Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour

Everest base camp helicopter tour

The Everest base camp helicopter tour is the best in Nepal. It is best for people who have just one day to see the Base camp and majestic mountain views. Many people feel sick while traveling the roads, but if you take an Everest base camp helicopter tour, it will be delightful and pleasing.

Watching the snow-peak mountain from the sky makes you feel like you are in heaven. Nuptse–Lhotse–Lola peaks with Mt. Pumori, Khumbu Ice Falls, and glaciers. After a grand and mesmerizing moment, head back to Kathmandu. You see some of the most stunning views after Everest on this trip. If you are in a family with children, we offer you discounts on our costs.

Tour With landing in Kala Patthar

When you reach the mountain base, you will have climbed up to 5364 meters. There is no vertical climbing involved. Depending on the time of year, you can see snow and ice on the trails. Suppose you go on the Everest Base Camp helicopter tour for your next trip. It’s a good choice. If not, you miss an excellent chance to create an unforgettable experience.

The Everest base camp heli tour starts with a flight from Kathmandu to Lukla. We will land in Lukla for some time. Then, we go to Kala Patthar, the world’s best viewpoint. After landing here, we will go to the Everest View Hotel, where you can have breakfast or tea/coffee.

Tips for a helicopter tour to Everest base camp

Do not pressurize the pilot under any condition. Many people force pilots to land and fly according to their convenience. As you trek on the helicopter, you must carry windproof jackets and other windproof gear.

Wear warm clothes with high-SPF sunscreen, moisturizers, and lip balm to prevent sunburns. This tour is risky, and sudden unwanted problems might occur. It would help if you had insurance for it. Always respect the pilot.

You will have to follow their instruction during the tour. Only walk everywhere or change your seats. If your pilot tells you to do so for the best view of the mountains and landscape, always choose the window seat. There might be flight cancellations for various reasons, so prepare yourself.

Plan your Everest base camp helicopter tour. Have the proper information about the term. To fly back to Kathmandu directly, you can book Helicopter pickup services. We are always on standby at Lukla Airport and Kathmandu Airport. We have the highly qualified pilots on set.

Heli charter service in Nepal

A tour is a perfect option for travelers with less time but who want to cover part of Nepal rather than a heli charter. Experience this fantastic country’s landscape and diversity. We offer various aerial tours to show you the best of Nepal.

Look through a birds-eye view of mountains, rivers, brooks, and glorious temples. You want to cover the natural beauty of Nepal in the hills and mountains. But walking takes time, days, and sometimes even months. The heli charter makes it possible to reach in a short time.

We provide a safe and enjoyable helicopter in Nepal for all your personal and business use. Of course, the Heli Charter flight is expensive, but it is convenient, secure, and saves time. The cost varies according to time and place. If we compare the heli charter service to another area, the price of the heli charter in Nepal is reasonable.

Nepal’s famous destinations for heli tours are Mt. Everest, Annapurna, Langtang, Manaslu, Dolpa, and Kanchenjunga. It is for visiting many pilgrim sites such as Muktinath and Halesi Mahadev. Everest, the highest peak globally, has thousands of visitors every year.

Climbing Everest is full of adventure. People who cannot do it physically can take our help charter service. We offer safety and reliability services that meet your needs. Suppose you have less time but want to experience Nepal and its natural wonders. Then, the Heli charter service in Nepal is the best option.

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    Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour Trip Overview

    Each year, hundreds of travelers trek Nepal to enjoy the intriguing view of the Himalayas. Nepal holds unexplainable and unique trekking places that will genuinely blow your mind. The Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour is a fantastic trip you could ever have.

    The Everest base camp trek is the most famous trek area in Nepal. This trek takes you to the remote and sensational Khumbu village. Our team will offer you various packages on the walk to the Everest base camp. People prefer the helicopter trek to Mount Everest, which is more even among those treks.

    The helicopter trek to Mount Everest provides the best aerial views of the high Himalayan ranges with beautiful green landscapes. Usually, the tour to the Everest base camp helicopter tour takes more than 15 days. But a helicopter trek will save you time and energy.

