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Nepal Trekking

Overview of Nepal Trekking

Trekking in Nepal gives you the best experience in your life. Anyone with an average degree of fitness and the spirit of adventure will enjoy the thrill of trekking in Nepal except for some high altitudes. One can walk along the trails, which are easy to follow and have been used by the local inhabitants for centuries, or also you can explore less used tracks as a discovery. Even the people in Nepal are kind-hearted and friendly. It is easy and quick to learn about things in a friendly environment.

Nepal trekking gets in a long hike and takes you to the best mountain scenario. Trekking in Nepal can be adventurous as well as a challenging journey for people. With its magnificent mountain views. Nepal is the dream destination of many travel seekers.

It is considered one of the best trek destinations in the world. Nepal is a multilingual, multi-ethnic, and multi-cultural country. Nepal has three regions and is rich in natural beauty, ancient culture, and tradition. Unbelievable panorama and so on. The country has the biggest lakes, Long Rivers, mountains above, and underneath the height of 8000 meters. It has great weather as well as many religious and ancient heritage.

What makes Nepal one attractive vacation spot for people from around the world. Nepal has a different caste of people. The various festivals and traditions of people from different groups make Nepal so unique from other countries in the world.

Nepal short trek

Nepal short trek is for travelers who are aged or physical endurance, don’t have trekking experience before. And got limited time in Nepal. But at the same time, it is also suitable for all kinds of individuals who want o enjoy nature’s wonder without taking huge risks. You don’t always have to climb up to the top of the mountain to feel the thrill. And this is why these kinds of treks are built. Our short treks are easy options to explore the hidden beauty even more.

So, if you are looking for a few days of an Annapurna Ghandruk Village trek in the Himalayas, you will find some of the most popular short treks in Nepal.  So, this trail offers the best time trekking season of Nepal Himalayan and famous trekking in Nepal. Nepal short trek does not take you to high altitude. Within the limited and favorable altitude and climate, you will be trekking towards the magnificent mountains and through the green hills.

It provides a lovely opportunity to see the beautiful mountain of Nepal and an excellent introduction to Nepalese rural life and culture. In the shadows and foothill of icy pinnacles of the Himalayas, one passes picturesque, charming villages inhabited by diverse ethnic groups. Also, you will enjoy the heart-warming hospitality of the Nepalese people. Furthermore, in our Nepal short trek, you get to witness the local culture, traditions, and lifestyle of the people living in the mountain areas.

Nepal Trekking Packages

There are so many places and travel options in this small country. The list is never-ending. Our Nepal trekking package takes you from the short Shivapuri hike in Kathmandu to the Everest Base Camp trek. You can go anywhere and have the most amazing time in our trekking package. There are various places like the Annapurna Trekking area, Langtang Trek, Manaslu trek, Upper Mustang Trek. The Kanchanjunga Trek, Annapurna Circuit trek, etc. You can get the most amazing trekking packages with spectacular views of nature in Nepal.

These Nepal trekking packages are filled with the most amazing mountain views and breath-taking sceneries. It just makes you feel so satisfied to witness such great views. The beautiful routes filled with flowers and forest areas add attraction to the place. Along with all these, you can also get to see the rarest wildlife and birds during these treks. There are various places to enjoy photography as well. Many successful photographers come to Nepal to capture these mesmerizing moments. In addition to that various YouTubers are seen to be making amazing Vlogs on their sites. And they all look so beautiful.

Best trekking package in Nepal

Nepal offering you multiple choices witnessing various dazzling Himalayas. It is a multiethnic, multicultural country that teaches you in-depth knowledge about diverse cultures and traditions. The Country is known as the country of Mountains possessing dozens of mountains. Among them, Mount Everest is the best Nepal trekking package and one of the highest mountain peak in the world, attracting thousands of tourists annually
Traveling Nepal gives you a memorable lifetime adventure. Going the extra mile towards the stunning scenery of Nepal will teach you how beautiful life is. Besides trekking along the green trail, you will be surrounded by stunning mountains. Trekking in the mountainous region is known as the upgraded version of Hiking.

While in the context of Nepal trekking is the daily activity for the people around the hilly and Himalayan regions. You know what will mesmerize you is: the uncountable uphill and downhill’s, the lush green forest all around the hills, sparkling glacial river, and most importantly, jaw-dropping snow-capped mountains are the factors that provide you a heavenly feeling. We discuss here the best trekking packages in Nepal
Explore the hidden treasures of Nepal

Nepal has thousands of hidden treasures to explore. Nepal has secret destinations that most of the traveler is unaware of. Join Above the Himalaya for the adventure, services, and hospitality while you trek to magnificent places of Nepal Trekking like Everest trekking package, Annapurna Trekking Package, Langtang best Trekking Package in Nepal, Mustang Nepal Trekking Package, and many more other exciting packages.
You can feel an exciting, diverse adventure while walking on the land of Nepal. Other than the beautiful landscapes, Nepal is rich in its cultural diversity and charming local villages. and it offers the best trekking packages.

