weather.

Guide and porter during Kala Patthar trekking

Guide and porter are compulsory for the trek to Kala Patthar. You will have to hire both a guide and porter for this trek to enjoy this trek properly. If you are traveling Above the Himalayas then we will provide you experienced and qualified guide. The guide will make your trek to Kala Patthar more interesting and fruitful. As our team is responsible, we will manage you the porter for the trek. Normally the porters will carry a maximum of 25 kilos of your backpack. If your luggage is more than 25 kilos then you will have to pay extra for that. Porter will make your trek memorable by telling you about the culture and tradition of the local Sherpa people in the Khumbu region.


 Enjoy the best view

Kala Patthar trekking is one of the best adventures in the Khumbu area. Kala Patthar means  ‘black rock’ in English, Kala Patthar stands at an impressive 5500m above sea level. This is the highest altitude reached on most of our Everest trekking routes. It is located to the south of the Himalayan ranges, just above the Gorak Shep. It overlooks the Khumbu Glacier, Everest Base Camp, and is an incredible viewpoint for Everest itself.

Most of the trekkers are on the route of Kala Patthar trekking. Don’t miss being here and it t takes about 2-2.5 hours to reach the top of Kala Patthar from Gorak Shep.  If you wanted to see the best sunrise view Be sure to get there before sunrise . Many trekkers start very early morning not to miss the best mountain view with sunrise.

The trail starts very early morning from The small village of Gorakshep (5,164 m / 16,942 ft.) sits at the base of Kala Patthar trekking. It is always advisable o walk slow and starts the trek in the early morning. We are suggesting you allow yourself plenty of time, leave your pack light with bare essentials. Be sure to stop and enjoy the views the entire way up. Trekkers start to climb the mountain is in the early hours of the morning, for a photogenic sunrise opportunity on top. Don’t start your hike too late in the day as winds pick up and unpredictable storms move in later in the afternoon.

Things to pack for Kala Patthar trekking:

Flashlight or headlamp, warm clothes, water, something to take pictures with. Kala Patthar is a mountain that mountaineers who summit Everest will spend time on as well. If you’re trekking to Everest Base Camp 7 days in May you can see some of these famous climbers here.

Trip Highlights Kala Patthar trekking

  • Sightseeing Other peaks Mt. Lhotse (8,516m), Mt. Makalu (8,463m), and Cho Yu (8,201m)
  • Stunning views of the world’s highest peak, Mt. Everest (8,848m)
  • Visit the ancient monastery in Tengboche and Stunning Khumbu Glacier
  • Explore Sherpa culture, getting insights into their lifestyles and monasteries
  • You will get a chance to have a glimpse of various flora and fauna
  • In the time of the spring season, you will be amazed by the blooming Rhododendron and Lush Green Forests.
  • Visit the world’s highest airport in Syanboche
  • You will observe Wildlife like snow leopards, musk deer, and Himalayan Monal
  • You will get to view the incredible panoramic view of mountains from Kala Pathar (5,555m).

Detailed Itinerary of Kala Patthar Trekking

In the early morning, we fly from Kathmandu to Lukla via a mountain flight of about 40 minutes Scenic flight to start Kala Patthartrekking. Sometimes the flight gets to Lukla from Ramechhap airport also a 4-hour drive from Kathmandu.  If weather permits We can see the spectacular views of the mountains, including Everest, as we enter the deep gorge of the Dudh Kosi valley. On arrival at Lukla, you will meet your trekking porter. The first day of our journey starts from here.

Today is a mostly flat and easy walk with the best view of Mt Nupla (5885m), Kusum Kangaru (6367m), and Kwongde Range. We can see the nice countryside and terraces view on our left, That is the part of the Jiri Everest trek the old route. We then take a leisurely walk for about 3 hours to  Phakding village. You can take it easy and walking around nearby places in Phakding. Enjoy your staying Overnight at the lodge.

