Bardia Jungle Safari Tour

Unique adventure for wildlife and nature lovers
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Trip Duration 04 Days
Group Size 2-12 people
Maximum Altitude Kathmandu (1,400m)
Difficulty Grade Easy
Start & End Point Kathmandu/Kathmandu
Best Seasons Mar-May, Sept-Dec

Trip Highlights of Bardia Jungle Safari Tour

  • Nepal’s ultimate jungle Safari tour
  • The home of the Royal Bengal Tiger and one-horned Rhinos
  • Take an elephant ride and a jungle stroll to explore the wild.
  • A national park that is less populated and has more wildlife sightings
  • Enjoy the local cuisine and culture.
  • Appreciate the Tharu cultural program.
  • The Bardia Jungle Safari National Park’s natural beauty
  • The stunning scenery in the Babai Valley
  • Dolphin sightings in the Karnali River
  • Fishing in the Babai and Karanali rivers
  • Full-day Bardia Jungle safari in a Jeep
  • Jungle walk
  • Exploration of a bird sanctuary

Overview of Bardia Jungle Safari Tour

Bardia jungle safari tours are all about taking in sights of the pure beauty of national parks. Learn about the fascinating Tharu community. Take in the breathtaking scenery of the Babai Valley. View animals in the forest and glimpse dolphins in the Karnali River. This safari tour’s primary draw is exploring the Bardia National Park.

It has long protected several endangered species. The Terai region’s most prominent wildlife habitat is Bardia National Park. It has a 968 km2 area. IRT is in western Nepal, in the district of Bardia. It takes 12 to 14 hours to go by road from Kathmandu to Ambasa. It is 635 kilometers away and passes through Nepalgunj and Kohalpur.

One can reach the significant highway quickly from Thakurdwara. It is the Bardia National Park headquarters location. Suppose you are traveling by road to Thakurdwara through Ambasa. Then, after arriving in Nepalgunj, you must drive for another two hours.

The southwest border of Nepal and India lies where Ambasa and Mahindra Nagar lie. Travelers from India can take 5 to 6 hours to reach the national park. The Terai region has a naturally beautiful heritage. It has a diversity of animals and endangered species. It is one of the most important protected areas.

The National Park lies in the western portion of the Bardia district. It is broad and covers an area of 968 km2. It is also well-known for being a great place to see wildlife and unspoiled scenery. The main draw of the national park is its collection of animals. There are tigers, one-horned rhinos, and elephants.

They are one of the endangered species worldwide. Like the former, it comprises a combination of grasslands, savannahs, and riverine woodlands. You may see the renowned one-horned rhinoceros of Nepal roaming the deep jungles. You may see the endangered Royal Bengal tigers.

If you walk through the jungle while exploring the National Park, you’ll likely see one of them. It is a suitable animal habitat and has a wide range of biological species. There are now 25 different reptile species, with three preserved. There are more than 125 different kinds of fish.

There are 438 other bird species, with six conserved. There are 55 different mammal species, with ten conserved ones. The main attractions include the tiger, rhino, elephant, and spotted deer. You can also see other endangered animals.

How to reach Bardia National Park?

Bardia National Park is a national park in Nepal’s southwest direction. Take an airline, private vehicle rental, or public transportation. The trip is about 450 kilometers between Kathmandu and Bardia. The most luxurious way to go on a wildlife safari in Bardia National Park is by plane.

There is a flight available from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj. The flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj airport takes 40 minutes. To get to Bardia from Nepalgunj, you must travel 75 kilometers. You must take another 3 hours to do this Bardia Jungle safari tour.

Renting a private vehicle is the most cozy option for going from Kathmandu to Bardia by road. It is best for you if you value your privacy or dislike being around others. You may rent a car for about Rs 30000 for a three-night, four-day trip from Kathmandu to Bardia.

From Kathmandu’s Gongabu Bus Park, many local buses travel to Bardia. At 6:00 PM, the bus departs from Kathmandu, arriving in Bardia at 8:00 AM. You may spend the night on the bus and enjoy the day tour of Bardia National Park because the journey is rather long.

