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Trip Duration 08 Days
Group Size 2-12 people
Maximum Altitude Karo La (5010m)
Difficulty Grade Moderate
Start & End Point Kathmandu/Lhasa
Best Seasons Mar-May, Sept-Nov

Trip Highlights of Tibet Tour

  • Great art and architecture
  • Historical palaces and glorious monasteries
  • Gentle and kind Tibetan people
  • The religious and spiritual place
  • The natural beauty and scenery of the place

Overview of Tibet Tour

Tibet tour is, without a doubt, one of the most remarkable places to visit in Asia. It offers fabulous monastery sights and breathtaking high-altitude treks, stunning views of the world’s highest mountains, and one of the most likable people you will ever meet.

Between 1950 and 1970, the Chinese wrested control of the plateau drove the Tibetans’ spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, and some 100,000 of Tibet’s finest into exile, and dismantled most of the Tibetan cultural and historical heritage—all in the name of revolution. Tibet tours, but remains the primary focus of Buddhist worship worldwide.

The Places of Tibet tour cast away any preconceptions. They may have joined Tibet’s journey of discovery, at least for a while. They restored all monasteries across the country and limited religious freedoms. Your remaining Tibet tour will take you past glittering mountain turquoise lakes. It drapes with prayer flags over high passes.

There are a few reasons to visit Tibet

Breathtaking Natural Wonders

While on a Tibet tour, you will travel at an average altitude of over 4,000 meters. Tibet is the closest place to paradise, with dropping various natural wonders. While driving on this high plateau, you will see the soaring snow-capped mountains. You will see Mount Everest – the world’s highest peak.

We will see Mount Kailash, the religious “center of the world.” Also, there is the Namjagbarwa Peak, with over 700 million years of existence, and so on. Another great attraction in Tibet is its excellent holy lakes. It has Yamdrok, Namtso, Manasarovar. It also has, Lhamo La-Tso etc.

You can also explore the wild prairies and deep valleys. We will enjoy the verdant forests, grand ice glaciers, rare animals, and other scenery. Of course, the blue sky and white clouds will never be absent.

Magnificent Palaces & Monasteries

Regarding the outstanding architecture on the Tibet tour, you must think of Potala Palace. Sitting in the city of Bove Lhasa, Potala Palace uses hilly topography. It also creates both majesty and harmonious integrity. Besides Potala Palace, Yumbulagang Place deserves your travel as well. It is a watchtower-styled building situated on the hilltop southeast of Tsedang.

Hospitable Local Tibetans

The Tibetan people are honest, friendly, warm, and willing to help you. While on the Tibet tour, you will meet many good Tibetan people. The people here are hospitable and friendly toward travelers. They are honest and sincere.

Tibetans will go the extra mile to treat their guests with a feast and give them a present before parting ways. If you visit the homestay or your guide’s house, they try to entertain their guests and make them feel at home.

When visiting a Tibetan family, you feel welcomed by old friends you haven’t seen for a very long time.

Tasty Tibetan Food

Tibetan people eat Tsampa, a traditional Tibetan Food. Tourists like this food. It comes from barley flour, the food on which generations of Tibetans have grown. The locals eat this classic dish with cheese (female yak), butter tea, and sugar. Their main meat is Yak meat, an essential ingredient in various Tibetan dishes.

Momos (dumplings) and Tibetan pizzas are famous dishes containing yak meat. Also, the dried root of yak is another local specialty on Tibet tours. You can try some of the Mommoms, Thenthuk, a soup comprising noodles, yak meat, and vegetables.

Itinerary of Tibet Tour


Day 01: Kathmandu -Kerung Border

Today, our journey will be uphill to the world’s highest plateau. We have a typical view of the Tibetan landscape. It offers the sheer feeling of standing on the roof of the world. From weather permitting, there is a breathtaking panorama of beautiful Himalayan ranges.

It includes Mt Cho Oyu (8201 M) & Mt Xishapagma (8012M), dwarfed by the Tibetan plateau’s Vastness. From TINGRI, one can enjoy the magnificence of Mt. Everest (8,848 M). Stay overnight at the Guest House.