Trekking in the Western region

The Western region is the habitat of herbal land, unspoiled trans-Himalayan culture. Buddhist monuments, unique human civilization at high altitude and is worth a visit. With language and traditions quite different from the rest of the best Remote Nepal trekking.

Trek to Kanchenjunga clocks in as the world’s third-highest peak at 8586 m. If we go to more west there is Mount Makalu (8463m) comes at number five. The foothills of these Himalayan giants pass through the remote country that provides a flashback to what the most country. When explorers, such as Edmund Hillary made the first ascents in 1950. Passing through a fascinating variety of landscapes – terraced rice fields. We will pass by rhododendron forests, rolling alpine meadows, and the desolate lunar landscape of the high Himalaya.

Trekking in the Eastern region

The most admired remote Nepal trekking are in the eastern region are the Makalu Barun National park. On the border of Tibet and the Kanchenjunga massif on edge to Sikkim. This wonderful Eastern region trekking of Nepal starts with a breathtaking scenic flight. This remote area trekking is comparatively frequented, and thus, the unspoiled villages and environment are yours to discover without the distractions of other trekkers. The expedition can get moderately strenuous at times while crossing the passes. For every hard sweat, you will be pleased with dazzling scenery as it advanced towards the windswept rugged terrains with overwhelming views of the towering peaks.

Arun Valley remote treks in Nepal

Trekking in Arun valley offers superb Himalayan scenery which includes Mt. Everest, Mt. Makalu, Mt. Baruntse, Mt. Lhotse, Mt. Nuptse, Mt. Amadablam, Mt. Thamserku, and other culture, and landscapes. Arun Valley Nepal trekking is famous for its rich natural vegetation and wildlife.

More than 650 species of birds and over 800 species of butterflies are here.  the shelter of the rare Panda can find in this trekking trail. Orchids and other flowers along a faint jungle trail, swirl prayer flags at Shipton La, are seen during our path. Makalu-Arun valley takes you into the natural splendor and customs. Most of the time we will walk via Sherpa villages.

Trek stay from Tumlingtar

It provides an alternative approach to the Khumbu region Nepal trekking. Arun valley trek is a blessing with an incredible diversity of natural beauty and culture. WE need to take a flight to flight to Tumlingtar to start this trek, Tumlingtar is a small village located on a plateau. Or you can also take a trip to Biratnagar and trek in the Arun region via Hille.

You can put together a smooth wilder hike by crossing into the upper Hongu valley. The highest point of the Arun valley trek is Salpa Bhanjyang, and also we can visit the Hindu holy lake – Salpa Lake (3414m). Sherpa, Rai, and Limbu are the principal inhabitants of this region. During the Arun valley trek, we can get to know their unique culture and traditions. You will encounter rhododendron, firs, and spurs forests.

Arun valley Nepal trekking requires stamina and fitness fully to fully appreciate the beauty of the Arun Valley region, which provides some outstanding mountain views and also can equally take pleasure in gorgeous scenarios of valleys and beautiful views of silvery mountains. If you are looking for wilderness and solitude and can overcome the logistical complications of the region, this Makalu Arun Valley region trekking can be the right choice.

Restricted area trekking

Nepal is a country famous among many travelers from around the world. We can visit the cultural, religious, historical places. However, there are some Remote treks in Nepal and Restricted areas too. It means, in such areas, the entry of foreigners is strict and also needs a special permit. The areas which are restricted are “Paradise on Earth”. The regions have a lot of natural beauty, hidden valleys, people, and their unique culture and custom.

The government of Nepal has focused on tourism for the country’s welfare. Where the entry of foreigners is hardly controlling. Even some areas have limits still. The government has decided these regions as ‘restricted’ is to protect the natural environment and culture from outside influences. These Nepal remote trekking have yet remained unspoiled or untamed. that is full of wilderness ecological and cultural museums. The lives of the inhabitants have rarely changed despite there has been a lot of change with the development of science and technology.

Fully organized  remote treks in Nepal

A trek to the restricted area in Nepal must be arranged as a fully equipped organized trek through a registered trekking agency using tents, Sherpa staff, cooks, and porters. Camping trek is the classic style of Nepal trekking and is too mannered in almost every part of the restricted region trek. Remote treks in Nepal are away from the more popular trails and provide a wilderness experience in both natural and cultural features. We need a minimum of 2 trekkers to issue the permit and. If some problem during your trip you need support, the government restricts some areas because it doubts the security that trekkers need. Many parts of Nepal located in the Himalayan region are neighbors to Tibet.

Since the lifestyle and culture are different than Tibet, these areas are under restrictions so that Nepal’s culture will not be affected by Tibet’s.  Considering the traveler’s requirements. We are happy to organize this Remote treks n Nepal and Above the Himalaya, trekking has the permission to operate trekking in such wilder remote Nepal trekking packages.


