Panch Pokhari Solukhumbu Trek

Nepal Newly open trekking route
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Panch Pokhari Solukhumbu Trek

  • Destination Name: Panch Pokhari (4460m)
  • Municipality: Mahakulung Rural Municipality-1
  • District: Solukhumbu, Nepal
  • National Park: Makalu Barun National Park of Solukhumbu Part
  • Region: Lower Everest Region / Lower Solukhumbu Region
  • Trek Area: Mahakulung, Khiraule Gumba, Hurhure Pass, Panch Pokhari
  • Altitude Height: 1700 meters to 4500 meters
  • Trek Duration: 6 Days
  • Geography Slope: Approximately 40 Degree
  • Trek Level: Average Level Trek (Not Easy, Not Hard)
  • Best Time to Travel: All Season / All-Time
  • Required Fitness: Normal Physical Fitness

Overview of Panch Pokhari Solukhumbu Trek

Panch Pokhari Solukhumbu Trek is a newly opened trekking trail in the Solukhumbu region. It lies at Mahakulung Rural Municipality, Solukhumbu district. It is in the Makalu Barun National Park area. Panch Pokhari Solukhumbu Trek is a newly opened trekking destination. Solukhumbu Panch Pokhari is the biggest Panchpokhari in Nepal. It lies at the highest altitude elevation.

As the Nepal Tourism Board declared, Panch Pokhari is among Nepal’s top 9 100 new tourism destinations. Panch Pokahri of Solukhumbu is the combination of five holy lakes. There are five beautiful lakes with different family names. They are 1) Buwa Pokhari, 2) Aama Pokhari, 3) Chhora Pokhari, 4) Buhari Pokhari, and 5) Ghothalo / Kamara Pokhari. It is also known as Panch Pokhari in Solukhumbu. Panch Pokhari, meaning “Five Lakes,” is a pristine pilgrimage site.

It offers excellent religious significance for Hindus and Buddhists. Panch Pokhari Solukhumbu has majestic Himalayan peaks and lush green valleys. It has serene alpine meadows, with crystal-clear lakes reflecting the blue skies above. It nestles in the breathtaking beauty of the Solukhumbu district. Panch Pokhari Solukhumbu offers a unique blend of natural wonder.

Newly opened trekking trail in Nepal

The Panch Pokhari Solukhumbu trek route will take visitors through lush forests. It offers picturesque villages, terraced fields, and ancient monasteries. It provides a glimpse into the authentic rural life of the region. Tourists get to see the valley of east Lower Solukhumbu.

They view some mountains like Numbur, Kusum Kangguru, Kangtega, and Kyashar. Kanchenjunga range entices visitors during the Panch Pokhari Solukhumbu trek. Here, you can see diverse flora and fauna. You can see Rhododendron Forest, Bambo Forest, Alpine Forest, and Red Panda. You can also visit National Bird Dhafe Monal.

You can also see many other birds during the Panch Pokhari Trek in Solukhumbu. It has a great natural diversity of geography and cultural heritage. You can experience the tranquility of the Himalayan ecosystem. Most of the time, Panch Pokhari is wholly covered with snow. Various accommodation options are available to ensure a comfortable and memorable experience.

You can choose from cozy guesthouses to tented camps along the trekking route. So, why not pack your bags, lace up your boots, and embark on a journey that will leave you with memories to cherish forever? Panch Pokhari Solukhumbu trek awaits your arrival.

It is ready to reveal its secrets and unveil its splendor. Take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity to discover a hidden treasure. Panch Pokhari Solukhumbu trek beckons you!

Panch Pokhari Solukhumbu Trek  Short Itinerary Overview

Day 1: Drive from Kathmandu to Patale Dhaap to Salleri to Bung Mahakulung (1700m)

Day 2: Trek to Khiraule Gumba (2600m), Explore Local Market with Kirat Rai and Sherpa Culture

Day 3 : Trek to Jungle Camp / Cholem (3,560m), Rhododendron Jungle Trail & Phokte Pokhari (Nepal Map Shaped Lake)

Day 4: Trek to Panch Pokhari (4,460m), Rocky Step Trail of Stone Road & Hurhure Pass

Day 5 : Explore Panch Pokhari (4460m) and trek down to Khiraule Gumba or Bung Mahakulung

Day 6 : Drive back from Khiraule Gumba or Bung Mahakulung to Kathmandu.

“Panch Pokhari Solukhumbu Trek Facts

Biggest & Main Panch Pokhari of Nepal

Located in the Highest Altitude Elevation

New Trekking Trails in Solukhumbu

Reasons to embark  on Panch Pokhari Solukhumbu Trek

Suppose you are wondering why you should choose the Panchpokhari trekking trail. Here, we have listed a few of the reasons why you should embark on this journey.

