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Overview of Nepal Mountain Biking

Nepal Mountain Biking is the best way to witness the exotic attractions of our country. Such as the ancient routes of Trans-Himalayan Traders. The rural village life of Nepal. This tour also offers a challenging and pleasurable picturesque traverse. The region has the tropical plains of Terai, mid-hills, and mountainous landscapes.

There are flourishing valleys to the freezing climate of the high alpine region. Through the world’s deepest valley. In the shadow of the world’s highest mountains. As a result, the Himalayas are an excellent experience in Nepal. These tours in Nepal will take you to some of the most beautiful and unexplored places on the planet.

You will get the best Nepal mountain biking in the Nepal Himalayas. It takes you away from the hustle-bustle of the city-town life into serene country life. We will mostly follow the unexplored and hidden trail, a rarely visited area of local villages. The locals have preserved the traditional rural lifestyle over the centuries.

Nepal’s diverse topography is a mountain biker’s dream adventure come true. So, you can confront yourself for a long. You can do hilly rides out on the valley rim. You can discover the temples and Newari villages around Kathmandu valley. Adventure souls may plan extended trips to exotic locales. You may visit Namche Bazaar and western Nepal.

Nepal has easy to challenging mountain biking tours.

It explores the southern Terai region, Pokhara, Ganesh Himal trek region, and Chitwan National Park. Groups of experienced bikers can go to Langtang Valley or Throng-La. It is one of the great fun. It has a lot of adventures to explore the hidden treasures of Nepal.

The impressive Tibetan plateau is where stunning geophysical forms are. Out of arid valleys is a beauty of its own. One can tour through steamy jungles. You can visit terrace valleys with ancient villages, remote temples, and wildlife preserves. The country is one of the world’s great Nepal mountain biking destinations.

We are exploring Himalayan villages, nomadic lands, and high passes. There are rug and rugged mountain terrain and winding rivers. There are rice fields, temples, and monasteries. They act as a backdrop of majestic snowy Himalayan peaks. It makes the trail in Nepal incredible. It is because of its landscape and living heritage.

Our highest priorities in all our trips are safety, quality, and enjoyment. We will ride on wild and challenging trails. We go through some of the world’s most stunning scenery and cultural landscapes. You can also combine your mountain biking in Nepal with other adventure activities. You can do trekking, jungle safari, rafting, and bungee jumping.

Kathmandu mountain biking

Kathmandu Valley is a Mecca for mountain bicyclists. It draws thousands of enthusiasts from all corners of the world. We can get the best biking experience in Kathmandu. Thus, much of Nepal’s culture and natural diversity. During this Nepal mountain biking trip, we will bike in a small village, hidden temples, and the views.

They will include all the principal peaks of the Nepal Himalayas. From Makalu to the Annapurna. You can explore secluded places and reach places you cannot visit any other way. Mountain biking in Kathmandu offers a sound way to explore the majestic country.

It helps to explore our country’s landscape and living heritage. This Nepal mountain biking tour in Kathmandu lets you enjoy its hidden pockets. You visit the places rarely frequented by Westerners. It also allows you to see the other back side of Kathmandu.

You will visit the historic cities of Patan and Bhaktapur. You will visit the hill resort of Nagarkot with its sunrise view of the entire Nepal Himalayas. You will see the temples, monasteries, and picturesque villages tucked away in the forests along the way.

Kathmandu mountain bike to Dhulikhel and Namobuddha

Our Nepal mountain biking tour continues to Dhulikhel and the beautiful Nagarkot hill station. While cycling around Kathmandu Valley, we will visit sacred temples. We will go to Palanchowk Bhagwati, Dakchhinkali, and Namo Buddha. It is also an excellent way to visit interesting towns, temples, and Buddha Stupas.

It is interesting to see a rarely visited traditional Newari village. It is a fascinating way to travel the byways of the valley. You will visit little-known villages, sacred groves, and out-of-the-way temples and monuments. The ride is moderate, with lots of up and downhill, and requires reasonable fitness.