    Observing the villages from the sky is breathtaking. You will get a 360-degree view of the mountains during the Everest base camp helicopter tour. People say that the natural beauty of the Khumbu region, surrounded by mountains, is best from the sky.

    You can complete the entire Everest base camp helicopter tour in four hours. On this trek, you will have some landing points to enjoy the snow and the local people’s lives. You will start this trek on the flight to Lukla from Kathmandu.

    You can view the green landscape with the remote village and mountain range. A helicopter tour to Everest Base Camp is best for people with health issues. It is for those who cannot manage more time for trekking. The experience of flying over the high mountains and green landscape is beyond imagination.

    Some of the major highlights of the Everest base camp helicopter tour are:

    • Flying high

    You can find many highlights of the Everest base camp helicopter tour. The major highlight is the helicopter ride itself. You will fly in the sky and reach base camp in no time. The feeling of flying between the mountains is delightful. Besides, you can store oxygen and other medical facilities in the helicopter. So, there is very little chance of getting altitude sickness during this tour.

    • Breathtaking views of the mountains

    The most fascinating thing about the helicopter ride to Everest base camp is the breathtaking 360-degree views of the mountains and the landscape. People also say that the helicopter trek to EBC gives the feeling of traveling to heaven.

    Seeing snow-capped mountains is just fantastic. The exciting thing about the helicopter trek is that it has no limits. You can get an unlimited view of mountains, including the Annapurna and Macchhapuchre mountain ranges.

    • Mount Everest

    Mount Everest is the major attraction of the trek. You will see Mount Everest from the helicopter in the middle of other small mountains. It is just unbelievable. A helicopter tour is a great way to get the closest views of the mountains.

    You will get a marvelous idea of the Khumbu icefall with other giant snow-peak mountains. Kala Patthar is the landing point on this trek. From here, you will get the best view of the entire north face of Mount Everest.

    • Local life

    This tour is a helicopter ride. Nevertheless, you will get a chance to observe and get close to the local life of the Khumbu region on this tour. You see the shape of people and their colorful culture. You can see numerous monasteries and Sherpa villages. You can also visit Sagarmatha National Park. There are many rare animals in their natural habitat.

    Best Reasons to Choose Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour

    An Everest base camp helicopter tour is Nepal’s most thrilling adventure. Undoubtedly, you will see and discover some of the most beautiful scenery. A helicopter tour is the easiest and best way to enjoy Nepal’s natural mountain ranges.

    People refer to Everest base camp as a paradise for photographers. You will find the vast wildlife region. You will get actual bird-eye views of the mountains via this trek. A helicopter tour is the best option for those not physically capable of trekking.

    You can reach the Everest base camp in no time with minimum money. You will enjoy the fantastic and enjoyable helicopter ride in the middle of the mountains. The following are the best reasons for this trek.

    • Fast travel

    Airways are the fastest method of traveling. Usually, trekking to Everest base camp will take more than 15 days round trip. But via helicopter, you will reach Everest base camp within a few hours. You will not have to spend your week only a few glances at Mount Everest. This Everest base camp helicopter tour will take you to the best viewing point of Everest.

    You will get enough time to witness the mountains during this tour. An Everest base camp helicopter tour will surely be a memorable tour in your life. This type of trek is very famous, generally for people who have a busy life and cannot afford time for the Heli tour.

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      • You Get the Best View Possible

      This reason is undoubtedly the best reason for a helicopter tour. During the Everest base camp helicopter tour, you will share a helicopter’s compelling ride. You get a view of the mountain ranges. You will be flying above snow-covered mountains just below.

      On this tour, you can witness the longest glacier in the Himalayas, Nogzumpa Glacier. You can also very closely see the top of Mount Everest. Watching the Mountains all around Kala Patthar is a magical experience.

      • You Get to Escape the Touristy Crowd Trail

      The excellent pro of an Everest base camp helicopter tour is avoiding the extreme crowd on the tail. In the peak season, it is challenging to trek because of overcrowding. Thousands of trekkers trek to EBC yearly, so the Heli tour suits the loner who wants to escape the crowd. You will be obsessed with the peace of the mountains and the soothing sound of birds on the trail.