To get to your location, take the bus along the side of the Trisula River. Then, pass through Malekhu, Muglin, and across the Narayani Bridge in Chitwan. Bus tickets from Kathmandu to Bardia cost between Rs. 1400 and Rs. 1550 per person, one way.

Bardia Jungle Safari Tour for Visitors

Visitors to Nepal get excited to see more than just the country’s great religious and cultural landmarks. They look forward to its most inaccessible and challenging places. This tour entails visiting the famed Himalayan mountain base camps. It has activities like rafting down some of the world’s most risky whitewater rivers.

It helps to examine Nepal’s rich cultural history. The Terai region in southwest Nepal is home to Nepal’s most significant wildlife area. It attracts visitors interested in the natural surroundings. Bardia National Park has become a deluxe location. It is for an adventurous, tribal, and cultural jungle safari in this region.

People come here primarily to witness the wildlife roaming freely outdoors. Visitors on a Bardia Jungle Safari Tour may see the Bengal tiger. They see several other endangered animals. You can see the wild elephant, one-horned rhino, and wild dog. You can see four kinds of deer: wild boar, crocodile, and leopard. You may know a python away from the city’s noise and hustle and bustle.

Many guests arrive with pre-planned plans, including hotel reservations. Others select from various lodging options based on their budget. Bardia offers everything. You can get luxurious hotels with outstanding service in a tranquil setting. You have an opportunity for more exclusive and affordable guesthouses.

About 20 hotels and lodges, ranging in size from large to small, are present, each with a unique specialty. They provide air conditioning, a backup generator, elephant safaris, and jungle treks. They also offer jeep safaris, dolphin watching, and an elephant breeding center. They include a Bardia Jungle safari in their schedule.

Additionally, you can visit a Tharu village and other cultural activities. Different accommodations involve different activities. But they all include trips to the national park with an expert guide or naturalist. The Bardia Jungle Safari Tour includes exploring Bardia National Park’s largest wildlife reserve. It is about exploring the tiger habitat.

The tiger itself is very much the pride of the Bardia Jungle safari package. The national park will develop as long as tigers continue to prosper. If the garden thrives, residents’ incomes will increase as tourism grows. A few years ago, Leonardo DiCaprio, a famous actor from Hollywood, visited Bardia.

He came to support the campaign to conserve the tiger. He spent three days in Bardia. He worked for the tiger’s wellbeing with locals and animal rights activists. Various homestays provide lodging to both domestic and foreign travelers. Visitors may look closely at the hospitable Tharus and taste some of their food.

The Tharu people welcome their visitors with their traditional dances and musical performances. They preserve their art and culture and for their guests’ entertainment. Bardiya is progressively thriving. It showcases its distinctive and attractive individuality to the world. The Bardiya jungle safari tour is a unique experience that everyone who has visited agrees is special.

Itinerary of Bardia Jungle Safari Tour

Day 01: Fly from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj, then drive to Bardia National Park

The first phase of your Bardia jungle safari tour is the drive or flight from Kathmandu to Bardia. If you decide to take a flight, the trip to Nepalgunj will take 40 minutes to an hour. Drive to the domestic airport from your lodges in Kathmandu.

Then, take a 40-minute flight to Nepalgunj. It offers a breathtaking view of the snow-capped mountains from your seat. Also, you may see the exciting sight of jungles, rivers, and hillsides wrapped in beautiful vegetation. You must go another 75 KM via the jungle-lined roadway from Nepalgunj.

It will take around 3 hours to complete. It takes approximately 13 hours to go to Bardia from Kathmandu by bus. Therefore, if you decide to get there by road, you must set off early in the morning. When you arrive at the resort, welcome hands will be waiting for you at the entrance.

You complete the formal documentation. Then, we will assign you premium luxury lodging with trendy facilities. You can go on a tour of Tharu village later in the evening. Ox cart rides are available while taking in the breathtaking scenery. Likewise, you can learn the customs, way of life, and culture of Nepal’s native Tharu community.