Riding in Shivapuri Park

Shivapuri Nationa Park is on the northern rim of Kathmandu Valley. It offers some superb possibilities for Nepal mountain biking. We will start the biking trip from the Budhanilkantha entrance. The road to the left goes to Kakani Hill. We can begin from Kakani and go to Budhanilkantha for the most enjoyable ride.

For a shorter loop starting and ending in Budhanilkantha, we will ride via Tokha. Then, descend along a steep, sandy road. We will follow the road to the proper east of the Budhanilkanth. It goes to the monastery of Nagi Gompa. It reaches the watershed’s easternmost point at Jhule after about 20km. From Jhule, you’ll bike southwards to Nagarkot.

Or you can make a jarring, stone-paved descent to the valley floor at Sankhu, a ride of 45 to an hour. Or, you’ll stay an extra 8km beyond Jhule on the park road. It rounds the Shivapuri ridge and reaches Chisapani. This place is the trek’s starting point of the Helambu.

We can hike the Nepal mountain biking to Mulkharka, Chauki Danda, and Nagarkot. Another way to get to or from Nagarjun is via Tokha. It is a well-preserved village reached by trail from the bypass at Gongabu. From Tokha, you’ll proceed to a north-northwest arc along excellent undulating dirt trails.

You pass through traditional villages, all thanks to the southern gate. Although you skip Nagarjun, this is often a wonderful day on the bike. You may extend east through Budhanilkantha (roughly 1hr 30min from the southern entrance).

The Araniko Highway Tatopani to the Tibet border

Nepal Mountain biking to The Arniko Highway from Kathmandu to the Tibet border at Kodari is a short and easy ride from Kathmandu. The road gets much quieter and better for cycling after heavy traffic turns off at Dhulikhel. We can better approach from Nagarkot, Nala, or across the Lakuri Bhanjyang.

From Dhulikhel, the Arniko Highway descends 600m, then ascends 800m to the border. You’ll make a desirable side trip by creating uphill off the highway to Palanchowk. It is the gateway to further rides to the Sun Koshi River. Before reaching the border, you can stop at Tatopani. It is also famous for its natural thermal springs. Motorbike covers the destination.

It is sometimes known as an extended Kathmandu – Dolalghat trip. You’ll undergo Dolalghat and reach the border of Tibet. You ride on the Araniko highway and, afterward, the Kathmandu–Kodari highway. The ups and downs with several small settlements fill the journey on your way. The space between Kathmandu and Tatopani is 115 km.

The journey is exciting due to the picturesque Himalayas. The trip’s main attraction is the thermal spring baths at Tatopani. It brings tons of tourists to the place. There’s a belief that bathing in Tatopani Thermal Spring provides healing properties. It relaxes your body and mind after the bath.

This Nepal mountain biking trip may be challenging. It is due to the steepness of the road near Tatopani. But it’s filled with thrills and adventure. It is best to enjoy this trip with a gaggle of friends.

Dakshinkali, Pharping, and Kulekhani Route

The cycling tour to Dakshinkali gets us to the different Tempels. We will visit the Tau Daha, Chovar Gorge, and Jal Binayak Ganesh Temple. We will go to Pharping and Sheshanarayan. There are monasteries and the Dakshinkali temple around there. They lie within the confluence of the Punyawati and Uddarwati streams.

The road leading to the temple presents many scenic rural views. It leads to exciting places like Kirtipur, which comprises the traditional fortress. The main road takes us to Chovar Hill. There’s the gorge, belief, Manjushree, and his divine sword. So, the water drains out.

Almost a valley, Tau Daha has clear water and migratory ducks from Siberia. Fish also live in it. After Taudaha Lake, the road goes uphill. It reaches a famous religious sanctuary in the calm and scenic setting of Sheshanarayan Temple. From here, the renowned temple of Dakshinkali is about 2 km away. It is often a very powerful Hindu Shaktipeeth where animal sacrifices occur.

You’ll ride up above the Pharping hill and may go back to Kathmandu. The Nepal mountain biking trip on the Dakshinkali road connects some fascinating cultural sights. From here, we can follow the uphill ride to Pharping. We arrive and enjoy the Kulekhani Dam. We will follow along the eastern shore to Markhu (1600m). It is a small, newly built village with some lodges for a night stay.

