Nepal trekking map

Nepal Trekking Map

Nepal is well known for its exotic trekking and hiking places. There are many ancient monuments, so religious trekking in Nepal is also famous. Himalayan trekking in Nepal is an enjoyable and must-have experience. Some of my favorite trekking places in Nepal are the Annapurna circuit trek, the Everest base camp trek, and the Manaslu trek.

Nepal Trekking Map

One essential thing for trekking in Nepal is maps. Traveling alone can be dangerous if you are a newbie trekker or traveler; you may miss the exact route, and your journey can go off track. This is why the Nepal trekking map is essential.

I highly recommend having a map of any place in Nepal

You will need to have a map before trekking any place in Nepal. As a result, If you have a map, you can travel to any place without confusion. It is essential to have information about the place before trekking in Nepal.

You must plan the trek and manage the food and accommodation trek. Altitude sickness might be the main problem for many trekkers. Since Nepal is a developing country, so most trekking places are remote. Nepal is always on the top list of the best destinations for trekking in Nepal.

Nepal Trekking Map Route

Nepal has numerous mountain peaks, sparkling rivers, temples, hills, lakes, and more.

Undoubtedly, Nepal is absolute heaven with all the magic candles in it. Additionally, the surroundings here are incredibly fantastic. You will be exposed to a variety of trekking routes along the way. Therefore, the route map of Nepal trekking helps you explore hidden treasures. Talking about the routes, you can taste the different textures of routes.

Some routes are short, and others are long. Some are accessible, while others may be a little challenging. The routes vary depending on the trekking destination you choose. However, in peak season, you will encounter a busy road in the popular trekking destination.

You know what? There is no specific route to a particular destination. You have an enormous number of options when choosing the routes. Most of the family or group trekkers opt for accessible routes. Young Veterans and experienced trekkers go for a challenging route. The choice is yours. However, you will have real adventure and pleasure on the hard road.

Types of Nepal Trekking Map:

The map is the imaginary representation of any place. It would help if you had a Nepal trekking map to build a successful journey image and have clear expectations. It would help if you always researched the places before heading to them. Proper planning of any journey is fruitful, without any doubt.

Especially if you are going to explore entirely new places with a stranger, considering this, above the Himalayan team, we always provide you with the best suitable maps based on your Nepal trekking.

Below are the types of maps with detailed information. Another advantage of the Nepal trekking map is that you can also recommend this map to your loved ones, and it is the perfect guide to help them.

1) TAAN map:

TAAN map is the type of map the Trekking Agencies Association Nepal (TAAN) gives. This map includes all the details from all the other maps. This map is for those who love to travel all alone. It is also helpful for travel enthusiasts and those who always want to explore a new trail.

Therefore, this map contains the names and locations of all the smallest villages, smaller peaks, famous temples, and monasteries in that area. Along the contour lines, you will see dense forest. The trail’s layout and designs are accessible to the eye.

The major drawback of this map is its availability. It cannot be found where an association of travel companies produces it. The association’s primary plan is not to focus on selling the map.

On the other hand, other maps can be easily found in local map shops. Thus, this map can also be helpful for those who know how to read a map and its parameters. Exploring new places and trails/routes, finding beautiful scenery, and enjoying pleasurable Nepal trekking can only be possible if your journey is easy. And this map will surely make your trip extraordinary.

2) Nepa maps:

Nepa Maps is another of the best maps for the Annapurna base camp trek and other regions. The best part about this map is that it is easy to understand with little guidance. The indexes on the map are easy to understand with little knowledge and guide us in reading a map.

This map is not as detailed as TAAN maps but contains all the necessary information for beginner travelers. This map is mainly preferred by those traveling in remote areas. One common feature in the TAAN and Nepa maps is that they indicate peaks, small settlements, temples, and monasteries.

Himalayan maps

Besides the maps mentioned earlier, Himalayan maps can also be another choice for trekking in Nepal. The Himalaya Kartographisches Institute produces this Nepal Trekking Map. The Nepal Maps and Himalayan maps have almost similar features.

This is also simple and easy to understand compared to Nepa maps. This is because it contains fewer parameters. Meanwhile, Nepa maps have vague content with a plethora of parameters.

Both maps can be used according to your use. The Himalayan map would be better if you travel with a guide. Otherwise, traveling alone can be accomplished using the Nepa map. Nepa maps are more transparent and have a higher sales volume.

A good share of information can be obtained from Himalayan maps. You can also find small settlements, forests, trails, teahouses, etc., but in smaller amounts and with less accuracy. Moreover, Topographic features are also not well exposed. The limited feature makes this map only suitable for popular routes/areas.

Mandala Trekking Map

Last but not least, Mandala Nepal trekking maps are fundamental Nepal trekking maps. They contain a long list, exceptionally. They can confuse people about the exact location. However, proper guidance on how to operate this map easily avoids this confusion.

Overloaded information is only for those in need. You can find the information you need on the front page. The disadvantage of this Nepal trekking map is that lots of settlements (the ones for main tourists) are not included. Not only this, smaller in size, but places with greater importance are also not depicted.

This map misses small temples, monasteries, etc., and does not provide details of Topographic places. It contains a thin and compressed contour line. This series of maps only suits popular places. Finding small peaks, many settlements, trails, etc., would be difficult with no apparent description. This is why this map is also called the typical Tourist map.

You cannot find information about the less-trodden areas. Plus, this map is cheaper than other maps and readily available. Adventure travelers mostly buy mandala trekking maps, which many companies also include in their trekking packages.

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