      Itinerary of Everest base camp helicopter tour

      5:00 – 5:30: Your trek to Everest base camp starts on a warm morning. You will have to arrive a day before the time. So around 5 o’clock, our team will pick you up at the airport and take you to the Tribhuvan International Airport.

      6:30 a.m.: You arrive at Tribhuvan International Airport. Then, you will have a fantastic flight from Kathmandu to Luka Airport. The flight will take about 45 minutes. You will enjoy the beautiful aerial view of Kathmandu Valley. You will see some of the main spots of Kathmandu, like Pashupatinath and Swayambunath. In addition to this, you can also witness lush green hills and landscapes.

      7:15 a.m.: Around 7:15 a.m., you will land at Luka airport, where you first glimpse the mountains. From here, you will witness the jaw-dropping view of Mt. Thamserku and Mount Kangtega. The helicopter will be refueling here, so you will have some time to spare and connect with the local people.

      07:45 a.m.: After the helicopter refueling, you will continue your journey toward Kala Patthar. The flight will now go through the mountains, leaving the hills behind.

      8:00 a.m.: After landing at Kala Patthar (5,545 m), you will see the mesmerizing view of some of the tallest peaks in the world. You can see Mt. Everest, Mt. Ama Dablam, Mt. Nuptse, Mt. Lhotse, and Mt. Pumori. Kala Patthar is one of the best vantage points in the Everest region.

      You will stop for 5-10 minutes at Kala Patthar to enjoy the magnificent view of Mount Everest. Then, you can click the photo and enjoy it. On the way, once again, you will get beautiful views of Khumbu Glaciers, Ice Fall, and Everest Base Camp.

      10:00 a.m.: Here, you can get a magnificent view of the Khumbu glacier and Everest base camp. After that, you will fly back to the Everest hotel. There, you can enjoy breakfast and witness the view of the mountains. After enjoying the mountain scenery, you fly back to Kathmandu via Lukla airport.

      Best Time for Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour

      Weather and climate are the most crucial parts of the Everest base camp helicopter tour. Everest region has four seasons: – summer, autumn, spring, and winter. You can do a helicopter tour at any time of the year. The autumn season in Nepal is from September to early December.

      The weather and climate of the Everest region are perfect for helicopter tours in autumn. The temperature is moderate, with an average daytime temperature of 20 and -10 degrees at night. The sky also remains clear.

      Similarly, the spring season in Nepal starts from March to May.

      This season is the best for a helicopter tour. The temperature rises around 15 degrees in the daytime and about -5 degrees in the nighttime. A helicopter trek is best in spring. The sky will be crystal clear, and there will be great views of the Himalayas.

      Precipitation is also deficient during this season. The temperature is chill and moderate, so that you can enjoy the trek easily. The forest also comes at its best with blooming rhododendrons and other flowers. Also, the monsoon season is suitable for a helicopter tour. However, monsoon rainfall makes this season less preferred for a helicopter tour.

      Everest base camp heli tour in Monsoon season

      But since you can complete this trek within a few hours, the Heli tour is doable in monsoon season. The rain makes the surroundings cleaner and fresher. You have to get updates on the weather conditions of the Everest region. Another season that the Everest region faces is the winter season.

      We all know that winter is the coldest time of the year, and the Everest region is the coldest place in the country. The winter might be the worst in Everest base camp. But if you are well prepared, you can enjoy the tour even more during the winter.

      A helicopter tour to Everest base camp this season is doable as the daytime is mostly sunny with a clear sky. The mountain is seen as very clear and beautiful, covered with snow.

      Remember that the weather in the Everest region keeps on changing. So, even at the best time, the weather may be worse. To avoid that, you must gather weather information in the Everest region. It would help if you were physically and mentally prepared before this tour.

      Essential Safety Measures for the Tour

      The pilot or the guide will notify you of the safety measures during the trek. But, knowing more about the safety measures during this trek is essential. The COVID-19 pandemic has become a significant difficulty in trekking.

      Following are the guidelines

      • You should compulsorily wear a mask and face shield. (Note: the pilot will also wear a show and gloves).
      • You can only do this tour if you have tested negative for covid 19.
      • It would help if you had hand sanitizer. Social distancing with the people outside is necessary.

