Nepal Private Tour

Nepal Private Tours is a tour for single travelers and those who want to enjoy their itinerary with couples, friends, and family. Nepal has magnificent snow-capped mountains, tropical jungles, and rich history and culture.

Make the best of your tour with our team of experts. Tour consultants can arrange a tailor-made, private holiday. Along with that, the tour matches your interests, times, and budgets.

All the available trips to Nepal, Bhutan, India, and Tibet on our website will give you a choice of joining a small group or creating a private trip itinerary.

Suppose Nepal private tours/ Trek is something that you desire most. We make the itinerary according to your suggestions, interests, and special requests. We are very flexible. We always offer the option of adding extra days or extensions to either the end of the tour or the main trip itself.

After finding your preferences, our Nepal private tour counsels will create a tailor-made plan. We add in some of their suggestions. We consider driving times, trekking routes, flight dates, etc.

Above the Himalaya Trekking offers Nepal private hiking tours. We offer accessible terms, long or short trekking, and family tours. We provide rafting, long or short, kayaking, and jungle safari tours.
You can also enjoy bird watching, mountain flights, paragliding, bungee jumping, cycling, etc.

Benefit traveling with us.

  • We’ll show you things and introduce you to folks you’d never find on your own in our Nepal private tour.
  • Our organized treks and tours are always guaranteed to be of top quality. Our superb record for customer satisfaction and continued success has led us to expand our range of services.
  • We’ve top-notch guides, lodging, activities, and food.
  • Our guides have trained for and attained a Trekking Guide license provided by the Government.
  • All our Guides are highly trained and skilled in care, Altitude Issues, and Environmental Protection.
  • We will offer accommodations suitable for all budgets. We have good relations with five-star deluxe, third-class, and little cozy guesthouses within the cities and outer areas.
  • Our Nepal private tour also allows you to customize your trip to suit yourself.
  • We hunt down the simplest outfitters for your trekking needs, accommodation, and guides, so you’ll always be in good hands.
  • Travel with us. You’re traveling with a smile and without worries.

Cost Plan for a private tour

Another advantage of traveling to Nepal is the cheap cost. Indeed, traveling to Nepal will not burn a hole in your wallet, as anyone can afford to travel there. You can select from a range of accommodation that suits you best and is within your budget.

You can hire a porter if you wish to carry your heavy backpack by them. Luckily, spending around $10 can provide you the facility to move your things. So you can enjoy the trek as best you can. Taking a guide with you can cost around $25 per day.

Convey a tip to the porter and those who help you with accommodation. This little amount can lighten up their day.

Best Time for a visit for  private tours

Visiting Nepal in every season has its specialty and portrays peculiar features. People visit Nepal around the year. Nevertheless, April is the best Time for treks in Nepal. One of the primary reasons for the attraction of this Time is the favorable climate. You can see the blooming of Rhododendrons at this Time.

April is the best month for both types of travelers. It is the first month of spring, and there are newly blooming rhododendrons and other attractive vegetation. The best Time for solo trekkers to visit Nepal is during the winter season when there will be few people.

The group trekkers have multiple options for choosing trekking Time. The prices of accommodations, food, and travel tend to be higher in April than at other times. It is because of the massive flow of tourists.

We advise you to pre-book all the facilities for your Nepal private tour for safety and convenience so you can enjoy your wonderful trip.

Private tour  or in Group

While visiting Nepal, you can do private tours and go in a group. It doesn’t matter whether you are traveling solo or in a small group. There’s no discrimination for solo travelers. Traveling to Nepal is accessible for solo and group trekkers.

There are no additional charges for solo travel when it involves accommodation. On reflection, accommodation is cheaper. The single rooms are less expensive than double rooms. During the off-trekking season, the one and double-room costs could be the same. It will have no significant price variation.

Still, during the height trekking season, single rooms cost comparatively less. In the same manner, it isn’t incumbent to mention that dining alone isn’t very frightening if you dare to visit another country alone.

Unlike other places where dining alone is a touch weird, this isn’t the case in Nepal. Nevertheless, people often ask to hitch a table when the restaurant is crowded, and your table has space. It’s an excellent way to meet new people. But by and enormous, you’ll dine alone, which isn’t a hassle while solo traveling in Nepal.

