Nepal Visa information, Tourist Visa on arrival requirements & fees (complete guide)

Nepal visa information

Nepal Visa Information

Nepal is a beautiful country of the Himalayas, and every year, thousands of tourists influx here to observe cultural, geographical, and traditional diversities. Unfortunately, many people are unaware of the visa process in Nepal. Therefore, Get full details here about Nepal visa information.

This article is for those wondering about Nepal visa information and how to get it. Getting a Nepal visa is easy, making it easy for the traveler to visit Nepal. When you arrive at Nepal International Airport, Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) is located approx. 5 km far from Kathmandu at an elevation of 1,338 m. (Ring Rd, Kathmandu 44600)

In Nepal, the Immigration Office, Tribhuvan International Airport, also under the Department of Immigration, is supposed to provide visas to tourists flying into Nepal on Arrival. You can also get a visa from the embassy of Nepal in your place if it is available or the consulate.

Note:  Nigeria, Ghana, Afghanistan, Zimbabwe, Somalia, Cameroon, Swaziland, Iraq, Ethiopia, Liberia, Palestine, etc., are some countries that are not eligible for Nepalese visas from the immigration entry points of Nepal. The citizen from those countries should obtain their visa in their own country at Nepal Embassy and consulate.

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Nepal visa information requirements for traveling

Nepal has made the visa process more accessible for all travelers by moving through airways or land borders. You will get your visa after you arrive in Nepal.

The following are the lists of things you should get eligible for a Nepalese visa:

  1. Valid passport with a blank page (The passport should have a validity of at least six months)
  2. You should fill out the visa application form at immigration entry points.

III.       Two recent passport-sized photographs

  1. Foreign currency to make visa payment

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    Nepal Visa Policy

    • You cannot stay in Nepal or enter without a valid visa, which is illegal.
    • You can obtain a tourist visa at the immigration entry points in Nepal or through the Nepalese embassy or any other mission office in your country.
    • Visa fees must be paid in cash as a credit card, and a Cheque is unacceptable.
    • Please make sure to bring cash for the visa fee payment.
    • Children under ten are not charged for a visa; however, obtaining valid permission is necessary for everyone.
    • The issued visa is not changeable, and the visa fees are non-refundable
    • You must immediately contact the immigration office for document transfer if you are obtaining a new passport or any travel document.
    • While trekking, you must carry your valid passport and travel document. You should not enter strictly prohibited places until the authorized person permits you—not allowed to perform any illegal activities that may hurt the sentiments of Nepalese people. Respect the tradition, culture, and feelings of Nepalese People.

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    Nepal Visa for US citizens

    Almost every country in the world needs a Nepal Visa guide to travel to Nepal. Furthermore, Indian citizens do not need to get a Visa for Nepal. They can visit Nepal with a passport or a valid government ID.

    Travelers except for Indian nationals, there are mainly two ways to get a visa for entry into Nepal. Most countries abroad, including the USA, can choose to obtain a visa before the Embassy of Nepal or an arrival visa at specific entry points in Nepal. Now, you can also complete the visa application online. Bring a passport-sized photo if you are filling out the form on Arrival.

    Visa fees for all paid visas for American people are $25 for a 15-day visa, US $40 for a 30-day visa, and US $100 for a 90-day visa. You will cost an additional US$ 20 if you plan to visit Bhutan, India, or Tibet. For this, you can choose multiple–entry visas in your application.

    At embassy:

    You can get the Nepal visa information before you depart from the Embassy of the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, the USA.

    Visitor offices are in Washington, DC; Sun Valley, Idaho; San Francisco, California; Chicago, Baltimore, Maryland; and Manhattan, New York City.

    The visa is valid up to 6 months from the published date and accurate up to 90 days in the period of stay in Nepal.

    The visa application process is listed below:

    1. You must complete an online application form that contains a tracking number for mailing purposes to the embassy or consulate office
    • You can send your documents by registered mail or courier and drop them at the nearest embassy. I am attaching the necessary fee.
    • If you want to mail your documents, attach a prepaid return envelope.
    1. Visa fee payment must be made with the application form.

    If there’s any update on your application and the embassy needs any documents, they will inform you via email and text.

    Upon Arrival Visa Process for US Tourists:

    You can get an arrival visa if you want a tourist visa; all other visas require a prior application at the Embassy of Nepal in the USA. Get Nepal visa information before you apply.

    Suppose you have not filled out the application form before your Arrival. In that case, you should carry a couple of recent passport-sized photos, download the application form file, fill it out along with the fee payment receipt, and go to the immigration desk to issue the visa.