      Now, apart from this, there are several other types of safety measures that you need to follow: –

      • You should always wear a seat belt onboard.
      • It would help if you did not stand, switch seats, or throw anything from the window.
      • Do not talk more with the pilots, as that may cause distractions.
      • Smoking and drinking are prohibited.
      • You should always listen and work according to the operator.
      • Hold phones and mics on the helicopter and place them properly while getting out.
      • It would help if you took your time while going outside and stuck with the group.

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        Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour

        Frequently Asked Questions

        • Does this flight land at Everest base camp?

        The flight is mainly land at Kala Patthar. It is hard to land in base camp, so we see the view from the flight. As mentioned above, the flight will stop at various places. Firstly, the Everest base camp helicopter tour lands at Lukla airport to refuel.

        Then it lands at Kala Patthar. From there, you will get a panoramic view of Mount Everest. Then, the flight lands at Everest base camp. Occasionally, there might be problems landing the flight at Everest base camp due to a landslide.

        • What if I don’t get enough oxygen?

        People expect they will sometimes not get enough oxygen on the tour due to freezing weather and high altitude. But it would help if you did not panic because the helicopter would have adequate oxygen.

        In the time of need, the pilot will maintain the oxygen at a high elevation. Along with oxygen, medication kits are available for emergencies on an Everest base camp helicopter tour.

        • Can children and older people do Everest base camp helicopter tours?

        Children and older people can do the Everest base camp helicopter tour. This tour is mainly for the people who cannot trek the Everest base camp. There are a few criteria for this tour as long as you are physically and mentally fit.

        • Are pilots trained enough for the Everest base camp heli tour?

        Yes, pilots are well-trained. Pilots play a vital role during this tour. Sometimes, pilots also act as your guide. Pilots during this trek are registered and well-experienced, so don’t worry. You will be safe.

        Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour with Landing at Kalapatthar


        Everest base camp trek has always been on the top of the bucket list of every travel geek. This trek is a striking trek that takes you through the glorious Khumbu region. The Everest base camp trek is a paradise trek between giant mountain peaks. Usually, the Everest base camp trek takes about 15 to 18 days.

        You can enjoy the mountains. The remote villages and welcoming people are other significant highlights of this trek. There are various ways of getting to the Everest base camp.

        The Everest base camp helicopter tour is gaining a lot of popularity. The helicopter trek to Everest base camp is a one-day tour. It includes landing at the famous Kalapatthar. Kalapatthar is also the highest point of this trek, lying at 5545 meters from sea level.

        The major highlight of the Everest base camp is the infamous Tengboche monastery. It would help if you noticed this monastery. On the helicopter trek, you can have a stopover at Tengboche. You will reach there on the hike by the fourth day of your trekking.

        Here, you can roam the local markets, pray inside the monastery, and listen to the lamas’ chants. This place will be a tremendous religious moment for Buddhists and regional travelers. It is impossible to reach the Everest base camp directly by helicopter.

        You can get an upside-down view of the monastery. Another landing point for a helicopter is the famous Namche Bazar. As mentioned above, Namche Bazar is the trading hub in the Everest region.

        The trekkers reach Namche bazar on the second day with a hike from Lukla to Namche. Here you can observe the local lifestyle of the people living there. You can extend your trek to remote villages like Khunde or Khumjung.

        How to get there?

        Although the helicopter trek to EBC is short, you will surely learn more about the place. The walk starts with the flight from Kathmandu. It leads towards the eastern Nagarkot side. The view of high hills and lush valleys from the sky is genuinely exhilarating.

        In addition, you can get an aerial view of Kathmandu and nearby cities. Enjoy the fantastic scenery. You will reach Lukla. Here, you will have a 15-minute break to refuel the helicopter and do technical analysis.

        From Lukla, you will encounter the realistic side of the mountains. It is the entry point of most treks in the Khumbu region. People also call Lukla the Tensing Hillary Airport. They named it after the legends Sir Edmund Hillary and Tensing Norgay Sherpa.

        The flight from Lukla can be terrifying due to the high snow-capped mountains. Sagarmatha National Park is another exciting part of this trek. Here, you can encounter rare Himalayan animals like red pandas, snow leopards, and musk deer.