Car 6-7 hrs
Accommodation Guesthouse
Meals Lunch & Dinner

Day 02: Kerung - Tingri/Lhatse

Today, our journey will be uphill to the world’s highest plateau. We have a typical view of the Tibetan landscape. It offers the sheer feeling of standing on the roof of the world. From weather permitting, there is a breathtaking panorama of beautiful Himalayan ranges.

It includes Mt Cho Oyu (8201 M) & Mt Xishapagma (8012M), dwarfed by the Tibetan plateau’s Vastness. From TINGRI, one can enjoy the magnificence of Mt. Everest (8,848 M). Stay overnight at the Guest House.

Accommodation Guesthouse
Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Altitude Tingri (4,300m)

Day 03: Tingri/Lhaste - Xigatse

Today, we will continue a scenic drive crossing Over Gyatchu La (5,220M). It is the highest pass en route to Lhasa via Lhatse, from where a road to Mt Kailash bifurcates to the west. Stay overnight at the hotel.

Accommodation Hotel
Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Altitude Xigatse (3,900m)

Day 04: Shigatse to Gyantse

After breakfast, we will have a little sightseeing tour in the morning. We will also visit Panchen Lama’s Tashlhumpu Monastery. Then, we will drive from here to the valley of Gyantse. It is about 90km away. We will pass the beautiful valleys and colorful Tibetan villages.

We will visit Gyantse Dzong and Gyantse Kumbum. Gyantse Dzong Fort dates back to the fourteenth century. It offers some of the most amazing views of Gyantse and the surrounding Nyang Chu Valley. Gyantse Kumbum has a large gold-domed Stupa and houses. It has several chapels and Tibetan Buddhist murals.

Accommodation Hotel
Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Altitude Gyantse (3,950m)

Day 05: Gyantse to Lhasa

The drive to Lhasa takes 7 hours, crossing two passes: The Karo La (5010m) and the Kamba La (4794m) pass. On the way, we will see the incredible Lake Yamdrok Tso (Turquoise Lake) and the Brahmaputra River.

They provide ever-present views of the new and unusual landscape. From the Kamba La, we descend to the main road, which brings us to Lhasa. We will have a distant view of Potala Palace on the way. Spend your night in the hotel.

Car 7 hrs
Accommodation Hotel
Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Altitude Lhasa (3,650m)

Day 06: Lhasa Sightseeing Tour

We will visit Lhasa’s many monasteries and sites. We see the Sera Monastery and the Norbulingka, the summer palace of the Dalai Lama. At Sera Monastery, you will get an insight into the essential aspects of Tibetan Buddhism.

You pay a visit to Norbulingka, the summer retreat of the Dalai Lama. People built it in 1956. The handsome building has many Tibetan carvings and paintings as decorations. See the beautiful ancient murals and statues.

See the scriptures written in gold powder, scroll paintings, tapestries, and Thangka. Visit the Jokhang Temple. It is a spiritual center of Tibetan people. They built it during Songs Gompo’s reign by Princess Wencheng of Tang dynasty, 647 A.D. The inner circuit is inside the temple.

It has many prayer wheels and murals outlined in gold on a red background. It depicts the thousand Buddhas, interspersed with Stupas and relief images. The Barkhor market surrounds the temple. You will stroll through the busy lanes that have resisted all invasions of the modern world. Return to the hotel overnight.

Accommodation Hotel
Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Altitude Lhasa (3,650m)

Day 07: Another Lhasa Sightseeing Tour day

Today, you will visit the spectacular Potala Palace and Drepung Monastery. It is the most striking landmark in Lhasa and an architectural wonder. Potala Palace is one of the most beautiful monuments in Tibet. It has a vast array of intricate Tibetan murals and beautiful statues.

It has hundreds of Thangka paintings, frescos, and images created hundreds of years ago. The Potala Palace is a perfect example of how we should preserve ancient monuments. We will also visit Drepung Monastery, founded in the 14th century.

It was once the largest in the world, with a population of around 10,000 monks. The monastery knots Tibetans’ respect and belief. The evening is free for shopping. After the day’s tour, you are escorted back to your hotel for a well-earned rest.

Accommodation Hotel
Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Altitude Lhasa (3,650m)

Day 08: Final Departure from Lhasa

Early morning transfer to the airport for the hour-long flight to Kathmandu. It takes us right across the main Himalayan range. It provides us with magnificent mountain views. The trip gives you beautiful views of Everest (8848m), Kanchenjunga (8536m), and other Himalayan peaks. Or from here, you may join your onward destination.

