Tailor Made Holidays

We can tailor holiday treks and tours based on your interests and requests. We are very flexible, so we will review your suggestion. We will then take your idea and design your perfect tour itinerary. We offer some flexibility, and you can add extra days or extensions.

It is to either end of the tour and various options during the main itinerary. Our travel consultants will then build a tailor-made itinerary for you. They will add some of their suggestions and consider practical things. We will view driving times, trekking routes, flight dates, etc.

You can make tailor-made holidays in Nepal, including Hiking, tours, and trekking. You can choose a long or short family tour, rafting, or kayaking. We also have different jungle safari packages and bird-watching national parks.

Book your mountain flight, paragliding, bungee Jumping, and cycling tours. Let us know your interests and plans, and we will work with you. We help you realize your ideal vacation, ensuring safety and quality. We will make it a fantastic adventure and travel experience. Please get in touch with us by email or by phone on our WhatsApp.

Private Trips in Nepal

Private trips are suitable for individual private travelers, small families, and couples. We can arrange a personal trip by selecting your travel dates and scheduling journeys for those who want to travel as independent travelers or groups. We can organize private tours and trekking trips. We cater small group tours and personal trips in Nepal, India, Bhutan, and Tibet.

Helpful and resourceful guides carry out private trips to top destinations. All our trips can be for couples, families, and private groups—a single traveler with special needs and requirements. You can choose the trips, tours, trekking, vehicles, and guides to suit your necessities.

A benefit of traveling is that it makes travelers organize over much more natural decision-making. Let us know whether you want to go on a tea house or a lodging trek. If you want to travel to various destinations, we can delight you by offering some of the best private trips. All our tours, Hiking, peak climbing, or trekking programs are as per your internet. We can do it in any region arranged as private trips for your reference.

We try to provide you with quality and trustworthy service. At the same time, we are traveling with you with your swiftness and reliability. If you have any queries about the private trip, please ask us. We make plans and itineraries as per your needs. Please contact us at our number or by email so we can help you. We can arrange anything for you all private…….Just for you!!!

“How to select a trip?”

A big question arises in your mind before going for any holiday adventure or visit. We understand the necessity of customer support. We have provided a helpful guideline for selecting a trip to Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan. We want to build your dream Himalayan getaway. Choosing a trip for any tour or trekking depends on you and the traveling agency or company.

Before selecting a trip, consider different factors. First, plan your time. How many days do you have? Check your physical fitness and trip difficulty. Then, gather some information about the trip and its availability. This will help ensure your complete satisfaction and safety throughout the trek.

Significant issues like health, climate, working hours, and altitude play a vital role. It would help if you were well-thought-out for a trip. We have provided you with some hints for consideration. They will help you confirm your journey with a precise trip selection.


Before going on any trip, your health is the primary thing to consider. The proverb “Health is wealth” is much more applicable during your every trek. Based on your health or any syndrome, determine your trip with safety.

Weather / Surroundings:

Be sure about the destination’s environment or climate. Take clothing suitable for that. Also, consider whether you can resist such a climate. It may be too hot or old. Always have a moderate-climate destination trip.


Your strength is essential to determining the working trail or hours. If you have good power and capability for hardship, you can join for fair and challenging trekking. We have moderate or easy trekking trails for regular fitness lever trekkers.


Some people have problems with large sizes, such as altitude sickness and coldness. So make sure about the length you are going for.


Always keep in mind what type of country you are going to for your trip. Check on the political status and conflicts in that nation. Consider the laws and violence that may arise in the present. Be safe and secure.


Plan your trip according to your budget. Do not waste money on extravagance. Monetary should manage.


Ensure the trekking company’s reliability before going on a trip. Always travel through a reliable agency. Sometimes, greed for lower operating costs may lead you to an unreliable company.


Manage your trekking or any holiday trip as per your time. Plan it for your holidays or leisure time. Make a short and easy trek if you have less time, or you can join for a long day’s adventure trip.


You should know enough about the facilities you can have in that area. Facilities for communication, transportation, and lodging. Your food, emergency rescue, etc.,

Your desire:

You want to see or feel this during your trip. You can see mountains or natural panoramas and go trekking or sightseeing. If you wish to go on an adventure, go Hiking. Depending on the knowledge you want to achieve or feel, make your destination trip there.

This slice of queries will help anyone enjoying a trip journey and assist in selecting the trip.

Please ensure you give us as much information as you can. Be sure about where you want to go when you’d like to travel. What you’d like to see, etc., as the more information you give us, the more we can help you.

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