Ramechhap to Lukla Flight- Manthali Airport, How to Get There?

Lukla flight

Lukla Flight from Kathmandu or from Ramechhap

Lukla, which is a small Sherpa village, is located at an altitude of 2800 meters above sea level. Kathmandu to Lukla flight offers you spectacular views of the 18 highest peaks, and interestingly, four of them lie above the altitude of 8000 meters. Lukla, these days, has been creating a buzz as a trekking junction. Many shops, lodges, and also trekking luggage for buying and renting are the significant activities trekkers can do here. Lukla is that the entry that ends up in the beautiful Khumbu region as well as the very best Mt. Everest. Located at a distance of 900ft, it is the doorway to the Sagarmatha National park. Lukla is the Gateway to the Everest Base Camp and is located in the Khumbu area. The Khumbu area lies in the Solu-Khumbu district of Sagarmatha Zone.

Lukla, Nepal, is marked as the most dangerous and risky airport in the world. as declared by the History channel in 2010.
Lukla airport is also marking the dangerous airport and its name Tenzing-Hillary Airport. It is lying on the side of the hill.

You can take 10 kg baggage + 5 kg hand luggage on a flight to Lukla.  There are more than 35 numbers of flights are operating daily in Lukla Airport.

It is about 35 minutes from Kathmandu to Lukla Airport.

Flying from Kathmandu takes approximately 35 mins to reach Lukla airport. However, some of the domestic airlines operate a flight from Kathmandu to Lukla, but direct booking is impossible. Thus, an earlier booking of the flight is advisable.
Lukla lies in the famous trekking region of Khumbu, in the Solukhumbu District of northeastern Nepal. Lukla town consist full of ups, and downs hills, and random trails.

Luklal weather

Yaks serve as wheel here. Mostly Sherpa people live here and open lodges in their homes. Sherpa people who are well known for their mountaineering skills were actively involved in the construction of the Airport. Tongba is considered the local drink of Nepal. These drinks are perfect for the winter period. Tongba drinks are made from millet. Sherpa’ Cuisine is the most popular food that you must try while you are traveling to Lukla. Lukla has a subtropical highland type of climate with warm, humid, and wet summers and cold, snowy, and dry winters.

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    Kathmandu to Lukla Flights Information

    Lukla is about 140 km away from Kathmandu, and it takes just 25 minutes to fly from Kathmandu to Lukla. There is the highest probability of flight cancellation of Kathmandu to Lukla Flight. In between the period of 6.00 am to 9.00 am, about 80 percentage of Lukla Flight is operating.
    In a peak season, there are almost ten flights in the operation of single airlines, whereas eight flights operate in a regular season. Around 40 flights per day are operating. These flights operating by the four major airlines, namely (Simrik, Goma/Summit, Sita, and Tara).

    Some of the facts of Lukla Flight

    • Lukla is saying as the most dangerous airport.
    • Tara, Goma/summit, Simrik, and Sita are the four airlines operating in this sector.
    • Lukla is the starting for having Day hike around Lukla village, trekking to speaking, or either going to Everest Base Camp.
    • There is the availability of a Helicopter in case of emergency.
    • A smooth 40 minutes flight from Kathmandu will take you to Lukla airport.
    • And it got its name Tenzing-Hillary Airport after two foreigners Sir Edmund Hillary, and Tenzing Norgay steps on the foot of Mount Everest.
    • The code for Lukla airport is LUA.
    • The 1 hour scheduled mountain flight is offering you spectacular mountain views.
    • The uneven weather condition can make your Lukla trip worse. Make sure you choose the best Months to visit Lukla so that you can have stunning mountain views.
    • There is a high chance of a flight gets canceled because of bad weather conditions.
    • Flight can be added according to the demand and based on the request from travelers.
    • The length of the runway of Lukla Airport is 527m. Thus it can cause difficulty in the landing of the planes and even take-offs.
    • The luggage of 15kg is allowed here.
    • Heli services are also available in case of flight cancellation.