Fixed Departure Dates

Note: We can run a trip for solo travelers, couple, friends and family with children. Our private trips are running everyday. If you are looking for a group joining trip please contact us.


What's Included?
  • Hotel, arrival/departure transfer
  • All necessary Tibet travel permits
  • Getting a Chinese visa and Tibet Travel permit
  • All land transport in a private vehicle ( minivan, van, Hiace depending on group size)
  • Lhasa to Kathmandu flight ticket.
  • Accommodation in Tibet on twin sharing basis
  • Daily Breakfast
  • English-speaking Tibetan guide
  • All fees for sightseeing and Monasteries as outlined in the itinerary
  • All applicable taxes and service charges
What's Excluded?
  • Accommodation and any services in Kathmandu
  • Chinese visa fee, Air Fare, Travel insurance
  • Meals other than breakfast in Tibet
  • Extra expenses if in case of political and natural problem
  • Tips for guides and driver
  • Nepal visa fee

Tibet tour more info

Tibet tour is a uniquely spiritual place.

For many people, the Tibet tour is a uniquely spiritual place. You will only find peaceful moments. It is fleeting and precious when everything seems to be in its proper place. So, they come more frequently in Tibet. They get inspired by the devotion apparent in the face of a pilgrim. They adore the dwarfing scale of a beautiful landscape.

The country has unique cultures and traditions of the Tibetan Monpas, Lhopas, and Moslems. You can learn about their style of extensive, exciting celebrations. They will amaze you. On the Tibet tour, we mostly travel and drive in the highlands with colorful flags. We beat endlessly against the stone cairns.

Visit the blue salt lakes of Namtso. You will cross an ancient trail alive with color, ritual, and history. A Tibet tour encompasses most of the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau or the Plateau of Tibet. It has an average altitude of over 4,500 meters above sea level. It is known as The Roof of the World and The Third Pole of the Globe.

Tibet is synonymous with devout religious practices, especially in Tibetan Buddhism and Bon. Most people here are Tibetan, an ethnic group with bold and uninhibited characteristics. They take beef, mutton, and dairy products as a staple food, which protects them from severe colds.

Tibetan people grow crops under harsh climatic conditions. As it is a high-altitude place, they produce lots of barley. They make popular Zumba and barleywine from it. Tibetan culture developed during the Tibet tour, primarily sequestered from the rest of the world. Human activities can be traced back to the late Paleolithic Period.

Short Tibet tour package

This Tibet tour package is best for people searching for a quick getaway after a busy time. You don’t need to arrange and work out the plan. It’s incredibly modest and will offer you total delight. In addition, this tour package incorporates fly-in-fly-out administration from Kathmandu.

Vacationers will spend two full days going to and touring. It is a short trip that will take them to an entirely different world, full of happiness and excitement. On these busy days, finding a long time to visit every place is hard. But with this trip, you can go to a single location and best utilize your short vacation.

Visit the colorful Monasteries.

Lhasa is a beautiful city. It is full of colorful monasteries, temples, and natural beauty. Therefore, It is a must-visit place in Tibet. Whether you want to study culture or get lost in the incredible nature, you can do it all with Lhasa. Especially with this Lhasa tour with us, we ensure you have a fantastic time in this beautiful city.

Moreover, you will witness old Tibetan art, architecture, and many other things. These people’s religious values and beliefs are great to observe. Furthermore, Tibetan markets are another fantastic place to visit. The Tibetan people are very humble and make your tour memorable.

The Tibetans are very polite and hospitable. They will treat you with nothing but kindness. You will be happy to meet such amazing people and their inspiring culture. This place is one of the best for natural and cultural aspects. It perfectly blends nature, culture, art, and architecture. WOW, what a fantastic site is! You will have the best time of your life here.

Best time to visit Tibet

The best time to visit Tibet is in the places you like to see, as it has mountains higher than the city of Lhasa. This beautiful, small land of natural beauty has surpassed various troubles and is now trying to recover as a developed place. Tibet is a country with culture, religious faith, and historical attractions.

You can see various places as a tourist and enjoy your holidays. Why not spend your time and money in a place where it will have a substantial positive impact? It still needs to be more popular because it has monasteries, mountains, hills, lakes, and many more. There might be a need for more awareness or advertisements.