Makalu best camp best remote treks in Nepal

The Makalu Base Camp trek is one of the best Nepal trekking in remote routes that goes in the Makalu-Barun National Park and Conservation Area.  This is a place of outstanding natural beauty and diversity in flora and fauna. Furthermore, The Barun Valley is part of a huge international protected area under an agreement between China and Nepal. the region has a wild range of climate and it contains some of the richest and most diverse pockets of plants and animals in Nepal. Our destination, Makalu Base Camp (5,000m) brings us to one of the most remote and unfrequented areas in Nepal. As well as, the very pristine area trail to Makalu base camp  Nepal trekking takes you deep into the high Himalaya and whiles the giant of Makalu.  Enjoy the Great Black looms above you, Everest, Lhotse, and Baruntse.

We will do these remote treks in Nepal vias Arun valley and also the Arun River between Num and Seduwa will have the fittest trekker’s heart pounding. For those with a keen eye, there is a large variety of orchids, aromatic plants, oak, primrose, and not least of all, 19 species of bamboo. During this Nepal remote trek route, you will meet the ethnic groups of Limbu, Newar, and Rai at the lower elevations.

While we are on remote Nepal trekking to high elevations there are Tibetan Buddhists. These people live in isolated villages and rely mainly on subsistence farming for their livelihoods, culturally rich. The highlights of this rich natural paradise include beautiful mountains, pristine forests, and a wide variety of plants and also animal life. Therefore, they are simple and warm-hearted people local people with rich and varied customs.  Thus, this is a region where you hardly find any modern facilities and amenities but blessed with an incredible diversity of natural beauty.

How long trekking in Nepal?

Most of the travelers think to do trekking in Nepal needed more days and needs to be totally fit. Nepal has all sorts of trekking to cater needs of every traveler, Trekking in Nepal can be a short 2 to 3 days to a long 30 days can be done. Though most of the best treks are 10 to 20 days, you can add few days for Kathmandu’s historical tour, visit Pokhara one of the best places in Nepal, and can add a jungle safari adventure in Chitwan and 1,2 days of white water rafting

Newly opened off the beaten Trekking

The geographical diversity of nature and a range of exotic cultures make Nepal a country for ideal Trekking. Nepal is known as the Trekkers paradise offering countless exciting trekking destinations with a unique combination of natural and cultural elements. It is human nature that they are curious about something new ideas, new places & new culture. We are looking forward to exploring a new route to take the visitors Off The Beaten Trekking tracks to some of the most remote and beautiful areas of Nepal. Besides the popular routes, the Nepal Government has opened new routes that are culturally and naturally popular.  Nepal Trekking to this newly opened trail, Traveler will encounter the lovely villages, flora and fauna, deepest valleys, and so forth. These Nepal’s Virgin trekking trails enable its visitors to discover rare cultures and lifestyles.

Less travel trek route

When the popular and old trekking route is becoming more crowded and busy, the new one is becoming a subject of interest for the trekkers. The attraction to explore Nepal’s off-the-beaten trekking destinations is getting high. Some of the new routes ventures through intriguing villages where one can truly see the life of Nepalese people of the mid-hills and foothills of the Himalaya with the magnificent scenery of the country and turns your dream into reality. The Traditional way of life unchanged from centuries of the people in Nepal is sure to increase the level of admiration.

If one is looking for more quiet, natural, and non-tourist trekking trails in Nepal, then the newly opened  Nepal trekking destinations are useful and recommended. During many of these off-beaten treks, you will experience the vibrant culture of the locals. Moreover, you will see their homes and witness local dance and cultural shows. On one hand, trekking along new trails enables you to enjoy the distinct culture and on the other hand, your visit to these places turns to be a great help for the local inhabitants who are struggling for existence. This trek provides the perfect answer to the trekkers who are searching for freshness and adventure and allows them to marvel at the unexplored and diverse natural treasures of Nepal.

Summer and Monsoon Trekking

Nepal has summer and monsoon in June July & August During summer you can enjoy a hike to summer Nepal trekking very much with green valleys and waterfalls on the way. Mainly a nature lover can always make it as his destination of trekking year-round. The primary trekking season in the Himalayas falls in the spring when the weather is favorable. Because of the unique geography, landscape, and climate of Nepal, Trekking is possible all year round in Nepal. Trekking in summer in Nepal is a blessing for the photographer as the higher valleys and meadows blossom with flowers and lush vegetation making this the perfect time to capture Nepal in all its beauty. Nepal’s Summer trekking months are normally clear from morning until afternoon time and all the hills are alive with blooming wildflowers like magnolia and rhododendrons and other colorful wildflowers.

Few things to remember while trekking in Nepal

Travel with the best tour company

“Above the Himalaya Pvt. Ltd” is here for arranging the best holiday for you. AHT is proud to share our country. We have more than 13 years of operations in this country. We know well nature & century old cultures and many years of experience in this field. With you together we create an opportunity to explore our beautiful Nepal. Exploring the exotic variety of learning and scenery is what brings people repeatedly back to Nepal. We are providing the services to the customer since 2007 and further. AHT welcomes you to join our professional team for the best Nepal trekking adventure.  Above the Himalayas, agencies have voted for the best tour company from different travel forums and online media. Thank you to all our past customers and friends who recommend us and make us no 1 best company in Nepal.