On return from Markhu, we can bike to Chandragiri hills and the surrounding area. We will start riding our bikes early to get to Chandragiri hill station. Get the cable car ride to the Chandragiri hilltop. It is time to enjoy the panoramic sunrise view over the city and the Himalayas. From here, enjoy the ride back to Thamel, Kathmandu, and transfer to your hotel.

Pokhara mountain bike

Confines natural beauty, Awe-inspiring mountain sights, and charming villages. Smoothly undulating chains of hills. With terraced fields of rice subtropical forests. Enjoy the unique outline of the Himalayas. So, the Pokhara mountain biking tour offers a place of remarkable natural beauty.

It provides a beautiful view of the fishtailed summit of Machhapuchhare. Enjoy the view of Annapurna and the beautiful tranquil lakes. The Pokhara Valley mountain bike tour gives the best trip to natural wonders. It provides the complete excitement. This Nepal mountain biking tour in Pokhara will deepen your cycling passion. It will allure you with its natural panoramic beauties.

During the Nepal mountain biking in Pokhara, we enjoy a superb view of snow-capped mountains and the green hills. Sarangkot allows you to witness the sunrise over the White Mountains. You see the Whole Annapurna and Dhaulagiri Ranges, including a fishtail. Pokhara mountain bike continues through magnificent rhododendron forests to visit the Pokhara valley.

It features Devi’s fall, Seti Gandaki (River Gorge). Gupteswar Gupha (Cave), Mahendra Gupha (Cave) Bindbyabasini Temple. Matepani Gumba (Buddhist Monastery) and other places. Also, the biking trip to World Peace Pagoda, Begnas Lake, and the alluring vista of Phewa Lake are its extra highlights.

The Pokhara Valley Nepal mountain biking account gives more detail on roads and bikeable destinations in that area. You can do different biking near there. Yet, you’ll need patience, local advice, and good map-reading skills. Hiring a guide is the best idea to get the most out of them. If you plan on biking from Kathmandu to Pokhara, we are here.

Cycling in Saragnkot Hill

Nepal Mountain biking on Sarankot trails is a tremendous experience. It mixes sorts of rides with many optional trails for all mountains. Once you reach the highest, the scenery is breathtaking. You bike through narrow streets, a technical and intense section of about 10 km.

We’ll pass many villages, paddies, and forests. We get the superb panoramic Mount Fishtail and Annapurna range views. This excellent bike ride gives you the best ideas of landscapes. It provides a statement of Pokhara Valley, Seti River, and Harpan Valley. There are many options to ride down to support your riding skills, either on a jeep or singletrack.

It lies at a peak of 1600 meters above water level. Sarangkot offers you an excellent deal of adventure. We will experience a wide-ranging view of Mount Fishtail with other mountains on our ride. The uphill ride isn’t complicated. It has only a few bumps, and you’ll view fantastic landscapes as you cycle upwards.

You’ll reach Sarangkot after a few hours of cycling. Some tea houses let you see the most beautiful sunrise from their rooftop. You’ll take your bike even higher to the point of view. Sarangkot may be a popular destination, but it tends to be hectic most days. The magical view of sunrise is beyond description.

You’ll experience the precise moment when the daylight hits the mountains. Sarangkot is the sole place to look at three mountains above a peak of 8,000 meters. On a transparent day, you’ll view Dhaulagiri (8167m), Annapurna I (8091m), and Manaslu (8163m). Have some tea and relax with the view, and it’s time to cycle back downhill. Before arriving at the lakeside, you can experience the local village and its culture.

Bicycle trip to World Peace Pagoda

The World Peace Pagoda is the best nearby cycling destination in Pokhara. Cycling is the best way to get to the top of the hills. It’s better to mountain bike to the World Peace Pagoda in the morning. Get ready to Leave Pokhara behind and paddle away towards the peace pagoda.

Cycle through the road and pass Gupteswor Mahadev (a famous Hindu temple). After this, we’ll climb the challenging backcountry off-roads. It goes through the village, terraces, and paddy. Along the way, we will see Davis Falls. It is another renowned destination while you’re in Pokhara.