Later, you will visit the Elephant Breeding Center and the village tour. You can observe newborn elephants having fun with their mother. Before returning to the resort, you will watch the sunset from the exact location. The resort will provide dinner, and you can spend the evening however you choose. Your Bardia Jungle Safari Tour officially starts this way.

Accommodation Hotel
Meals Dinner
Altitude Bardiya National Park (1,440m)
Day 02: Full-day Jungle Walk, Sightseeing, and Tharu Culture Program

The primary day of your Bardia Jungle Safari Tour is the second day, and it begins with breakfast at the resort. Your Bardia Jungle Safari Tour’s second day has a variety of enjoyable activities. You will start your trip to the Bardia National Park after breakfast.

You’ll get up early and head to the jungle walk. You will walk into the dense forest with your nature guide. Your guide will lead you on the excursion and give you all the details about the vegetation and wildlife. The canoeing on the Karnali River will begin when you drive to the Karnali Bridge. You might encounter crocodiles.

You should expect to observe some unusual birds throughout the canoe trip. Prepare for a Tiger Tracking Jungle Trek. Pack all the necessary equipment to explore the Royal Bengal Tiger’s natural habitat and observe them in the jungle. In your exploration of tigers, you’ll stop at many prospective locations.

They are all identified by knowledgeable naturalists. You will spend the entire day moving through the forest while waiting for the tiger to appear. You will enjoy your packed lunch—also called a “Jungle Picnic” during the jungle walk for tiger sightings.

We wait in a secure spot inside the forest where tigers often visit water holes to drink water in the summer. It is another fantastic experience you may have at Bardia National Park. In the national park, you may view birds in addition to seeing tigers. Although optional, you may also enjoy rafting on the Karnali River.

Return to the resort and take in the Tharu Culture Dance there, where you are also welcome to participate. After the dance, a tour guide will go through today’s forest trek with you. Your guide will plan the jungle safari journey for the next day. You can enjoy your dinner and sleep the night away at the resort.

Walking Day
Accommodation Hotel
Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Altitude Bardiya National Park (1,440m)
Day 03: Jeep Safari/Elephant Safari

It is another lovely day at Bardia National Park for a Jeep safari in the forest. Get a delicious breakfast at the hotel. You and your knowledgeable wildlife guide will prepare for a full-day Jeep safari inside Bardia National Park. The ideal method to get inside Bardia National Park and discover new locations for animal encounters is by taking a Jeep safari.

Along with stopping at various locations, you and your guide walk through the jungle looking for tigers. You also climb the Machan, a wooden tower inside the Bardia National Park, from which you can see far away. You can enjoy a packed lunch around midday in the peaceful setting of the jungle.

In the Machan inside the park, we will provide a lunch pack for you. You may take in the expansive view of the forest and its inhabitants from the view towers. During today’s journey by jeep, you may see tigers and other wild creatures. You discover the foliage, flora, and fauna of Bardia National Park.

You may expect to see species like one-horned rhinos, tigers, wild elephants, and many more wild animals on the safari. You can take an elephant and Jeep safari in the National Park. Later, you may check out the Tharu Museum and the crocodile breeding center.

Accommodation Hotel
Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Altitude Bardiya National Park (1,440m)
Day 04: Departure Day

Your final day will see you depart Bardia after breakfast and return to Kathmandu. You must drive to Nepalgunj and board the flight to Kathmandu if you decide to take the trip back by plane. The duration of your stay in Bardia will depend on the timing of your flight. It takes another 40 minutes to travel from Nepalgunj to Kathmandu.

It is when the Bardia Jungle Safari package comes to an end. On the other hand, if you plan to travel back on land, you must set off early in the morning to catch the bus. You’ll book a hotel room and recuperate when you return to Kathmandu. You may walk through Thamel’s streets at your leisure and purchase crafts and souvenirs, etc.

Fixed Departure Dates

Note: We can run a trip for solo travelers, couple, friends and family with children. Our private trips are running everyday. If you are looking for a group joining trip please contact us.