After breakfast, we start our journey in the morning for our Kala patthar trekking. Today we will mostly follow The Valley of  Dudh Koshi River. We pass 2 small suspension bridges meandering through the pines, This takes us to the small village of Monjo. Your guide will show your Sagarmatha National park permit here at the checkpoint.  From here we will have short climbing to Jhorsalle, We can enjoy the local lunch here before start climbing.

Furtherfume, we will pass waterfalls and other culturally and naturally occurring items of interest. After the big suspension bridge, We will have the first glimpse of Mount Everest. We can also get a view of your mount  Kusum Kanguru (6369m) Thamserku (6608m), and the peak of Nuptse (7879 m). We need to climb more steps to arrive at the beautiful village of Namche Bazaar (3440m). It will afford you further spectacular views and

Today is an acclimatization day in our  Kala Patthar trekking. You can better do short hiking to a little high altitude will help you to acclimatize your body. Set in a natural amphitheater looking across to the jagged ridge of Kongdi Ri(6187m), Namche Bazaar is one of the most attractive settlements in the Khumbu region. We will have rest today to make your body comfortable for the altitude gain. It is better to walk higher and back to sleep at the same elevation. Therefore, we make a short acclimatization trek up to Khumjung and Syangboche airstrip, a delightful Sherpa village above Namche. We can also visit the famous marketplace with the beautiful panoramic view You can also enjoy the splendid views of Everest, Ama Dablam, Thamserku, Nuptse, Lhotse, Tawche, and Kwangde, and so on.

Today our walk is a pleasure and easy in the first part mostly flat up in our Kala Patthar trekking. We mostly walking through the forest and the mountains are getting more closer to us. We are following the path of a small hillside high above the Dudh Kosi River.  On arrival Phungithanga. We will pass the trails which have some water-powered prayer wheels and begin a sustained climb through a forest of tall, mature rhododendrons. We can look out for musk deer and Himalayan tahr among the trees. after crossing the River we start climbing in a forest.

Finally, we arrive at Tengboche  (3870m), This village is scattered across a vast, grassy saddle below a crescent-shaped ridge covered by scrub pines and firs. Enjoy the best view on our today walking with Mount  Amadablam (6856m), standing proud of the massif containing Everest (8848m), Nuptse (7861m), Lhotse (8501m), and inspiring views of Himalayan giants. After check into the local guesthouse, you have time to visit the Big Monastery in the Khumbu region.

Early morning you can get a spectacular view of the Mountains and also the monasteries in the Kala Patthar trekking. After our breakfast, we are leaving the Monastery. The journey of today goes to the north and soon crosses the Dudh Kosi river by way of a small suspension bridge that spans a deep gorge in the river valley. We are using the same trail till the Orsho and from here take the lower path along the west bank of the Imja Khola. We will enjoy walking through the forest of birches conifers, and rhododendrons. As we follow the river northward, the trails pass through several Chortens and mani walls and small villages.

Today’s walk offers views of Mt.Tawache, Ama Dablam, and to the north-Pokalde (5741m), Kongma-Tse (5820m), and the high wall of Nuptse. Dingboche is also the gateway to Chukung and farther beyond for the most challenging traverses towards the Makalu area. We enjoy the beautiful array of fields enclosed by stone walls to protect the barley, buckwheat, and potatoes. Overnight stay in Dingboche.

This is our rest day in our Kala Patthar trekking. We are already in a higher place so it is essential to spend an additional night here to aid in the acclimatization process.  We can enjoy the short hiking to the small Nangkartshang Gompa, It is 400m up on the ridge north of Dingboche. You can enjoy the excellent view of Makalu (8463 m) from here.  There are different hiking places nearby some people also trek to Chhukung (4,730m). It is 4/5 hours trek so better you can skip this. If you are looking to the north of Dingboche

There are spectacular views of Lhotse’s massive South Face.


Today our destination for Kala Patthar trekking is the Lobuche. At the start of our journey, we will follow the downward path to the village of Pheriche.  We can get the beautiful views of Cholatse across the valley in the joint trial. We get to steps up from where the trails climb up and over the terminal moraine of Khumbu glacier.