But there are some of the best places to see, and they have their best time visiting Tibet. Tibet is also freshwater for the Everest Base Camp. Although Mount Everest is in Nepal, there is an easy way to Tibet for its trekking. If you want to save money and have the best adventure, you can still go from the Tibet side.

You can also enjoy sightseeing, including spectacular views of various snowy mountains. Tibet is the best place to learn about the Holiness Dalai Lama. You can also gain spiritual knowledge, kindness, compassion, and other qualities from here. The beauty of Tibet cannot be expressed in words.

Your one journey will make you feel like you have entered an entirely new world. The religious values and behavior of people here are excellent. The world-famous monasteries are the major attractions of Tibet. You can learn the teachings of Buddha and meditation and have a peaceful and enjoyable time.

You learn about the monks and their daily lives and also help them understand the external world. With one journey, you create hundreds of memories of learning and a positive impact on society. Thus, visiting Tibet is your best lifetime experience.

Tibet tour travel package

Tibet tour travel package is a journey on a prosperous and beautiful land. It lies on the highest plateau on Earth called the Roof of the World. The Tibet overland tour package is more exciting. You cross the high desert plateau. You go for panoramic drives, visiting the cave and ancient monasteries.

The package will show the incredible view of Mt. Everest and many other Himalayan ranges. Despite modernization, the Tibet overland tour presents the beauties of its past. Discover ancient Buddhist culture. We see the fascinating Gompas, antique markets, and fantastic turquoise lakes.

You meet the ever-smiling, fun-loving Tibetans. Overwhelming landscapes, exotic cities, hidden valleys. Artistic monasteries, dominant inhabitants, and the rest. Most of the Tibet tour package starts with a drive through beautiful scenery. The route has green meadows, river gorges, snow-capped mountains, and waterfalls.

Enchanting flora and fauna inhabit the valleys of Kerung Lhatse and Xegar. We will also enjoy a breathtaking panorama of incredible Himalayan ranges, including Mt. Cho Oyu (8201m), Mt. Xishapagma (8012m), and Mt. Everest. You will encounter various magnificent destinations and visit the significant attractions of Tibet’s most prosperous towns.

You see the culturally attractive city of Lhasa. After that, the Tibet tour package goes to Gyantse and Shigatse. They are a remarkable feature of this overland tour in Tibet. You will visit beautiful monasteries like Tashilunpo and the Kumbum. They are rich in sculptures and murals. We have two days of sightseeing in Lhasa (3600m), Tibet’s spiritual and secular center.

Tibet tour by Overland

Tibet tour is a journey on prosperous and beautiful land on the highest plateau on Earth. It is also called the Roof of the World. The adventure of traveling to Tibet is also more exciting. It crosses the high desert plateau. You get panoramic views in drives. You visit the cave, ancient monasteries, and an incredible view of Mt. Everest and many other Himalayan ranges.

The Tibet tour presents the beauties of its past and the fascinating Gompas. There are many ancient markets. It offers the ever-smiling and fun-loving Tibetans and amazing turquoise lakes. Likewise, discover ancient Buddhist culture, overwhelming landscapes, and exotic cities.

Uncover hidden valleys, artistic monasteries, dominant inhabitants, and the rest. During this travel package, we will explore fantastic scenery dominated by green meadows. We will visit river gorges, snow-capped mountains, and waterfalls. We will see the enchanting flora and fauna in the valleys of Kerung and Latngang, Nepal.

We will have a breathtaking panorama of incredible Himalayan ranges, including Mt. Cho Oyu (8201m), Mt. Xishapagma (8012m), and Mt. Everest. You will encounter various exquisite destinations. You visit the major attractions of Tibet’s most prosperous towns. Visit the culturally attractive cities of Lhasa, Gyantse, and Shigatse.

It is a remarkable feature of this overland tour in Tibet. One can still see nomads herding their yaks today. You can see pilgrims worshipping at sacred shrines. You see the vast, striking & steady Himalayan terrain during the overland tour of Tibet. The comprehensive Tibet overland package tour is fit for all average-level travelers. It is a comfortable journey in high plain land.