What's Included?
  • Entry charge for Royal Bardia National Park
  • Travel by air to/from Nepalgunj
  • Bardia National Park transportation
  • 3 days of luxurious lodging in Bardia
  • Three-course meals and drinks (breakfast, lunch, and dinner)
  • village tour
  • Jeep Safari in the lush forest
  • Safari and wildlife guide, all tours
  • Performance of the Tharu culture
  • Observing birds.
  • Tharu traditional culture program
  • nature enthusiast and advocate.
What's Excluded?
  • Visa for Nepal
  • Pickup and departure from the airport
  • alcoholic and carbonated drinks.
  • Personal costs and tips
  • Extra activities in Bardia include rafting, fishing, cycling tours in the villages, etc.

Essential Information - Bardia Jungle Safari Tour

Bardia Jungle Safari Tour: Accommodation

We can arrange Bardia jungle safari tour accommodation per the guests’ preferences. The cost of the Bardia Jungle Safari Tour includes modest homestay accommodations. The native Tharu people there run the homestay near the Bardia National Park. They have historic homes and artistic interiors. It carries the locals’ joyful smiles and kind manners.

A three-generation grandfather manages the family-run lodging. He is still actively involved, passing on his knowledge to his son and grandson. You will receive a warm welcome and stay in a cozy setting. When you begin your jungle excursions, we arrange your accommodations and other arrangements.

We book them in a quiet, relaxed environment according to your preferences. We provide the best quarter. So, there is no better spot to stay and explore the incredible animals and culture. The locals will meet you in Tharu costumes and welcome you with tikas and flower garlands. They have a custom of giving guests a loving embrace to receive them, which will amaze you.

Your satisfaction with their kind greeting and modest attitude will be genuine. In addition, you have the option of upgrading from our basic homestay on Bardia Jungle Safari. We provide deluxe lodging options at different prices. There is luxurious lodging available for couples. The premium hotels offer the same wildlife activities as ordinary lodges do.

A hotel stay prevents you from learning Tharu culture and Bardiya when you visit Bardia. As a result, staying in a community homestay will make you feel at home. Additionally, you’ll get to spend the morning with them. You can go to the village with them and learn more about the Taru community, making you feel like one of them.

Bardia Jungle Safari Tour: Foods

On your Bardia jungle safari tour, you can choose from various meals. You can choose several options on the menu to order. But suppose you are staying in a community homestay. We strongly advise that you taste the natural flavor of the cuisine there.

You can get local cuisines like dhikri, phulairi, and khariya during breakfast. In addition, they offer additional things like bread, milk, tea, and coffee as needed. The homestay community serves visitors local chicken and fish from the nearby river. They also serve snail curry and alcohol produced from local grains for lunch and dinner.

Bardia Jungle Safari Tour: Jungle Activities

Jungle/Nature Walk

A natural jungle walk on the Bardia Jungle safari is one of the popular activities hotels provide visitors. The tourist can take a three- or four-hour hike in the national park. But they must be cautious and follow the guide’s safety instructions.

There are several types of landscapes inside the national park. You can see grassy meadows, whirling woodland rivers, and water pools. They are all interconnected by forest pathways. Tigers and other species can survive there due to the favorable environment. The possibilities of spotting a tiger here are better than elsewhere in Nepal.

They are less disturbed, and numerous cubs have been born in the last several years. You visit the top viewing tower (Machhan) with qualified naturalists and animal specialists. It is the highlight of this journey. You can take plenty of excellent photos of nature and animals during this jungle walk.

Jeep Drive

A thrilling adventure in the national park is a drive through the forest in Bardia Jungle safari. Instead of a nature walk, a jungle Jeep tour enables guests to explore further into forest areas. It enhances the likelihood of viewing animals. With an open-top Jeep, taking pictures of any wildlife you observe is easy.

A Jeep safari is one of the main activities in Bardia National Park for traveling far into the bush. If you want to avoid walking for several days, this is also your best alternative. A trained naturalist will lead this trip in an open-air jeep. We also allow you to take you on a four-wheel-drive expedition into the roadless forest.

