Nepal Travel Updates

Annapurna trekking Nepal

Nepal Travel updates

As per recent notice from the Ministry of Health & Population there has been a Revision in the COVID Protocol as per follows:
1. Vaccination Certificate not required for travelers.
2. PCR Test Report not required for travelers.
3. Screening of travelers who show symptoms of COVID 19.
4. Wearing of mask is voluntary.
Nepal travel update


nepal travel update

Safety First

Above the Himalaya Trekking always put the safety of our guests, employees, and community as our priority. If you choose to join us, you can be confident that we have implemented social distancing and sanitation procedures to ensure your comfort, health, and safety while cruising or staying with us. Thus worrying about the risk of COVID cases is minimum with our team as we are always concerned about the safety of our customers.

As a locally-owned small business in Kathmandu Nepal, we are deeply connected to our community. We will continue to do our part to keep our guests, employees, and community safe and healthy during this time. It is our passion to share the beauty of Nepal Himalayas with our guests and we look forward to doing so this autumn in the safest way possible.

We are all fully vaccinated!

The great news for the trekkers is all our office and field staff are fully vaccinated. We are now ready to operate our treks and our with the  V2V (vaccinated to vaccinated) services approach, which is the best thing to do as of now. We ensure our travelers that we will follow all the health and safety measures strictly during all our operations.


Corona travel update in Nepal

Above all, Above The Himalaya Trekking is committed to providing the health and safety of our guests. Because we only operate Private groups and small tours with limited numbers, we will be able to incorporate regular cleaning and sanitizing into our daily routine. Each of our tour guides is using with Mask, disposable paper towels for single-use, hand sanitizers for guest use, as well as all of the latest emergency contact details. Due to our we generally do not visit enclose places where large numbers of people are gathering.


Please note that any trip cancellations (includes cancellations of all time periods and last-minute ones) will still incur you the initial 20% of the total trip amount given to us as a deposit. The 20% security deposit is non-refundable. As you know, after a planned tour, the logistics will already have been arranged in full swing, so we are bound to stick by the cancellation policies. Therefore, we are keeping this 20% booking amount and are unable to refund if you cancel the trip.

Private trips and Small group travel

We focus on a private departure designed just for you. Select your own travel dates. Perfect for people who want to travel with a personal group of family, friends, or colleagues.  We’ve assessed the group sizes for our treks and tour. This is to order to maintain safe distancing between guests and carry out the enhanced new cleaning measures to minimize risks.

Trip review after Corona Virus, Everest View trek


Honest, knowledgeable service even during a pandemic. Review of Everest base camp trek

Everest view trek after Covid 19
One always worries whether a trekking company is being honest and how much their markup is, but Puru Timalsena and Above the Himalayas were straightforward, honest, told me where not to spend extra though it would have benefitted him, and did great follow up. I have used Above the Himalayas for two trips, the first in 2019 to visit Upper Mustang for the Tiji festival and the second in November 2020 for the Everest/Khumbu region. As I was living in Nepal, I tried initially to do some of the groundwork for myself, but with someone as knowledgeable as Puru at the helm, that was a mistake. He even helped us out at a hotel I tried to arrange on my own and helped us gather reliable information on how to get my wife back to Nepal during the pandemic after she had to leave with only a regular tourist visa. In both cases, he helped without any additional commission on his side, which you wouldn’t readily find in a country like Nepal. His arrangements and advice were always spot on. I highly recommend Above the Himalayas.
Marc Shapiro
My husband booked his trip with Above the Himalayas based on referrals while researching his trip. His original statement to me was, “we are going to use Above the Himalayas because based on everything I have read, they are the best”
5 months forward, and time to travel, my husbands original quote is an understatement. Unfortunately, my husband was unable to finish his trip. It never crossed my mind, that a service of this sort would provide the incredible, hands on, personal attention that Puru (owner) has provided for my husband and our family. Although we did not travel with him, Puru has made sure that we were aware every step of the way. My husband has made a life friend in India.
Above the Himalayas is by far, the best, most professional company that we’ve worked with.
Rene Leoncio
Amazing Experience

My husband just completed the Everest Base Camp trek and it was amazing! Above the Himalaya is a great company and I would highly recommend anyone to book their trip with them. The owner Puru goes above and beyond and is extremely professional and very knowledgeable. You will not regret your decision with this company excellent communication.

Jessica Hernandez



What we are doing for our Tour Group:

  • Limitation on tour group sizes
  • Offer free hand sanitizers and face masks
  • Hygiene Safety Regulations for Customers
  • Mask: Need to wear it all the time when you are in crowds.
  • Hand cleaning: We suggest guests use hand sanitizers available.
  • Social distancing: Maintain a physical distance of at least 1.8 meters.
  • wearing a mask and using sanitizer regularly during your travel
  • Eating healthy food
  • Encourage drinking plenty of lukewarm water


Hygiene Safety Regulations for Staff

  • Masks and Gloves: Suggest wearing all times while serving customers.
  • Hand cleaning: Suggest cleaning regularly.
  • Medical checkup: Employees will be going through regular medical examinations.
  • Eating healthy food
  • Clean and sanitize frequently when touching surfaces.
  • Encourage drinking plenty of lukewarm water
  • Emergency Warning Signs will keep at the entrance.

 Hygiene Safety Regulations for Customers

  • Hand cleaning: Hands should be kept clean regularly with soap and water.
  • Visitors are asked to use the available hand sanitizers.
  • Social distancing: Maintaining a minimum distance of at least 1.8 meters.
  • Wearing a mask and Using sanitizer regularly during your travel



Book with Confidence
  • Flexible bookings and easy trip date changes
  • Personalized service and customized group sizes
  • Safe travels with owner-operated services and highly experienced guides
  • Best price guarantee for the most value for your money
  • Secure & easy online booking