Monastery Tour in Tibet

Sera Monastery, Ganden Monastery, and Drepung Monastery in Lhasa are known as the Three Great. They completed the Sera monastery in 1419. The sanctuary is magnificent and covers an area of 114,946 square meters (28 acres). The main buildings will be Coqen Hall, Zhacang (college), and Kamcun (dormitory).

Some scriptures have gold powder, fine statues, and scent cloths in these halls. Sera temple lies around the Main Assembly Hall. The grandest hall of Sera occupies a floor space of 1,000 square meters. The four-storied hall has four chapels. They enshrined Arhats, Manjushri, Tsong Khapa, and Chenrezi there.

This famous monastery in Tibet suffered severe damage in the 1959 revolt in Lhasa. The monastery’s unique tradition and philosophical curriculum have attracted hundreds of pupils yearly. It is one of the world’s largest and premier leading Buddhist monastic institutes.

Best Tours Place in Tibet

Everest Base Camp Tibet Tour is one of the best tours in Tibet. Visit the Everest Base Camp. Mount Everest’s surroundings and views from the north will pay for your hike. The first day of the tour starts early in the morning. You drive through the beautiful Nepalese countryside to the Kerung Border (Nepal-Tibet Border).

The second day passes enthusiastically as you drive tight to the high Tibetan levels. You will see the correct Tibetan scene. From the high standards, you can explore and photograph the high mountains like Mt. Cho Oyu and Mt. Xishapagma.

We take an exhilarating drive to Rongbuk – 5000m and a mere 7km below Everest Base Camp Tibet. The perspective here is fantastic! Rongbuk is unquestionably the most astounding religious community on the planet. It was first established in 1902 by the Nyingma Lama and initially housed more than 500 friars.

Today, just 50 friars and nuns remain. They impart the same supplication to God corridor to discrete homes. The nuns here are incredibly fun and will be pleased to have you join their night petitions to God. The vivacious can do the 7km climb to Base Camp for a closer perspective of this heavenly mountain. You can rent a steed truck.

Some Information and facts about Tibet


Geographically, experts have divided Tibet into the East, the South, and the North. The Eastern part, which has the forest region, occupies around 25% of Tibet. The Southern part is open grassland, occupying almost half of Tibet.

They have agricultural areas in the Central and Southern regions. Tibet contains all the major cities: Lhasa, Gyantse, Shigatse, Gyatsa, and Tsedang. This area is also considered the cultural center of Tibet and Buddhism.


The best period for touring is mid-July to the end of September. The temperature varies sharply from the south grassland to the north plateau. The south is warm and rainy. Most rain falls from May to September. It is warm from June to August. The coldest months are from December to February. Crossing the passes at this time is almost impossible.

During this package, the hotels/guesthouses will have basic facilities. Even a hotel in Lhasa may not meet your expectations. We always provide our clients a twin room, which may only be possible sometimes. Sometimes, due to weather factors or road conditions, we may not be able to bring you to the hotel listed in our contract.

They may have already sold out the rooms due to delayed arrival. So, we may request that you adjust to whatever accommodation is available. In Lhasa, Gyantse, and Xigatse, you can expect a twin room with an attached toilet/shower. But you will have to adjust to common restroom facilities in other places.


The Tibet tour starts from Kathmandu with a van/coach to Kodari (Tibet border 116 km). Our guide is with you from the Tibet border onwards. Tibetan crews will drive you to Lhasa. In the event of landslides or road blockades for any reason, you need the service of a porter to carry your luggage.

You can hire another means of transport between the two landslides or for an onward journey. You need to spend a nominal amount of money during the vehicle change at the border. We request that you help yourself with your luggage.

Travel to Tibet from Nepal

The best and easiest way to travel to Tibet from Nepal is by directly flying to Lhasa. From Kathmandu, Nepal, Air China, or Sichuan Airlines, flies to Tibet daily. Airplanes take off around noon and need around 1:30 hours to cover the distance. The price for a flight ticket depends on the season and ranges between $300 and $500 for one way. The average cost is less than $400.

The time difference between Lhasa and Kathmandu is just a 1-hour flight. You will land at the airport in the Tibetan capital between 3 pm and 4 pm. Another popular way is traveling by road. It is also suitable for altitude sickness. The friendship highway and route of Zhangmu and Nyalam are not operating, so we take away from Kodari.