After some uphill rides and a sweaty experience, you’ll reach the Planet Peace Pagoda. The white structure sitting on top of a hill is an unprecedented sight. The bird’s eye view of range takes your breath away. You’ll also view the Annapurna range and Dhaulagiri range. You can see the entire Pokhara Valley and Fewa Lake. You see the outstanding Sarangkot from the highest.

Ride downhill and take some time to explore other unique destinations. You’ll take your bike to the villages or another route towards the dam side. Starting at the planet Peace Pagoda, ride a series of staircases on the lakeside of the mountain. You will be skirting below the pagoda and a few cafes. The section is extremely steep, requiring reasonable control of your bike.

The downhill trail is narrow and steep here. Before transitioning into long-track runs on a neater grade, there are a few turns. You will pass the route with dense forest where monkeys sit high within the trees. We will end our Nepal mountain biking trip above an agriculture field. Stay left to ride along a little ditch towards the river before arriving at your hotel.

Fewa and Begnas Lake mountain biking

The Fewa to Begnas Lake Nepal mountain biking trip is a superb ride through Pokhara Valley. It permits a chance to explore the countryside. We’ll ride along Seti River Gorge, Dobilla Village, Lekhnath Valley, Rupa, and Begnas. It’s a simple to intermediate route totally on paved and dirt roads. We’ll ride through villages, river beds, and paddy fields.

You’ll see Dhaulagiri, Fishtail, the Annapurna, and Manaslu. You can also see other Himalayan ranges on a clear day. Fewa Lake and Begnas Lake are two of the leading lakes around Pokhara. These lakes are beautiful and peaceful. You’ll grab an all-terrain bike and explore the gorgeous places around Pokhara.

While you cycle away, you undergo the local villages. You’ll meet with the locals who are busy with their daily chores. You’ll discover some suspension and wooden bridges during the Nepal mountain biking trip. The stunning city of Begnas is another highlight of this all-terrain bike tour. The villages reflect the normal Nepali lifestyle.

There is another lake located on the subsequent side of Capitol Hill. Rupa Lake is more petite than Fewa Lake and Begnas Lake, but it’s as beautiful as the rest. While you ride to the highest of Capitol Hill and head towards Rupa Lake, you’ll get to ascertain its beauty.

This lake is more small and crowded than the other two. Besides these lakes, you’ll ride along the Seti River gorge. You can ride as long as you wish. This biking trip is best for exploring new places and eating local food. You get awed by the incredible Himalayas along these all-terrain bike tours.

Itinerary of Nepal Mountain Biking

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Essential Information - Nepal Mountain Biking

Best season for a Mountain bike tour in Nepal

The best season for Nepal mountain biking is spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November). The clear sky with moderate temperature is the virtue of those months to succeed the tour. It is easy to travel. The winter season is also suitable for the rare and experienced riders who may neglect cold. You get justifying views and cozy riding along.

You can capture the clear scenery. There are many marvelous rewards of pursuing a tour in these seasons. If you’ve got a choice, go from October to December, when there’s not much rain and visibility is sweet. It gets gradually more relaxed. But it never gets freezing at biking elevations – even in December and January. The times are often sunny and even warm up to about 3000m.

But, you may encounter snow as low as 2000m. December and January are also the foremost comfortable months for cycling in Pokhara. From January to March, the times lengthen and grow warmer. This time, too, is a blast for biking. The weather keeps getting hotter in April, May, and the first part of June. The road conditions are dustier.

The air is hazier, and afternoon showers become more common. On the plus side, you’ll cash in on extended daylight. The monsoon (mid-June to late September) is hot and damp. The clouds usually hide in the mountains, making the trails wet or muddy. This time is often prime riding time in Tibet and Mustang. The rains by the Himalayas shield both places.

Clothing and Equipment

You better not bring your bike from home as you can get suitable bicycles to rent in Kathmandu. You can bring clothing and specific accessories. They are worth taking with you only if you can also use them when trekking or rafting. Besides a helmet and bottle, no special gear is essential for day trips. The enthusiasts should pack their saddles, pedals, and shoes.