Today’s walk offers views of Mt.Tawache, Ama Dablam, and to the north-Pokalde (5741m), Kongma-Tse (5820m), and the high wall of Nuptse. The path follows a pleasant, grassy valley. We also get to see the windswept collection of huts tucked in a narrow meadow between the glacier and the Lobuche peak. We are getting the best views of Tawoche Peak and Mount  Nuptse from Lobuche. Stay overnight at the lodge.

Today is the very exciting day of our  Kala Patthar trekking as in the afternoon we will go to visit the famous Everest base camp. We start the Everest trekking with the narrow gap between the glacial moraine and the mountain walls which past turn off to the Italian pyramid. You can see the Khumbu glacier on the edge of the moraine. After we will follow the rocky path with the mountain winds.  We are again rewarded by the best view of Mt. Pumori, Nuptse, and other magnificent peaks. Finally, We are at Gorakshep.

Having lunch at Gorakshep, We are starting walking to the Everest base camp. It is roughly about 3.5km one way.  We walk in the rocky dunes and with moraine and small streams. Everest base camp gives us a chance to experience the freezing and harsh conditions that mountaineers brave to summit this famous mountain. you can also see the many climbers in season time who are attempting the Summit of Mount Everest. After exploring the base camp area and pictures we trek back to Gorakshep for our overnight sleep.

Mornings are usually sparkling and bright, and this is the best time to climb the Kala Patthar ( about 2 km one way) for one of the world’s definitive mountain views. We will get the best view of the Earth. The dramatic panoramic views of Mt Everest and surrounding mountains like Mt. Pumori, Mt. Lingtren, Mt. Khumbetse, Mt. Nuptse, Mt. Lhotse, Mt. Ama Dablam, Mt. Thamserku along with many other peaks.

You will have an easy walk for about 2hrs to reach Lobuche and continue climbing down Dughla. from here the trails down the moraine to Dughla and drops to the bridge over the gushing stream that flows out of the glacier. finally, we are at Pheriche and  Stay overnight at the lodge for our Everest base camp  trekking 7 days.

Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.

Our Everest Kala Patthar trekking going back to Namche today from the same trail. At the start of the journey, we will follow down the hillside by covering the forest of rhododendron and juniper trees. It takes approximately four hours to Tyangboche. It is a small village with a famous monastery offering you splendid views of Mt. Amadablam, lush green hills, and river views.

All the way down we arrive at Dudh Koshi river and pass the suspension bridge onwards to the Kyanjum. Here we meet the junction of the trinity ways to Gokyo Valley, Khumjung village, and Namche Bazaar. The dense wildlife of some species of Pheasants, Himalayan Griffons, Musk deer, and the wild goat, can be found in abundance inside the rhododendron forest. The evening

We have almost come to the end of our Everest Kala Patthar trekking in the Himalayas. We have the final descend of Lukla all the way down today.  The downhill trails till Dudhkosi is quite tough today as it is steeply down. Once you cross the high suspension bridge, we are trekking in a little flat downhill trail. The trail today is on the most famous forest of rhododendron, and pine forests with the view of distance snow-covered peak before arriving Phakding. After having lunch in this small our first stop village.

We enjoy the easy and flat trail now. It offers you lush green scenery. You can see some of the small mountain houses on your right down. We will pass the small local mountain scenery and local Sherpa village with the mountain scenery. Finally, we are at Lukla. you can have a rest and enjoy the hot shower here. If you are not tired enough you can be roaming around the town in the. But be careful you will have a morning flight tomorrow to Kathmandu.