Tour Guide

Tibetan guides have limited English. So, you may not expect a fluent explanation of culture, religion, or other academic topics. He will serve more as a geographical guide. He will be responsible for dealing with bureaucracies on the way. We will assign you the best manual available.

Tibet Visa information

When traveling to Tibet, you must get a China Group Tourist Visa and a Tibet Visa (also named Tibet travel permit). Individual travelers can only get both travel documents through a local travel agency. We will arrange it for you. Processing a China Group Visa takes at least three working days.

Thus, we advise you to arrive in Kathmandu earlier. For Tibet Permit, We need to start preparing at least 20 days before you go to Nepal. All you need to do is email us a photo of your passport information.

Suppose you have a Chinese visa in your passport when you apply for a China Group Visa. Then, the previous Chinese visa will become invalid. If you have, you can take it, fly from Kathmandu to Chengdu, and later get a Tibet Permit for entry. We will arrange your Tibet visa and travel permit for your Tibet tour.

Weather and climatic conditions of Tibet

Tibet lies at a high altitude, thus known as the world’s roof. The weather and climatic conditions of Tibet vary according to time and place. The temperature differs as per the cities. However, the climate of Tibet is very average; neither very hot nor very cold.

The areas near the Himalayas and rivers are comparatively more out than other places. The temperature of Tibet also depends on the snow level. However, it generally has high-altitude weather. Weather also matters, such as when the best time to visit Tibet is.

Tibet tour in Summer

You can see the difference in weather in various cities of Tibet. For example, in Lhasa, the weather is cold and suitable. It is known as the city of light, and it is known for its sunshine. Located at 3500 meters, it might be freezing in winter. The temperature can be minus. And the summer is warm and suitable. The seasons in Lasha are as follows:

  • Spring, March, April, and May ( best time to visit Tibet)
  • Summer June, July, August ( best time to visit)
  • Autumn, September, and October (okay to visit)
  • Winter, November, December, January, and February ( coldest time)

You can see it at any time of the year. Generally, the best time to visit Lasha is Spring, Summer, and Autumn. You can also call it early or late winter.


Shigatse is the most popular city for our Tibet tour. This city is the second-largest city. It is mainly famous as a gateway to Everest Base Camp and its views. This place also has various temples and historic monasteries, including Rongbuk Monastery. Shigatse is renowned for the celebration of multiple festivals.

The weather in Shigatse is warm during January and February of the year. There is good sunlight during this time. March is the month when the temperature starts to increase, and spring also starts. Daytime is warm enough. However, nights might get very cold.

September and October are winter months. They are not the best times to visit Tibet, and June begins the rainfall. If you want to see Everest Base Camp, April and May are best—along with September, October, and November.


Xining is another famous city in Tibet. Many tourists visit this place yearly to see its natural and artificial beauty. It is worth visiting because of its exotic lakes, monasteries, and famous sun and moon mountains. It has very balanced weather.

Typically, December and January are the winter months with temperatures in minus. June and July are the summer months. The summer is warm with direct sunlight, making it even easier to travel. There is no specific best time to visit this place; however, you can see it in winter and summer to avoid any rainfall.

Guge Kingdom

The Guge Kingdom is another popular place to visit in Tibet. It offers amazing views of sunrise and sunset, eye-catching artistic works, ancient constructions, and more. This place embodies the cultural values and historical stories of Tibet.

This amazing place is full of scenic beauty. It provides an excellent source for photography. The little village and natural beauty make this place even more attractive. The weather in the Guge Kingdom is warm and sunny during the daytime and very cold at night.

The daytime average temperature can be up to 10 degrees Celsius. The night temperature may fall below 0 degrees Celsius. You can visit this beautiful, fantastic place any time of year. However, September and October are considered best for their suitable and favorable climate.

Places to see in Tibet

Jokhang Temple

Jokhang temple is one of the most popular temples in the world. It is incredibly famous for its artistic beauty and spiritual values. It lies in a very touristy city in Tibet, Lhasa. This temple carries Tibet’s values, religious faiths, and history. They have it so well that you cannot ignore it. The beautiful golden temple is on the World Heritage List.

It is also known as the most peaceful and spiritual place in Tibet. This place has the most positive vibes and is full of wisdom and culture. You will forget all your troubles. This incredible temple gives you the best learning, awakening, and happiness.