2. Trek with Guide and porter

Guide and porter make your trek journey more comfortable in the mountains of Nepal trekking. They will guide you through the way and make sure that you are comfortable. It is always better to hire a licensed guide so that you won’t face a problem later. Also, hire a guide who knows the English language and have an idea of the place you are visiting

Nepal Charity Trekking

Nepal Charity treks are perfect for those individuals who would prefer just not to travel capable, additionally, need to give that tiny bit additional and help towards a most loved charity. “Above the Himalaya trekking, (p) Ltd” feels glad to help a neighborhood individuals, occasions, and project. We generally give something to the zones where we are living up to expectations. We are supporting numerous schools, shelter houses, reuse ventures, and impaired individuals.

Since Our establishment Above the Himalaya Trekking has been running numerous Charity Nepal trekking to raise finances on a completely voluntary premise. We unite people and gathering trekkers who love Nepal and provide help towards well-being and training in the remote parts of the nation. Then again you can raise a few stores for your most loved charity.

If you want to help the neighborhood group while taking part in one of our Nepal trekking trips. Simply reach us and we will send you a sponsorship structure. Not everyone has sufficient energy to raise supports, however, in the event that you feel you might want to help. You can raise every last bit of trust. The treks include taking an interesting part of general society a physical and mental test. While in the meantime helping abundantly to the poorest individuals in the local community.

Similarly, we ask trekkers to bring any warm apparel that they don’t require, in the event that they have room in the sack. This we can collect in Kathmandu and bring to a remote part of Nepal trekking.

 What is trekking?

Trekking is an active activity where we go on multiday day trips or hiking. It is mostly through rural, often rugged territory. We can also say trekking is a form of walking, undertaken with the specific purpose of exploring and enjoying the scenery. It usually takes place on trails in areas of relatively unspoiled wildernesses. Trekking is also the best way to explore the hidden beauty of the world. Trekking in Nepal will take you to the base of the mountains, hills, and get across beautiful landscapes that others just dream of. It is a journey of exploration through walks.

Which is Nepal’s best trekking route click here?

Many people do trekking to explore the beautiful scenery, As well as, people also do it for fitness and health. The best part of trekking is that anyone can go on Nepal trekking. People of any age can enjoy this amazing activity. Along with that, you do not need any kind of experience or special training to enjoy trekking. It has become so popular that every day thousands of people can be found trekking in various parts of the world.

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Nepal Trekking is not only about walking, but it is also a lot more about experiencing and learning more things. Along with that, it is also about reaching new heights of achievement and boosting self-confidence. It makes you feel better about yourself and also looks at the world from a different perspective.

What is trekking


Can I trek or is trekking for me?

Yes, definitely it is for you. No matter where you live, how much age or experience you have, you can still go on a trek. The only thing to care about is whether or not your healthy and fit. If you are healthy and fit for travel, you can go on a trek. Furthermore, it is even cheaper than a lot of other adventures. So, your financial budget will also not limit you from enjoying trekking.

Also, you don’t need a particular degree of fitness and there is no age barrier. However, in areas over 3000 m altitude, extra care should be taken. So anyone, with a healthy body and the spirit for adventure to exploring the exotic, will enjoy the thrills of Nepal trekking in the hills. Usually, for weary trekkers, we have a list of short, easy, and exotic treks, and for the experienced trekkers, we offer a longer trek with lots of excitement and adventure.

We invite you all persons from the world families, students, honeymoon couples, friends, solo female travelers to enchanting trekking in Nepal. You can join us as an individual team member or with your group. We commit to arranging the best trekking that delights you in the Nepal Himalayas. Anyone who can work 4 to 6 hours in the ups and down hills to Nepal, pack your luggage and join us for an exhilarating and unforgettable journey. As we arrange all the needed things to trek in the Himalayas, Therefore, What you can do is to enjoy the beautiful scenery and magnificent view of the Nepal Himalayas.


Annapurna base camp trek via poon hill


Do I need a guide?

No matter how experienced and fit you are in outdoor adventures. It is essential to have an orientation to a new area. Hiring a porter and a guide can add significantly to your trek experience in Nepal, especially if this is your first time, and if you are traveling on less frequented trails. A good guide gives you the best experience for your trekking. He/She helps you to enhance your enjoyment and understanding of the region as they double as companion and interpreter. If you decide to hire a porter and a guide, remember that you are their employer and thus should take full responsibility. Tourists can also learn the lifestyle, culture, tradition, history, and nature of the country from our experienced guides. During the trek, our guides also assist you on issues like first aid, Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS), emergency, rescue methods, etc.

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Furthermore, having a guide in  Nepal trekking helps you to know about the place. Such a guide can provide you meaningful information about the place and local people. In addition to that, you can also know about the local culture and lifestyle in a better way. And also get to know about the better trekking routes and new places. Thus, it becomes really helpful to have a trekking guide with you in a new place.

Am I too old to do the trekking in Nepal?