The steady rumble of open jeeps and the sights and sounds of actual creatures in the wild can make your vacation you’ll never forget. Go quietly to a Royal Bengal Tiger viewing location or another intriguing observation. We create an excellent plan according to the situation.

Suppose the tour lasts an entire day. The Jeep safari tour includes your lunch box, water, and the cost of the guide for your Bardia Jungle safari.

Rafting at Karnali River

White-water multi-day rafting is the top tourist destination in the world. Early October is the finest time to float the renowned Karnali River in the rugged west of Nepal. In this season, the river is just coming out of the monsoon. There are white sand beaches, breathtaking canyons covered with vegetation, and friendly residents.

The highlight of your vacation should be a visit to Bardia National Park. You can get up close and personal with local species. You have fantastic bird-watching opportunities on the Bardia Jungle safari.

Elephant Safari

Another option to explore the forest is to ride on an elephant’s back and have a short Bardia Jungle safari. Visitors can have an elephant ride to view some wildlife for a few hours in the early morning or late afternoon. There are more than 400 bird species and 25 species of crawling creatures. Four hundred species of aquatic animals are in the area, along with 53 species of mammals.

You can observe many animals on your Bardia Jungle safari journey to the elephant ride. You may see the Great One Horned Rhinoceros, Swamp Deer (Barasinghe), and Spotted Deer. You can see Hog Deer, Barking Deer, Hog Deer, Samber, and Blue Bull (Nilgai).

You can also see Black Buck, Asian Elephant, Wild Boar, Royal Bengal Tiger, and Leopard. You can see Wild Dog, Golden Jackal, and Striped Hyena. Many other smaller animals that have picked Royal Bardia National Park as their home are also there.

Tharu Community/Village Tour

The area known as the buffer zone has human habitation close to the national park. Residents in this buffer zone undergo a degree of separation from the national park. A significant tharu settlement in this area for many centuries is in Bardia. Visitors may visit the Tharu village to see their way of life and artwork. You can explore their clothing and culture on the Bardia Jungle safari.

The Tharu people have committed to protecting and advancing their culture. They very recently began offering homestay accommodations. As a result, they welcome visitors with their traditional hospitality. It helps in preserving and promoting their culture. A scholarly naturalist or guide will help you learn about the Tharu way of life as you analyze the region.

These Tharu people looked after the vast, deep forest and the endangered wildlife. They reside in this wilderness. They offer gracious hospitality to visitors through a communal homestay program. They made everyone proud by preserving their traditional art and cultural practices.

You will undoubtedly use these days to spend some enjoyable and priceless time with them. Community members’ friendly approach and distinctive food preferences make you feel joyful. Also, the locals in Bardia are actively working with the national park to rescue the tiger and the forest.

Cultural Programme

Another highlight of your Bardia jungle safari tour will be a cultural performance by the Tharus. You will get blown away by the colorful traditional clothing the Tharus wears. It stands out from Nepal’s general fashion. T

hey have performed several distinct popular dances in the Tharu community for generations. Chhokra Naach, Jhumra Naach, and Laathi Naach are some of the dances. They perform these dances primarily during the Dashain and Maghi festivals.

Extra activities you can add to the Bardia Jungle Safari Tour

Visiting Thakurbaba Temple

Thakurbabab Temple is a significant Western Nepali pilgrimage site. It is another reason for Thakurdwara’s popularity. This area has many holy structures and fauna besides the Thakur Baba Temple. Every year, there is a significant festival on the day of Manghesangranti.

Visitors come to the fair from all over Nepal if not for the festival. People believe the god grants their wishes by worshiping at this old temple. They honor Lord Vishnu as an idol here. People specifically come here to wish for children. Pilgrims who visit the temple to pray believe that doing so will increase their fertility.