    You can also fill out the application at the kiosks at TIA or by using a tablet or mobile phone upon Arrival. If you filled out your application form before arriving on our official website, you can upload your digital photo as a visa photo. This will make the processing more comfortable, and visa issuing can be fast. You will be sent an email confirmation from your email address indicating the nominated bank for the payment process. You ought to carry a payment receipt from the particular bank and show it at the immigration desk, and your passport should be marked with a stamp by one of the officers at the desk.

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    Places to Obtain a Nepal Tourist Visa

    Following is the list of the entry points from where you can get the Nepal Tourist visa:


    1. Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA), Kathmandu.
    2. Immigration Offices along Nepal-India border
    • Kakarvitta, Jhapa (Eastern Nepal)
    • Birganj, Parsa (Central Nepal)
    • Belhaiya, Bhairahawa (Rupandehi, Western Nepal)
    • Jamuna, Nepalgunj (Banke, Mid Western Nepal)
    • Mohana, Dhangadhi (Kailali, Far Western Nepal)
    • Gaddachauki, Mahendranagar (Kanchanpur, Far Western Nepal)
    1. Immigration Office along the Nepal-China border (Kodari, Sindhupalchok, and Northern Border).

    Nepal Visa on Arrival

    Below are the steps to be followed for getting Nepal visa information. On-Arrival tourist visa at the airport (TIA):

    In the first step, you should fill in the “Arrival Card.”

    After that, you should fill out the Online “Tourist Visa” form, which you can also fill out before your Arrival by visiting our official website

    .You should print the submission receipt containing the barcode and print it out (Valid only for 15 days).

    In the Second Step, You must pay your visa fee based on your visa requirement (15/30/90 days). You can only use cash for payment; credit cards and cheques are prohibited here.

    Below are the lists of on-arrival visa fees:

    15 Days – 30 USD

    30 Days – 50 USD

    90 Days – 125 USD

    Get the payment receipt

    In the final step, you should hand your online form, payment receipt, and passport to the immigration Desk.

    After the visa officer carefully checks your documents, you will be issued a Nepalese Visa.

    Nepal visa Application 

    You can avoid the long queues at the entry point by filling out the visa application form from the official website before your Nepal visit.

    Fill out the online visa application form from here for Nepal visa information:

    Nepal Visa Fee/Price

    As per the latest update, the Nepal tourist visa fee has been increased in 2020 and is listed below accordingly:

    USD 25 or equivalent convertible currency for 15 days for single/multiple entries. If you get a visa for 30 days, It is USD 50 or equivalent convertible currency. USD 125 or equivalent convertible currency for 90 days for single/multiple entries.

    For tourists from SAARC countries (except Afghanistan), free visas for up to 30 days are provided, and after that, they have to pay USD 3 per day for additional days.

    If any department of Immigration recommends Afghan citizens, they will only be issued a Gratis Visa (Free visa) on Arrival.

    Non-resident Nepalese (NRN)  card holders (issued by MOFA /Nepalese diplomatic missions abroad) and Chinese citizens are eligible for Gratis Visa.

    Since 2015, a visa has not been required for Indian national citizens, as is the case for Chinese citizens.

    Unless their Arrival in Nepal took place by flight, they would have to show a valid identification certificate (passport/ citizenship certificate) except for children under ten from all permitted nations except the US.

    The Nepali tourist visa fees are likely to increase by 2021.

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    Nepal Visa Requirements

    You can extend your tourist visa in Kathmandu or Pokhara immigration offices on the same day of your extension form fill update.

    Procedure for extending a tourist visa:

    1. Fill out the online application form
    2. Print the bar code receipt obtained after form submission
    3. You should carry a copy of your passport ID page and a copy of your current Nepali visa page
    4. After paying the applicable visa fee, go to the nearest immigration office.

    I would suggest you fill out the form earlier to avoid the long queues at the immigration offices.

    Here are the lists for visa extension fees based on the number of days chosen:

    Your tourist visa extension can be done for at least 15 days with USD 45 and USD 3 per day for additional days.

    If a delay is less than 150 days, an additional USD 5 per day is a late fine.

    The maximum number of days the visa can take is 150 days in a visa year (A year between January and December).

    Get more information from the Nepal Government site here:

    Click the visa extension on the radio button while filling out the Nepal visa information form.

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      Important tips for Visitors in Nepal for Nepal visa information

      It would help if you got your passport’s arrival/departure stamps at entry-exit points to avoid possible legal problems. Punished for staying in Nepal without a valid passport and visa. Be aware of brokers/cheaters and false documents that may lead to a significant problem.

      Do not try to take out the visa stickers from the passport. Respect other people’s privacy and do not visit the restricted areas unless you can go there. You are not allowed to change the purpose of your stay without informing immigration offices. You must pay a fine of USD 3 per day at the airport if you stay over for less than 30 days.

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