If you’re cycling in and around Kathmandu, you’ll need a proper mask against dust and pollution. You can get the good ones in the department stores. Cycling clothing, shoes, and gloves are only possible in Nepal. Neither is good waterproof/windproof outerwear. Note that tight Lycra clothing is embarrassing or offensive to several Nepalis, especially when worn by women.

So, better, you can get a pair of comfortable shorts over body-hugging bike gear. You can get a helmet and a bottle in the Kathmandu bike by renting a shop. But buying a helmet and carrying your water bottle is better if you plan to rent a less expensive one. We suggest you get water purification tablets or Iodine drops.

You can buy excellent day and waist packs everywhere in Thamel. You can also buy them in lakeside biking stores. People rent the panniers and racks from the higher bike shops for Nepal mountain biking tours. A good lock and cable are essential, especially if bringing a flowery bike from home.

Local bike shops sell cheap, less effective locks. Bring bikes inside in the dark. There are Puncture-repair places everywhere on the roads. But having your patch kit, inner tube(s), pump, and basic carpenter’s kit is always good. It is helpful, especially if riding off-road and out of the valley and highways.

Enjoy the best mountain trips with us.

Nepal is simply the country for the best mountain biking trip. It is best for high-spirited people and adventure seekers. The dirt trails up and down the valley’s edge, leading to faraway settlements. One can enjoy superb views of snow-capped mountains and verdant valleys. You can take in the views of the lush green terraced hillsides. The higher you climb, the higher the picture.

The clean mountain air rejuvenates your tired body. Once you leave the valley, you can see endless rows of hills and waterfalls. The spectacular views of mountains loom large within the background. There are tranquil valleys to ride through and pristine glacial lakes to encounter. So, the proximity to the Himalayan mountain leaves you in awe.

Their warm greetings along the way will cause you to feel reception, enough to form you would like to remain. It’s an excellent thanks to discovering the guts and soul of Nepal. Our Nepal Mountian biking tours can take you to most destinations in Nepal or Tibet. Bhaktapur, Sankhu, Budanilkantha, and Nagarkot are popular destinations around the valley. The Kathmandu valley rim incorporates Khokana, Dakshinkali, Godavari, etc.

Pokhara is the best for biking trips with its incredible natural beauty. Ride through lush green rice fields and delightful little hamlets. Ride up and down the hills, along river banks, and around temples. Drive past stray cattle, over suspension bridges, and along highways. You can rent mountain bikes for the day or longer.

You can rent it from one of the various bicycle rental shops in Thamel and around the city. Take a guided bike tour to understand the local cultural rhythm of simple village life. Go to exciting sites you’d otherwise miss. Understand the importance of Nepal through one of the best lovely sports of biking tours.

Annapurna circuit mountain bike

It is a fantastic journey. This Nepal mountain biking tour offers the most stunning biking paths in the world. The Annapurna biking tour also presents one of the most challenging explorations. It has forms of high hills to the flatland. This exciting tour explores lush fields and forests in the mountains. It explores the desert-dry trans-Himalayan region on the Tibetan Plateau’s edge.

Annapurna is the most popular biking area in Nepal. It offers a great variety of beautiful landscapes and nature. It gives the culture of the central Himalayan to explore. Thus, the stunning views of untouched snow-clad mountains and unusual ethics. Therefore, the cultural activities of locals make the mountain biking trip unforgettable.

Annapurna circuit mountain bike starts from Kathmandu. You can drive by private vehicle, which is more accessible. You can carry your bag on top of the car. The 6/ 7 hours bus journey takes you to Besisahar. It marks the beginning of the Annapurna circuit trek, and our ride begins. The trial seeks the upper Annapurna regions like Chamje, Bagarchhap, Chame, and Pisang.

It goes into exotic Manang Valley through a series of formidable gorges. Each of these villages offers you the Best Nepal mountain biking experience. They provide excellent views of the Himalayas, so near that it is difficult to believe.