Rafting in the Babai River

The Inner Terai Dang Valley in Western Nepal originates from the Babai River. It drains the valley. Dang is an oval valley between the Mahabharat Range and the Siwalik Hills in its eponymous district. You can go rafting on this river in our Bardia Jungle safari and enjoy the breathtaking sights.

Fishing in the Karnali and Babai rivers

Though fishing in the national park is illegal for residents, travelers can still fish there. It is a strictly catch-and-release, provided they get a fishing license from the park. Your guide will set up the fishing if you decide to include it in your day’s activities. The Babai River is well-known for its trout, goonch, and golden mahseer.

Cycling tour to the village

Another activity that you can do in the Bardia jungle safari is a cycling tour of the village. You may rent a bicycle and spend the day pedaling around the valley surrounding the town of Tharu. It will seem like you are riding through an incredible landscape since it will be surreal.

Bardia Jungle Safari Tour: Best time

Planning a Bardia jungle safari tour is best done between September and mid-December. Another season begins in February and runs until May. Spring and autumn weather conditions give great comfort and outstanding visibility. You have a higher possibility of seeing wildlife during these months.

It is because of the favorable daytime temperatures (between 25 and 37 degrees). The likelihood of seeing a Royal Bengal Tiger is great. As the winter season begins in mid-December and lasts until the end of January, it can get colder. Sometimes, there is heavy fog. It makes it impossible to see anything around you and reduces visibility.

Similarly, the monsoon, which begins in June and lasts through the end of August, brings muggy and hot days. Additionally, there is a good chance of heavy rain, which might result in flooding along the river. Access to the park’s interior may be challenging due to the rising river levels.

Bardia Jungle Safari Tour: Cost

If you wonder how much a Bardia Jungle Safari Tour by Jeep will cost. The price per participant will range from USD 500 to USD 1100. The price relies on the visitor’s selection of lodging, activities, packages, and choices.


We want to remind you to take a few things if you intend to do a Bardia jungle safari tour in Bardia National Park.

  • A windproof jacket
  • Bring a lightweight, windproof jacket. The Jeep ride may become windy on these journeys, often in the morning or evening.
  • Take insect repellent with you.
  • It is best to carry insect or mosquito repellant due to the possibility of bug bites. You won’t need it since you’ll sit in the Jeep. You will spend most of the time moving, but it doesn’t hurt to include insect repellent in your bag, just in case.
  • Carry your water.
  • Keep your body hydrated for your health and well-being. Therefore, always have some water with you. We keep water in the jeeps of the drivers. Additionally, you can always ask them.


One well-liked wildlife tour is the Bardiya Forest Safari. Suppose you’re a biology student or a wildlife enthusiast. The Bardia Jungle Safari Tour is the best way to learn about the habitats of various animals in Bardiya National Park. It includes gharials, marsh muggers, crocodiles, and monkeys. There are pythons, wild elephants, blackbuck, wild boar, and spotted deer.

You can see hog deer, swamp deer, and many others. Above the Himalaya Trekking offers a 4-day tour to the Bardia National Park. They have been in the industry for a while. The vacation will be enjoyable. The company will supply all the amenities. It includes lodging, food, and transportation, exceeding your expectations.

The trip’s best feature is the opportunity to commune with nature. You see animals in their natural setting. On your Bardia jungle safari tour, you’ll see peacocks and crested serpent eagles. You may see musk deer, antelope, and other birds. You’ll also see one-horned rhinos, musk deer, and antelope. Similarly, if you’re lucky, you may see or glimpse tigers three to four times daily.

The evening’s Tharu ethnic dance performance was beautiful and engaging. Also, suppose a day isn’t enough to explore that vast, deep forest. You may ask the company or guide for a treehouse where you can spend the night. Spending the night in a treehouse in the middle of a forest will be thrilling and terrifying at the same time.

You can assemble around a campfire at night as well. Wildlife enthusiasts worldwide should visit the Bardiya National Park. It helps save the wildlife and their environment. It is the best place to see Nepal’s Terai’s biological diversity and cultural value. We recommend your tour to Bardiya National Park with Above the Himalayas Trekking.

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