The newly opened trekking trail

The Panch Pokhari Solukhumbu trek is a newly opened trekking trail explored in 2018 for the first time for Visit Nepal 2020. The hike takes you through untouched landscapes and wilderness, showcasing breathtaking mountain panoramas, serene lakes, lush forests, and scenic valleys.

Off-the-Beaten-Path Adventure

Another reason to embark on this trek is because of its off-beaten trail. As mentioned, it is a newly opened trekking trail. Few trekkers know this trail, making it a less traveled area. During this trip, you will enjoy a quieter and more private experience with nature. The course is less crowded. You can enjoy a sense of solitude in the mountains.

Cultural Exploration

The Panch Pokhari  Solkhumbutrek provides an authentic cultural experience. You pass through traditional Sherpa and Tamang villages throughout the journey. This trekking region is rich in natural and cultural heritage.

Here, most of the communities are Sherpa and Kirat. You can interact with the local communities and observe their daily lives. You get to learn about the trek’s rich cultural traditions and rituals.

Sacred Lakes

The main highlight of the trek is the Panchpokhari Lakes, which feature five sacred lakes. These high-altitude lakes above 4000 m hold a deep religious and cultural significance for the area’s locals.

On the occasion of the full moon and Nag Panchami festivals, thousands of pilgrims visit the lake. The tranquil surroundings of the lakes create a calm and spiritual atmosphere. The mesmerizing sight of the lakes is a sight to behold.

Spectacular Mountain Views

Throughout the Panch Pokhari Solukhumbu trek, you will see stunning views of majestic Himalayan peaks. The panoramic views include Dorje Lakpa, Phurbi Chhyachu, and Nurbu Himal. Visitors can also view Mera Peak and several other peaks. The glorious sight of these towering peaks lies against the backdrop of clear blue skies. It adds more beauty and serenity to the trek.

Authentic Himalayan Experience

It is a less traveled trekking trail, unlike more popular trekking routes. So, the Panch Pokhari Solukhumbu Trek offers you an authentic Himalayan experience. You will witness the region’s raw beauty as you discover the local cultures. You get to soak in the serene environment of the mountains. It is an opportunity to detach from the modern world and connect with nature.

Best time for the Panchpokhari Solukhumbu trek

The Panchpokhari trek of the Solukhumbu region can take place throughout the year. Every season has some pros and cons. The best time for trekking is during Spring and Autumn.

Spring (March to May) 

This is the pre-monsoon season and is one of the best times of the year for trekking to Panchpokhari. The weather starts to warm up. The trek is excellent, with pleasant temperatures of mild daytime and cool nights.

The rhododendron forests along the trail are also in full bloom. They decorate the entire route with vibrant colors. The skies are usually clear. It offers excellent views of the breathtaking mountains. Spring is undoubtedly the best time for the Panch Pokhari Solukhumbu trek.

Autumn (September to November)

This post-monsoon season is another best time for Nepal’s Panch Pokhari Solukhumbu trek. The weather is stable. The temperatures are mild during the day and cooler at night. The skies are generally straightforward. It offers uninterrupted views of the surrounding mountains.

This is the best time to get the best views of the mountains. The landscapes are lush and green after the monsoon rains. You can see the autumn colors along the route. Furthermore, Autumn also offers a lively environment. It overlaps with various cultural celebrations and festivals in the region.

Summer/Monsoon (June to August)

The monsoon or summer season is not an ideal time for completing the trek. Heavy rainfall and occasional landslides occur during this season. The trail can be muddy and slippery due to heavy rains. It makes it challenging to complete the journey.

Yet, it can still be an option if you enjoy the lush greenery and want to experience a quieter trek. You must be very well prepared for rain. You must be cautious about the trail conditions if you wish to embark on the tour in the monsoon.

Winter (December to February)

Winter is another season considered unsuitable for high-altitude treks in Nepal. Winter brings colder temperatures, especially at higher elevations with heavy snowfall. The trail can be snowy and icy. It makes completing the Panch Pokhari Solukhumbu trek challenging.

But you can still enjoy the trek. It would help to be well-prepared with the proper clothing and gear for cold weather. The advantage of trekking in winter is the solitude. You can view the pure beauty of snow-covered landscapes all along the route.


Itinerary of Panch Pokhari Solukhumbu Trek


Day 1: Drive from Kathmandu to Patale Dhaap to Bung Mahakulung by Jeep

The Panch Pokhari Solukhumbu trek starts with a long drive.