        You can also see Himalayan tahr, marten, and mouse hare (pika). There are over 118 bird species. It includes the Impeyan pheasant, snow cock, blood pheasant, and red-billed cough. A small airstrip on the trail offers a landing for the helicopter.

        As you move further, the views of the Himalayas get better. Generally, your actual trek to Everest base camp starts from Namche Bazar. Thus, most people call it the ‘Gateway to Everest.’ Namche Bazaar is a brilliant isolated village. The Sherpas and Gurungs live their traditional lives. This place is also known as the economic hub. People used to trade goods between Nepal and Tibet.

        Mountain view from Everest View hotel

        On this ride, you will fly just above the Everest base camp, crossing the Khumbu glacier. Mount Everest is quite distinguishable, surrounded by other high mountains. If you are keen to enjoy the scenery, this trek is perfect. The well-known Kalapatthar is a photographer’s paradise. It is the best viewpoint of Mount Everest.

        The cons of the Everest base camp trek is that you will barely see Mount Everest behind other mountains. But during the heli tour, you will get the spectacular 360-degree panorama of Everest. Besides this, you will get a magical view of high mountains like Everest, Lhotse, Nuptse, and Cho Oyu. You see the great Ama Dablam, Khumbutse, Changtse, and Pumori.

        The base camp itself is the last stop of this trek. The nearby Syangboche is the perfect place to learn the culture and traditions of the locals. Everest View Hotel offers a unique experience. It provides delicious food and a breathtaking view of the highest peak.

        During the ride, you will get a 360-degree view of the mountains. The Mount Ama Dablam will instantly catch your eye. You will also get a crystal clear view of other Himalayan peaks like Kusum Kanguru, Thamserku, and Kwangde. Syangboche and Tengboche are the Sherpa villages you must visit on this tour.

        Syangboche is the prominent place where you can get a superb vista of the entire Everest range. In Tengboche, you can explore the oldest monastery, “Tengboche monastery” in the world. Also, Gorakshep, Khumbu glacier, and Kalapatthar top are some exciting parts of this trek.

        Everest base camp is situated 5,380 meters below the Khumbu icefall. And this is the favorite trekking destination for adventure lovers across the world. During this tour, you will get the landing for around 10 to 15 minutes at the foothills of the highest peak.

        You will encounter the grandeur and magnificence everywhere. The view and the peaceful surroundings will offer a different type of energy. High mountains like Lhotse, Nuptse, Pumori, and other peaks surround the base camp.

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          The highlight of the helicopter tour to Everest base camp

          • Reach the highest viewpoint – Kalapatthar.

          Kalapatthar is the highest point on this trek, and the view of the mountains is just magical. Kalapatthar is at an altitude of 5644.5 meters from sea level. Kalapatthar is the best view. You can gaze at the crystal clear views of the high mountains, including Mount Everest. Along with this, you can observe the Mahalangur Himalayan range closely.

          • Flyover to Everest base camp by helicopter

          The name of the tour, “Everest base camp helicopter tour,” itself apprises the highlight of the term. During this tour, you will get an aerial view of the entire Khumbu region. Everest base camp will easily catch people’s eye due to its unique surroundings.

          The aerial view of the opposing base camp is hugely satisfying. A helicopter tour to Everest base camp is the safest option if you are curious about the pictures. Along with the Himalayas, the aerial view of Kathmandu Valley is also unique. You can quickly notice temples and monasteries from the sky.

          • Encounter the remarkable mountain glories.

          Everest base camp is a masterpiece and jewel of Nepal. Every adventure geek’s dream is to get a glance at the world’s highest peak. Along with this, you will get a close view of the mountains like Ama Dablam (6812 meters), Nuptse (7861 meters), Mt. Lhotse (8516 meters), Cho-Oyu (8188 meters), Gaurishankar (7134 meters), Makalu (8463 meters), and many more. You can view these snowy mountains from the sky and the landing spot.

          • Landing at one of the most dangerous airports- Lukla airport

          Regarding the adventures, Lukla airport is the most adventurous airport in the world. Lukla airport is also the most terrifying, 2860 meters from sea level. There are slippery tracks. The surrounding green hills and a cluster of settlements add difficulty to this trek. Although the flight is slightly scary, the experience is worth it.