We don’t think so you are too old. Many old travelers do Nepal trekking. We have arranged trekking for many old trekkers up to 78 years old. Many old ages trekkers are walking much better than younger trekkers. And remember the most former lady to climb Everest was 73 when she did it. And the most aged men to climbed Everest trekking were 76 years old from Nepal.

Also, after all, age is just a number. It is the willpower and passion in you that matters. So, not just for trekking but for anything age does not matter. And there is a first time for everything. So, why not add memories to your life and make it better by going on a trek. Moreover, trekking will help you to remain fit and fine, and also you will have amazing experiences and memories to cherish forever.

What about security during Nepal trekking?

The security of our clients is foremost essential for us too. We choose all our guides and porters carefully. We have Government certified and well-trained trekking guides and good porters. They are sincere and reliable. But we would also advise you to take care of your personal belongings.

Your every kind of security is ensured by us during the trek. We will provide you the best service along with complete security.


Facilities during the Nepal trekking, Can I charge my Gadgets?

Most of the Trekking areas like Annapurna, Everest, Langtang, Dhaulagiri, Mustang, and Manaslu, have an electricity facility.  You can able to charges the batteries along most of the trek in USD 2,3. Most of the guesthouses have electricity facilities. There are telephone facilities in many villages along the popular trekking routes from which you can make international calls in major cities of Nepal, and yes, you can use your Cell Phones too.

Everest base camp trek in June

How Should I dress during the Nepal trekking?

The clothing you bring has to be suitable for both the warmth of the days and the chill of the nights. It is better to wear lightweight trekking trousers and T-shirts while trekking during the day at lower altitudes. It’s always a good idea to carry a waterproof jacket and some warmer clothing with you as mountain weather is notoriously unpredictable.

What type of shoes should I buy?

Good comfortable trekking shoes is the most important for the trek, for shorter trek tennis shoes or snickers is ok while longer treks require the functional boots have excellent ankle support, plenty of tow room for long descents, a bit like timberland, they are a bit heavier, but most importantly you want to get those that wrap the angle, this prevents you from twisting your ankles on uneven grounds. Functional, lightweight trekking boots or light all leather boots are perfect. Boots should be a proper fit for you and you have to wear them lightly before using them on trekking.

What if I get sick while on a trek?

It depends on the nature of sickness. Generally, if you get sick, you will descend to a lower altitude with the help of support staff and have a rest. But if the case is critical, we will arrange an emergency helicopter evacuation service for this you need to have ( travel insurance). Our guide will take immediate action according to the situation. Altitude sickness is the main concern during trekking in high elevations. It can affect everyone while trekking, including young and healthy people. If you feel dizzy, suffer palpitations, or severe headaches, return immediately to a lower altitude. Do not take altitude sickness lightly. It can be fatal!

These are most of the questions we get from our customers, and we hope that you will find the answers useful. If you have more queries about your trekking holiday in Nepal you can always contact us. We hope that you will find the answers helpful. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions or just want to have a chat about the trek.

Kathmandu Pokhara Chitwan tour


Here are some tips before starting your trek

  • Ask your question and any doubt with us before booking your flight.
  • Book your trek and the flight of the arrival.
  • Check your health and make sure of your physical health condition by consulting with the doctor.
  • Before coming here, purchase your travel insurance from a reliable company.
  • Check the needed clothing and equipment for your travel and what is trekking in Nepal.
  • You can get a Nepal visa before arrival at the Nepalese Embassy.
  • Bring official papers like a valid passport, three extra passport photographs (for trekking permits), travel insurance, airline tickets, and luggage tags.
  • Bring all your credit cards and necessary other payment cards.
  • Inform your relatives and friends where you are going and the kinds of uncertainties.


Advantage of trekking

Advantage of trekking, Nothing can compare with the satisfaction that we get from traveling and spending time in Nature. Walking in the beauty of nature is a refreshing activity that anyone will enjoy. Trekking is the best way of exploring and enjoying the beauty of nature. Similarly, there are lots of benefits that we get from trekking. Here are some Advantages of Trekking

  1. Good for health

Trekking is beneficial for the body. hiking to nature and fresh breathing can give the perfect workout to the body. It also improves strength, cardio fitness, and the ability to walk comfortably and quickly. Therefore, during trekking, the muscles of our body get stretched as trekking means constantly waking and moving. One will feel the change in the body after trekking as it helps in blood flow, improves the digestive system, and forms energy in the body.

  1. Peace of mind

Getting into nature and explore it can take away the negativity and stress from our minds. The main advantage of Trekking is one of the best ways to reduce anxiety and boredom in a person. which will result in peace of mind.

  1. Learning a new culture and lifestyle is the advantage of trekking

Specially Trekking means walking to the remote region. We can experience an isolated lifestyle and culture while walking down to those places. Anywhere you go trekking, you will learn about a different culture than yours.

  1. The advantage of trekking is the Social benefit

The main advantage of trekking is you will find different people and make new friends. There will be one kind of bonding between you and the group or team you are traveling with. You will be far from your home and social media, so it is possible that the friends that you made while trekking will be lifelong memorable friends.

Interested to Travel in Nepal? Make Free Inquiry !