    In season time flights to Lukla are from Ramechhap Airport.

    From September, the direct operation of Kathmandu flights has been changed to Ramechhap airport. This airport is about 135 km away from Kathmandu. Driving overland and reaching Manthali airport is needed to catch the flight. Lukla, the gateway of the Everest region, is marked as the most dangerous airport. In High season time, Sept to Nov and March to May,  the flight to Lukla is operated from Ramechhap Airport.

    Lukla Airport Nepal

    Lukla, the most popular trekking region of the Khumbu region, lies in the Solukhumbu district of northern Nepal. It lies at an altitude of 2860 meters. In 1964, the single sloped runway was started as an initiative by Sir Edmund Hillary. Only a few experts and experienced pilots are permitted to land at the airport; this is because of the difficulties of landing. Kathmandu to Lukla airport has lots of options. If you are scared of the Lukla flight, you can opt for other options too. You can fly into Lukla and trek in Phaplu and take various bus journeys.

    Ramechhap airport

    Ramechhap airport lies at Manthali, which is the headquarters of the Ramechhap district of Province No. 3 in Nepal. Lying 83 km far away from the Kathmandu, Ramechhap Airport is also calling as Manthali Airport. Ramechhap Airport has become one of the easiest pre-destination for Mount Everest trek, as for reaching Lukla. It takes three and a half hours to 4 hours to reach Ramechhap by the drive at first and then from Ramechhap to Lukla by flight. Ramechhap is a mix of two words Ram and Chhap. Ram means person, and Chhap refers to the mark. Ramechhap is a beautiful place in Nepal, with an area of 546 square kilometers an elevation of 474 meters (1,555 feet) above sea level.

    It takes around 4 hours and 30 minutes to reach there by road as the road distance is about 154 kilometers. The Major Highlight of the Ramechhap is its various natural heritages. Rivers like such as Tamakoshi, Sunkoshi, Khimti), DudhKunda, LikhuKhola Glacier, peaks (Pathibhara and Numburchuli), Gaurighat cave; cultural and religious heritages like Thodung monastery, PanchPokhari, KhauGumba, Kanadevi, and JataPokhari; endangered natives Kusundas, Junar (citrus fruit), elevation variation, prosperous mineral existence like iron, copper, marble, and magnetite.

    It is a short flight to Lukla from Ramechhap

    Ramechhap Airport consists of only one runway with a length of 518 meters (1,699 feet). There is a new flight opening for Kathmandu to Lukla, which is also named as  Ramechhap to Lukla flight. Ramechhap Flight offers a glimpse of these attractions, some in high and some in low amounts. There is ongoing runway maintenance from April 1st to June 30th,2019. Due to which operation of all fixed-wing aircraft flights to Lukla is closed from Manthali Airport in this spring season.

    The official notice issued by CAAN (Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal) says that all Airlines are required to operate flights to Lukla from Manthali Airport. Ramechhap airport lies at a closer distance to Lukla as compared to Kathmandu and takes approximately 20 mins to reach there.

    There is a known fact that the flights from Lukla and Lukla are popular for cancellation and delays. We can find several instances that the trekkers were compelling to lie on the chilled floor of the Lukla airport for many days.
    Thus, Ramechhap Airport is a perfect alternative to fly to Lukla as this Airport solely dedicates itself to operating Lukla flights.

    All the flights to and from Lukla are rerouting from Kathmandu to Manthali Airport from the 1st of April,2019. The flight time will be comparatively shorter that takes approximately 48 minutes for a round trip Ramechhap – Lukla – Ramechhap. You should travel to Ramechhap from Kathmandu to catch your Lukla Flight. And follow the same route for returning to Kathmandu.

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      Manthali Airport

      Manthali Airport lies at an altitude of 439 m above sea level and is located at a distance of 132 km east of Kathmandu. It lies on the bank of the Tamakoshi River in Manthali. This airport lies at the closest distance from Kathmandu. That is why this is the best option to fly to Lukla in the present day. The airport is mostly using to operates flights during season time and the air traffic congestion at Kathmandu Airport (TIA) in the past. You can also reach Manthali airport by the road that takes 4-5 hrs on average to reach there.