          • Breakfast at the highest-placed hotel in the world

          The well-known Everest View Hotel holds the Guinness World record as the highest-altitude hotel in the world. This hotel lies at an altitude of 3880 meters from sea level. This hotel is a paradise based on the theme of nature and arts. The talented artists Takashi Miyahara and Yoshinoby Kumagaya of Japan designed this hotel.

          They established the hotel in 1971. Since then, it has been a prominent point for Everest travelers. People can try new cuisine with a touch of the Himalayas and the view of the tallest mountain in the world. The scenery of snow-capped mountains all over bless your eyes.

          • 99% visibility level

          The pros of a helicopter tour to Everest are that you can do this trek anytime if the weather remains fine. This tour provides a clear view of the mountains. The visibility can sometimes be affected by the climatic condition of the place. However, the helicopter takes off only in the climatic situation, which is good enough for the pilot and the travelers to view the trip.

          So, 99 percent of the time, you will get clear views of the mountains. Where 1 percent is for the situation when you start your trip, and the weather changes in the middle, which is rare. Helicopter tours to Everest provide the mountains, hills, settlement area, terrace farmlands, etc.

          Everest base camp trek versus Everest base camp helicopter tour

          The final destination of both tours is the same, but the Everest base camp helicopter tour and the trek itinerary are very different. During the healing time at Everest Base Camp, you will complete the entire tour on a helicopter within a day. A maximum of 5 people can fly on a plane once. The Helicopter tour to EBC is a short trek; you can complete it within four to five hours.

          This way, it is easiest to reach base camp effortlessly. Along with the aerial view of high mountains, you can gaze at the magnificent view of Kathmandu Valley. You do not need to be physically fit. Instead, anyone in good health can go on this trek. The Heli tour to Everest base camp is 100% safe because it flies only in the suitable weather of the Khumbu region.

          Regarding the Everest base camp trek, you must do at least 12 days with 4 to 5 hours of trekking daily. You will need to have a long vacation. Sometimes, you may need to extend your trek because of exceptional circumstances. The tour offers a fantastic experience of interacting and meeting fellow trekkers and the locals. You can get into the real side of the Himalayas on this trek.

          When it comes to the comparison between these two treks, both are equally important on their own. Both of these treks have their pros and cons. While trekking to Everest base camp, you will have a small flight from Kathmandu to Lukla. You can enjoy a spectacular view of the mountains.

          You will complete the entire trek with a helicopter tour. Enjoy the aerial view with a few landing stations. With the actual trekking, you can pass through the Lukla and enjoy the amusing trail. But with the helicopter tour, you will only get the visuals of the Lukla with no physical intactness.

          More about the helicopter tour

          • Perfect tour for all age-group

          The Everest base camp helicopter tour is the most achievable in the Everest region. This tour suits all age groups, from minors to older adults. It is the easiest way to reach Everest base camp, where you must get bored on the helicopter and fly over.

          It is best for differently abled people and others who want to visit the base camp but cannot make it due to physical weakness. We strongly recommend that you have a proper health check-up before the tour.

          • Time-friendly and cost-effective

          Reaching the Everest base camp takes about 15 to 20 days of trekking. But you can complete this tour by helicopter tour within a day. It is the shortest trek in the Khumbu region. But you can still enjoy the time thoroughly. We have designed the itinerary so that you can cover the entire tour.

          Moreover, the costs mentioned on the trip are very reasonable. It is cheap compared to other treks. You can save on food and accommodation costs during this trek. So, more people are getting attracted to this trek. The price might increase if you plan to stay there longer or extend your trip.

          • Fully customizable itinerary

          Though the helicopter trek to Everest base camp is short, you can control your time there. Above the Himalayas offers a fully customizable itinerary. That means you can change the itinerary as you like. For instance, you can have any pickup and drop-off point like Lukla and Namche Bazaar.

          You can also choose between Pangboche, Dingboche, Tengboche, and Gorakshep. Also, you can extend your trip further toward the Annapurna base camp and other Himalayan treks. If you wish to customize the itinerary, please let us know. The cost may increase or decrease according to your pickup and drop-off points.