The best part of Nepal private tour

I am meeting new people and making friends while trekking is also possible. This is especially true during peak trekking seasons. Kathmandu and Pokhara, both bustling and lively cities in Nepal, have a fantastic tourist ambiance.

Thamel in Kathmandu and the lake-side area in Pokhara are the best tourist spots for Nepal private tours. During the peak trekking seasons, the places buzz with visitors from all over the planet. The tourist hubs are the best places to interact with the local Nepali people.

Besides Kathmandu, other famous areas include Bhaktapur and Patan. You’ll visit the city’s Durbar Squares and other popular spots. For the foremost part, the local Nepali people can interact in English. But it’s best to stay level-headed with expectations of this particular aspect.

In hindsight, learning some basic Nepali while traveling to the country will be helpful. Correspondingly, daylight is the most straightforward Time to explore Nepal. Apart from the city’s touristic hubs, nighttime in Nepal consists of lonely streets.

Navigating in the dark is difficult. But the shortage of individuals within the vast emptiness of the night could be better worth the trouble. Instead, relaxing at the accommodation is better. It is best not to wander the streets in the dark.

Why travel with us?

  • Our custom Nepal private tours suit the individual. You can go at your own pace and enjoy the activities you choose.
  • We’ll show you things and introduce you to people you’ll always find with others.
  • Our organized treks and tours are always guaranteed to be of high quality. Our excellent customer satisfaction and continued success record have led us to expand our range of services. We have top-notch guides, lodging, activities, and food.
  • All of our Nepal private tour guides have trained for and attained a Trekking Guide license provided by the Government.
  • All our Guides are highly trained and skilled in First Aid, Altitude Issues, and Environmental Protection.
  • We can offer accommodations suitable for all budgets. We have good relations with five-star deluxe hotels, tourist-class hotels, and small, cozy guesthouses in the cities and outer areas.
  • Our all-Nep Nepal private tours and treks and tours allow you to customize your trip to suit yourself.
  • We seek out the best outfitters, accommodation, and guides for your trekking needs, so you’ll always be in good hands.
  • Travel with us, and you will travel with a smile and without worries.

Other reasons to book with Us?

We have provided high-quality service for Private tours in Nepal, Tibet, and the Bhutan Himalayas for ten years.

Our Nepal private tour for women attracts fun-loving women with an adventurous spirit and a love for the outdoors. Guests share common interests and are open to new people and ideas. Friendships developed on a trip may last for years, and we can meet again in the Himalayas.

Our guests are women, mostly 18 to 65, though some are younger or older. Some are single, and others are married. They all enjoy a separate vacation, and many come alone.

Some come with their sister, mother, daughter, or friend and enjoy their vacation with us. You can bring a sister, mother, daughter, or friend, or come alone and enjoy your vacation with us!

Our Trip leaders

Our Nepal private tour guides know Nepali Culture, Environment, and Customs. They are professional and experienced and care for the myriad of trip details. Our leaders make sure everything runs smoothly, and everybody has fun.

We always get you our best tour and trekking leaders for each of our adventure trekking holidays.

At Above The Himalaya Trekking Company, we realize your vacation is precious. We know that it deserves the best planning possible.

Trip leaders may be male or female, depending on who you feel is the best available for private tours and trips.

Highlights of Nepal Private Tour

  1. Historical cities with natural beauty
  2. Religious and cultural diversity
  3. A land of mountains, green hills, and amazing landscapes.
  4. A low-cost yet valuable travel destination


You can opt for a Nepal private tour with the proper preparations and precautions. Nepal is a perfect destination for private tours and adventure seekers. You can choose from various accommodations that suit you best and are within your budget. Traveling solo provides thrilling, independent, and incredible life experiences.

Above the Himalayas, the team will ensure your trekking is beautiful and enjoyable. We would provide well-trained -guides, lodging, activities, and food for Nepal private tours.

Our guides are locals who are well-skilled in first aid and altitude issues. Finally, look for the best accommodations and guides for your trek needs. You’ll always be in the safe hands of Above the Himalaya Team. Be ready to create a lifetime experience by having a private tour in Nepal.

Book with Confidence
  • Flexible bookings and easy trip date changes
  • Personalized service and customized group sizes
  • Safe travels with owner-operated services and highly experienced guides
  • Best price guarantee for the most value for your money
  • Secure & easy online booking