  1. Encounter natural beauty is another advantage of trekking

Nature includes different varieties of flora and fauna, rivers, lakes, mountains, glaciers, and so forth. So this is the advantage of trekking, you will be exploring and encountering all those gifts of nature. The blue sky above, birds flying, waterfalls, and smooth air of the environment will make one feel relaxed.

advantage of trekking

Trekking safety in Nepal and its advantage

The destination is not what makes us different; it’s the quality of the services that make us stand out from the crowd. While exploring the local villages, trekking through beautiful forests, underwater falls. Over the suspension bridge, we focus on promoting the local economy using local providers and products. In this way, your visit to these Himalayan countries with us will also be supporting the local community.

Nepal undoubtedly is a country of spectacular beauty, and it has been recognized as a top trekking destination in the world. However, the travelers coming to Nepal should keep in mind the possible dangers that may occur during the trekking in the Himalayas, such as Altitude sickness, Landslide, and Occasional theft or extortion, and so forth. The best way to evade risk could be possible by planning, playing by the rules, and realize human limitations.


 All the trip leaders and guides are almost medical trained and have worked permanently for the welfare of trekkers, and each year, they are trained wisely and updated their skills in the wilderness of First-Aid training.

With our widespread networks of local partners, we can arrange any custom-made trips as requested by our clients. Our services are not limited to, guiding, transportation, and accommodation. Along with these, we make sure you can enjoy your holidays. We take care of your health and safety issues and provide you with memories that will last forever. To make your trip successful and offer you the most vivid and luxurious environment you can also visit our website

Nepal is a relatively safer country to travel and trek provided the basic rules are explored. When a reputed trekking agency organizes the trekking. The staff handles most of the complications, and however, Safety is always at the top of any agenda. While holding any of the adventure trekking and climbing trip in the Himalayas. If you’re planning for your dream trip, you are always welcome to visit Nepal. And numerous websites and agencies can go through while visiting Nepal choose wisely and enjoy your best time here in Nepal.

Why travel with us and advantage of Nepal trekking

  • Safety satisfaction and success
  • Financial protection and no hidden cost
  • Legally registered trekking in Nepal
  • Environment and society responsive
  • We are insured, are you?
  • 100% personalized trips
  • Guaranteed trip Departure
  • Team of Destination Experts
  • Best of Himalayan Adventure Trip

advantage of trekking

 Fitness for Nepal trekking

Even though physical fitness is a paramount piece of any open-air movement, you don’t have to be a contender or marathon runner to revel in trekking in Nepal. Physical fitness is presumably less of an issue at begin than you may suspect. Most trekkers of high fitness for their age can finish the Nepal trek. Most first-time trekkers are worried that they won’t keep up, however soon uncover that a relentless pace will have them in camp well before they might have anticipated.

These treks are not preparing runs for the fit; however, strolling occasions for individuals of all ages. A nervous disposition is significantly more significant at this stage in the diversion. You might be the fittest on the planet, yet provided that you have no certification in trekking, it won’t turn into a long-haul movement for you. Trek preparation by definition implies that you will reinforce real form muscles, specifically legs, and trains your cardiovascular framework.

Get a day pack and start your journey

So raising your heart rate throughout a preparation session is basic. There is no preferred preparation over trekking itself. Get a day pack on and get out there as frequently as possible. As opposed to having long, progressively climbing trails, most Himalayan trails focus just about specifically up, obliging a considerable measure more exertion, and particularly when plummeting, a ton more fixation.

The majority of the people believe that the grandest test while trekking on High Mountain is going up, yet it is while slipping that makes the most issues. We regard this to be a direct trek, and on a straightforward excursion, you will be strolling for six to eight hours every day, at elevations up to a most extreme of 5,700 meters.

Assuming that you can deal with several valley floors to edge line risings for every bush walk, you will adapt to a directly evaluated trek. Speed is not the substance; stamina, trust, and progression are. Assuming that you are an encountered walker and regularly trek a maximum of 15 km per day with a pack, a trek may as well demonstrate no challenge.

Nepal winter trekking

First-time Nepal trekking?

Usually, the Trekking in Nepal is straightforward, and following smart methods with well-trodden routes, Nepal’s most well-liked trekking routes like Everest, Annapurna, and Langtang are well provided with tea look and lodges, and therefore the trails between these are well used and gift straightforward walking conditions. We’ve got short easy to long, advantage of trekking.

You’ll select the trek as per its slow and fitness level. Commonly our trekking permits. Lots of time to thoroughly complete the itinerary. To confirm that everybody is in excellent condition. On the steady ascent to the path, like Annapurna Base camp trek, Everest Base camp trek, Throng la pass, and alternative trekking. Our entire trekking itinerary includes associate acclimation days. This ascent presents no real problem and may be among the capabilities of the match and active hill walkers. However, there are couples of quite long trekking days, and it ought to be noted that trekking at altitudes higher than 5000 meters is essentially strenuous.