          • Group joining Everest base camp helicopter tour.

          A helicopter tour to Everest base camp is suitable as you can join the trekking group. Generally, a helicopter can carry 3 to 4 passengers so that you can join the trekking group. It is one of the ways to reduce your costs and have company for trekking. Most trekkers love to trek with fellow travelers. A helicopter tour is quite common, so if you wish to join the group, you must let us know beforehand.

          • Private Everest helicopter tour

          A private Everest helicopter tour means a tour where you can have your private group. If you are an introvert, you can take personal time and want to explore the trek alone. It is better to enjoy the majestic movement of your life with someone you know rather than some stranger. During this trek, most people bring friends, family, or relatives.

          They spend special occasions like birthday celebrations, anniversaries, love proposals, and diverse events. A Private Everest helicopter tour can be expensive compared to joining the group. Nowadays, after the unexpected COVID-19 breakout, people prefer private tours by helicopter. In this tour, you can skip contact with the outside person.

          Everest base camp helicopter tour options:

          • Helicopter flight from Kathmandu to Lukla

          Above the Himalayas provides many services on the helicopter tour to Everest base camp. You can fly from Kathmandu to Lukla through the numerous stunning trekking regions. On this scenic flight, you will gaze around the Kathmandu Valley from the sky.

          You will have to land at Lukla; from there, you will have another flight to the base camp. Most people prefer taking a flight from Kathmandu, as there is a comparatively lower chance of canceling the flight. Remember that a helicopter can carry only up to 500 kg to Lukla. The maximum time for the flight from Kathmandu to Lukla usually is 30 minutes.

          • Helicopter flight from EBC to Lukla

          This flight is a combination of both the Everest base camp trek and helicopter tour to EBC. During this tour, you will explore the pleasant walk and the luxurious helicopter ride. This trek is ideal for trekkers who dream of visiting Everest base camp but need more time to hike. We will take you to the base camp quickly and make your tour successful.

          Moreover, the people who have already trekked to the base camp can explore the alternative route. During this trek, you must first travel to EBC, which takes about 6 to 7 days. Once you enjoy the paranormal surroundings of the base camp and Kala Patthar, you will have to return to Gorakshep for the heli ride to Lukla.

          This short ride will give you a flashback of your trek from the sky. The flight from Lukla to Gorakshep takes about 15 to 20 minutes. You will see the view of high snow-capped mountains, beautiful lakes, and glaciers. The views of green landscapes and the remote villages astound you.

          • Helicopter flight from Lukla to Kala Patthar

          This flight is another option for a helicopter trek to Everest base camp. You must reach either by tour or by flight from Kathmandu. Then, from Lukla, you will have a thrilling flight to the vintage point of Kala Patthar. We all know that Kala Patthar provides the best view of Mount Everest.

          From there, you can get a crystal clear view of the northern face of the mountains. The helicopter will land in Kala Patthar for half an hour and take you back to Lukla airport. The flight from Lukla to Kalapathar is approximately 15 to 20 minutes. You will get a mesmerizing bird’s eye view of the mountain.

          • Helicopter flight from EBC to Kathmandu

          This route saves you precious time in Nepal once you enjoy the trek to Everest base camp. Trekking in the Khumbu region involves remote villages and challenging experiences. You can choose a helicopter flight while returning after you want the trekking trail.

          You can experience the local life. In this mountain flight, you witness the snow-capped mountains from the ground and sky. If you are curious about what 8000-meter-high mountains look like from the sky, then do this.

          When is the Best time for the Everest base camp helicopter tour?

          You can take this tour any time of the year. Yet it is vital to understand the Khumbu region’s weather pattern when planning to trek. You must walk at a suitable time to ensure you spend most of your time in this area. There are a few factors that you should take into account when you decide on a time to do this trek. Some of these are the weather pattern, the business of the route, the availability of the guided tour, and the clear view.

          • Spring (March-May)

          Spring is the most popular time for trekking and hiking in Nepal. Spring falls from March to May. You might catch occasional snow showers in late February or winter. The weather during this time is quite dry and stable, which is ideal for trekking at Everest base camp.

