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Above the Himalaya Trekking is one of the leading trekking companies in Nepal; as a local agency based in Kathmandu, we specialize in Everest Base Camp Trekking, hiking tours, adventure holidays, and other comprehensive travel services.

We are 3 International Award award-winning adventure trekking companies in Nepal. Asia’s Most Promising Trekking Company Award 2023. Business Excellence Award by Master Mind University UK. International Icon Award for Most iconic and Promosing role in Trekking, Adventure, Tourism of 2024.

International Icon Award
International Icon Award

We are an environmentally and socially responsible eco-friendly tour operator. Ecotourism and sustainable tourism

We have also been recognized for our excellence by TripAdvisorThe Independent, Travel Tales from India and Abroad, NATA News ( Journal of Athletic Training)

Around the World: My Travels with Oscar (A stray dog who made his journey to Everest base camp), Lametayel, and The Travel Daily News Asia for providing trustworthy and safe trips for individuals, families, and small group travel.

Asia Award 2023
Asia Award

The company has been running tours and treks in the Himalayas since 2007. Since then, it has earned recognition for its continuous contribution and dedication to the Nepalese tourism industry. After an extended tour in the Himalayas, we’ve established a company comprising a group of young, energetic, and experienced professionals.

Asia Award
Asia Award

The Government of Nepal approves us. The Ministry of Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation are active members of TAAN (Trekking Agents Association of Nepal) and NMA (Nepal Mountaineering Association). We are life members of KEEP (Kathmandu Environment Education Project) and the Nepal Tourism Board members.

Award of Business Excellence in Tourism
Award of Business Excellence in Tourism

As pioneers in exploring some of the world’s most beautiful trekking areas, we promise to take you to the most significant and exciting places of culture and natural wonders. Above the Himalayan trekking company, tours go to the magnificent backdrop of the Himalayan range – a setting with joy and tranquility. The Himalayas contribute to one’s eternal peace and happiness. As a result, you will take your breath away and create a long-life memory.

Above the Himalayas, trekking has many things to offer you. They are the diverse forms of trekking and tour services. We arrange the best trekking, hiking holidays, climbing, jungle safari, mountaineering, scenic, cultural tours, ­­­historical tours, wilderness expeditions, overland adventures, special interest tours, helicopter rescue, family adventures, or group holidays in Nepal and Tibet. With running an eco-friendly travel holiday, we focus on your safety and pleasure. You are making your holiday as memorable and enjoyable as ­­­possible.

Above the Himalayas trekking best local agency in Nepal

Above the Himalaya trekking will offer you the best travel and trekking services at a competitive cost. Our dedicated team will create an appropriate personalized itinerary to match your needs. We are committed to offering you custom-design trips with your specific budget and priorities in mind.

A lifetime journey will take you to beautiful and adventurous lands and give you the joy of the most remarkable trip. Therefore, We will take you to the trail routes, which are well off the beaten track and afford glimpses of continuously varying cultures and scenery. Our professional and highly trained staff assures customized services for mountaineering teams, advanced climbers, and trekkers. Our guides are excellently trained and certified to work in the most remote corners of the Himalayas and have already climbed some of the highest mountains in the world.

Above the Himalaya Trekking is the most trusted trekking agency to arrange tours according to your schedule and comfort for your upcoming trip to Nepal;

“We think that Travel comes from some deep urge to see the world, like the urge that brings up a worm in an Irish bog to see the moon when it is full.”

Where do we go?

Since there are so many choices, one of the hardest things about going to the Himalayas is deciding exactly where to go. The Himalayas are beautiful destinations, all featuring gorgeous mountains and waterfalls, countless hiking trails, and breathtaking panoramic views. There are great stops like Everest Base Camp Annapurna Range that never fail to impress, hikers’ favorites, and beautiful off-the-beaten-path stops that are wonderful in their own right. On any trip, you can add unique and charming village stops and experience the local culture.

While Above the Himalaya trekking can arrange custom tours to want anywhere to go, we like to focus on the best of the best – places not to be missed.


Plan a trekking adventure on a classic Himalayan trek, such as the Everest Base Camp, the Annapurna Base Camp, or the Langtang Ganja la Pass Trek. The Himalayas have the world’s most recognizable and stunningly beautiful peaks. We get a different view daily and pass the historical and formidable mountain. There’s nothing like it.

 About Above the Himalaya trekking and tours

The Above the Himalaya trekking offers specific – unforgettable hiking vacations – but our focus on destinations and trip styles is broad. We have a variety of trekking/tour and hiking holidays in the country, and as a result, that fits nearly anyone who loves to hike in world-renowned, breathtaking landscapes. Regardless of what you’re looking for, we likely have a trip for you!

Where we stay

Above the Himalayan Trekking, you’ll remain in carefully chosen lodges, experiencing the best local culture. We prefer places that offer a great location. We also offer our guests reasonable comfort, quality, and substantial value. Who chooses the best local tea house, a superbly satisfying mix of a welcoming atmosphere? They also serve you traditional cuisine and authentic charm. They are typically small, independently owned properties that best reflect Nepalese character and hospitality. We have the best relations with the top-notch hotels in Kathmandu and Pokhara. They offer us the best rate. We’re also always happy to share our recommendations as you plan your pre- and post-tour travel.

How we travel

For over ten years, we have led excellent hiking, walking, and trekking adventures in the Himalayas. Our tours capture the mountains’ inspiring scenery, cultural vibrancy, and undeniable romance.

Exceptional Hiking

The Nepal Himalayas offer the world’s most fantastic hiking and walking experience. Above the Himalayas, trekking takes you into the spectacular mountains and wild-flowered meadows. It also takes you to the mighty glaciers and surging waterfalls. Also, the Himalayas have it all. Hiking in the Nepalese Himalayas, exploring the Everest trails, or walking the Annapurna Range is every hiker’s dream- a vacation experience you will treasure forever.

Hike with Friends. Hike with Experts.

The best way to experience the Himalayas is on foot, hiking, or walking with a small group of friends and a guide. They know and love these spectacular mountains and valleys. We offer dozens of ways to do just that. We measure our trips not by the miles but by the friends we make for a lifetime.

Choose Your Itinerary

Look at our Tour Calendar of hikes and treks in the Himalayas, which are available for the coming year. We can arrange a guided custom trip if you don’t see exactly what you want. We know Nepal’s most significant hiking regions inside and out—the Annapurna base camp trek, Everest, or Langtang—and each has a magical appeal for hiking enthusiasts.

The Vision for the Future

Our goal is to continue reaching more people through our hikes. And introduce them to what is an essential part of life for us. Well-lived – a connection with the natural world. We also focused on keeping a long-lasting relationship with all of our local business partners to increase local communities’ growth and future development.

Above the Himalaya Trekking is also Featured in Travel Daily News.

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