Everest base camp short trek
USD 1598
poon hill trek
USD 390

Poon Hill Trek 04 days

Mardi himal trek
USD 595
Annapurna circuit trek
USD 1140
Ghandruk trek
USD 280

Ghandruk Trek 03 Days

helambu trek
USD 580

Helambu Trek 06 days

Manaslu circuit trek
USD 1930
upper mustang trek
USD 1980
Rolwaling Trek
USD 2190
Chisapani Nagarkot Trek
USD 190
gokyo lake trek
USD 1298

Gokyo Lake Trek 10 days

Pikey peak trek
USD 850

Pikey Peak Trek 07 days

langtang valley trek
USD 698

Langtang Trek 07 days

Everest view trek
USD 898
Gosaikunda trek
USD 550

Gosaikunda trek 05 days

Tilicho lake short trek
USD 1090
everest three pass trek
USD 2098
nar phu valley trek
USD 1890
Kala patthar trekking
USD 1540
khopra ridge trek
USD 690
What is trekking?

Trekking is simply an act of adventurous walk on the natural environment or landscapes (more pretibially on the side of mountains) with the motive of enjoying and exploring new places and the view. Furthermore, trekking is travel for more than a day with overnight stays at the trails.

What to expect in the tea house trekking in Nepal?

Tea house trekking is very popular trekking in Nepal nowadays. This type of trekking includes resting in the tea house or hotel and lodges throughout the trek. As camping tours are not very safe and involve lots of difficulties, tea house trips are an easy and enjoyable Nepal short trek. Mostly tea house is open throughout the day and consists of basic facilities for food and accommodation. During the peak season if you do not get rooms in the lodge then you can stay in tea houses. During the treks in the Himalayans, tea house trekking is very famous.

Why is Nepal Trekking Useful?

Trekking helps to have a close insight into nature and helps to keep our minds stress-free from hectic life.  Nepal Trekking helps to test the physical stamina, the ability to accept the new environment, and also the psychological captivity to some extent.

Who can Trek?

Trekking has no limitation, everyone who is a travel lover can trek. But children and older people are less recommended for trekking. Additionally, people with heart problems, lung problems, etc. are restricted to trek.

How long do I have to walk on each day?

Your walk on each day depends on the type of trek. If you are doing a Himalayan tour then you will have to walk about 5 to 7 hours a day covering 14 km of distance. But if you are traveling to other places then you will have to walk about 4 to 5 a day covering 8 km of distance. Most of the time, the Nepal short trek is easy to walk but during the time of monsoon season, it might be slightly difficult to walk due to the rainfall.

What are the tips for people trekking for the first time?

For those people who are trekking for the first time might be slightly difficult. There might be various things on the journey that might take you out of your comfort zone. If you do not have any experience in trekking following tips might be helpful for you: –
Start small and do no rush in your walk: – hiking environment might be completely new for most of you.
Keep your body hydrated: – Drinking enough water during the trek is very important during the trek. Water while traveling helps to keep your body hydrated.
Pack your gears wisely: – Be careful while packing r gear for the trek. Along with the light clothes according to the season, you will also have to pack a pair of trekking boots.

Do I need to hire a porter for the trek?

Hire a porter completely depend on your wish. If you think that you could carry your bags and all your gear by yourself then you will not need a pouter. But it is always better to hire a porter for the trek so, you can enjoy the trek without any disturbance. If you hire an experienced and local porter of that particular place then they have more knowledge about the places and the trail.

When is the best time for trekking in Nepal?

Although trekking in Nepal can provide you the best experience throughout the year. But generally, spring and autumn seasons are more preferred for rambling and for adventurous activities. October, November, and March to May are popular times for visiting Nepal. During this time precipitation is very less and you can enjoy the crystal-clear view. The weather also remains fine during these times. Apart from this, you can do short treks during the winter seasons.

Is it difficult to trek in Nepal?

The adventurous and stimulating hiking places of Nepal are famous all over the world. The difficulty of walking in Nepal depends on the place that you are marching to. If you are trekking in a high-altitude location then it might be slightly difficult for you. Other than that, you will not have much difficulty. Easy, medium, challenging, and demanding are the four grades of trekking in Nepal. Here you can choose your rambling places according to your comfort level. You have to be careful and keep in mind that the journey might be challenging.

How long are the treks?

The walking time will depend on the grade and the location that you are trekking. On a normal trekking day, you will have to walk 5 to 7 hours a day. If you are trekking for 4 weeks minimum then the trek falls under the challenging treks. If you trek for 2 to 3 weeks then the trek falls under the moderate range and if you complete the trek within a week then the trek is the easy trek. However, the trekking days also depend on the weather and other emergencies during your treks. If you are trekking in higher altitude places then you will have to take a day off to acclimate.

Do I need to have certain training for treks?

Traveling to a new place might be mentally and physically disturbing for some people. We suggest you take some basic training like yoga, swimming, exercise and hiking experiences. If you are taking the longer treks then you must have a strong preparation for that compare to the shorter treks. And if you are traveling in mountains or peak climb then you will have to trek particular training according to the location.

What are the types of trekking in Nepal?