          During this time, you can get clear and undisturbed panoramic views of the snow-capped mountains. Besides, you can see the red blooming rhododendrons in the dense green forest. The adventurous trail will take you through the gushing rivers.

          • Autumn (Sept-Oct)

          Autumn is yet another best time for a helicopter tour to Everest base camp. Autumn is the time of the post-monsoon season, which starts from September to October. Most people tend to take helicopter rides during the autumn season, which is the peak season. Book the hotels and lodges in advance if you are trekking to the base camp.

          Crowd fills the trail, but you can choose other less well-known routes. The days during this time are apparent and offer crystal-clear views of the mountains. However, you should bring warm clothes as we expect colder days and nights. It is a small price for beautiful views of the region’s peak.

          • Monsoon (June-Aug)

          Monsoon season starts from late June to early September. However, there are better times for the Everest base camp helicopter tour. Yet people love the clean and silent surroundings. The wet weather can be a massive problem since rainfall can sometimes cancel your time. Aside from this, rainfall can sometimes lead to a landslide on the trails.

          Moreover, muddy tracks and rain clouds can even obscure mountain views. The temperature is just perfect for trekking and hiking. If you explore Everest base camp during this season, be prepared for the rain and don’t mind getting wet.

          Trekking in the monsoon season can be refined as the altitude increases. However, rainfall tends to decrease. The views of the mountains will not be visible, and the trail condition is not the safest. Still, you can predict the weather so that you can research and ride on clear days instead.

          • Winter (Nov-Jan)

          The Winter season is another off-season to explore around the Everest base camp. It is not necessarily the wrong time to trek during the Himalayan season. But the freezing weather can hamper your Everest base camp helicopter tour.

          If you plan for this time, you should prepare for the cold conditions. You can encounter the real side of the Himalayas during this season, with a lot of snow and closed high passes. Skies are the famous Himalayan sport in the winter season.

          The trail remains clear so that you can complete the entire course yourself. You can enjoy the breathtaking scenery of high mountains covered in a white dress of snow like a bride. The con of exploring during this season is that tour and flight costs drop slightly.

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            Frequently asked questions

            • Why is it not possible to land a helicopter on Everest?

            Numerous reasons forbidding pilots from flying the helicopter on the highest Everest have been given. The main reason is that thick snow covers the Himalayas. The hurricane-force wind can obstruct the rotor system and hinder its functioning.

            The chilling temperature and the blizzard snowstorm that hit the mountains were very powerful, hampering the flight. Thus, it can sometimes result in a crash. Taking a chopper at 8,848 meters is nearly impossible, as the air there contains very little oxygen.

            The extreme cold on Everest can cause altitude sickness, make climbers weak and confused, and cause frostbite. The death zone on Everest starts at 8,000 meters. Above Hillary’s step, a thin layer of air obstructs the helicopter’s flight.

            • What is the maximum height of the Everest base camp helicopter tour?

            The Everest base camp helicopter tour starts from Kathmandu. It is at an altitude of 1300 meters. The height gradually increases. It finally reaches Lukla airport at an altitude of 2830 meters. The chopper will stop here for refueling, and a passenger will adapt to the crown.

            After that, you will land on Kala Patthar, at 5545 meters, and Everest base camp, at 5364 meters. At the end of your ride, the helicopter makes a round of Mount Everest, close to about 6000 meters. It is the highest point of this tour.

            • What is the passenger’s weight limit?

            Generally, the chopper has limited weight capacity. During the Everest base camp helicopter tour, five seats are for passengers and 1 for the captain. The weight limit depends on altitude. The passenger weight limit from Kathmandu to Lukla is 500kg. As the height increases, the weight limit decreases; from Lukla to the base camp, it is 250 kg. Due to this, you will have to run two shuttle flights from Lukla.

            • How do I book an Everest Base Camp Helicopter tour Above the Himalayas?

            This question is indeed good. You must book your tour with a trekking company for this ride. It is an easy process to book a tour with our company. You can quickly get information on our website. Go to the Above the Himalaya booking page for an Everest base camp helicopter tour.

            You must provide a copy of your passport and extra personal information to book with our company. We will need your weight information for this tour to arrange a shuttle trip with proper weight distribution.

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