Lulang Forest

Forests represent deepness, nature, and serenity with freedom and liveliness. The Lulang Forest of Tibet tour is one of the best forests in the world. It is around 90 km away from Bayi Town. This place is so exotic that it will make you forget today’s busy, competitive life in cities.

The forest, situated at an elevation of 3700 meters, is full of bio-diversity. It has incredible scenic beauty and is famous for its rare species of plants and wildlife. It has a variety of trees, making it look like the most beautiful forest. Several grasslands, rivers, waterfalls, etc., add beauty to the forest. Also, it is rich in Rhododendrons and other flowers, making it utterly heavenly.

Reviews on Tibet Tour


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Evi Lotan
Best tour in Tibet
Star Star Star Star Star

Suppose you are looking for a well-organized and best Tibet tour. I will recommend Above The Himalayan trekking. They provide us with the best service and have a professional team.

I have done a five-day tour of Tibet, one of my best tours. I learned much about the Buddha, the local people, and the monastery. The view was great, and the landscape was unique.

I will come for the Tibet Everest base camp tour next time. I will use Above The Himalayan trekking services.

Evi Lotan

Stuart Roe
Tibet Overland Tour
Star Star Star Star Star

“Above the Himalaya Trekking is a local Nepalese company owned by Puru. This is the third time I have traveled with Puru. He, once again, his level of service. The care when organizing our five-week trip was nothing short of exceptional.

During the Tibet tour, we arrived from the UK with regular contact from Puru. He answers all our questions and makes clear our doubts. His advice and guidance when managing such a long trip were outstanding.

Nothing was too much trouble on the Tibet tour, and our price was very reasonable. It is much less if you compare it to any UK trekking company.
When his team met us at the Airport, they did everything for us.

The level of care and attention we received every day was beyond expectation.
Daily messages check in with us to ensure our long trip ran like clockwork. They did for us even when we asked to change our itinerating workable. Puru made any changes we requested.

From changing internal flights to scheduling day trips, Puru makes it easy. They also organize a wonderful helicopter trip at concise notice. While We did the Tibet tour, it was easy.

Suppose you want to travel to Nepal or Tibet and support a local tour operator. These guys are the best, and they care as much about your holiday as you do.

I cannot recommend Puru and Above the Himalayas enough.

It is a five-star company, and you can trust them in your Tibet tour holiday plans.
Thank you so much, Puru. We will be traveling with you again!!!!”

Stuart Roe


Peter Roger
1 Week Tibet drive in drive out tour
Star Star Star Star Star

We had a 1-week family Tibet tour during the Autumn time. We like the term driving. We did drive in and drive out. The driving was in the scenery, and a lot to see. However, till the China Border, the road condition could have been better.

After the Nepal-China border, the road in Tibet was smooth and easy. The local people there were a pleasure and unique.

The city of Lhasa has had a lot of changes since my first visit in 2010. There are many new good hotels, and the road is significant. The city is clean, but you can still get much of the old Tibetian historical feel.

Book your Tibet tour with Above The Himalaya guys. They are genuine, and you will get what you paid for. I highly recommend them!

Peter Roger

Charon Schuller
United Kingdom
Great time in Tibet
Star Star Star Star Star

We have done the Everest base camp trek and were looking for a company to arrange our Tibet tour. We found Above The Himalaya trekking online and booked their Tibet tour. They organized everything from Tibet visas, Travel permits, accommodation transport, and activities.

They arranged the best time on short notice and gave us the best Tibetan guide. He provides much information about Tibet’s history, culture, and people.

Thank you, Above The Himalayas and Puru, for the great Tibet tour.

Charon Schuller

United Kingdom

Alessandra Hall
London UK
A life time experience in Tibet Tour
Star Star Star Star Star

We had the best time on our recent visit to Tibet. The landscapes are excellent, and the monasteries are live. Thank you, Above the Himalayan Trekking, for arranging our best Tibet tour.

The guide was very polite and informative and had a car driver. We learn a lot about Tibet’s history and its monuments on our Tibet tour.

Alessandra Hall

London, UK

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Trek Leader Enjoy Himalayan scenery with the help of Nepal’s best guides with Government license holders and got training in first-aid, our Trip Leaders, know where you’ll find the best photos, most fascinating wildlife, and the best stream crossings.

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