Generally, there are two types of trekking in Nepal: – tea houses trekking and
camping trekking. These two types are most popular in hiking regions like
Annapurna base camp, Everest, Langtang, and Manaslu. In tea house trekking trekkers will have types are good accommodation and food facility. Tea houses will provide you a certain type of luxury.

On the other hand, camping trekking is staying in the camp. Here you will have to make your camp throughout the trek. During this type of trekking, you will have to carry your trekking materials like food, tents, sleeping bags, bags, medical kits, etc along with you. This is open of the best method of trekking as it saves money and you can pitch your camp wherever. Camping treks are slightly difficult for the biggest but is very adventurous

What about the food during the trek?

Normally you will get a simple kind of food everywhere around the country.
You will have both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food according to your
choice. But we recommend you to eat vegetarian food through the trek because it is hygienic and keeps your body stable through the journey. You can also have different types of organic food depending upon the place you are marching to. You should also eat light food as it will help you to walk faster.

What is the kind of clothes that I need for trekking in Nepal?

While packing clothes for your trek you should consider the season that you are trekking in. For example, if you are trekking in the winter season you should pack warm clothes along with the trekking boots and if you are hiking in the summer season then you should pack light clothes with you along with
windproof jackets.

What is the equipment that I need to carry for the trek?

If you are traveling solo then you should carry all your traveling equipment
yourself. So, you will have to hire a porter to carry your gears. Generally, a
porter will carry 25 kgs of load at a time. You will need to carry a day-pack,
fleece jacket, windproof clothes, warm hat, sun cream, trekking boots, first aid kit, and water purification tablets. In addition to this, you will also need to have hiking equipment.

Nepalese food during the trek?

When we say Nepalis food, we remember the typical Nepalis food i.e., Dal
Bhat. Rice and lentils are the main ingredients needed to make Dhal Bhat. If
you are trekking in Nepal for the first time then you must try Dal Bhat. Most
people hiking in the mountain’s region have this dish daily because it gives you energy for traveling. Dal Bhat includes fresh vegetables such as potatoes and cauliflower.

Do I need to have insurance before trekking?

Travel Insurance is simply a policy to cover the risks on your trek. Above the
Himalayan strongly recommend you take insurance before your trek. Travel insurance ensures your safety throughout the trek. Furthermore, there are lots of insurance companies in Nepal that will provide you the great policies for trekking in Nepal. Insurance is necessary if any accidents happen during the trek.

What if there comes an emergency during the trek?

If you are trekking in a new place, then you should be preparing for all kinds of emergencies during the trek. Above the Himalaya has hired an experienced and well-trained guide who will tackle emergencies. In case if you are sick or cannot continue your trek further then we will evacuate you through helicopters.

Where to trek in Nepal?

Adventurous activities of Nepal are very famous worldwide. The most famous trekking location in Nepal is trekking to the highest mountain in the world Everest base camp. Moreover, Himalayan trekking and cultural trek in Nepal are also quite famous. You could trek to Annapurna base camp, Langtang, Macchhapuchre bae camp, Poon hill, etc. You will enjoy the trek along with its high and low routes, snow-capped mountains, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, etc.

Where will I store my luggage?

If you are hiring a porter with you so, you should not worry about carrying
luggage. For storing the luggage then you can store it in the hotels or the tea
houses. Almost all hotels in Nepal will have a storeroom for the luggage so you can store it there for free. This is the safest method as hotels will have a CC tv camera in the storeroom.

What kind of trekking boots are necessary for trekking in Nepal?

Trekking boots are very important while traveling especially in Nepal. The
trekking trail of Nepal rough and filled with rocks. That is why you will need
trekking boots during hiking. There are different kinds of trekking bott available in the market.

You will have to for multiple days carrying the bags durn the trek so, you should buy boots that have a high cut that wraps above the ankles for excellent support. You will need Durable and supportive, with stiffer midsoles than lighter footwear for hiking in Nepal.

What are the modes of transportation during the trek?

Although trekking is the activity of walking there is some marching location in Nepal which require the transportation. Transportation during the trek is
important to reduce the walking time that is why we also offer you helicopter
treks. For walking in most places in Nepal you will have a flight from
Kathmandu to Lukla airport.

What is the difference between solo walking and hiking in the group?

It completely depends on you whether to trek in a group or solo. If you are a
loner and want silene while rambling then you should choose solo walking. In solo walking you can uniquely connect with nature, you can plan and acclimate according to your wish and get to interact with the people. In group hiking you will always have a person to talk to, you will get enough help during emergencies, and you will not get lost.

If you are doing the long trek then it is better to trek in a group than solo treks. Group treks are slightly cheaper than solo walking. Sometimes during the peak season, you can share a room with your fellow group partner. But if you are trekking solo then you will have to book your trek in advance.

What is trekking like in reality?

While trekking expectation does not completely match with the reality.
Trekking is quite hard in reality. You will have a problem talking to the local
people of Nepal. You might not get a great view of the Himalayas because of
the weather. If you are not associated with the trekking company then it might be difficult to arrange permits. You will find and learn lots of new things in reality.

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