Mountain bike in the world’s best trekking trail

We will bike to the best trekking trail, making up to 5416 m Thorang La pass. It is the highest pass of the tour, and down to Muktinath and Jomsom with a thrilling descent of 2700 m. We have a massive view of Annapurna, Gangapurna, Nilgiri, and many more.

We can also see the picturesque Manang and Mustang Valley. After that, visit the magnificent Kali Gandaki and Marsyandi Rivers. Get close-up views of the Himalayas, varied ecosystems, and green paddy fields. Enjoy the oak forests, arid deserts, and the world’s deepest gorge. Make your Nepal mountain biking tour in Annapurna a forever experience of life.

Nepal Upper Mustang mountain biking

The Himalayan region of Nepal has an excellent terrain for Nepal mountain biking. Mountain biking in Nepal’s Upper Mustang region is an unreal all-terrain bike experience. The Upper Mustang region is a perfect mountain biking destination for many reasons. It’s more than just the challenge the area has for the bikers. But it also has spectacular scenery and mountain culture.

It has an impressive yet straightforward lifestyle of friendly people. Located in the northwest part of Nepal, Mustang is also famous as the ‘Forbidden Kingdom.’ It is open to tourists only after 1992. So, this trip gives you a chance to explore the region’s lifestyle, culture, and traditions. It offers the architectural heritage. It provides the values that have survived a thousand years of isolation.

The adventurous mountain biking experience in Upper Mustang provides thrilling biking adventures. You can enjoy the views of scenic valleys surrounding high mountains. You can explore the traditional lifestyle. Lo-Manthang is the unofficial capital of Mustang. It is one of the last places where people practice ancient Tibetan traditions.

Upper Mustang Mountain Biking offers unlimited mountain biking adventures. It is best for those with true spirit and keenness for mountain biking within the Himalayas. Upper Mustang all-terrain bike starts at Kathmandu. At Kathmandu, we’ll ride on several of the most straightforward trails. We drive around fascinating villages and temples of the valley.

We explore the culture and the daily lives of local people. We arrive at Jomsom from the drive and a short flight from Pokhara. We start riding from here. We follow the Kaligandaki Valley on a flat and rocky jeep track. We head towards the medieval village of Kagbeni. We head further north, passing through Chaile, Syangboche, Tsarang, and towards Lo-Manthang.

Nepal Mountain Biking in the lowland of Terai

We can go for Nepal Mountain biking in Southern Nepal Terai. The easiest route to the Terai is along the Prithvi Highway. Going via Mugling, then south to Narayangadh, a brief hop from Chitwan Park. It does get heavy traffic but is usually downhill, and you’ll pedal it during the day.

Suppose you want a more adventurous and strenuous route. We can follow the scenic Siddhartha Highway southwards to Butwal via Tansen. This ride requires long stints within the saddle and several other overnight stops. It’s a quick downhill ride from Tansen to Butwal. From there, it’s a flat and straightforward few hours to the Lumbini. It is the birthplace of Gautam Buddha.

We can start from Pokhara also with the Tamghas Highway south. We can loop around southeastwards via Ridi Bazaar to Tansen (80km from Tamghas to Tansen via Ridi). Or we can continue south and west from Tamghas via Sandhikarka, on 90km of rough road. We will join the Mahendra Highway at Gorusinge. It is 48km west of Butwal (and some 10km north of Lumbini, the Buddha’s birthplace).

West of Butwal, the Mahendra Highway leads through a gorgeous dun valley. It goes towards the relatively undeveloped far western region. Another option to ride down to Terai is from Hetauda, Kathmandu’s gateway to the Terai. Riding west along the busy Mahendra Highway to Chitwan Park is easy.

Enjoy the accessible raiding with many flat village trails to explore by bike. Heading east out of Hetauda, the Mahendra Highway is usually interestingly rural. It could be more urbanized and consistently bland. There’s an honest network of lovely rural tracks around Janakpur.

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Mountian Biking to Nagarkot best day trip to spend
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Thank you for organizing the best mountain biking day trip to Nagarkot. It was great to ride with incredible mountain views and local sights. The trail is easy and best for beginner mountain bikers. The course enters a local village with friendly farms and mountain views.

Thank you for arranging the best trip.

Michael Burch

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