Road Way : Dhulikhel – Sinduli BP Highway – Okhaldhunga – Solukhumbu

Altitude Elevation Height: 1300m – 1700m

Drive Duration: 1 Day Full Drive

Accommodation: Tea House Lodge Trek


Day 2: Trek start from Bung Mahakulung to Khiraule Gumba

Altitude Elevation Height: 1700m – 2600m

Walking Hour: 3 to 4 Hour

Day Activity: Explore the Local Market with Kirat Rai and Sherpa Culture

Accommodation: Himalayan Lodge at Khiraule


Day 3: Trek from Khiraule Gumba to Jungle Camp (Cholem)

Altitude Elevation Height: 2600m – 3560m

Walking Hour: 6 Hour

Day Activity: Rhododendron Jungle Trail & Phokte Pokhari (Nepal Map-Shaped Lake)

Accommodation: Both Tea House Lodge and Tented Camp


Day 4: Trek from Jungle Camp (Cholem) to Panch Pokhari

Altitude Elevation Height: 3560m – 4460m

Walking Hour: 6 hour

Day Activity: Rocky Step Trek of Stone Road and Hurhure Pass

Accommodation: Panch Pokhari Hotel & Lodge


Day 5: Trek down from Panch Pokhari to Khiraule Gumba or Bung Mahakulung

Altitude Elevation Height: 4460m – 2600m

Walking Hour: 7 Hour

Day Activity: Explore Panch Pokhari Solukhumbu

Accommodation: Himalayan Lodge / Mahakulung Hotel


Day 6: Drive from Khiraule Gumba or Bung Mahakulung to Kathmandu by Jeep

Drive Duration: 1 Day Full Drive

Final Day to go Home and Rest

Thank you so much for visiting Panch Pokhari Solukhumbu Trek.

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Panch Pokhari Solukhumbu Trek More info

Panchpokhari Solukhumbu trek

The Panchpokhari Trek in the Solukhumbu region of Nepal is a captivating newly opened trekking trail. It takes you to the less-traveled route. Panchpokhari Solukhumbu trek offers a unique and off-the-beaten-path experience. It is the best for adventurous trekkers seeking fresh, natural surroundings to explore in Nepal.

The trek takes you to the Panchpokhari, meaning “five sacred lakes” in Nepali. These high-altitude lakes hold enormous religious and cultural significance. They are essential for the local Sherpa and Tamang communities. As you approach the lake, the trail offers stunning views of the Himalayan mountain range. It includes Dorje Lakpa, Numbur, Mera Peak, and many other mountain peaks.

The Solukhumbu Panchpokhari trek is perfect for diverting from Nepal’s usual popular trekking trails. It is best for exploring the secluded part. It provides a unique opportunity to explore the remote and unspoiled beauty of the Solu Khumbu region away from the crowds. This journey allows you to bond with the serene nature.

Panch Pokhari Solukhumbu trek region has several ancient monasteries and sacred lakes. They offer a profound insight into the spiritual beliefs and practices of the local communities. Engaging in meditation will bring peace.

Witnessing religious rituals performed by the devout locals will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on your soul. Therefore, thousands of people visit on the day of Janai Purnima and Nag Panchami in August. They seek blessings from the holy lakes and temples to fulfill their wishes.

Enjoy trek trek in less travel area.

Phokte Pokhari is on the way to Jungle Camp (Cholem), also known as Panch Pokhari’s part. Phokte Pokhari’s shape is like a Nepal Map. We must cross the Hurhure Pass (4286m) to reach the Panch Pokhari. The altitude elevation of Hurhure Pass is 4286 meters.

Khiraule Gumba built in 1738 is the local tourist destination in Mahakulung Solukhumbu. The Monastery’s name is Ngonga Thyakchhok Chholing Monastery. It is one of the oldest monasteries in Nepal. Visitors highly appreciate it because of its mesmerizing and unique external design. The tall pine trees surround the Monastery. They are rarely found in Nepal.

Locals believe the patrons brought the tree from Darjeeling more than 200 years ago. The cultural significance of this Monastery is equally valued. There is a rumor that “Silent Meditation” (ङ्युङने Nyungne in Sherpa and मौन ब्रत Moun Brat in Nepali) started from this Monastery in eastern Nepal.

Every month of “Dasami” (Tenth Day of the Full Moon Day) is a special day for villagers. They worship the Buddha by lighting several butter lamps. So “Dasami” (tenth moon day) is an essential tradition of the villagers to pray and puja at the Monastery.

1934, 1989, and 25 April 2015, earthquakes affected certain parts of the Monastery. So, the local people started to reconstruct the Monastery again.

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