Saying a final goodbye to our porters, we will have a flight back to Kathmandu of an exciting 35 to 40 minutes. (It also can be an extra day in case of bad weather in Lukla, which makes the Lukla flight delayed and cancel.). You may have time to relax after a long journey and take back your breath and rest at your hotel with ending your  Kala Patthar

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Cost Includes

  • Transfer to Airport and hotel for Lukla flight by private vehicle.
  • Trekking guide who certified and licensed from Government and got training on high altitude sickness, first aid.
  • Local trekking porter from Lukla
  • Trekking staff, food, accommodation, salary, equipment, insurance, clothing.
  • Kathmandu to Lukla and back Kathmandu flight ticket.
  • Local Tea house also called guest house/ lodges twin sharing during your journey.
  • Your daily meal   (breakfast, lunch, and dinner). you can choose your meals from the menu, there are different types of food available.
  • Sagarmatha National Park Everest trekking permit
  • Local permit fees for Khumbu Gaunpalika
  • The guide will carry basic medical supply first aid kid.
  • Above the Himalaya duffel bag. (If you need, please let us know before you book the trip and remind us before you arrive in Kathmandu so that easy for us to prepare.)
  • All the trip information and details for the trek.
  • Government taxes and service charges.
  • Trekking Complete certificate of Above the Himalaya

Cost Excludes

  • Any services in Kathmandu.
  • Nepal entry visa fee, you can get a Nepal visa upon arrival at the Airport.
  • International Airfare
  • Alcoholic, hot ( tea and coffee)  and cold drinks, hot water, hot and cold showers.
  • Personal expenses such as laundry, telephone calls, sweets, snacks, beverages and bar bills, camera battery charging.
  • Travel Insurance (Essential – Should include emergency evacuation coverage while trekking up to 5500+ meters).
  • Personal trekking gears
  • Gratitudes for trekking staffs.
  • Any others expenses which are not mentioned in the Price Includes section.
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      Kala Patthar Trekking
      Frequently Asked Questions

      Do I need experience for the Kala Patthar trek/Experience during the Kala Patthar trek is very helpful?

      The trail is very rough and hard to walk, so only people with trekking experience can walk through the route easily. This trek is perfect for keen travelers. Trekking a few places can help during this trek, as you will have to walk 4 to 5 hours on average. If you do not have any experience, then you can practice physical exercise, swimming, and yoga before the trek.

      You will get luxurious accommodation in Kathmandu. However, you will have to compromise during the higher altitude area. You will have to book your rooms in advance, as during peak season there is a high possibility of not getting rooms. You should carry a sleeping bag if you have one.

      What are the facilities of food and accommodation during the trek?

      Almost all the lodges in the Kala Patthar trek offer good food. You can have a variety of food there. However, we do recommend planning your diet during the trek. Most of the hotels during the Kala Patthar trek provide pasta, tuna bakes, noodle, potato, rice, eggs, lentils, bread, soups, and fresh vegetables.

      Which insurance policy should I take doing Kala Patthar trek?

      Trekkers must get their travel insurance before trekking. Especially for the risky trek like Kala Patthar. Different insurance companies provide different policies for Himalayan trekking in Nepal. Your insurance policy for the Kala Patthar trek should cover the helicopter rescue up to 18000 to 190000 feet and medical emergencies that might come during this trek. You can choose the insurance company and policy according to your wish

      Do I need walking poles for this trek?

      Due to the higher elevation Kala, Patthar trek is difficult to walk without walking poles. These poles will make your trek balanced and stables so you should know how to use them. Walking poles can also save you from fall and slip in the snowy trail. Trekking poles are not compulsory, however; we will suggest you buy them. These poles will reduce body pain. They will help you to walk faster in the sloppy trails. Either you can buy those trekking poles or you can rent them.

      How much distance do I have to walk per day?

      The distance of the hike per day depends on the itinerary of your trek. If you have a longer itinerary then you will take a short break during the walk. However, on average you might well have to walk 4 to 5 hours a day. You will start your trek early in the morning, enjoy the whole day and reach your destination during the evening.

      How to prevent altitude sickness?

      Getting altitude sickness during this trek is common. If you get any symptoms, do not ignore them and talk about them to your group members or guide. Acclimation is the key to preventing altitude sickness. Trek gradually and enjoy the beauty of nature and culture. Do not force your body to trek; firstly let your body adapt to the atmosphere of the place. Avoid hard drinks and beverages instead drink lots of water.

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