      Catching the flight is possible if you travel early, thus going before the day of the flight is advisable to avoid the flight missing. You can take your private vehicles to Manthali, as the other local transfers may differ in time according to the plane.

      Lukla weather

      Flying to Lukla

      Lukla weather is a matter of primary concern while traveling to the Everest region. But according to various factors such as time of the flight, arrival, and departure may vary the time. you can book a flight online or with your travel agency. Choose your appropriate time and plan enough before heading to Lukla. A major hub for mountaineering, Lukla is the major tourist attraction center.
      More than hundreds of thousands of trekkers, visitors visit Lukla to explore the Everest region in peak seasons. Due to the introduction of the airstrip from Kathmandu, traveling to the Everest view trek is feasible for many people.

      Talking about the cost of Kathmandu to Lukla flight (one-way flight), it costs USD 195 per person. However, the round trip cost is USD 390. The flight duration is 35 minutes. Below is the table showing the list of the airlines, flight time, and schedule for Kathmandu to Lukla:

      Tara Air Summit Air Sita Air
      6:15 am → 6:45 am  6:15 am → 6:45 am  6:45 am → 7:00 am 
      6:15 am → 6:45 am  6:35 am → 7:05 am  6:35 am → 7:05 am   
      6:15 am → 6:45 am  6:35 am → 7:05 am  7:35 am → 8:05 am   
      6:15 am → 6:45 am  7:35 am → 8:05 am  8:05 am → 8:40am   

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        The high altitude is the primary reason for climate change. Lukla airport has a short and steep runway, which ranks among the most dangerous trails in the world. Lukla is mainly famous for trekking, Mountaineering, and sightseeing the beautiful scenarios of the Himalayan region. It also takes an average of 35 minutes to reach there. It is supposed to lead to Gokyo Valley Trekking, Everest Base Camp, and Everest Comfort trek.

        You will be able to enjoy your trip without worrying about return options and the non-availability of tickets. However, booking the tickets earlier would provide lots of advantages, especially in peak seasons. Traveling to Lukla during the summer seasons is risky as it is prone to severe thunderstorms, rainstorms, and landslides at that time. Lukla has freezing weather most of the period over the year. As per the record and data, March, April, May, September, October, and also November are the best months for Kathmandu Lukla Flight.


        Lukla Flight Notice

        As per the official notice issued by the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN), all Airlines are required to operate flights to Lukla from Manthali Airport, Ramechhap from the main trekking season starting October 2019. And also for the spring season applicable for March, April, and May of 2020. Most of the flights from Ramechhap are in October and November and March and April. In off-season time rest of the month flights are mostly from Kathmandu Airport.

        The Civil aviation association of Nepal (CAAN) has made a decision for the Lukla flight from Ramechhap (Manthali) Airport until further notice. The Civil aviation association of Nepal (CAAN) has informed that there is an increment of traffic congestion at Kathmandu Airport and the Lukla sector is the busiest domestic flights sectors of Nepal. As a result, to avoid traffic congestion and minimize the load of Tribhuvan International airport they have decided to operate all the Lukla flights from Manthali airport of Ramechhap.

        Most of our trekking  itinerary is only for trekking and day 01 is to fly to Lukla so we suggest you arrive in Kathmandu 1 day before. As per our guest demand and make the flexibility our most of the package are only trek now it means our day 01 is fly to Lukla. For this, you need to arrive in Kathmandu in 1 or 2 days before as if we are taking a flight from Ramechhap we need to start the journey from 2 a.m. For trekkers who wanted above the long drive and wanted to fly from Kathmandu, there are sharing helicopter flights also available by adding extra cost. We can book the flight with other trekkers if you are a group of friends you can book a private Heli flight also.


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